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    Power Rangers Super Megaforce Chapter 43: Finding Them

    Throws something all the way over to Jake and Emma hoping they can use it but stays hidden.

    I think we found her be careful I'll let you know when Gia and Jake are ready,

    *We hear it*

    Jake I think we found her.

    Yeah but what did she throw to us that we can use.

    I don't know let's look for it I'll keep you posted Troy.

    Looks by my feet picks it up and shows Emma I found it.

    Where in the world did she get that, we need to keep looking til we find her.

    We could ask her when we find her but let's use it for now.

    Alright but try quietly.

    *We continue to look as we keep blasting*

    Points it at the X Borgs and Bruisers destroying them This is awesome.

    Yeah she always surprises us but we need to find her before she gets hurt.

    I know she's not far from here.

    Nope but let's keep and ear out.

    We should use this on demaras too.

    Don't worry I plan on it, Troy how's the distractiong going.

    Keeps watching but walks slowly away hoping not to get caught.

    Jake we took care of the Bruisers and X-Borgs why dont' we be on our guard and wait til we hear or see her.

    *Emma leans against the wall*

    Demaras: One way or another your coming with me blue ranger.

    *Fires at him again*

    How are you gonna use it on Demaras.

    I don't know Jake I'll manage, we just have to wait and you and Gia run for it to the entrance where Troy will be waiting and I'll be behind you guys.


    You have to try harder then that to hit me. is something to help you defeat Demaras.

    *Makes 4 more sabers appear*

    Don't worry these are not your team's sabers its a one time power up so use it wisely.

    Thanks Gosei I won't let you or the planet down.

    OoO little boy blue has 5 swords...ha that still won't be enough to defeat me.

    Hang on Noah i'm coming home soon you can beat him Keeps walking trying to find them and hoping not to get caught Jake Em where are you.

    Jake we have to get Gia so we can help Noah, Jake listen Gia where are you.

    I think i know where she is she must be getting closer to us.

    We'll see about that.

    *Pulls out 5 keys*

    Ninja storm, mystic force, RPM, Samurai, and Super Mega Force activate.

    *Puts in the keys in all 5 sabers*

    Your finished strike!!!

    *All 5 rangers powers charges at him hitting him*

    Demaras: Ahhh....I'll be back ranger.

    *Blows up but teleports back to the Armada*

    *Powers down and drops to my knees*

    Whoa...that took alot out of me I don't know how much more I can take.

    Gia come on we have to get you out of here.

    Vekar: Rangers....rangers....they every where...Levira you better not fail me I have to go deal with Demaras now.

    Levira: Don't worry I won't fail.

    *Summons more Bruisers* Bruisers come with me we have to go take care of them pesty rangers.

    *Walks away with the Bruisers.

    Em i think we are about to have more company

    *Vekar walks away looking for Demaras*

    Demaras: Uh oh prince Vekar is very upset with me he will have me dissembled if he finds me i must find the rangers and destroy them.

    I'm tired Jake this is getting a little out of hand we better get Gia and leave have your blaster.

    Don't worry guys i'm coming be there soon.

    Levira: rangers where do you think your going.

    *Stands in front of you with a army of Bruisers behind me*

    Vekar: *Keeps looking for Demaras and walks by Gia and doesn't know it*

    Not you again how many times do we have to tell you get a new hobby.

    Levira: Big talk from the girl in pink...bruisers get them.

    *Walks away back to find Vekar*

    *Pulls out my blaster and fires*

    Gia we could use help, keep talking lady.

    I know she's on her way.

    Uses the weapon Gia gave us blasting alot of Bruisers.

    Wow keep blasting Jake.

    *Fires more*

    Hang on i'm coming no matter what Keeps running faster.

    Legendary mode Samurai.

    *Pulls out my fan and waves it causing wind*

    Keeps blasting more and more Hey Em here is another weapon you can use it Hands it to you.

    Vekar: *Notices Gia hiding*

    There you are yellow ranger what are you doing out of your cage.

    *Goes to try to grab her*

    I don't think so i'm not going back there Gets 3 bricks and throws them at you hittng you harder.

