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    Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 11

    *Serena morphs*

    RPM Get In Gear.

    *Runs to Mia*

    We have company call Kev and get him and Ant here now.

    I mean for the kids and not able to help fight I can't do this anymore, can you lock my samuraizer up for me.

    *Mike takes it*

    Sure, until your back to full health.

    Idk if i ever will get strong again.

    *Kev sees Antonio and makes his way over*

    Mia blast the rocks to seperate the train and Lauren.

    Serena i can't we have bigger problems we have to hold off the nighlok until Kev and Antonio get back.

    Yeah but I'll handle him you blast the rocks.

    *Pulls out my blaster*

    Nakinakite: Where you think your going.

    *Fires at Mia*

    Blocks the blasts.

    I hope they get back soon.

    *Down on one knee as I look up*

    Kev is that you...

    *Sees psy green*

    Kev behind you....

    ~Kev pulls his spin sword as he turns around~

    *Em soon falls asleep*

    *Fires at the Nighlok*

    Me to just blast rocks and seperate them please I'll handle this clown.

    *Grabs the spin sword*

    Blue ranger...i'm surprised you showed up and not the green one.


    Doesn't matter though...soon my nighlok will destroy your friends and the train will end your leader.

    I don't think so.

    *Blasts the Nighlok*

    *Takes the hit*

    Is that all you rangers got...

    *Fires a leech at Serena*

    *Dodges it*

    Mia hurry.

    ~Kev pulls the spin sword away from Chad then grabs Ant~

    Then why don't you prove it blue boy....

    *Fires an green energy orb at both rangers*

    I hope they come back soon.

    Keeps firing at the nighlok but uses my spin sword throwing the leech back .

    We are the only ones til Kev and Antonio come back we have to keep going and i know Lauren is strong.

    ~Kev knocks the green orb away then runs toward the portal~

    I hope so Mia, Em gave Mike her samuraizer until she's strong.

    *Fires at Serena and Mia*

    You rangers can't defeat me....I'm unstoppable.

    Blue ranger...don't you get and the golden boy are trapped here with me....the only way out is to defeat me.

    *Uses my psycho speed to run back and forth hitting both rangers*

    Blocks it with my spin sword and fan She's your daughter i know she's strong.

    *Blocks it*

    Mia we have to fire together cause I have a feeling both are in trouble in that portal, I have to help her.

    I know she's strong but she really wants her fiance back that's what she's hoping she's a leader she is always strong.

    ~Kev and Ant go down~

    Nighlok: Rangers I don't think your leader can hold on much longer.

    *Laughs as I jump up to the top by the red ranger knocking boulders down at you*


    Say good bye rangers.

    *Shoots another energy orb at the blue and gold rangers*

    *Em wakes up a few minutes later and sneaks out and sees her sister and Mia*

    Guys watch out.

    *Em pulls out her weapon and blasts the boulders*

    ~Kev and Ant both dodge the orb~

    Em get out of here your not strong enough yet.

    *Blasts the Nighlok*

    Lauren are you alright.

    *The orbs hit a secret wall shattering my dimension*

    Noooo....rangers what have you done....

    *Dimension goes away putting the 2 back in the real world and psy green disappears*

    ~Kev and Ant fall to the ground~

    *Gets up slowly*

    Kev we're back....thanks buddy...where is Lauren.

    *Looks around*

    Kev Help me and Serena with the nighlok Em go back home Are you both ok.

    Kevin help Mia, Antonio go help Lauren.

    *Runs to Emily*

    That was not smart, sis,

    *Calls Mike*

    Mike hurry.

    Where is she.

    *Looks around*

    The train tracks hurry she doesn't have much time.

    Em you know you shouldn't have come here.

    Ok I got her.

    *Runs in her direction and pulls out my samuraizer*

    Gold power!!

    *I jump up and flip towards the tracks as I morphed*

    ~Kev gets up slowly~

    The others are saving her, We better help.

    I wanted to help is that so much to ask.

