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    Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 31

    Still training focuses but doesn't move Sure about what.


    It's about Em, she really wanted to handle Psy Chad, I know your the leader and all but couldn't you let her do it just once.

    Mike watches Em play hides behind a tree.

    *Em finishes her song and tries to hold back tears as she talks to herself*

    Maybe I should just stay here for a few days til things settle down, it's my fault Mike got hurt, as well as the team and I became the weakest one, no one needs a klutz around.

    *Em stands up and pulls out her training stick and practices but let's it drop to the ground*

    This is pointless.

    All she cares about is him thats all she cares about everyone else knows it to she doesn't bother checking on everyone else just him i did it cause after what he did to Antonio and me a few times and trying to destroy me more than once he deserved what he got from me even if i got hurt worse than Mike which is true i was stronger to do it no matter what.

    Walks to Em hands her her stick.

    Here you dropped this.

    Right but think of Em and how much she wanted to do it, she's being a mother and a wife, she had her kids to think about and when Mike took that hard hit she wanted to defend him she cares about you all to.

    Mike you should be resting, this is pointless I can't concentrate on practicing your not well enough to train with me and Lauren's hurt as is Antonio and there's nothing to do anymore with evil psy green gone, there's nothing else to do but either train with Lauren, there's no one healthy enough to train with me so why don't you go back and I'll stay here forever.

    What about our boy girl they need you Em lets go home.

    No she doesn't the only one she cares about is him he didn't even get hit that hard it's just his ribs big deal when Antonio got knocked back and Psy green took his power his ribs hurt and he couldn't even stand how is that different from Mike he doesn't have to act like he's dying when his ribs hurt how bad did Antonio get all she did was check on him not everyone else.

    I don't know if I can go back home no one wants a klutz around and everyone is hurt and I want to train but it's pointless Serena was right she should've been yellow ranger.

    Lauren stop you all should be resting after that fight it took alot out of you just leave her be for a few days, it's her fault you all got hurt.

    Your not come on takes your hand.


    Your just tyring to cheer me up, it's not working.

    Em would you like go on vacation and have your sis watch the kids for a week.

    No it's not her fault we got hurt Psy Red wanted to fight me and the first time i hit him i got it worse how can she blame herself she wasn't even doing anything and she doesn't care about everyone she only cares about Mike, their kids and you she justs gets in an attitude about me she always does and everyone knows it.

    Since we don't have evil to fight and they need to rest i don't know if I can ask her she's done so much for us already she belongs with her team but if she agrees we can take a vacation and you can rest til you can get back to fighting, Lauren and Ant should be resting and getting ready to plan there wedding with Mia and Kev not to far behind they need to rest and plan there weddings, Serena, you, Jayden, and I are already married.

    Right so lets get back.

    Wow, I'm sorry you and Jay lost your dad, but you have me and Dillon, and you have been away training your whole life think of how hard it was for Em to take care of me when I got sick and the repsonsablity of being a ranger, mom and dad were never around after getting destoryed she took on to much just think about what I said.

    Jay walks in on Lauren and Serena talking.

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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    Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 32

    Dad gave Jay his lion folding zord then when he left he gave everything to me dad gave me his shodophone i was away practicing the sealing symbol Jay led the nighloks attention away from me so i can finish the sealing symbol Feels alot of pain from Psy Red and lays on the floor.

    Fine I'll go back, the hardest thing or me to do was take care of my sister when she was ill and to become a ranger took on to many responsibilities, than we met got married had 2 kids and I became a great mom and wife, but the truth is no one asked me how it felt being the only child who wasn't sick and had to do a lot around the farm with out my parents around after they got destoryed I was heart broken.

    Jay walks over and picks up Lauren then lays her on the couch.

    Well you turned into a fine young woman and leader but you should think of how Em felt when she wanted to take on Psy Green she felt stronger than ever but you took it away from her,

    *Sees Jayden*

    How long have you been standing there.

    Just walked in.

    Thanks for being here and being with me I love you and glad we got together.

    Did you hear everything or just the part before Lauren passed out, she needs rest and pulling herself through this isn't healthy trust me I've been there.

    I heard alittle before she passed out.

    I know baby takes your hand we walk back.

    I see well you missed an earful Lauren will tell you when she wakes up if you excuse me I have to start on dinner.

    Me to walks in the house sees Jayden and Serena.

    *Sees Serena, and walks to the bedroom and lays down*

    *Sees Mia*

    Youu don't have to do that...I got it...

    *Staggers up the street and rest against the building*

    Yes i have to but even if your hurt Lauren would be worse i don't think you can help her if your hurt to.

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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