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    Interview Section Rules

    1) Try to post as often as possible. If an interviewee does not post for a week, the thread will be closed, and depending on how many sign up, the slot may be filled by someone on the waiting list. If you decide to continue the interview and the slot is taken, you will have to wait until it opens up again.

    2) Only the interviewer and interviewee may reply to an active interview. Once the interview is complete, members are welcome to ask more questions for the interviewee.

    3) When asking other members questions, please be courteous and don't ask questions that are too personal.

    4) Please try to answer all questions seriously. It's fine to joke around, but if it gets to the point of it seems like you're trolling, your interview will be closed.

    5) Only staff will conduct active interviews.

    6) Follow all other board rules not specified in this thread.

    Thank you, and we hope you enjoy the RangerVision interview experience!

    The Interview Team

    Red Mystic Ranger
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