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    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: A New Legacy ((2013))

    ((This is not my artwork. I give full credit to the artist who was responsible for creating this art.))

    2013: A New Legacy ((A MMPR RPG))

    Year: 2013

    Place: Angel Grove, California

    A threat comes across the planet Earth when astronauts accidentally opened a dumpster that was set on the moon. This freed a very feared sorceress known around the galaxy as Rita Repulsa, who was placed in the dumpster long ago by a wise old sage named Zordon, who established a Command Center in Angel Grove, California, in anticipation of Rita's return. Freed along with Rita were the henchmen of Rita, Goldar, Baboo, Squatt, and Finster. With Rita and her evil henchmen out on the loose, Rita was sworn to destroy the first planet she laid her eyes on, which was Earth. She scolds out "After 10,000 years I'm free, time to conquer Earth!" The evil henchmen agreed. Back on Earth, Zordon senses Rita is freed from her prison and commands Alpha 5, a very helpful robot that aids Zordon with whatever he may need in the command center, to recruit 5 teens with attitude. Alpha 5 did what he was told.
    The teens were immediately teleported from their everyday life to the command center. The teens were unsure and confused about how they got there. Zordon explained everything they needed to know and gave them each a Power Coin that was encase inside of a Power Morpher, which would transform these ordinary teens into a superhuman fighting force known as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. All 5 teens were each granted the powers of an ancient dinosaur, using the power of the Power Coins. The teens were all given these dinosaur assignments.

    Red Ranger - Tyrannosaurus
    Yellow Ranger- Saber-Toothed Tiger
    Black Ranger- Mastodon
    Pink Ranger- Pterodactyl
    Blue Ranger- Triceratops

    Using these powers, the teens would seek out to save the world from the threats of the evil Rita Repulsa time and time again. But has always lied one question.. Who would fill the spots of the Rangers??? Surely not Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Billy, Trini, and Tommy.. What if this event was to happen in today's present time with the chance for us to re-write the story? What if the original 6 teens never even existed as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? What if our own alter-egos had the chance to hold the mantle of being apart of the superhuman fighting team of legendary status? Pretty cool opportunity, right? Well now is your chance. Its our turn to re-write the Legacy that started it all.. Our chance to erase the annoying questions of the past shows and create new ones.. Like could our team really work together in a jamb? Could we all really defeat Rita Repulsa? The answer lies within our own imaginations. The book of legend has now been erased and now its time for us to start A New Legacy..

    Ranger Cast:

    Red Ranger: (Reserved for GZR)

    Blue Ranger: (Male or Female)

    Yellow Ranger: (Female)

    Black Ranger: (Male or Female)

    Pink Ranger: (Female)

    Green Ranger: (Will become involved later)

    White Ranger: (Will be casted for later)


    Zordon - Mentor

    Alpha 5 - Apprentice/Aid


    Rita Repulsa




    Baboo & Squatt

    **Ok, let me be the first to welcome you to The New Legacy: MMPR.. This RPG is loosly based upon the real MMPR series except we will insert our own little twists and turns in it ourselves.. Anything is possible in The New Legacy.. Why? Because the participants in this RPG will be re-writing the legend known as MMPR. And yes this RPG has been done before in the past, but it was so fun that I decided to bring it back now that I have matured as a Rper. Like most of the RPGs I'm involved in, I look to get every single member in the RPG involved within the creativity department. You will help create the episodes, plots, and outcomes as well as making some of your own. This is a RPG shared with all of its participants and readers. I want us to be able to discuss storylines and plots within the discussion center, via PM, or Instant Messenger.. If you're not planning to even spread one creative thought to contribute to this RPG beside the profile you post in the Casting Call, I suggest you don't even post. I will be EXTREMELY dedicated to this RPG, simply because of the fact that I missed being apart of a long running RPG and I missed this RPG itself in particular. Please make you characters realistic as possible.. I don't want to see a complete canon of a real Power Rangers character or a character that resembles him/her.. Or anyone who has had ranger powers in the past. I'm looking for originality.. I myself will be creating a brand new character as well to fit in with what I'm looking for in this RPG. In this RPG we will have rogue rangers.. And I'm not talking about the Green Ranger vs. the Power Rangers.. I'm talking about Power Rangers vs. Power Rangers.. People who fought putties side by side on the same park grounds before.. But I'm not going to get ahead of myself just yet. Lol. But that goes to show you an idea of the kind of creativity and diversity I'm looking for in a character.. Make your character unique in a way to where they stand out from the rest of the participants in the RPG.. None the less, I just want to have fun with this and I want you to have fun with it too.. I'm not being pushy about what I want.. But I want to see some creative profiles that come out of you guys and gals heads.. If you need help and you're stuck with a profile idea, hit me up in my inbox, I will be glad to help. Other than that.. I'm gonna shut up now. Lol. Have fun with these profiles.. **

    Profile template


    Age: (16 - 18)

    Ranger Role:

    Appearance: (No Anime or Manga)

    Personality: (Please add you character's flaws, fears, likes, dislikes, and personal attributes to their personality. 1 paragraph min.)

