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    RangerVision Fanfiction Library [UPDATED THREAD]

    RangerVision Fanfiction Library
    Updated for 2014

    I thought it'd be interesting to condense the fanfiction library thread and update it. In an attempt to encourage more forum activity in the fanfictions I'll also include some noteworthy pieces that have been posted on the board. I've even dug through the archives to bring out some of these for people to read. This will be done a little bit differently than the previous thread. The stories will be based on the following categories:

    Fanfiction based on existing series

    Anything that uses the existing characters, items, stories etc in show as a main focus. This can include things like a side-story or a re-interpretation of a season. This can also include "new generation" type series. (I.E.: A new cast using powers already established in a TV series)


    Anything that uses an unadapted Sentai series or adapts one already turned into Power Rangers in a new way. (So for instance, a Goseiger adaptation being called something else and given a new story will go here, but a story based around Megaforce's interpretation will go above the category). The only criteria for it being here is the power set being focused isn't one that was created in-show but is still based on a Super Sentai Series. Any Kamen Rider adaptations will go in it's own section.

    Original Stories

    Original Rangers, original powers not based on a Sentai. These types of stories will go here.

    For now because the output appears to be mainly Rangers, Sentai or Rider (Naturally because of the forum, lol) it'll be restricted to those categories with anything else being put in "Other Stories")

    If you find a fanfic on the forum I've missed you feel like is worth reading, give me a shout via PM and I'll take a look at it. Please let me know if it's rated PG-13 or above though. This is still a work in progress so more stories will be added. It doesn't matter if these were complete or not (As long as they were actually started, so no threads or fanfiction where it's just a brief and cast of characters. lol) , if you feel like they'd be interesting for others to view, shoot.

    Power Rangers
    Fanfiction based on existing series

    Power Rangers: Ultimate Alliance by Ultimate Mikey
    Awakening - The Way of Thunder by Nero Trinity
    Lost Galaxy: Beginnings by The Duchess
    Not An Average Mechanic (One-Shot) by kotoha


    Power Rangers: Guardians' Roar by Red Hood (Adaptation of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger)
    Power Rangers: Relic Hunters
    by Question and the Rockettes (Question, Gerbil/ImmaDeker, Dr Damien Diabolico) (Adaptation of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger)
    Power Rangers: Unleashed
    by FangRX (Adaptation of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger)
    Power Rangers: The Corsair Project
    by Locutus of Awesome (LuigiEspadachin, blueprodigy, The Doctor) (Adaptation of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger)
    Power Rangers: Star Guardians by NightRanger (Adaptation of Tensou Sentai Goseiger)

    Original Stories

    Power Rangers Spectral Fury - The Fanfiction by GoldPhoenixRanger

    Super Sentai:

    Fanfictions based on existing series:

    Original Series:

    Shugoshin Sentai Totemranger by Totem of the Ocean

    Kamen Rider:

    Fanfiction based on existing series:


    Original Series:

    Other Stories:

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    I remember reading a fan story named Gokaiger Plus in the fan fiction section of this forum. It's a good story, but a little bit too long. It might take me days to read all the chapters in this fan story.

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