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Thread: Some Board News

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    Some Board News

    Hello Everyone!

    I have a couple of announcements to get everyone up to speed on some board news.

    A. First off, I'd like to welcome our newest staff member, 6th Ranger KamenRiderKiva!

    B. Secondly, there have been some changes to the overall Forum structure. First, the "Role Call" Introductions sub-forum is now located herein our Board News and help desk forurm (currently The Power Chamber).

    C. All Interview threads have been archived and due to overall inactivity, the Interviews section has been removed for the time being. If you'd like to be interviewed, we will soon be having some interviews on our VisionCast livestream, so if you have Skype and are interested, please PM Red Mystic Ranger.

    D. Finally, the Fanfiction and Graphic Arts forums have been separated and returned to the main page! They are currently under the names Aquitar and Triforia, so feel free to get those writing and drawing hands going and post your creations today!

    Head Administrator

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    Thank you very much for the promotion. Soon the time of the Kiva will begin bad, i meant of course i am here to help
    My Bloody Rose...

    *Thanks to Nero Trinity for the amazing Sig.*

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