    History: (Really don't need a novel of your character's history.. But please make it detailed enough. 2 paragraph max.)

    Extra Notes: (If you have anything extra you would like to state about your character.. Put it here.)


    1) First and foremost, you are not and will not be a god or indestructable in this RPG. This RPG is rated R and your character will take dramatic blows that can and will injure your character physically and sometimes mentally, maybe even kill them *if you choose*, even though they were morphed. If I catch you godmodding you will be ejected from the RPG and your spot will go up for grabs.

    2) This RPG is NOT first come, first serve. I will read all profile entries and decide who will get into the RPG. I am looking for the profile that is the most creative and the profile that fits the role that you are going for. Pink and Yellow rangers are meant for females! If I see a male going for those roles, I won't even bother to read your whole profile and I will tell you to edit it.

    3) I am very serious about making this RPG work. I put this out for your enjoyment and cast you for the game. So the least you could do is post on the regular. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO POST LONG POSTS!!! But do not do one liners. Lol. Like I said before I will be extremely dedicated to the RPG.. Coming online each and every day.. Now I don't require you to come online every day, because I know we all have lives.. School, Work, Family, and Friends have been known to take up our time from the site.. But please post regularly.. Maybe like once a day or three times a week.. And if you are going to be away for a while please let me know.. So I can either continue to play your character or put you in a position where your character will be busy until your return. If you don't I WILL replace you and your spot WILL be put up for grabs and no you won't be able to re-apply. Sorry, but I want to keep this thing alive. And I've seen a lot of RPGs die because of inactive players. Stay active people.

    4) Relationships are allowed as long as both players plan it and everyone else in the RPG knows about it. And please don't make the whole game about relationships.. Lol. Like I don't want to see you characters hugged up with each other in every post. LOL! That gets old after a while. If I see it I will warn you.. Because I think its funny. Lol. But if you continue to do it, I'm gonna have to separate you two. This is Power Rangers.. Not some daily afternoon soap opera. Lol.

    5) The REAL Power Rangers DO NOT exist as former or current Power Rangers.. However they will be allowed as NPCs. But they are nothing but loyal citizens of Angel Grove.. Jason, Trini, Billy, Kim, Zack, Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Tommy again.. Lol, or any other member of the Power Rangers Universe aren't rangers and never will be.. They know nothing about Zordon, Alpha, Rita, Zedd, Ivan Ooze, Master Vile, The Zords, Morphers, or anything dealing with being a Power Ranger.. They are just regular people. You may interact with them as if you go to school with them or whatever, but they are nothing more than just citizens of Angel Grove.

    6) I'm sure you already know this, but I'll say it anyways because I see everyone else putting it in their rules.. Lol. NO BATTLIZERS!!! I mean c'mon... When's the last time you've seen an MMPR ranger use a battlizer?! Lol. If I see you using it, I will destroy your evil device and banish you from the RPG, by order of Zordon and Rule #1.. Which is what kids?... *Noooo Godmodding* Lol. :-P

    7) Have fun.. If you have any issues or questions please discuss them in the DT. Remember this is OUR rpg.. I just came up with the idea. So if you have any ideas for episodes, talk about them in the DT. You are in control of your own character's destiny.. Whether in the end he's one of Rita's rangers or a hardcore Power Ranger until his last breath.. You are in control! Just let everyone know what you are doing and planning in the DT. Later and May the Power Be With You..
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    Name: Anya C. Masterson (A.k.a: AC)

    Age: 17 [Will be 18 later, hoping for a birthday bash Ep. Later!]

    Ranger Role: Yellow Ranger/ Saber-Toothed Tiger


    Personality: Anya or AC as she has made in her reputation, is a risk taker, with a no guts no glory type attitude she likes to live on the edge, mostly to not deal with life in general. Though she tends to be very popular among her ‘friends’ she is very quiet and keeps to herself, having been hurt one too many times in her life she isn’t so fast to get close to people.
    Anya’s big thing is to be accepted for who she really is, though a sports guru she is also very intelligent but she doesn’t let to many people know that fact about her. She could have easily graduated when she was 16 but she flunked a grade on purpose so she could at least come out at the age of 17.

    History: AC was born Anya Claire Masterson, in a small town hospital in France, Ohio, but she didn’t spend much time there as she and her single father who’s name was Damien, who being into Extreme sports, moved around quite often. Living with her father she got to see the world, China, France, Africa, As his terminates and training took him all over. At the age of 5, AC was put on her first mini-bike and by the time AC was 10 she found her love for Parkour and motor-cross.
    She was a beast on the track and pretty much any extreme sport she tried, skateboarding, BMX, snowboarding, anything her father did she would try too. But moving around did cause AC to have a lack of a few important things, like friends and a mother figure, sure AC’s father had his share of girl-friends, but they never fit into their mold and it caused her to become a bit withdrawn when it came to not really knowing how to be a ‘girl’.

