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    Our Year Two Spring Finale has sprung!

    Power Rangers Super Megaforce Episode 8: "Silver Lining, Pt 2" - Database Ranger's Power Reviews 63

    In the thrilling Year Two Spring Finale, an old enemy re-emerges at Alphabet Soup, and It's up to Database and Guy to get out safely. To keep themselves going, they review the Power Rangers Super Megaforce Mid-Season Finale, "Silver Lining, Part 2," but what other secrets will be uncovered?

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    Great episode DB! I like how you are building the mystery of how and why the PR world Guy comes from is different from the one we know. I'm intrigued to find out how the Galaxy rangers got their powers if four of them weren't from Earth, and also if their "dimension" as it seems to be has anything to do with K's and the world that Venjix almost ended.

    The actors are all superb as always, and David DiPaola did an espicially good job playing an injured Guy here, maintaining the air of seriousness while still showing the injuries. The Morepotzners are also hilarious, as always!

    Keep up the great work DB!

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    The Summer Saga has arrived! Where are you?

    Power Rangers Wild Force Episode 37: "Fishing for a Friend" - Database Ranger's Power Reviews 64

    The Year Two Summer Saga kicks off with a sudden disappearance, and it's up to Mitch and Mary Morpotzner to save the day, with a review of the Power Rangers Wild Force episode, "Fishing for a Friend."

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    Ok, that was pretty darn funny. I like the parallel between how Jindrax and Toxica got development as more three dimensional characters and the Morepotzners developed in much the same way. While it was, as expected, a bit unusual to see their actual lives outside of their cameos, it was a fun little tryst that was good fun for everyone, and none more so then the characters themselves.

    They did a great job reviewing the episode in their own unique way, and it was a nice change up from the usual type of episodes. Wild Force was definitely the right season for them to review what with all it's bright colors and animal friends. I hope we get to see them join in some more episode reviews later on.

    Also, Mayo in a druid robe, Guy in a karate dobak, and...DB and K looking normal. Do I sense foreshadowing of a Time Force review coming up?

    Either way, keep up the great work everyone!

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    It's a mystical adventure with a side of Mayo!

    Power Rangers Mystic Force Episode 6: "Legendary Catastros" - Database Ranger's Power Reviews 65

    Mayo suddenly finds herself lost in a strange land, and must rely upon a mysterious stranger to help her find the way back home. Will his tale of the Power Rangers Mystic Force "Legendary Catastros" help her brave the dangers ahead?

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    What's that Guy up to now?

    Power Rangers Jungle Fury Episode 27: "Tigers Fall, Lions Rise" - Database Ranger's Power Reviews 66

    After helping to discover a strange new mystery, Guy is sent to an oddly familiar establishment, where the staff is all to eager to great him with a story of the Power Rangers Jungle Fury, "Tigers Fall, Lions Rise.

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    The wait is over! DB and Doctor K go to Power Morphicon!

    Power Morphicon Live Panel: "Clash of the Red Rangers" - Database Ranger's Power Reviews 67

    In a very special anniversary episode, Database Ranger and Doctor K are sent across dimensions to the 2014 Power Morphicon! But when a case of mistaken identity lands them in a panel room, they find themselves caught up on one of their greatest challenges yet; a live review of the Power Rangers Samurai Movie Special, "Clash of the Red Rangers!"

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    Everything's 'K' with our Summer Saga Halloween Finale!

    Power Rangers RPM Episode 24 "Ancient History" - Database Ranger's Power Reviews 68

    In the special Halloween Finale of the Summer Saga, we finally learn what happened the night before everyone was scattered across dimensions, as Doctor K looks deep within her own mind to unlock the truth, delving into "Ancient History" with the Power Rangers RPM.

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    Thus begins the Super Mega Fall of Year Two!

    Power Rangers Super Megaforce Episode 9: "Power of Six" - Database Ranger's Power Reviews 69

    As the Super Mega Fall of Year Two premieres, Database and his friends are all reunited after their multidimensional adventures, and bond together with a review of the Power Rangers Super Megaforce Fall Mid-Season Premiere, "Power of Six". But with so many secrets still to be uncovered, how long can they all remain safe?

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    The chase is on!

    Power Rangers Super Megaforce Episode 10: "The Perfect Storm" - Database Ranger's Power Reviews 70

    The Morpotzners have gone missing, and it's up to Database to return to Alphabet Soup to save them! Will they continue to remain as clueless as Tensou in Power Rangers Super Megaforce's "The Perfect Storm"?

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