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    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Return (Rated R)

    This fan fiction is rated R due to how "real life" this will be. Meaning that there's language, sexuality, violence, and drugs in this fan fiction. Reader discretion is advised.

    Jason David Frank as himself (White Ranger)
    Austin St. John as himself (Red Ranger)
    Karan Ashley as herself (Yellow Ranger)
    Johnny Yong Bosch as himself (Black Ranger)
    David Yost as himself (Blue Ranger)
    Amy Jo Johnson as herself (Pink Ranger)

    Paul Schrier as himself/Zordon
    Jason Narvy as himself (Green Ranger)
    Catherine Sutherland as herself

    Cameo Appearance By:

    Gareth Yuen as himself
    Ultimate Mikey (me) as Mike Lopez
    Shawn Caution as Shawn Waters
    Tom Angelo as Tom DiCamillo
    Tara C. as Tara Winslow
    Brandon O. as Brandon Collins



    NeziRed Territory
    Year 3000

    "Are you sure NeziRed won't catch us, Aidan?" Zane asked, kissing his boyfriend.

    "I'm sure he won't," Aidan said, kissing Zane in return, "I told you a million times that we are so underground that even the rats can't find us."

    "I HAVE DONE IT!" a young man comes barging into Zane and Aidan's room, "I have finally tapped into the Morphing Grid and created Chronomorphers!"

    "Fuck!" Aiden shouted, "A little privacy please."

    "Yeah, knock first," Zane said.

    "Oh fuck!" the young man said, realizing he was seeing his two friends, butt ass naked in bed, "I'll let you change, but come to the main room as quickly as possible.

    "Whatever Eric," Aidan said, rolling his eyes.

    Aidan and Zane quickly got dressed and went to the main room where he saw Eric, along with two girls, who he never met before.

    "Who the fuck are they?" Aidan asked.

    "Yeah, they could be spies working with NeziRed or any of the other Nezirangers," Zane chimed in.

    "Relax you two," Eric stated, "I have analyzed them with our computer and they are not spies. They want to help in bringing down the Nezirangers. This is Nicole and Lori. They came from NeziBlack's Territory and just barely made it out alive."

    "NeziBlack had us prisoners but we escaped," Lori said.

    "Sorry about that," Aidan said, "You never know."

    "So what are these Chronomorphers you wanted to show us, after rudely interrupting my boyfriend and I?" Zane asked.

    "Again, sorry about that, but these Chronomorphers might just help us defeat the Nezirangers," Eric said, holding up a case with five space-out wrist band things."

    "How do you expect those things to beat the Nezirangers?" Aidan asked, "If the Power Rangers from 1000 years ago couldn't defeat the Nezirangers and even Lord Zedd, how do you expect we can?"

    "Have faith," Lori said.

    "Have faith?" Aidan asked, getting upset, "My fuckin' father and mother got their hearts brutally torn out of them by the Nezirangers because they refused to obey them. I have watched Zane's family get burned alive as well as countless other families. The Nezirangers are too powerful and the only thing we can do to out stand them is hide."

    "That's where you are wrong," a voice called out.

    A young man walked out. He looked like a scientist with his lab coat on and he wore glasses. He was holding the Quantum Morpher.

    "With this power as well, we can surely defeat the Nezirangers," the young scientist said.

    "How can you be so sure?" Aidan asked.

    "Because I have the spirit of Zordon resting in me, as did my great ancestor Paul Schrier.

    San Diego, California

    'Are you sure, you're not the one fighting on TV?' Jason David Frank's daughter asked.

    "No sweetheart," Jason said, "but I am going to find out what is going on."

    As soon as he hung up the phone with his daughter there was a knock on his hotel door. He went to the door and opened it. He saw that no one was at the door. He looked left and right and didn't see anyone. He was about to close the door when something told him to look on the ground. When he did, he noticed a Power Coin. It was the White Tiger Power Coin. When he picked it up, a huge white light came out of it and he noticed he wasn't in his hotel room anymore but the dessert. There was sand all around.

    "What the fuck is this?" he asked.

    "Well hello Jason," a voice which sounded like him, stated.

    He looked and saw the Mighty Morphin White Ranger coming toward him.

    "Am I dreaming?" Jason asked.

    "No," the White Ranger said, "this is not a dream. You have been chosen by Zordon to fight Lord Zedd and Rita from taking control over your universe."

    "Lord Zedd and Rita?" Jason asked in disbelieve, "Zordon? I must be dreaming because those are all fictional characters."

    "No Jason," the White Ranger said, "They are very real. Lord Zedd has conquered every universe except for yours. I tried to lead my team in fighting Lord Zedd but he destroyed us all and destroyed our families."

    "If you guys couldn't beat him," Jason started, "how do you expect me to beat him?"

    "You won't be alone," the White Ranger said, showing him images of Austin, Johnny, Karan, David, Jason, and Amy.

    "You have got to be kidding?" Jason asked, rolling his eyes, after seeing an image of Austin St. John, "I have to work with that jerk?"

    "You need to set aside your differences," the White Ranger said, "and defeat the real threat that will take over your universe if you let him."

    Jason David Frank just looked at the White Ranger with uncertainty.

    New York City, New York

    "This will draw us some attention," Neziranger Red, or short NeziRed said, pointing his fist the the Statue of Liberty.

    With one blast from his fist, the statue blew up. There were screams all around. The many people in the Statue of Liberty were killed because of how powerful the blast was.

    "That was fun," NeziBlack said, "Let's blow something else up!"

    All five of them agreed. They were about to leave when six beams of light came from the sky and materialized right in front of them. The Power Rangers came.

    "Well I didn't believe Zordon when he told us," David Yost said, looking at the Nezirangers, "but now I do; the Psycho Rangers."