    AC was homeschooled all her life and she was always a very bright student and it wasn’t until a year ago when her dad got into a serious accident that put a stop to his career that AC found out what ‘settling’ meant. Damien decided to go back to his hometown Angel Grove in California where his parents lived, his mother would come and help take care of Damien while he got back on his feet and she insisted that AC go to school, which wasn’t a pleasant experience, but AC quickly learned the system and made a name for herself as a extreme sports goddess, though her grandmother hated it and thought she should stay out of the scene all together, AC wasn’t about to. Being smart was a bit part of why she was so good at what she did, making calculations in her head, understanding things like velocity and the property of angles and such, it made her good yet she would never admit that.
    AC has been in Angel Grove for about a year and a half now with her own little fan group, but she really doesn’t have any real friends because she always is surrounded by fakers.

    Extra Notes: AC’s favorite Color is yellow (obviously) and she knows a little about fighting, (her dad was a bit big on making sure she could take care of herself) She’s a quick learner and she has a brother she never met and barely knows anything about her mother as she took off shortly after she was born.

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    Name: Blake Summers (a.k.a Cateye)

    Age: 16

    Ranger Role: Pink Ranger- Pterodactyl

    Up close she looks about ten. She has bright, dark eyes and satiny brown skin and stands tilted up on her toes with arms slightly extended to her sides, as if ready to take wing at the slightest sound. It's impossible not to think of a bird.

    Personality: Blake Summers is very outgoing she runs track for her high school and plays volleyball on the weekends. Blake got her nickname cateye from a group of friends because they noticed that she was very agile and could see in the dark just like a cat. Blake isn't good at public speaking but her nerves are overshadowed by her ability to make friends easily. Blake fears that she wil not accomplish any of her goals in life and dislikes people who try to get over on people. Blake considers herself to be gentle and loves to help people. Blake loves to write short stories in her spare time and volunteers at the local shelter. Blake can be best described as sweet, loving and adventurous.

    History: Blake is the second of five children of Shawn and Janette Summers. Blake has an older brother, Shawn, and three younger siblings, Isabella, Jagger & Evangelina. Blake comes from a diverse ethnic family: Irish, German, and Italian ancestry from her father's side and her maternal grandmother is Japanese. Currently Blake Summers attends Angel Grove High where she has had a crush on a few people at her high school. Although she did not pursue these crushes she still considers herself to be very attractive. Blake loves school and because of this she was able to take AP classes and was able to skip a grade. The gifted one some might say but Blake considered herself to be the outcast. Everyone loved Blake even though she felt like she did not fit in with others at school.

    Extra Notes: Favorite color is pink but loves to rock navy blue from time to time. Blake takes karate lessons on the weekend and considers herself to be some what of a professional.
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    Name: Brandon "Bran" Gregoire

    Age: 17

    Ranger Role: Blue Ranger - Triceratops


    Personality: Bran is, most of all, cunning. He is a brilliant strategist, who can think of great ways to defeat his foes, though this of course will only manifest itself once he has gained his powers. Before that it shows by his good results at subjects that involve maths and logic, as well as things like debate and philosophy. Another side of his cunning is that he prefers to act from the shadows. In combat he will try to find a way to move out of the attention, only to come up and take his enemies by surprise from a different angle. At school it showed by him trying to not draw attention to him.

    One of his flaws, or at least something that people don't like much about him, is that he does not have much honor. He doesn't mind doing something honorless to achieve something he finds important. This gives him more options for his cunning, but makes him a less desirable person. Another issue is that he has never been much about combat. He got out of the way of having to fight at school. He did run the risk of being bullied, but he tended to outsmart his bullies, rather than outfight them, meaning he never got much 'training' in that regard. He is even hesitant to fight.

    As a side effect to his nature to try and get away from the attention, his cunning, he has a fear of tight spaces. He is claustrofobic, but not just that. He also doesn't like it when there is just one option, or none at all. If he can't think his way out of a situation, he panics more than most people, though he obviously has a better chance to think himself out of the situation.

    Aside from that he tends to hide his background, to avoid people judging him by it.

    History: Bran was born in a wealthy family and grew up in a mansion in the richest part of Angel Grove. His parents were rarely home, but he had the best tutors. It made him a smart boy, but not very sociable.

    At school he was bullied at first, but he soon learned how to outthink his bullies, which soon got them off his back. Bran began to notice that some people were drawn to him because of the money his family had, so he started to hide that background, so that people would like him for him, and not for his money, regardless of whether he had that money.

