It is said that the power comes from the inside, but only a few can be granted the tools to make any true of this, these tools are known as the SoulVolver’s to those chosen few. Their are not many of them remaining in this world, these morpher’s give them the power to bare their soul to all, through the form of a suit. Those whom had access to these suits had to be in completely sync with both their body and mind, they called them the Soul Armour. But....... if your soul was broken, then so would be the suit, of course this also worked in reverse, if your morpher was destroyed, your Soul would be as well.

New heroes and of course their adversaries the arose, generation after generation. Now their only exists 5 Soul Warriors in the entire world, staying hidden and safely living their lives, for whenever the time arose for when they would be needed. Their are those who seek out these warriors to destroy them and stop any chance of interruptions stopping their plans of world domination and the like. The time comes now when these ‘Chosen One’s’ must step forth and journey across, unknown lands, meet new people. Those 5 must now stand up and face the music coming forth from the shadow’s to defend their world to their last breath, it is time to take this game to the next level and put their soul’s on the line, are you up for it, are you game to put it all on the line?


Soul Red - Played by
Soul Blue - Played by
Soul Black - Played by
Soul Green - Played by
Soul Pink - Played by


Dino Souls- These allow the rangers to Morph and power their weapons and zords.
SoulVolver- Is the Rangers Morpher and main weapon which has a gun mode.
SoulCalibur- Is the Rangers sword side arm.
SoulCannon- When the SoulVolver and SoulCalibur are combined they become this more powerful weapon.


Dino 1 Tyrannosaurs
Dino 2 Parasaur
Dino 3 Stegosaurus
Dino 4 Velociraptor
Dino 5 Triceratops

More to Come


Dr. Jill Groves- Former Red Legendary Corsair Ranger


Leader - Chikara

Knight of Anger - Oni

Knight of Sadness - Kutsū

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- Grammar and Spelling Counts.
- Minimum 2 Posts a Week.
- Not First Come, First Serve, I will choose the best bio for each position and in an overall aspect for a team
- You going away? please tell me, so we can work something out for your character so he/she doesn't get left behind or worse killed off.