It is time for a new game show. This game show is called The Danger Zone. It's a game of fast pace wits. Every contestant is on the edge of the Danger Zone. Everyone will be asked a question. They will have fifteen seconds to answer the question after the question is read and posted. If a contestant answers correctly, then the player is safe. If a contestant gets the question wrong, they are in the Danger Zone. When it comes back to the contestant, if they get another question wrong, they will go further into the Danger Zone. Answer another question wrong and the contestant is out. For each question a contestant gets right in the Danger Zone, they stay where they are, they don't move back. At the end of the round, if there are people in the Danger Zone, they are up for elimination. The round ends in ten minutes or unless someone gets three questions wrong. If you are not in the Danger Zone at the end of ten minutes, you are safe. If all the players don't end up in the Danger Zone at the end of ten minutes, a tie breaker question. The contestants will be asked a question where the answer is a number. The contestant who is further off is out. Now depending on how many people play, that will determine the number of rounds.

The last round is a little bit different. When there are two contestants remaining, the Safe Zone is gone and they are put right into the Danger Zone. They will be asked a question. If they get it right, they are safe. If they get in wrong, they are in danger of elimination, because if the other contestants gets the question right, the one who gets it wrong is eliminated. If they both get it wrong than they are both safe. There is no time limit on the last round. It's the one who gets the question wrong loses. Now the questions will be randomized, so it is on anything.

April 28th is the date of this game show. Anyone who is interested please let me know. The winner will get $25 put into their PayPal account.