    The gold your here to help your leader....think again.

    No I'm here to help my fiance.

    *Performs barracuda bite hitting the nighlok off the cliff*

    He's all yours guys.

    *Mike wakes and see's Em gone*

    Oh no.

    Mia, Kev go after the Nighlok I'll stay here with Em.

    *Takes her hand and kisses her head*

    I love you sis you shouldn't have come your not strong.

    *Uses one of my blades to cut the chains*

    Lauren you ok.

    *Helps her up*

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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    Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 12

    Kev ready to take on the nighlok.


    I'm fine Serena I want to help.

    *Em soon falls into Serena's lap*

    *Calls Mike*

    Mike were at the tracks hurry, Em wake up.

    *Serena tries to hold back tears*

    *Falls to the ground*

    Lucky shot gold ranger.

    *Gets up slowly staggering up to feet*

    Let's do this together.

    Takes my spin sword and charges at the nighlok.

    Come on rangers give me your best shot...

    Lauren are you alright you dropped your shodophone at the pier, Mia, Kev use my weapon.

    *Throws it to them*

    *Mike runs fast to the tracks*

    I'm fine except my hands hurt from being tied to the tracks i must have dropped it when i was looking for you at the pier it was right next to your fishing cart.

    Let's hope this works i'm getting really tired of this nighlok.

    Catches it.

    Do you want to do the honors.

    *Sees Mike*

    Mike she had to help but she's not waking up, she drained the energy she had left.

    *Sees Lauren*

    Lauren sweetie come here.

    ~Kev catches the weapon then charges after Mia~

    We have to get her back home.

    Can you get her back and put a ice cold rag on her head til i can get back.

    *Mike kneels down and picks Em up and runs home*

    *Em in his arms laying there*

    You rangers and your pity for one another.....soon that will be your down fall.

    *Fires a burst of energy at the rangers*

    Gets my spin sword blocking the energy and throws it back at him.

    *Blocks the the attack and counter with barracuda slash*

    Do you think you guys can handle this I need to go help with Emily.

    Go ahead, We have this.

    Yea we can handle it don't worry.

    *Takes the hit hard and falls to the ground*

    Thanks guys.

    *Powers down and runs back to the house*

    Mike how's she doing.

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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    Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 13

    Lauren can you morph and use your fire smasher.

    Yes i can Morphs and uses my fire smasher hitting him hard with it.

    *Falls back down*

    Is that all you got.

    Lauren I was hoping you could use the 5 disk cannon mode that should do it.

    I can use that to let's get rid of him once and for all Uses the 5 disc cannon hitting him harder than before.


    *Falls blowing up...then he comes back bigger*

    Rangers your problem just got bigger.

    I got this one...this is personal.

    *Em laying there slowly opens her eyes trying to move a little bit weakly reaching for Mike and Serena's hands*

    Ok i'm gonna rest a bit.

    *Mike grabs her hand*

    Clawzord I need you.

    *Summons clawzord*

    Mega mode power.

    *Jumps inside*

    *Weakly says*

    I'm sorry I just wanted to help.

    *Em cries as she slowly tries to hug both Serena & Mike*

    *Mike slowly hugs her back*

    It's ok, rest please.

    So the golden boy thinks he can defeat me all by himself...well get ready for some disappointment.

    You can do it I know you can.

    He's right you need to rest you used all your energy you can hardly move.

    *Hugs her back*

    Mike do you need anything.

    Some water please.

    Your the one getting some disappointment in his future.

    *Switches to battle mode west and uses the claws to strike him hard*


    *Takes the hit and hits him back with hit from my club*

    *Em hugs them back and slowly lays back*

    I guess I made you worried or upset when I left I'm sorry.

    *Serena goes and gets him some water and brings it back*

    Here I have to go check on the kids just rest you did the same for me when I was ill.

    Powers down looking at my arms but hides them from everyone.

    It's ok, I'm glad your safe.

    I had to help.

    *Stumbles back*

    Ok thats it....your finished now.