    "Psycho Rangers?" NeziPink asked, "We are called Nezirangers. I am NeziPink."

    "I'm NeziYellow," he said.

    "I am NeziBlue," he said.

    "I am NeziBlack," he said.

    "And I'm NeziRed," he said, "and we will destroy you."

    "So Lord Zedd has used the Japanese name for you guys," David Narvy said.

    "We do not take orders from Lord Zedd or anyone," NeziBlack said, "We only take orders from ourselves."

    The five Nezirangers started fighting the six rangers. Red was on red and green. Black was on black. Blue was on blue. Yellow was on yellow and pink was on pink. Just like the Psycho Rangers were strong in the television show so was the Nezirangers. They were very strong. NeziRed kicked Austin and Jason both at the same time, causing them to fly into a building. NeziPink blasted Amy Jo Johnson and caused her to morph back into her normal self.

    "Say nighty night princess," NeziPink said, ready to kill Amy, when all of a sudden they heard music being played.

    The White Ranger came flying in and kicked NeziPink down to the ground. Amy Jo Johnson couldn't believe it. Standing in front of her was the White Ranger. She was hoping that Jason David Frank would show his face. Jason David Frank turned around and extended his hand. She grabbed his hand and was lifted up.

    "Are you okay?" Jason David Frank asked.

    "Yeah I'm fine," Amy said, blushing a little bit, raising her morpher, "It's morphin time!"

    She transformed back into the Pink Ranger and along with the White Ranger joined the rest of the rangers in fighting. Now it was a fair fight with five verse seven. The seven rangers all fought with the NeziRangers. NeziRed tried to blast both the red and white ranger but the green ranger blocked it with his shield. The blast returned to NeziRed and he fell to the ground. The other Nezirangers came to his aid.

    "This isn't over yet," NeziBlack said, getting NeziRed up from the ground, "You haven't seen the last of us."

    The five Nezirangers disappeared. The seven rangers looked and saw the destruction of the Statue of Liberty. Police arrived soon where the rangers were standing. They wanted to know what had happen. The rangers started to tell them about the Nezirangers and how they destroyed the Statue of Liberty. The police had many questions for them, as well as news reports flocking to the scene. They started all asking Austin St. John questions. Jason David Frank, slowly backed away and started heading off. Amy Jo Johnson saw this and confronted him.

    "What seems to be the matter?" Amy asked.

    "I can't stand Austin," Jason David Frank said, looking at Austin.

    "Just because everyone is flocking toward him for answers instead of you?" Amy asked.

    Before Jason David Frank could answer an explosion could be heard. The seven rangers quickly went toward the explosion and they saw the Empire State Building being destroyed. They couldn't believe it. New York City was being torn apart. They saw the five Nezirangers leaving. When they did disappear, standing in the distance was Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel.

    "Hello rangers," she said.

    The seven rangers couldn't believe it. Johnny couldn't believe it that out of all days when the white ranger shows up the first villain that the white ranger fights is none other than Nimrod. Johnny thought this couldn't be coincidence.

    Niagara Falls, New York

    "So you are telling me that your name is Sam Collins?" a policeman asked.

    "I am Sam Collins," he said.

    "Your finger prints register you as Matthew Lawrence though," the policeman said.

    "I don't know who this Matthew Lawrence is," he said, "but I need to find out how to save my friends, Tanker and Syd."

    "Wait a minute," another police officer said, stepping in, "those names sound familiar. My son, when he was younger watched a television show called Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad. Maybe Matthew hit his head and is reliving those years."

    "But someone saw him come out of a computer," another policeman said.

    "That is impossible," the first police officer said, "No one can come out of the computer."

    "Well, no one can have powers like these," the second police officer said, looking at the television and seeing the Power Rangers.

    They saw the Power Rangers fighting Nimrod. The battle esculated toward Time Square. This was getting too much for everyone. They saw all the destruction this fight was causing. The army came in and tried assisting the Power Rangers with their weapons, but it was no good. Sam Collins knew Lord Zedd had to be behind it and jumped up from the seat he was sitting in.

    "I have to go help them some how," Sam said.

    "You're not going anywhere Mr. Lawrence," one police officer said.

    "Oh am I?" Sam questioned, "I hope this works without my guitar. Let's Samuraize guys!"

    With that a spark appeared and he disappeared into one of the police officer's computers. All of them in the room couldn't believe it. He was telling the truth and he was really Sam Collins.

    New York City, New York

    "Out of my way rangers," Nimrod said, striking them with her staff, "I am not after you. I'm here for the Nezirangers."

    "Well we won't let you destroy the city while searching for them," Austin said.

    "So be it," Nimrod said, creating her companions AC and DC, "I like to introduce..."

    "We know, we know," Amy Jo Johnson interrupted, "AC and DC."

    "You little bitch!" Nimrod screamed throwing an electric bolt at her.

    Amy Jo Johnson got out of the way and ran up to her and kicked her, sending her flying back.

    "Don't you ever call me a bitch!" Amy shouted back.

    Jason David Frank and Johnny Yong Bosch just watched with their mouths open within their helmets.

    All of a sudden, lighting struck and on top of a building, everyone saw Lord Zedd and Rita. They put their staffs together and lightning came out of the staff hitting Nimrod, AC, and DC. All three of them started to grow.

    "We need our Zords!" Austin shouted, "It's morphin' time!"

    "Mastodon!" Johnny Yong Bosch shouted, having a black ball of light come forth creating the Mastodon.

    "Pterodactyl!" Amy Jo Johnson called forth, having a pink ball of light come forth creating the Pterodactyl.

    "Triceratops!" David Yost shouted, having the Triceratops form out of a blue ball of light.

    "Saber-Tooth Tiger!" Karan stated, having the Saber-Tooth Tiger appear.