    Slowly but surely, Bran learned to be more sociable, and now he is just like any other teenager. His life may have been uneventful so far, but it seems that's about to change.
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    Name: Ashley 'Ash' Kingsley

    Age: 17

    Ranger Role: Black Ranger Mastadon


    Ashey is always youthful and playful. She is are open to a wide range of ideas, and she has a real sense of the right words to say or write and the best way to present an idea. Ash is excellent at promotion or advertising, and also makes a warm and interesting friend who always seems to lend a hand or lift others' spirits with words of encouragement. Though at times impatient with others, her warm heart wins in the end.

    Born on May 12, in Angel Grove, California, Ash was intelligent, high-strung, and a hyperactive-combination her mother once described as "challenging." When she was nine, she received a skateboard from her older brother. That gift changed her life and gave her an outlet for all of her energy. It didn't take long for Ash to excel at skateboarding. By the age of 12, she got his first sponsor. Two years later, she became a professional skateboarder. Ash was considered one of the top skateboarders in the world by the time she was 16 years old. In her 17-year professional career, she won more than 70 skateboarding contests, including gold medals at the X Games.

    After this personal victory, she retired from competition. Though she still rides, and gives skateboarding demonstrations, and devises new tricks-often at the custom-built ramp at her father's company's warehouse. As she does this, she goes into her senior year of high school and has yet to decide what she would like to do after school. Though before she can think on that, she's called to duty as the Black ranger to help put a stop to the evil Rita Repulsa.

    Extra Notes:
    -Her board
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    ((Here's my profile. By the way you're all in.))

    Name: Jonathan 'Johnny' Sanchez

    Age: 17

    Ranger Role:
    Red Ranger


    Personality: Johnny is a loner who pretty much stays to himself most of the time unless he's at practice or in a game. He has no friends, being that he is relatively new to Angel Grove. Though he is quiet most of the time, he isn't completely mute, as he will losen up and talk to those who actually show interest in him or want to talk to him. His leadership skills are not the best either. Johnny looks to solve most of his problems on and off the field by force if he's caught in a jamb and when he makes these decisions he usually acts on his own, relying on his power and strong will to succeed to get him through the situation. Even though Johnny relies on himself most of the time, his main ability is to adapt to a situation and react quick enough to it to make an impact. This personal ability is the reason why Johnny is the star Quarterback of Angel Grove High's football team and it also shows potential that he could be a great leader if just shown the right path. Whenever Johnny isn't in football practice or at a game, he's either working out, practicing his kickboxing, or playing Street Fighter in the arcade at the Youth Center.

    History: March 14th, 1996... That's when I was born. I was an only child.. Life in Las Vegas, Nevada was pretty tough if you didn't come up from money.. And unfortunately I didn't come from money. My name is Jonathan David Sanchez, but you can call me Johnny for short. My mother was a nurse at the local hospital in Vegas.. And my father.. Well I never knew him. Story goes he was a cop who got killed in a drug raid before I was even born. But I do know my grandfather helped raise me and help me become a man. He also taught me how to throw one hell of a football too. My mother was always busy working to spend too much time with me as a kid, so I always spent my time over there with my grandfather. If I got out of line he was the one that put me in check. I was kind of upset at times that my father was dead.. I'd always see the other kids with their dad, spending time with him and all.. But me.. The only time I got to spend with mines was talking to him at his grave. It made me mad, yeah.. But I overcame it.. I got mixed up with football and kickboxing as a kid. I loved doing both. It taught me discipline and it took my mind off of dad. Fast forward to 2013.. My mom gets a job offering in, Angel Grove and we move out there to the big sunny valley of a city. Beaches, sun, women, glitz and glamour. This city wasn't all of that to me.. I would have been better off back home in Vegas or at least Stone Canyon. But its not my choice, besides mom needs the money. Its been a while since I've seen her this happy and motivated. I want nothing more but for my mom to be happy, she's been through a lot and so have I. A change of scenery can't be too bad. Anyways.. Its senior year and I'm at Angel Grove High. Its a pretty decent school.. Nice teachers and students.. And a nice football team now thanks to me. I was ripping stuff up over in Vegas on the high school team, and now I'm over in Angel Grove doing the same thing as the Quarterback. The folks at school look at me as some type of star or something.. Trying to welcome me into these factions around the school. You know.. The jocks.. The preppy kids.. The nerds.. The outcasts.. I set myself amongst the outcasts.. I don't wanna be a jock. I don't care about that type of stuff. Those people aren't real friends anyways. They aren't interested in you, just only what you can do for them. So I stay alone by myself.. If I see Bulk and Skull bullying some kids, I make sure they leave the kids alone. *sigh* I just wish I had a group of real friends that liked me for me and were interested in me as a person and not Johnny Sanchez, High School star Quarterback for Angel Grove High School.

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