    *Switches to battle mode east*

    Its over for you nighlok.

    *Pulls out mega blade*

    Double kantana slash.

    *Slashes the nighlok*

    *Serena goes to clean up and calls Lauren*

    Lauren when you get back I need to check you out as well as Antonio.


    *Falls blowing up*

    Guys I did it....guys i can finally say it....samurai rangers....thats a samurai win.

    *Em soon falls back to sleep*

    *Mike stays close*

    *Powers down and runs to Lauren*

    You ok hun....

    *Hugs Lauren*

    ~Kev looks around for Mia~

    Anyone seen Mia?

    I'm right here.

    Yeah i'm fine Hugs you back trying not to wince in pain from my arms.

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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    Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 14

    *Serena finishes cleaning and checks on the kids, feeds them and puts them down for a nap and than starts on making tea for Em as well as a bowl of soup knowing Mike is with her*

    *Em moves a little and winces as she lays there opening her eyes*

    ~Jayden walks outside~

    *Looks at Lauren*

    Are you ok? did he hurt you anywhere?

    I'm fine well when i tried helping him up he pushed me then tapped me in a green beam then made me disappear the next thing i knew i was chained to the train tracks those chains really hurt my arms i hit my head hard on the tracks those chains cut into my arms and left bruises but my head hurts worse your not the only one who knows who Psy Green is i found out when he showed up at the tracks in human form telling me he had to go to practice then the next thing i know he changed to Psy Green Kev is not going to be happy about it maybe we should head back home they don't know we are engaged not even Jay.

    *Em weakly calls out as she thought she saw or heard Jayden and got up but fell on the floor*

    Mike, Serena anyone a little help please.

    *Serena was still in the kitchen making soup for Em and something for Mike and didn't hear anything*

    ~Jays hears Em and walks back inside then helps Em~

    *Em sees him and weakly says*

    When did you get back and I thought I saw you and got up but fell.

    I just got back this morning.

    Well I'm still weak from giving birth and kinda took it to far helping the others, what I'm trying to say is I'm not strong enough to walk or help.

    You will be.

    That's gonna take a while since I can hardly move, Serena is making soup and Mike is taking a shower.

    I see, what can I help you with.

    Back into bed I guess I can't do anything being so weak I want some air but I'd have you to help me to the window sill so I can sit.

    ~Jay kneels down and picks Em up then walks outside with her~

    Thanks Jay you do know you live here right.

    Welcome, Yes i know.

    *Em sits down*

    Why don't you ever come and check on me when the others were fighting or try to help them.

    I will.

    Thanks I wanted to help fight but when I tried I feel to the ground hurting since I was still weak I'm never gonna get better.


    Don't say never.

    It's true I had Serena help them, and Mike stayed with me and I appreciate it but I can't keep him with me when he can fight.

    I can look after you while the others fight.

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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    Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 15

    That would work I know you have diff powers but right now if they need to fight especially with Mike's help than he needs to help.

    What new powers?

    Idk I guess you haven't gotten them yet but I'm sure you'll get them or am I just delusional.

    We will see.

    Lauren and the others haven't checked on me and Lauren's been hurt and she won't let Serena check on her.


    Yeah she's with Antonio but they need to get checked out, but Serena's is worried bout me than her own daughter so I should just leave.

    Don't leave.

    It's the only way they can help each other and you can help Mike take care of my kids, plus I won't be a burden and they won't have to worry bout me fighting.

    I can look after you.

    I don't know maybe you should call a meeting and get everyone together and see what they say since you are head of the house didn't Mentor say you were in charge while he was away.

    *Serena finished making Mike's lunch and started on Em's soup and brought the lunch into the bedroom and set it on the table*

    Mike your lunch is ready, where's Em.

    ~Walks out of the bathroom~

    In the room, why?

    She might be outside with Jay talking but there might be a meeting.

    *Em was thinking*

    Well we need to have a meeting.

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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    Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 16

    Back at the Neither World:

    *Drops to one knee as I start to glow*

    Whats going on? ahhh....