    "Tyrannosaurus!" Austin shouted, bringing forth the Tyrannosaurus from a red ball of light.

    "Hey guys, I don't think..." Jason David Frank was about to state but couldn't finish. The Nezirangers showed up and he started battling them.

    "My turn," Jason Narvy said, playing a melody on his Dragon Dagger, creating the Dragonzord.

    All six of them went into their Zords and they combined into the Mega Dragonzord. They started fighting Nimrod, along with AC and DC. They fired at Nimrod, but Nimrod held the power, sending it back to them, causing their Zords to disassemble from each other, sending the rangers down to the ground demorphed.

    "No one listens to me," Jason David Frank said, fighting NeziRed, "I told you that it might not work."

    "Jason is right," Austin said.

    "What can we do?" Amy Jo Johnson asked.

    to be continued...

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    Form a new Mega Zord sequence?

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    RV Favicon Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Return (Rated R)

    This fan fiction is rated R due to how "real life" this will be. Meaning that there's language, sexuality, violence, and drugs in this fan fiction. Reader discretion is advised.

    Jason David Frank as himself (White Ranger)
    Austin St. John as himself (Red Ranger)
    Karan Ashley as herself (Yellow Ranger)
    Johnny Yong Bosch as himself (Black Ranger)
    David Yost as himself (Blue Ranger)
    Amy Jo Johnson as herself (Pink Ranger)

    Paul Schrier as himself/Zordon
    Jason Narvy as himself (Green Ranger)
    Catherine Sutherland as herself

    Cameo Appearance By:

    Gareth Yuen as himself
    Ultimate Mikey (me) as Mike Lopez
    Shawn Caution as Shawn Waters
    Tom Angelo as Tom DiCamillo
    Tara C. as Tara Winslow
    Brandon O. as Brandon Collins



    New York City

    "I will destroy you rangers!" Nimrod said, throwing down to the ground a fireball, destroying the McDonald's from Time Square.

    "We need to stop her," Johnny Yong Bosch said.

    "But how, our Zords can't win against her and AC and DC," Amy Jo Johnson said.

    "Do I have to do everything myself," Jason David Frank said, raising his hand to the sky, "Tigerzord power up!"

    Nothing happened. He tried again.

    "Tigerzord power up!" Jason David Frank shouted, but still nothing happened, "What the fuck is wrong?"

    "Um, Jason," Johnny Yong Bosch said, coming over to him, "This isn't the TV Show. Zordon told us to raise our morphers again and shout out the name of the animal we possess. Maybe it will work for you."

    "Thanks Johnny," Jason said, patting him on the shoulder.

    David Yost just rolled his eyes.

    "Tigerzord!" Jason shouted raising up his morpher.

    Sure enough a white ball of light came out of the morpher and up to the sky. It formed the Tigerzord. Jason David Frank was blown away at how beautiful it looked and he was impressed. He jumped up and started the little speech and to his surprise Saba was saying it with him:

    "White Tigerzord, Tiger mode, battle ready now!"

    The White Tigerzord started moving. Everyone looking up on him started to roll their eyes. They couldn't believe after twenty years he would still remember the phrase and it actually worked. Jason David Frank went into the Tigerzord and put Saba into a control panel which converted the White Tigerzord to Warrior Mode.

    "Convert to Warrior Mode now!" Jason said.

    "Oh look boys, it's the White Tigerzord," Nimrod said, mockingly, "Oh I am scared."

    "You should be," Jason David Frank said, coming at her with his sword.

    He hit Nimrod, sending her flying into AC and DC. She was so angry that she got up and ordered AC and DC to surround him. They did that and fired out lasers sending his Zord flying and converting back to Tiger mode. With the fall it sent Jason David Frank flying out of the Zord landing next to the other rangers.

    "A little help here," Jason David Frank said.

    "Well, what do you want us to do?" Karan asked, "Our Zords are no match for Nimrod."

    Austin just then had an idea.

    "Wait let me try something," Austin said, "Some things are different from the show but other things are the same, such as Jason activating the Tigerzord, so let me try something."

    "Nimrod, you are in for a surprise!" he said, looking up at her, "Let's show her the power of thunder. Tyrannosaurus Red Dragon Thunder Zord Power!

    Sure enough, a red ball of light came out of Austin's morpher on his belt and forming the Tyrannosaurus Zord, but then a blast of lightning hit it and it turned into the Red Dragon. Austin couldn't believe it! It worked! It actually worked. The Red Dragon flew across the sky and rammed right into AC, DC, and Nimrod, causing them to fall. The Red Dragon then rose to the sky, casting down fire from his mouth to Nimrod. Nimrod fell to the ground with a huge crash. AC and DC tried to help her up. The Red Dragon went further up to the sky and transformed into it's own Warrior Mode, just like the television show. Jason David Frank thought that was awesome and rose on his feet.

    "I need White Tiger Thunder power now!" Jason said.

    All of a sudden, a ball of energy came and the White Tiger started to get back on its feet just like in the television show. Also just like in the television show the theme song "Go go Power Rangers!" started to play.

    "There's that music," Amy Jo Johnson said, looking at how the Red Dragon's Warrior Mode flew up with its staff and landed on the White Tigerzord. When this happened Jason and Austin disappeared and reappeared in the White Tigerzord. Austin couldn't believe he was in the control panel of the White Tiger. They never had it in the show because the Japanese show had different suits.

    "Let's work as a team to fight her," Austin said, looking at Jason.

    "I don't know," Jason David Frank said, hesitant.

    "Come on! We are a team!" Austin said, holding his hand out.

    "I guess you are right," Jason said, accepting the hand and giving him a handshake.

    "Okay, let's teach these creeps not to mess with us," Austin said.

    Jason just laughed.

