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    Cool 【Utau カバーCHOOBO】

    Uh wasn't sure where to put my songs and videos but it's more of an art than a fan fic so yeah uh....I'm a new Utau user and I make Choobo sing because I like his voice.

    ジッタードール JITTERDOLL ((WIP))

    I know this one needs more tuning but this is my first time with Vocalshifter so give me a break. Critique is nice....

    Lyrics translation by ZabuKawaii who wrote them as singable English lyrics-

    I look about at what's left over
    From the rainstorm that has passed
    The images surface memories
    A forced connection en masse
    Panicking, Panicking
    Temperature is changing
    Everything is beginning to melt
    Fly away! Fly away,
    With your visions that stay
    To a world where just sadness is felt

    It seems I've been manipulated
    It seems I've been manipulated
    Tell me just what you see
    In this pathetic world

    A noise breaks thro-o-o-o-o-o-ough
    Out from the tiny thought it drifted on
    Mankind insists it is -I recall they still call it
    Emotions known as love
    They say if we love
    then we'll get back love
    This world they call "love" is real, so they say
    "If you have a heart, and it has a beat
    Then you'll always offer love..."
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