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    The New RV Constitution (aka A New Staff Set-Up)

    The following document (and it's details therein) are hereby implemented on the board. In addition, I will take this opportunity to announce that Hakumen has been added to staff at the rank of 6th Ranger. If you have any questions or comments on the document below, please post them in this thread.

    Head Administrator



    I. PREAMBLE: This document signifies a binding agreement amongst the staff of RangerVision and sets forth policies and procedures for proper governance of the board and any and all board subsidies that may exist currently or in the future. The purpose of this document is to create a more fair and equal staff set-up in order to make decision making easier and to allow the entire board to run smoother.


    • A. RangerVision shall have one Board Owner who shall maintain the rank of “Mentor” and be the chief authority in all aspects of board governance.
    • B. The Board Owner shall have final approval over all staff appointments or terminations, and shall possess veto power over any decisions made by lower staff.
    • C. Further, the Board Owner shall be responsible for all business aspects of the board including renewal of licenses/domains, payment of bills, etc, but may exercise authority and action in any other aspects of board governance he deems fit barring interference with the Alpha Council.
    • D. The current Board Owner is: Kurama


    • A. At his discretion, the Board Owner may appoint one Head Administrator, at the rank of “Mentor”, to act as second in command of the board.
    • B. The HA shall have full authority in all aspects of board governance in the absence of the Board Owner, or as the Board Owner deems appropriate.
    • C. Further, the HA shall serve as the Head of the RV Staff and shall be chief authority in all aspects of staff management, as well as hold final say over any and all decisions regarding disciplinary action against staff or members.
    • D. The HA shall also serve as head of the Alpha Council but shall have no voting privileges therein.
    • E. The current Head Administrator is: GoldPhoenixRanger


    • A. The Alpha Council shall consist of FIVE (5) members to be determined by the Board Owner and Head Administrator and said members shall be at the rank of “Alpha” (Global Moderator).
    • B. This rank shall provide board powers greater than those of the 6th Rangers but lesser than those of the Board Owner and Head Administrator.
    • C. Council members shall be responsible for any and all issues related to board governance including but not limited to: changes to forum organization, rules and policies, management of board subsidiaries, partnerships or alliances with other forums or sites, and any other major actions that may need to be taken.
    • D. Council members are expected to participate in all voting procedures and give feedback on all proposed ideas.
    • E. They shall also be required to visit the board a minimum of once per week to view the assigned Council Chambers and ensure they are up to date on all board happenings.
    • F. Further, council members shall individually have authority to make decisions on boards issues and designate 6th Rangers to complete tasks as needed including the banning of members, though such actions can be later overturned pending evaluation by the Council as a whole, or by the Board Owner and/or Head Administrator.
    • G. The current Alpha Council members are: ForeverBlue, Lieutenant X, Kamen Rider Decade, Supreme Red Ranger and Red Mystic Ranger


    • A. 6th Rangers shall be hired, at the rank of “6th Ranger” (Super Moderator), as needed to maintain direct moderation of the board, including but not limited to removal of spam, banning of spambots, cleaning and maintenance of the forum, management of the Board Archives, and enforcing board rules when necessary including issuing warnings and infractions.
    • B. All 6th rangers shall report to the Alpha Council at large or any individual member of the council therein. This includes council member directives to the 6th rangers, as well events in which 6th rangers may approach council members for instructions or with concerns.
    • C. The current 6th Rangers are: Hakumen, Onlyne, Vendetta Black, and Kamen Rider Chalice


    • A. The staff reserve the right to interpret this Constitution as they see fit, with the approval of the Board Owner.
    • B. This Constitution has been ratified and implemented, this Tenth day of March, 2013 by the RV Staff at this time.

    Kamen Rider Decade
    Lieutenant X
    Red Mystic Ranger
    Supreme Red Ranger

    Chriz aka The Mole
    Kamen Rider Chalice
    Vendetta Black
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    I'm confused as to how this is different from before other than you guys getting to pretend Robert's Rules of Order have any place on an internet forum dedicated to a children's television show.

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    Basically, the difference is that the Alpha Council will vote on and make all decisions regarding the board, in order for their to be more of a variety of imput on such issues.

    It also eliminates the "moderator" rank as it was deemed outdated and unnecessary. The staff is now more streamlined in that we have 6th Rangers as Super Mods, The Alpha Council as Admins with slightly less power than Kurama and I, and then the two of us at the top.

    It's a way of making sure decisions are made amicably among the staff, to avoid fighting and other issues that have arisen in the past.

    It's honestly more for the staff, to make their roles clearer and more defined so they know what is expected of them and to make running of the board easier.


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