    The Tigerzord along with the Red Dragon Warrior Mode went toward the three monsters. Austin saw a control panel for him and had the Red Dragon hold out his staff, knocking away AC and DC, then striking Nimrod. Nimrod fired back.

    "Time to disengage," Jason said, with Austin unhooking his Zord.

    Jason found himself in his own control room, just like the White Tiger's but it was a little bit smaller. He thought it was so cool.

    "Guys," Austin said, looking down at the team, "I believe it's your turn to create the Mega Tigerzord.

    "Right!" they all shouted with Jason Narvy smiling in the background.

    "Mastordon Lion Thunder Zord Power!" Johnny Yong Bosch shouted.

    "Ptyeradactyl Firebird Thunder Zord Power!" Amy Jo Johnson shouted.

    "Triceratops Unicorn Thunder Zord Power!" David Yost called out.

    "Sabre Tooth Tiger Griffin Thunder Zord Power!" Karan Ashley shouted.

    Four balls of the color of their suits came out of their morphers and transformed into their Zords. Like the Tyrannosaurus, lightning struck the Zords and they transformed into the Thunder Zords.

    "Mega Tigerzord transformation now!" Jason David Frank said.

    The theme song kept going on just like in the show. The White Tiger converted to Warrior Mode again. The Unicorn Zord, the Lion Zord, the Griffin Zord, and the Firebird all came toward the White Tiger Warrior Mode. The White Tiger Warrior Mode started to transform with the Lion hooking as shoulder pads and a back, while the Unicorn and Griffin became legs for the White Tiger Warrior Mode. The Firebird hooked to its arm and a helmet dropped down on its face. A blast of pyro shot in the back of them. Johnny, Amy, Karen, and David saw themselves in the White Tigerzord control panel. They couldn't believe they were actually in the panel. They had their own controls.

    Nimrod and the others were taken back at this, but they fired lasers at them. But that didn't stop the rangers. They went through the explosions. AC and DC were a little scared and hid behind Nimrod.

    "Well that's not original," Austin said, jokingly.

    "Don't hide behind me," Nimrod said, "Get them you fools!"

    AC and DC did as they were told, jumped up toward the Mega Tigerzord, but the Mega Tigerzord just flung them back, knocking Nimrod down to the ground. She started screaming.

    "Can't you do anything right?"

    The tiger's eyes and mouth on the Mega Tigerzord started to glow. The rangers inside were waving good bye to the three monsters as they were hitting controls for the final strike. The music was still playing on as the Mega Tigerzord extended his arm with the Firebird on it. The Firebird was let go and the tiger's mouth started to shoot out pink rays at the Firebird causing the sky to become like a grid with the Firebird on fire.

    Jason Narvy saw the sky too and thought it was part of the Mega Tigerzord's final move but noticed a worm hole with two young men looking through. He went to go check it out.

    The sky went to normal as the Firebird flew through AC, DC, and then Nimrod. Sparks starting shooting out of all three monsters. Nimrod dropped her staff and AC and DC vanished, just like in the television show.

    "Lord Zedd, I have failed you," Nimrod said, "Please forgive me!"

    Nimrod fell to the ground in a huge explosion. The Firebird flew back onto the arm of the Mega Tigerzord. Austin thought it wouldn't be right if he came over with his Zord and shook the hands of the Mega Tigerzord, so he did. Everyone started to cheer everywhere in New York City. Everyone was glad the Power Rangers destroyed another monster, but some were concerned that the evil rangers would be back. They were all celebrating but couldn't find Jason Narvy.

    "Where's Jason?" Amy asked.

    "Maybe he got a little jealous that our Zords get an upgrade," Johnny suggested.

    Universe 9995
    The Planet Mirinoi
    -a few minutes before-

    "So we are really the last two survivors on Mirinoi?" Adam said, holding his boyfriend Steve.

    "I believe so," Steve said.

    "What are we going to do?" Adam said, "How will we survive?"

    "We'll try and make the most of it," Steve said, "We have each other. That's what counts."

    Just then the sky turned black as night and lightning started to fall on the planet. Adam and Steve didn't know what was going on. Lord Zedd had left their universe, so they knew it couldn't be him. They were afraid as to what was going to happen next. Suddenly a fabric in time and space opened up and they saw Power Rangers fighting three monsters. They recognized the monster as one of Lord Zedd's and they saw the three monsters getting destroyed. They couldn't believe Power Rangers were actually destroying one of Lord Zedd's monsters. As they looked on, they noticed a Green Ranger coming toward them.

    "Who are you?" the Green Ranger asked, looking into the worm hole.

    "I'm Adam and this is my boyfriend Steve," he said, "We are from the planet Mirinoi."

    "Mirinoi?!" the Green Ranger said, coming through the worm hole. Just then the worm hole vanished, and the Green Ranger couldn't believe it.

    "Who are you?" Steve asked.

    "I am Jason Narvy," the Green Ranger said, taking off his helmet, "and I believe I am stuck here." be cont

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    RV Favicon Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Return (Rated R)

    This fan fiction is rated R due to how "real life" this will be. Meaning that there's language, sexuality, violence, and drugs in this fan fiction. Reader discretion is advised.

    - I think I will go along this setting for my stories from now on -

    On the outskirts of our Solar System

    "It is so good being able to take over planets," a young creature said, which looks like a bird.

    "Yeah, when I am doing all the fighting," another creature said, looking almost like him but more like an angel.

    "What do you mean, Vrak?" the creature questioned, "I did some fighting."

    "Yeah, I don't think fighting bugs count, Vekor," Vrak said, "What do you think our father would say if he found out I did all the fighting and you just sat up here giving orders?"

    "He would banish me to the planet Stinko," Vekor said.

    "That's right, Vekor, he would," Vrak said, "and I don't want that. You are my brother. We are both royalty and someday we will be both kings."