    *Out comes the ghost of the psycho rangers*

    What are you guys doing out my body? you guys can't survive outside my body....

    Psy Black: We don't have much...

    Psy Blue: We're here just to tell you....

    Psy Yellow: That there is a way....

    Psy Pink: To bring us back....

    Psy Red: Now heres what to do....

    *Starts to fade*

    You must......

    *Starts to lose power*


    *Gets Weaker*


    Power from......

    *Starts to fade weaker*


    *Fades away*

    *Stands back up*

    I know what to do...

    *Walks out to the deck to talk to Octoroo*

    I know a way to finally put an end to those blasted rangers once and for all....but I will need the Moogers help to do it.

    Octoroo: How many?

    All of them....

    Octoroo: OoO ah OoO those rangers won't even know what hit them.


    *Is at the Pier fishing*

    Walking around the city enjoying a nice quiet day.

    *Em was outside sitting there playing her flute still hurting but tried to ignore it and knew Mike isn't happy with her, she left his anniversary gift in their room and got up and walked to the park slowly using a crutch*

    ~Mike walks into their room and see's the gift then sighs~

    *Emily got to the park and got a drink and sat down resting her leg on the bench*

    ~Mike grabs Em's gift from his dresser drawer then runs to her normal spot~

    *Relaxing at the Pier while fishing and listening to my headphones*

    Keeps walking around the city looking at my engagement ring I can't wait to marry him i'm excited then put my hand to my head and see blood but just ignore it.

    *Em relaxed and drank her soda and started to wince in pain a little bit as she softly said it*


    *Holding her stomach and trying to not keel over*

    *Sees the rangers separated*

    Ok this is the best time then ever to cross over.....lets start with phase 1 with my trap.

    *Sends Moogers into the world causing mayhem*

    ~Mike rushes over to

    Em~ What's wrong?

    I'm fine.

    Em, Your in pain.

    *Gets bumped into*

    Hey watch it.

    *Turns around and see a bunch of Moogers coming his way*

    Oh no this isn't good...

    *Tries to contact the others but get attack*

    No I'm not, I'm fine did you get your gift.

    This isn't good Starts fighting the Moogers trying not to feel pain Something isn't right about this.

    *Takes it*

    Thank you I'm sorry bout our anniversary Serena told me.


    It's ok.

    *Sees Lauren*

    Thanks for being in the area.

    *Keeps fighting them off*


    What is it.


    *I open it*

    It's beautiful.

    *Kisses you as I pull out my samurizer*

    Antonio, Lauren where are you guys.

    ~Kisses you back~

    *Wraps arms around you, kissing you back*

    Open yours.


    Were a little busy in the park fighting off Moogers.

    I'm always in the area Keeps fighting them uses my engagement ring blinding them all Hey Antonio my shiny ring blinds them.

    Were on our way just try and keep them busy, Mike we need to go.

    ~Holds you close as i open mine~

    Oh, it's awesome.

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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    Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 17

    Glad you like it Serena helped pick it out she has taste in what guys like.


    Umm I think they need help.

    ~Smiles back~

    Thanks hun.

    Oh really.

    *still fighting them*

    Mhm Mike we have to help them.

    *Starts to get up and uses the crutch*

    Yeah it does Watch this Shines it in their faces blinding them now fight them Keeps fighting the others.

    ~Helps you up~ Are you up for this?

    Thanks, I have to I can't keep being suspended or out of comisison.

    Here I can help with that...

    *Takes out my morpher*

    Symbol power light.

    *Texts a code activating a very bright light and kicks them*

    I have been practicing.

    Alright, Let's go.

    *We head to the city*

    Oh my were in trouble.

    *Leans against you*

    Something isn't right about this usually when there are alot of Moogers it's a trap and the one that set it up Psy Green.

    Sorry if were late guys umm kinda moving slowly,

    *Sees the Moogers*

    Hey uglies come and get me.

    So right she is

    *Appears part way out of the crack grabbing the gold ranger*

    Gold ranger your coming with me....

