Vision Quest

By: Kamen Rider Decade


Outside Angel Grove – Present Day

Fires raged across the desolate landscape as the Power Rangers fought tooth and nail, the last line of defense. They were all that stood between the invading Zangyack Empire and the city of Angel Grove. Half of the rangers were down on the field with Zangyack footsoldiers over-running them while the other half stood their ground and attempted to fight against insurmountable odds. A black ranger wielding a powerful staff with a rotating hilt stared down a small group of soldiers. His helmet bore the crest of the mighty brachiosaurus, “Come on!”

The soldiers charged at the brave ranger who pulled his staff back and ran at them head on. He side-stepped the lead soldier, smashing his staff into its gut as he ran past. As the remaining soldiers in the battalion surrounded him, he jumped into the air, inverted his staff, and plunged it tip-first into the ground as he landed. At the same time he rotated the hilt until the staff glowed red, “Bracchio Staff! Fire Strike!” Flames ignited from where the staff struck the ground, extending out along the ground and erupting beneath the feet of the surrounding Zangyack soldiers.

The black ranger stood up as the Zangyack soldiers fell down. This is Dr. Tommy Oliver, the most legendary of power rangers. He pulled his staff from the ground and surveyed the land, breathing heavily. He saw many rangers lying unmorphed on the battle field, their corpses left behind by friend and foe alike amidst the chaos of war. Some he knew. Many he didn’t. This war had come at a heavy cost. However, the price was still being paid. The power rangers were losing the war and Tommy knew it.

He gripped his staff tightly as memories began to flash through his mind. He saw himself as the Evil Green Dragon Ranger, destroying the power chamber and nearly killing his friends. Then he was the White Tiger Ranger, wielding powers incorruptible by evil, the leader of the power rangers. Again his memories shifted and this time he was wearing red with a star upon his face. An explosion followed and as his eyes adjusted, Tommy was still wearing red, but this time rimmed in chrome. All of these teams… these friends. They looked to him for guidance. They expected him to lead them. They relied on his strength and tenacity. To those under his charge, he represented hope. When the chips were down, they could always count on Tommy to make a difference.

He continued to survey the fiery battlefield in his latest suit, that of the black brachiosauraus, “I’ve failed them. I’ve failed them all. When I showed up, hope had been renewed.”

He slowly lowered his staff and head, “But not even I could make difference in this war. We were supposed to protect the people. But we can’t even protect ourselves. What we need is a miracle. Someone who can actually make that difference, not an over-the-hill high school science teacher who can’t even protect those he loves.”

A flash of steel caused Tommy’s head to jerk up, but it was too late. The cold steel of a blade was upon him before he could react. However, a white and gold blade intercepted Tommy’s departure from this life. A voice yelled out, “Snap out of it, Dr. O!”

Tommy turned to see Trent, the White Drago Ranger at his side, blocking the sword with his Drago Sword. The blade withdrew as a muscular cyborg stepped through the dust of the battlefield. Tommy nodded to Trent and faced the cyborg who stopped mere feet from the two dino rangers, “You really think you can take me?”

Trent dropped to a crouch as the cyborg snickered, “Really? Very well. Let’s see what you’ve got.” The cyborg stood in a relaxed stance as Trent blurred out, attempting to use his Drago Speed to his advantage. The cyborg stood in one place and blocked every single one of Trent’s attacks without moving.

Trent attempted a blindside attack, but the cyborg struck out to his side, catching Trent in the gut with the flat of his blade. Trent flipped over the blade and tumbled along the ground, coming to rest on his back. The cyborg walked up to Trent who attempted to pick himself up, but forced the white ranger back down on his back by placing the tip of his blade against his neck. He stood above the white ranger, straddling his head, “A valiant try, white ranger. But in the end, not a challenge.”

He raised his sword, ready to skewer the white ranger, but Tommy blocked the attempt with his staff, “Not so fast!”

The cyborg looked up at Tommy, “Hm? So the pensive black ranger has decided to fight? This should prove interesting.” Tommy and the cyborg went at it, Tommy able to hold his own against the cyborg swordsman, but only barely. Trent pulled himself up and joined the fray, evening the odds.

The cyborg deflected the rangers’ attacks and jumped back as he nodded, “I have to admit… you have skill black ranger. In another life, you and I might have become kindred spirits. Ah, but I digress. I think that’s enough fun for today. So long.”

The cyborg spread his legs and aimed the tip of his sword at his left foot as the blade glowed white. He then moved his sword in a counter-clockwise circular motion, ending with his sword pulled back, his left hand against the blade. He then slashed vertically down creating a white wave of energy, then horizontally to create a perpendicular wave of energy, the second slash sending the energy flying at Tommy and Trent, “Cross. Slash.”

The Cross Slash slammed into Tommy and Trent, sending them flying back. As the dust cleared, the two rangers were on their backs, their suits ripped and shredded, their helmets cracked in multiple places. They sat up slowly, their ribs throbbing from the impact. They had never felt such force before. The cyborg chuckled, “So you live? Impressive. But you will not survive another.”

The cyborg charged another Cross Slash as the two rangers got to their feet. Trent pushed Tommy out of the way and instinctively brought his left arm up to shield his helmet. The energy wave slammed into his arm, shoving him back several feet and cracking his Drago Morpher. His suit flickered for a moment as the morpher stabilized. Trent dropped to one knee and looked at his morpher, the eye glowing. He glanced over his shoulder at Tommy who stared back at him. He nodded and ran at the cyborg. Catching the cyborg off guard, Trent tackled him to the ground. He brought his left arm up and pinned the cyborg to the ground by placing his Drago Morpher under his chin, “Dr. O! Do what you do best and save the world! And… take care of Kira for me…”

Trent reached over to his morpher and squeezed it, opening the mouth as the eye lit up white. The white grew and grew as the cyborg struggled, “What… What are you doing?!”

Tommy made to run to Trent, but the white ranger threw his Drago Sword at Tommy. The blade opened at the last minute and pinned Tommy’s right arm to the tree behind him, “Trent!!”

Trent gave Tommy a thumbs up before going visor to mask with the cyborg, “Say goodbye to your invasion!”

Tommy struggled, but it was in vain as the white light enveloped him.