    "Yeah kings of the universe," Vekor said.

    "Someday brother," Vrak said, putting a hand on his shoulder, "Someday. Now, our father has told us there is a planet with plenty of resources to take for ourselves and if anyone gets in our way, we will destroy them."

    "What planet is that?" Vekor asked.

    "Planet Earth," Vrak said, smiling and looking out the window of the spaceship gazing at the Solar System.

    Jason David Frank as himself (White Ranger)
    Austin St. John as himself (Red Ranger)
    Karan Ashley as herself (Yellow Ranger)
    Johnny Yong Bosch as himself (Black Ranger)
    David Yost as himself (Blue Ranger)
    Amy Jo Johnson as herself (Pink Ranger)

    Paul Schrier as himself/Zordon
    Jason Narvy as himself (Green Ranger)
    Catherine Sutherland as herself

    Cameo Appearance By:

    Ultimate Mikey (me) as Mike Lopez
    Shawn Caution as Shawn Waters
    Tom Angelo as Tom DiCamillo
    Tara C. as Tara Winslow
    Brandon O. as Brandon Collins



    New York City

    "Where the fuck is Jason Narvy?" Amy Jo Johnson shouted, getting frustrated, "We looked everywhere for him."

    Suddenly a ball of light shone down and Paul Schrier appeared.

    "I don't know how you guys can do that, but I can't," Paul said, feeling a little queasily. Okay, Zordon has informed me that Jason Narvy is in another parallel universe. Apparently when firing the Pink Firebird, it caused a ripple in the space and time continuum and ripped a hole between universes for a few minutes."

    "So in order to bring him back, we need to fire it again?" Jason David Frank asked.

    "Precisely," Zordon's voice came out of Paul's mouth.

    The rangers just looked at each other like it was crazy. They were ready to call on their Zords again when the Nezirangers showed up.

    "We're back!" the Red NeziRed said.

    "Oh great!" Johnny Yong Bosch said, "That's what we don't need."

    "We are going to destroy you and then this world," NeziBlack stated, with all five Nezirangers charging at them.

    "Will this day of fighting never stop?" Amy Jo Johnson asked, fighting NeziPink.

    NeziRed Territory
    Year 3000

    "Okay, so how is this going to work?" Aiden asked, holding on to Zane.

    "Well, the Chronomorphers and the Quantum Morpher will take us back to the year 2014 in New York City, the day that the Nezirangers killed the Power Rangers and killed Lord Zedd."

    "Can't we wait for them to kill Lord Zedd and then go back in time?" Zane asked.

    "No," the young scientist said, "because they kill the rangers first and then Lord Zedd. If we wait the Power Rangers will be dead and we might not make our world very peaceful. Just the six of us might not be enough to fight the Nezirangers. We might need all thirteen of us to do it. That might not even be enough."

    "What do you mean, not enough?" Eric asked, getting a panic attack coming on.

    Lori and Nicole helped him sit down.

    "Jesus Christ Mattheus," Eric said, catching his breath, "Are you sending us on a suicide mission?"

    "What the fuck Eric?" Mattheus asked, angerly, "You were the one who tapped into the Morphing Grid. What do you think? That we were going to send these powers alone back in time and hoping that six people would pick them up from the street to become Power Rangers?"

    "Yeah," Eric said, sheepishly.

    "Well if you don't want to go, I suppose we can find someone from 2014 to help us..." Mattheus started, but then heard a loud explosion.

    "We found you!" NeziRed and NeziBlack stated, looking at them. They looked very old and rusty, but were still in great shape.

    "How the fuck did they find us?" Lori asked.

    "Well it's now or never, we have to go," Mattheus said.

    "I'm coming to," Eric said.

    Mattheus programmed the Quantum Morpher to respond with the Chronomorphers and with a few push of the buttons all six of them disappeared from the Nezirangers eyes. In reality, the six never moved. The Quantum Morpher was reversing time as they stood in place. Aiden and the rest of them could see themselves going backwards. The more they were going back in time, the faster the process was. They were to the year 2015 when suddenly they saw something not in the history books. They noticed two alien creatures taking control over the world.

    "Why wasn't this in the history books?" Eric asked, looking at Mattheus.

    "I don't know," Mattheus said, "but just like in that old show Doctor Who, the timeline is very thin. Something must have happened to cause this."

    "I don't like it one bit," Lori said, "So I guess we have to jump to 2015 when we're done, right?"

    "That's if we make it out alive," Eric said, looking at Mattheus with an evil eye.

    "With thirteen of us, there is no way we can lose," Zane said, feeling optimistic.

    "Let's hope so," Aiden said.

    Roswell, New Mexico

    There was a little boy playing outside when Aiden, Zane, Lori, Nicole, Eric, and Mattheus appeared from no where.

    "Aliens!!!!!" the little boy screamed and started running into his house.

    "Oh great!" Eric said, "Now people will think we are aliens."

    "Our morphers are sequenced with the Morphing Grid here, so we can teleport," Mattheus said.

    "Teleport to where?" Lori asked.

    "New York City," Mattheus said, and with that all six of them disappeared again.

    The little boy came out with his parents and pointed to where the six time travelers were located but not anymore.

    "Stop making stuff up," the mother said, going back into her house with her husband.

    "But mommy, they were there," the little boy said, looking off wondering where they went to.

    Universe 9995
    The Planet Mirinoi

    "Can't we just make the worm hole thing-y again?" Jason Narvy asked.

    "I don't know," Adam said, looking at Steve.

    "I don't even know how that thing appeared," Steve said.

    "Well I was on the ground watching my fellow Power Rangers get ready to destroy Nimrod, when all of a sudden the worm hole appeared," Jason started, "I'm guessing it had something to do with the Pink Firebird."

    He paused for a minute.