    *Catches it using it on the Bruisers and X-Borgs*

    These pack alot of power.

    Jake follow my lead.

    *Blasts them and goes to find Gia*

    Gia are you alright where are you.

    Follows you basting more and more.

    *Bruisers keep coming out trying to attack the rangers*

    This is getting rediculous.

    *Keeps fanning and blasting*

    Yeah but they never stop coming and i know Gia is really close.


    *Goes back to super mode*

    Legendary mode tires you out,

    *Keeps blasting*

    Em remember you got perfect aim also try these Hands you a few bricks.

    Good ole Gia.

    *Emma throws a few bricks bowling them over*

    Hey your evil highness maybe you should get your wounds checked out don't want them to get affected do you.

    Jake let's go help Gia.

    *We finish off the x-Borgs ad Bruisers and go looking for Gia*

    Yeah let's hope she's ok and didn't get hurt.

    Follows behind you.

    *We get closer looking around*

    I see her is she talking to Vekar or is she stalling.

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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    Power Rangers Super Megaforce Chapter 44: Fighting Them

    Ow ow owwwww...that hurts...your going to pay for that.

    Demaras:*Shows up out of nowhere grabbing you*

    I got her sire.

    I think she's stalling we have to get her out of here,

    *Sees her and Mouths*

    We have to get back now.

    Sees them and mouths back Blast him he's already hurt but him getting hurt more will make them come running and check on him and tend to his wounds.

    *Emma mouths back*


    *She points her blaster*

    Let's do this together remember you have good aim.

    I know.

    *Emma and Jake point there blasters and get ready to fire*

    His back is turned let's blast him now.

    *We both blast him*

    You know both Demaras and Levira will be here and we would have to blast them to.

    Yeah I know but we need to get her out of here before they come.

    Let go of me i'm not staying here or joining any of you Kicks you harder Guys a little help here poor little prince you always need alot of attention from these two ugly freak servants when he always gets hurt never mess with me and Levira i'm way prettier than you.

    *Fires more*

    We also have Levira to deal with as well how do we get her out without getting caught ourselves.

    Easy I'll distract her and you and Gia run I'll blast them from behind.

    Demaras: I got you now yellow ranger...stop squirming.

    *Tries to hold you still*

    I'll go put her back in her holding cell sire.

    *Carries her away*

    Vekar: Demaras this doesn't change the fact that you failed will get punished for your failed attempt to capture the blue ranger.

    I'm not going back there ever and i'm not going to be one of you i will never be part of the Armada i'm way prettier than Levira she's always been ugly Gets a brick and throws it at you hitting you really hard with it starts to feel the affects my eyes turn green You know Vekar isn't going to be happy with you if he knows you put me back in the cell the pink ranger is coming you go back to him and i will dispose of her.

    Enough waiting.

    Runs to the side then jumps over onto the Armada ship then jumps throuGH the hole.

    Jake we need to find her and fast but I don't know where she is but we have to try.

    Puls my blaster as i run past Jake and Emma.

    Coming through.

    Troy what are you doing here.

    Blaster the X-Borgs infront of me.

    Saving the day.

    Well we were gonna get Gia but it's taken longer.

    Slashes and blasts more X-Borgs.

    Here use this Gia got it for us.

    *Throws it to Troy*

    Catches the Cannon then aims it at the group of X-Borgs.

    If i know Gia she won't let Demaras take her back to her holding cell even if she throws bricks at him.

    Jake, Go take Emma and look for her.

    Are you serious, we can't leave you here.

    It's that or let her stay and become one of them.

    I hate when your right we'll be back with her hopefully.

    Your not staying here either and i know Noah is waiting for us.

    Get moving jake.

    Why don't Jake stay with you I'll go alone.

    Yeah if anyone can get Gia Emma can that way we all make it out.

    It's the only way just make sure you guys run when we come to you.

    Vekar: Ow yellow ranger you just tossed your last brick...when I get done with Demaras I'm coming for you.

    Demaras: *Hears Vekar talking about him*

    So you said you can dispose the pink ranger....then get to it.

    *Puts you down*

    Go yellow ranger before I change my mind.

    I'll get her and bring her back meet you guys back here.

