1. The End-
Red, Blue and Yellow are 'hired' by the Sé Elemental Corporation that of course has a bit of a shady background and alot of mystery surrounding them. The First of the 6 Mages Reveals themselves and their plan for World Domination, The Rangers go into battle for the First time how will they fair?

2. Through the Fire And Flames-
Blue makes it back to the team just in time and with help in tow, will the Original 3 be able to work with their new Teamates long enough to win their first real Battle against the Mages of Darkness?

3. Five for Fighting-
With Red out of action for Personal Reasons, the team is cut down to 4 members and with the looming threat of the Dark Fire Mage, the team needs to get their leader to come around to his sense, before it is too late

4. Can't Lie, Get High
The 5 Rangers head out on their first out of the city mission, with the aid of their brand new vehicle 'The Wind Runner', this vehicle has some amazing capabilities to help the Rangers in their quest for Victory.

5. Firestarter
Red is challenged by the Dark Fire Mage to single Combat, what will be the outcome of this fight, who will be the victor? The Red Ranger and leader of the Team or the Dark Fire Mage?

6. In For The Kill

7. My Immortal

8. Simon Says

9. Fallen Angels

10. Rise from the Ashes

11. Somewhere in the World Tonight

12. Load

13. Reload

14. We Can Work it Out

15. TBA

16. TBA

17. TBA

18. Here Without You

19. The Chosen One's

20. Fix You