    "That's it!" Jason shouted, "When the Mega Tigerzord fired at Nimrod, it caused the wormhole, so they just have to fire the Pink Firebird again."

    "And the wormhole will open?" Adam asked.

    "Yes," Jason said, looking around at all the ruins, "So you guys live here?"

    "Yes, we do," Steve said, "Well what's left of it anyway."

    "Why what happened?" Jason asked.

    "Lord Zedd came," Adam said, "He came to our planet and wanted the Quasar Sabres..."

    "What? Quasar Sabres?" Jason asked, "You mean, I am on Mirinoi?"

    "Yeah, this is our planet," Steve said, "How did you know the name?"

    "I'm from Earth," Jason started, "where we have a show called Power Rangers and in one of the seasons we made a planet and called it Mirinoi. I never thought I would end up seeing that all of this was real."

    "They say that parallel universes are very much strange," Steve started, 'because in one world, someone could have created a whole new planet, but in another parallel world the planet could be real."

    "So you are saying that Saban created Power Rangers," Jason started, "but in reality, he was just thinking about another parallel world?"

    "Yeah," Adam chimed in, "They say that our sub-conscience knows about the parallel worlds, some more than others and that our imagination tells about them, most of the times in a story."

    "That is just too weird," Jason said, "So are you two the only ones here?"

    "Yes," Steve said, "We are the only ones on our planet."

    "That is sad," Jason said, "Why don't you come to my world, that's if the worm hole comes back up?"

    "Thank you, friend," Adam said, "but who will watch over the Quasar Sabres? Lord Zedd tried to take them but he couldn't so he ended up destroying everyone on this planet. Well everyone but us."

    "We'll take them with us," Jason said.

    "No one has been able to take them from the stone," Adam said, "Not even us."

    "Then we will take the stone with us," Jason said.

    "But how?" Adam asked, "It is so heavy."

    "I will think of something," Jason said.

    New York City

    The Power Rangers were having an awful time fighting the Nezirangers. Even though there were only five of them and six rangers, the five Nezirangers seemed like ten rangers fighting at once. Karan Ashley was getting her ass whooped by NeziYellow. NeziYellow fired his weapon at her and she fell de-morphing. Austin and Jason were both battling NeziRed and NeziRed was kicking the crap out of both of them. Both Austin and Jason were great fighters but they seem to be no match for NeziRed. NeziRed kicked both of them toward Karan Ashley and they de-morphed. Johnny Yong Bosch was getting his suit ripped and was starting to bleed. NeziBlack started laughing and grabbed him by the neck, choking him. NeziBlack threw Johnny Yong Bosch into a building, making him lie unconscious. He de-morphed. Both David Yost and Amy Jo Johnson was fighting NeziBlue and NeziPink. They weren't doing so well. NeziBlue kicked David in the balls and made him lose wind. As for NeziPink, she was beating the crap out of Amy Jo Johnson. Everyone could hear her crying as she was trying to get back up to fight. The rest of the rangers tried to help her but kept on getting knocked back down by the other Nezirangers.

    "Say good night Pinkie," NeziPink shouted, blasting her several times with lightning bolts coming out of her hand.

    Amy Jo Johnson de-morphed and was lying helplessly on the ground. She saw NeziPink above her and she started getting flashes of her life. She saw herself as a gymnast before her accident. She saw her audition for Power Rangers and how she became world known as the Pink Ranger. She saw her career in movies such as Susie Q and saw her role on Flashpoint. She saw her family, appear one by one. She then turned to her fellow Power Rangers that she grew up with.

    "Good bye," she whispered, with tears rolling down her eyes.

    "No!" Jason David Frank trying to get up but couldn't.

    NeziPink blasted Amy Jo Johnson with more lightning bolts from her hand killing Amy Jo Johnson. When the lightning had passed, all that was left was a pile of ashes. The Power Coin was no where to be found. The rest of the rangers started screaming and crying. They couldn't believe Amy Jo Johnson was gone. They were horrified and with the heartbreak and anger they found the strength to get up and start fighting the Nezirangers de-morphed. They didn't care at this moment. A true friend had died and they wanted to avenge her. Just then, a blast from around the corner came. It looked like the Time Force Rangers.

    "That's impossible!" Johnny Yong Bosch exclaimed, "The Time Force Rangers are real too!"

    The Time Force Rangers fired on the Nezirangers making them disappear. When the Nezirangers left the Time Force Rangers looked around and they noticed Amy Jo Johnson wasn't there.

    "Where's Amy?" the Yellow Time Force Ranger asked.

    "Amy had been killed," Jason said, looking at the ashes.

    The Time Force Rangers all looked at each other and knew they were too late.

    San Francisco, California

    "What's this," Catherine Sutherland asked, picking up a Power Coin of a Pterodactyl. be continued

    So tell me what you think so far. Leave a message with me. Thanks for reading this so far.

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    RV Favicon Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Return (Rated R)

    This fan fiction is rated R due to how "real life" this will be. Meaning that there's language, sexuality, violence, and drugs in this fan fiction. Reader discretion is advised.

    New York City

    "Who the fuck our you guys?" Austin asked, kneeling down looking at Amy Jo Johnson's ashes.

    "We are from the future," Eric said, powering down, revealing just teenagers.

    "From the future?" David Yost asked, "Well if you are from the future, why didn't you do something to make sure that Amy Jo Johnson didn't have to die?"

    "David," Mattheus said, stepping up to Eric, "if we hadn't come, you guys would have all died. Today, in history, was the day that the Power Rangers died."

    "So if you hadn't come at all, blasting the Nezirangers, they would have killed us all?" Johnny Yong Bosch asked.

    "I want you to fucking go back in time and make sure that Amy Jo Johnson doesn't get killed," Jason David Frank ordered.