    *Runs to get Gia*

    Gia where are you.

    Yeah right ugly i would like to see you try to come after me Demaras you better go before he finds you your in trouble wouldn't want to be in your shoes yes i can now go before she comes.

    Demaras: You had better.

    *Hears him coming*

    Tick tock time is wasting...


    *Emma walks causiously*

    Gia where are you.

    Walks fast and sees Her I'm right here but we need to go but play along i'm pretending to be evil so we all can get off this ship.

    Are you delusional.

    Yes but we gotta go where are Jake and Troy.

    Stands next to Troy waiting for them.

    They should be a few feet up ahead almost to the opening.

    *Calls them*

    Jake, Troy I found Gia just play along til were out of here she's pretending to be evil.

    Grabs you by your arm pulling you all the way to them.

    Wait what won't they find out.

    No that's why we have to get out but she has a few ideas to make it look like we were hurt.

    Ok hope this works i know she's worried about Noah.

    It will Gia's never let us down.

    Takes the blaster blasting you all and puts a huge hole in the wall sending you towards the hole.

    Troy and i get towards the hole and stands up.

    Gia and I will be behind you.

    Ok Walks to the sub and heads to the skyship grabbing the cable pulling both of us up.

    Do you see anyone coming.

    No I think were clear but to be sure I can block there entrance.

    Ok do it cause i want to hurt you so we can both get out of here but not really hurt you.

    Troy jumps up to the sky ship.

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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    Power Rangers Super Megaforce Chapter 45: Leaving the Armada and Heading Home

    *Pulls out my blaster and blasts some rocks making the entrance blocked and the ship rocking back and forth*

    Sorry had to make it move and conivncing.

    Jumps and grabs the rope.

    Throws you against the wall making you hurt your hand again Sorry Em.

    *Hits the wall with my hand*

    It's ok go now i'm behind you.

    *I hold my hand and we run*

    Gia get to the sub.

    Runs fast gets into the sub and waits.

    *Reaches the sub and hops in staring the controls*

    Troy pull us in.

    *Tries to hide the pain in my face*

    Troy starts pulling up the sub.

    *We reach the ship and I get out*

    Troy let's head home.

    *Sits down on the edge of the ship*

    Gia go lay down for a bit.

    I'm sorry Em i never want to hurt you like that.

    You had to make it convincing just don't tell Troy he'll be worried just wait til Noah sees you.

    Climbs up to the crows nest.

    Troy sets course for earth.

    I missed him so much where is my ring if he sees me without it he's gonna freak.

    Troy has it go ask him for it.

    Walks to gia with her ring in hand.


    I hope they don't find out i was faking it yes Jake.

    I found this.

    Holds his hand out to her.

    No they won't idiots don't know squat bout us.

    *Goes to look for some bandages as I hide my hand*

    Thanks Jake i hope Noah is ok Takes the ring and puts it back on my ring finger hugs you.

    Jake have her look at the screen to see how Noah is doing.

    Hugs Gia back.

    Let's go see the screen.

    Walks with you to the screen.

    Jake where's the first aid kit, I need it but don't tell Troy.

    It's in the bridge.

    That means I have to go past Troy to get it.

    *Walks to the bridge and looks around for the kit*

    I really missed alot how did you guys get Noah back to normal.

    Well, It wasn't easy.

    All i remember was trying to help him but he threw me twice then i gave Em the antidote the next thing i know i was fighting X-Borgs then Demaras grabbing me and taking me back.

    We finally got Noah back when they took you.

    That's good i guess he remembered me and that worked.

    *Sees Troy and smiles*

    How close are we to earth.

    *Looks for the kit under the wheel*


    I can't wait to get back home i hope Gosei can fix my morpher cause i still can't use it yet.

    *Calls Gosei*

    Gosei were on our way back with Gia.

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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    Power Rangers Super Megaforce Chapter 46: Finally Home and Back with Noah

    Vekar: Fools....I'm surrounded by fools...all of you....I gave one little tasks keep the yellow ranger hidden and you idiots can't even do that right I said to get the blue ranger still can't do that right...speaking of which where is Demaras.