    *Disappears with the gold ranger*

    What happened to the creep that impersonated you Mike I want a piece of him.

    I don't know.

    I still want him for what he did to you.

    Me too.

    Let's wait and see if he comes.


    Kev and i get there and stand next to Em and Mike.

    Gets my double fire smasher hitting all the Moogers with it destroying them all then looks around hoping i got all of them but doesn't See Antonio anywhere He was just here oh no not again this time it's personal Still angry waiting for Psy Green to show up .

    Lauren took out the Moogers and we didn't get a chance to fight, you know what I'm heading home, you and Mia stay here.

    She looks really angry right now i just don't want her taking it out on us.

    *Gets transported to another dimension*

    Where am I.

    *Looks around*

    *Kev walks to Lauren*

    I thought Antonio was here with you?

    He was here with me i knew it was a trap Psy Green took him not sure what he is planning but that was only 1 part we all have to be careful and alert no telling what will happen next the only thing i know is seperating us Antonio and i were already seperated before now we are again.

    *Appears in front of Antonio*

    Don't worry gold ranger soon it will be all over....

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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    Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 18

    What do you will be over soon.

    *Looks at psy green with concern*

    No doubt he is targeting you two but why?

    It's his plan what is one way to get to me by taking the one i love and care about and that person is Antonio and what is one way to take me down seperating us.

    I know but why you two, why not the rest of us.

    He is planning more than just seperating us don't know what but it won't be good it's gonna get much worse than it already is.

    So what do we do now?

    Just sit and wait that's all we can do i still have a bad feeling something bad is about to happen.


    *Activates a sleeping gas*

    Sleep gold ranger.....sleep.

    I just hope Antonio is ok and nothing bad happens to him i swear if he gets hurt i'm going to destroy psy green myself.

    I know but calm down.

    *Watches the gold ranger fall asleep*

    Ok now to set the trap....


    *Em starts to walk back to the Shiba House picking up the pace and reaching the gate and walks in and slams the bedroom door trying to not wake up the kids*

    *Crosses back over to the real world*

    Rangers....I'm so glad to see you been waiting for me.


    Now he shows up.

    Rangers I have a proposal for you....but the question is how much do you want your precious gold ranger back.

    What have you done with him?

    You better not have hurt him or i will destroy you.

    Now you wouldn't want to do that do ranger.

    You have seperated us a few times this is going to be the last time you seperate us what is your proposal.

    I don't like the sound of it whatever it is.

    Now thats the spirit....all I want is your double fire smasher disc and you can have your gold ranger back.

    Oh no what did you do to him i don't know what to do i don't want him to get hurt.

    How do i know you won't keep him if i give it to you i don't trust a word you say.

    You have my word....but since you don't trust me...behold.

    *Shows you an unconscious Antonio up on the cliff*

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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    Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 19

    *Em took a few meds and feel asleep with the bottle next to the night table as she didn't feel pain while Serena watched the kids*

    Who needs to fight let them fight without me.

    So what do you say red ranger....and no one try to rescue him....or else he will die if I don't wake him with the antidote.

    Don't worry I am a man of my a matter of can give the disc to this man.

    *Demorphs back to human*

    First wake him up and get him off the cliff then i will give it to you i hope i'm doing the right thing.


    It don't work that can either give me the double fire smasher disc or never see your precious gold ranger again.

    Just stands there watching I hope she knows what she's doing.

    Just don't hurt him Walks over to you with the double fire smasher disc in my hand and hands it to you Keep your word no tricks.

    ~Kev looks at Mia~ I hope so.

    Oh don't worry....I am a man of my word...oh by the way hello blue ranger...remember this pathetic little human.


    Oh yes back to our let me get this straight I have the double fire smasher disc now and you get your gold ranger back right.

    Yes that's what we made a deal on.

    No way it can't be how is that possible.

    Don't worry, it doesn't give him fire smashers, it just doubles his powers.