    "We can't," Eric said, frowning, "That would cross into our time stream."

    "Don't give me this Doctor Who shit," Jason said, "Now, I want you to go back into time and protect Amy Jo Johnson."

    "Like I said," Eric said, "I can't."

    "You can't? Or you won't," Jason asked, looking at Amy's ashes, "What are we going to tell her family?"

    "I am truly sorry for your lost," Eric said, "But we saved the rest of you from the Nezirangers."

    "Anyway," Karan said, "why did you guys really come and save us?"

    "We came to save our future," Eric said, "I am Eric. A scientist who tapped into the Morphin Grid. We come from the year 3000 where the Nezirangers have complete control over the Earth. Even Lord Zedd was destroyed the day that the Nezirangers destroyed you. For 1000 years, Earth had been corrupted by the Nezirangers."

    "They had been around for 1000 years?" Johnny Yong Bosch asked.

    "Yeah," Zane said, "and if we don't stop them, the Nezirangers will take over the world."

    Jason David Frank as himself (White Ranger)
    Austin St. John as himself (Red Ranger)
    Karan Ashley as herself (Yellow Ranger)
    Johnny Yong Bosch as himself (Black Ranger)
    David Yost as himself (Blue Ranger)
    Amy Jo Johnson as herself (DEAD)

    Paul Schrier as himself/Zordon
    Jason Narvy as himself (Green Ranger)
    Catherine Sutherland as herself (2nd Pink Ranger)

    Cameo Appearance By:

    Ultimate Mikey (me) as Mike Lopez
    Shawn Caution as Shawn Waters
    Tom Angelo as Tom DiCamillo
    Tara C. as Tara Winslow
    Brandon O. as Brandon Collins




    Lord Zedd and Rita's Hideout
    A Cave Hidden in the West Andies

    "I can't believe that the Power Rangers destroyed one of my best monsters," Lord Zedd said, getting very aggravated, "and the monster wasn't suppose to fight them anyway."

    "Zeddy baby," Rita said, consoling him, "at least those petty Nezirangers destroyed the Pink Ranger."

    Lord Zedd started to get all red.

    "You bitch!" Lord Zedd shouted, "Why did you have to bring up those Nezirangers like that!"

    "Sorry, Zeddy," Rita said, hovering a bit, "but it's a good thing though."

    "How do you figure?" Lord Zedd said, "If you hadn't noticed six new rangers came from no where, so now we have to deal with all those rangers plus the Nezirangers. How are we going to be able to defeat all of them?"

    "I have got a plan," Rita said, smiling, "We can use some humans to create new monsters which we have never used before."

    "How are we going to do that?" Lord Zedd asked, "We don't have that kind of power!"

    "I will summon Dai-Satan to help us," Rita said, laughing.

    "The Master?" Lord Zedd asked, looking at Rita as though she was crazy, "If you summon The Master we might get punished for not taking over this universe already."

    "We have no choice!" Rita shouted.

    Finister, Goldar, and Scorpina were hovering because they were afraid of Dai-Satan. They knew that if he appeared, there would be a slight chance they would get punished as well.

    "Sho sho, do do, lokari," Rita said, starting to cast her spell, "Bring forth the great and powerful Master, Dai-Satan!!!!"

    Suddenly the rocks started to fall and everyone went out of the cave and went on top of the mountain. A portal opened. The sky started to get dark and lighting started to crash the rocks all around. Just then in the sky a giant head started to appear. He looked terrifying. Blue spiked hair with a white face and black piercing eyes; similar to the show but different.

    "Why have you summon me?" Dai-Satan asked, looking down at them all.

    "We need your help in conquering this universe, oh great Master," Rita said, "We have tried using our monsters but they seem not to work. We even tried to create evil rangers but that backed fire on us. Not to mention some more rangers came from no where. Could you please lend us your power to create monsters from humans?"

    "You fuckin' fools!" Dai-Satan shouted, blowing a mist at them, freezing them on the spot, "How dare you summon me like that and it is a shame that the "all powerful" Lord Zedd and "all powerful" Rita can't conquer one pitiful universe. For punishment for not conquering this universe sooner, you will be frozen in time for a while. I will handle defeating this pathetic universe. No ranger is match for me."

    Dai-Satan vanished from sight, leaving Rita, Lord Zedd, Finster, Goldar, Scorpina, and Rito frozen.

    New York City

    "So let me get this straight," David said, looking at Eric, "You six are from the year 3000 where the Nezirangers have complete control over the world and you guys just happened to tap into the Morphing Grid?"

    "That is correct," Eric said, "Mattheus has the spirit of Zordon in him."

    "This is just too much," Johnny said, starting to cry, "I mean first these monsters kill these innocent kids and the Nezirangers had destroy Amy. I just can't deal with this crap anymore. I am sick and tired of being a ranger and I am sick and tired of losing people. I just want this to end."

    "Aww, look at the little faggot crying," a voice popped up from behind them. It was NeziRed.

    "I'm not a fag!" Johnny shouted, wiping his tears.

    "Yeah, uh-huh, sure," NeziRed mocked, "I'm sure you won't say that after sucking my dick!"

    All the rangers mouths opened in surprise-ment, except for the 'Time Force Rangers'. They were use to NeziRed just saying things like that.

    "You have a potty mouth mister," Karan said.

    "Potty mouth?" David asked, coming up to her, "Really? Are we in high school? This isn't the television show. This is real mother fucking life, damn it!"

    "Wow!" Karan said, looking at David, "Chill dude."

    "I'm sorry," he apologized, "I..."

    "Shut the fuck up!" NeziRed yelled, "Let's fight!"

    "Do we have to?" Johnny whined.

    "It's morphin' time!" they all shouted.