    *Looks around for Demaras*

    Levira: He's gone...sensors picked him up leaving the ship.

    Vekar: Without my approval...wait until I get my hands on him he's probably the blame for the yellow ranger escaping just like he failed getting me the blue ranger.

    Levira: I think thats why he left...he doesn't want to disappoint you anymore and he's afraid of the consequences of his actions

    Vekar: Where ever he is he just better stay there.

    *Drops to my knees and demorphs again from another battle with Brusiers*

    I can't take much more of this...come on guys hurry and get back to earth.

    *Kneels on the ground resting*

    Noah we are almost there just hang on do it for me please how close are we cause i need Gosei to fix my morpher so i can morph again without joining the Armada and i'm starting to feel the affects of the poison.

    Gia just hang on we are almost home.

    It's only a little i'm feeling not alot yet.

    We are almost there Gets really close to earth sees the command center lands the skyship and starts getting out Em are you looking for the first aid kit.

    Gets out of the skyship walks into the command center looks around but doesn't see you Emma can you contact Noah and tell him i need him back here so he can stay with me.

    Yes I am I need it, Noah, Gia is in the command center she needs you.

    *Picks up*

    You guys are finally back...i'll be right there.

    *Gets up and runs to the command center*

    Yes we just got back.

    *Gets the kit and starts to bandage the hand*

    Stands there waiting.

    *Gets to the command center and staggers in catching myself leaning against the wall*

    I'm glad you guys are back....i didn't know how much more i could of took...them Bruisers are brutal and apparently they have a new leader.

    Yeah but I was the one to get her back after she threw me into the wall.


    *Staggers the rest of the way in and drops to one knee*

    Was it by mistake or part of the plan or something.

    That i was sorry for more than once Walks over to you helping you up Are you ok.

    She had to make it convincing and I haven't showed Troy, I'm going outside to call Kimmy.

    Yeah I'm fine.

    *Puts my arm around Gia*

    I knew it had to be all part of plan....oh by the way have you taken the antidote yet.

    They didn't know but what happens if they find out i was faking it and not yet Walks you over to a cot and sits you down Why did Demaras want to take you to the Armada i'm not letting that happen Sits next to you trying not to passout Can Gosei fix my morpher so i can use it again.

    It's in Gia's hand let her give it to you.

    *Walks outside and calls Kimmy*

    *Gets helped over to the cot and sits*

    Let me see the morpher.

    Takes out my morpher handing it to you opens my other hand with the antidote in it Do i really look that bad like you did when it infected you faster than me now i'm starting to feel it more Tries not to passout.

    *Emma outside calling Kimmy and talking to her*

    Kimmy: I'm fine mommy I miss you and daddy and uncles Noah, Jake, Orion, and aunt Gia, they miss you to sweetie.

    *Takes your morpher and looks at it*

    Yeah once it hits it hits better take that or I won't fix your morpher.

    *Looks at you*

    But it affected you fast took me a while won't the antidote take a while to i will make sure Demaras never touches you aww you really care about me Takes the antidote drinking the whole thing.

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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    Power Rangers Super Megaforce Chapter 47: Back To Normal

    Your daddy and I will see you soon, make sure you eat something and than do homework,

    Kimmy: Ok mommy love you tell them I said hi.

    *Holds your hand after you took the antidote*

    Of course I care I love back to the morpher.

    *Goes back to working on the morpher*

    Lays my head on your shoulder watching you fix my morpher I love and care about you to i won't let Demaras ever take you away from me if he tries to take you away from me he will be sorry why would he try to take you from me.

    *Emma still outside after calling Kimmy sits enjoying the breeze*

    Troy follows Emma outside.

    Hi just called Kimmy she misses us.

    We should get back to her.

    She's down for a nap.


    She told me she was going to take a nap and the sitter wanted an extra 20 dollars.

    Extra for what?

    I don't know she just said an extra for staying with her til we get home or something.



    I don't think you have an extra 20 either cause we dont work and were always fighting and we can fire her.

    I know.

    I'd rather have one of our friends babysit maybe Kira or Conner.

    Think they would?

    I don't know Kimmy can also see Joey.


    We can ask them next time we see them.



    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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