    *Smiles and morphs back*

    Now like I said I am a man of my word.

    *Waves my hand and a cloud of green smoke surrounds the gold ranger waking him but making him fall off the cliff*

    Oops butter fingers.

    *Vanishes back in the cracks*

    You swam with him Kev how fast can you get Antonio before he hits the ground.

    I don't know, no telling where that cliff is at.

    *Catches myself*

    Help guys...I don't know how much longer I can hang on.

    Can you morph and land on your feet.

    I can't.....I'm slipping......

    Maybe you can jump throu Lauren.

    I never have done this before i can try.

    Guys!!!! anytime now!!!! I'm about to fall.

    *Tries to reach for your hand but slips*


    Try morphing and see if you can land on your feet.

    *Pulls out my morpher*


    *A cloud of green smoke surrounds me making me vanish and reappear on the ground*

    Powers down Are you ok.

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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    Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 20

    *Appears in the sky*

    You humans are so petite....


    Don't worry I won't let the golden boy fall to his doom....


    *Em was still resting at home*

    Yeah I'm fine...

    *Hugs Lauren*

    I knew it was a trap when we were fighting the Moogers i have a bad feeling about this it isn't over yet Hugs you back.

    So what do we do go home relax and wait or something.

    Well I'm just glad to be back home with you.

    I know but did i do the right thing by giving him the double fire smasher disc he didn't give me a choice.

    You did what?

    *Looks at you with concern*

    He made a deal with me the double fire smasher disc for you or keep it and never see you again i never want to lose you.

    Awww...I don't blame you I would of done the same thing....but I just wish I knew what he was planning after all he took our super samurai mode and now he took the double fire smasher.

    All i know is it's not over yet why did he need the disc for it only works for me.

    That might be his plan Lauren.

    I think he just wants the power from it after all look at what he did with the black box.

    well atleast we still have 2 more ace in the hole.

    What do you mean that might be his plan and what 2 more aces in the hole.

    He must be planning something big.

    Just as long as we keep him from knowing about shark mode and shogun mode we're still golden.

    He took the double power disk, that was our source to the shogun mode.

    *Back in the neitherworld*

    Yes I have the disc....and I also holds the power of their super samurai power as well as all 5 of my psycho to use all this new found power to bring back my family.

    Are you kidding.

    Oh yeah I forgot....well then in that case at least we still have shark mode.

    The only ones who used shark mode was Mike and Jay.

    We have to get the others back.

    How we don't have any modes that will work and the only weapon he couldn't copy was the fire smasher.

    *Still back in the neitherworld I walk over to the machine and put the disc in the machine*

    now to turn it on.

    *flips the switch and starts draining the power from the disc*

    yes its all is left is for me to...

    *walks into the blast extracting the ghosts of the psycho rangers from me*


    *the machine stops and I drop to one knee changing back to my original form*

    He's probably planning to bring his family back to rule the earth this is all my fault first he takes the codes out of the black box now he has my double fire smasher disc i should never have let him take the black box and the disc Gets my spin sword out has it in my hand and starts walking.

    Lauren, Go train outside to blow off some steam.


    *Stops you*

    Its not your fault...he's just been one step ahead of us is all...we just need to plan a strategy to counter act his attacks.

    *A few hours later the pills still on the table opened, Em gets up and walks into the bathroom to wash, leaves a note for Mike, and heads out of the house and to the park where she finds a bench and lays down with her feet up resting her eyes knowing she's gonna be in trouble when Mike finds out what she did and how many pills she took*

    Nothing like a cool breeze while I lay here and think.

    Everytime his plan is to seperate us and one thing i know is the only way to get to you all is to take me down i'm leader afterall.

    *Still back in neitherworld I look up and see the psycho rangers emerge better then ever*

    My fellow psycho rangers....

    *Drops to one knee*

    I'm to weak for now to fight with you but you guys go and challenge them blasted rangers.

    Psy Red: Yes psy green we will find them rangers and we will tear them apart.

    *Psy rangers vanishes*

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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