    Jason David Frank's Morpher opened up first. A flash of lightning came and rocks started flying. Jason was in the White Ranger suit, with the White Ranger helmet materializing on his head. Johnny's Morpher opened up and the same thing happened to him. Johnny was in his Black Ranger suit. His helmet materialized and went right on his face. David recieved his suit next. Karan got her suit after David. Austin was the last one to get his suit. The five Power Rangers stood all in a row standing next to the 'Time Force Rangers'.

    "Power Rangers!" they all shouted with a huge explosion going off behind them.

    They started running toward NeziRed and starting fighting him. Eleven rangers against one Neziranger; someone would say that was great odds. It wasn't. NeziRed was beating everyone to a pulp. With one punch, he sent Johnny into Eric and both of them went flying into a car. Luckily the driver wasn't in the car at the time, because they smashed into the car window. Aidan and Zane flew up and tried double punching him but NeziRed blocked it and punched them right back sending them flying.

    "Man, this guy is tough," Austin said, just getting whacked in the face by NeziRed.

    Just then, David Yost had a brilliant idea.

    "Why the fuck are we fighting this dude?" he asked, "Couldn't we just use our Megazord and stomp him?"

    "That's not a bad idea," Jason David Frank said.

    "Mastodon!" Johnny shouted holding his morpher up to the sky.

    Nothing happened. He tried calling his Zord again.

    "Mastodon!" he shouted again but still nothing happened.

    "Why isn't it working?" Karan asked.

    "Because when a monster grows, he sends forth a trigger with the Morphing Grid, sending a response to your Morphers to call upon your Zords," Paul Schrier said in the voice of Zordon.

    "Huh?" Johnny asked.

    "What the fuck was that mombo jumbo?" Austin asked.

    "Ah yi yi yi yi," a familiar voice called out.

    "Alpha?" David Yost asked.

    Just then a bolt of lighting came forth and standing in front of all of them was Alpha 5.

    "Sorry I'm late Zordon," Alpha 5 apologized, "but I was being attacked by King Mondo and Queen Machina."

    "You have got to be kidding me," David said, rolling his eyes.

    "Rangers," Alpha 5 said, in his voice, "what Zordon is saying, you can't use your Zords until the monster has grown."

    "Well that is stupid," David said.

    "Um, guys," Aidan said, "can we fight NeziRed? He is starting to attack innocent people."

    "Let's do this!" Austin said, with all of them running toward NeziRed.

    In Cyber Space

    "How do I get out of Cyber Space?" Servo asked, looking around for a way out.

    He finally found a Smart Phone opened to the Internet so he used that to come out. The guy holding his phone dropped it in fear since a spark came finally out of it. Sam Collins was standing in front of him.

    New York City

    "Matthew Laurence?" the young man asked, "but you are so young."

    "Why do people call me this Matthew Laurence," Sam said, "My name is Sam Collins."

    As he was saying this, the young man started screaming and running away. Sam turned around and saw NeziRed battling the all the rangers. In his world, all the rangers were destroyed by Lord Zedd and Rita. They used the monster, Pudgy Pig to destroy them all. He was very confused as to who the rangers were fighting since Lord Zedd and Rita had never used the Nezirangers (or Z-Rangers as Lord Zedd put them) before. He was wondering what he could do to help. He was pondering this when he saw the sky turn pitch black. Lightning bolts appeared and in the sky was Dai-Satan.

    "What is Lokar doing here?" Austin asked, stopping to fight NeziRed, looking up at the sky.

    "Dai-Satan is here!" he said, laughing, "and you puny Power Rangers are no match for my power."

    He lowered his head and lightning bolts came flying from his head down to the earth, causing the Power Rangers and even NeziRed to fall to the ground. Johnny Yong Bosch was the first to get up and couldn't believe that this was happening. He didn't understand that why in some instances, being a Power Ranger, both the show and the original Japanese show came into play. He figured next Tuxedo Kamen would come out of the wood work. As he was saying this in the distance he saw Sam Collins looking up at Dai-Satan. He couldn't believe it. He knew right away that he had to be Sam Collins from Super Human Samurai Sybersquad and not Matthew Laurence, because he looked so young with his wavy hair. He couldn't believe it.

    "I can't believe Zedd and Rita haven't conquered this universe yet," Dai-Satan said, "This world is so puny. I could wipe you out with one blow."

    Just then an arrow shot up at Dai-Satan. Appearing out of no where was the Pink Ranger. Johnny came up to her.

    "Amy?" he asked, "You're alive?"

    "Johnny," the Pink Ranger said, "It's me Katherine."

    All this was just too much for Johnny and he fainted. This didn't stop Dai-Satan. He looked down at NeziRed.

    "You would think Zedd learned his lesson the last time he created you abominations," Dai-Satan said.

    "Who are you calling an abomination, you fuckin' freak," NeziRed said and he raised his hand and red lightning hit Dai-Satan.

    "How DARE you!" Dai-Satan screamed with his eyes glowing, "You will die!"

    Beams came out of Dai-Satan's eyes and hit NeziRed. NeziRed tried to block it but it was too powerful and he fell to the ground. Sparks started to fly out of him and a big explosion occurred. When the explosion subsided, all the rangers noticed, one of the missing people. He had blond hair and tattoos all along his arms and chest. He was covered in blood. Karan and Katherine ran toward him and knelt down besides him.

    "You are just a young man?" Karan said, surprised to see this.

    "Yellow," Tom said he a faint voice, "Yellow and Black save them. Save them all. Yellow...holds...key..."

    And with that Tom died. Johnny who just awoke from fainting noticed Karan and Katherine were crying. The other rangers were in turmoil. Johnny saw the young man, covered in blood, dead. He didn't see where NeziRed was and put two and two together. He couldn't believe one more had to die. Sam Collins was off in the back ground, wondering what he could do to help. be continued

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