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    Forum Re-Organization & A New Media Master!

    Hello Members!

    We have several announcements today!

    First, we'd like to welcome Bruno and Mia of MMPR Toys, and Raging Phoenix of SpandexCast as our newest Media Masters! Check out their new section in The Viewing Globe!

    Secondly, we'd like to announce a forum re-organization. To accommodate the new Media Masters and keep the forum main page from being overblown, we have removed the Aquabase as a category, instead making it a forum under Terra Venture. All the same discussion forums are located in this section, at the top of Terra Venture. In addition, The Rock Porium has been moved to The Viewing Globe, as it is a media section and therefore should be with the other media items.

    We hope everyone can still find everything and please let us know if there are any questions.


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