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    Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 21

    In order for him to take you out is over my dead golden tush lol.

    *Serena was feeding the kids and put them down for a nap and went to clean up Mike and Em's room and saw the note and pills*

    Lauren it's Serena have you seen Emily.

    Where's Mike, it's not good so anything new going on.

    *Em soon drifts off to sleep and dreams of her, Mike and the kids as well as Serena and her brother in law Dillon*

    She went to the park i know which one will take me out not green but red just focus on Emily.

    I will, I can't leave here either call Mike to go to her or have Jayden stay with the kids I'm gonna have to fight in her place along side you all cause Em kinda dug herself into a hole.

    Oh geez she always does that i'm gonna handle Psy Red on my own.

    How many evil Psy's are there.

    Six but since Psy Green can't fight 5 black, blue, pink, yellow and red.

    *Flashes down to earth crashing hard on the ground causing a huge explosion*

    Ha ha ha we finally back....lets tear through this town taking back our city.

    I'm guessing I handle Em's fight, you figth red, Mia, pink, Kev, blue, Mike green and Ant fights black.

    Yes mom our colors except Antonio will fight psy black.

    Ok I'll meet you guys there I have to get Jay to babysit where are you exactly.

    *Laughs as we destroy the city and terrorize the people*

    Has my spin sword in my hand walks out the gate into the city and sees them.

    Serena morphed and ran to the city where the others were*

    R.P.M. Get in Gear, Lauren are you sure your up for this your bleeding.

    I'm fine mom it doesn't bother me.

    Alright but when we get back your gonna have to let me bandage your head how do I fight these things.

    I'm fine you don't have to bandage it that's right you never fought them before.

    No I haven't I'l follow your lead.

    They are just like any evil you fight.

    No sweetie there not I've never fought ones like these but they can't be that bad.

    Every evil is bad no matter how different they look they all go down the same.

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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    Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 22

    Yeah so let's take these psy's down.

    This isn't going to be easy.

    ~He responds~ I'm on my way ~Mike goes to the park and walks up to Em~

    We have to do this as a team sorry Lauren.

    *Runs out the gate morpher in hand*

    Gold power.


    Now I know you guys aren't going to try to do this with me were you.

    *Em lays there and slowly wakes up*

    Mike, what brings you here.

    ~Mike smiles~ Serena called me and told me where you were.

    Antonio, how do I handle the yellow one I mean it's Em's fight but she's not doing so well.

    *Slowly gets up*

    I have to help the others.

    *Sees the rangers*

    Enough of the chit chat rangers....

    *Psycho speed zipping back and forth attacking the rangers*

    *Serena goes down*

    What the how are we supposed to handle them there to fast.

    Antonio is fast to just not sure if it will work they can copy our attacks.

    Well they must have copied Em's cause I got caught off guard.

    *Takes the hit and goes down*

    They are fast but let's see how they like it.

    *Uses my speed*

    Lauren, Mia umm I think I know one way to attack Psy yellow.

    They copied everyones now that they have my double fire smasher disc i need to get it back.

    *Psy red seen it coming and kicks him away*


    *Gets knocked into a wall*


    This isn't working at all.

    Yeah that hurts.

    *Has trouble getting up*

    Mom can you help him up.

    *Goes over to Antonio and helps him up*

    You alright.

    *Zips over to the rangers again but this time to read their thoughts*


    *Psy black attaches to me reading my thoughts*

    Mom they can read our thoughts that's what happens when they touch you.

    This is tougher than we thought.

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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    Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 23

    Damn it guys watch your backs.

    Psy Red: Now there is no place to hide and no way to defeat us.


    Mike, it's Serena stay with Em these Psy's can read our thoughts we can't defeat them plus they copied Em's power so I can't use hers on yellow keep her there.

    *Em gets up*

    I have to help Serena she doesn't stand a chance against Psy yellow they copied my power but not hers so she can try and defeat yellow.

    Psy Red: we have another trick up our sleeves....psychos.

    *We all form a energy blast and combines it and fires it at the rangers*

    What the....ahhh....

    *Gets blown through a building*

    Guys watch out.

    *Serena dodges and flips out of the way*

    What if we switch colors will that work.

    I don't know Mia we don't have yellow.

    All five are here we have to switch besides Kev is second in command.

    ~Kev jumps out of the blast with his Hydro Bow then fires at the Psy's~

    Yeah if we switch it should work someone has to go check on Antonio.

    I'll go check on him.

    *Runs to the building*

    Antonio where are you.

    *Em looks at Mike*

    What did Serena actually tell you.

    Just that you were at the park and to check on you.

    *Em looks down as tears fall*


    ~Mike sits next to her~

    Em, look at me.

    I can't, I don't want you mad at me.

    *Wipes my eyes*

    Why would i be mad at you?.

    Cause of what I did and what Serena didn't tell you.

    What did you do?.

    After the Moogers were defeated by Lauren, I went home and took a bunch of meds and left the open bottle on the bedside table and fell asleep and a few hours later threw up and washed and came here and dozed off til you came and well the number of pills I took were 5.

    What kind?

    The ones I take for the pain from giving birth I tried hiding the pain but I went back home while Ant was missing and you all didn't need me so I took 5 of them and fell asleep, I can't face you that's why my back is turned.

    *Hands you my samurizer*

    Your lucky you woke up Em.

    It's not like I'm addicted to them I mean I'm still sore every now and than but I need to help Serena.

    I know Em but your not in the right shape to fight yet.

    *Sighs and finally looks at you tears in my eyes*

    I'm fine, I'll prove to you that I can fight.

    Please don't hurt yourself hun.

    I'm not I'm fine my sister needs me yellow Psy doesn't have her power she has mine and I'll destroy her myself.

    Don't push yourself.

    When have I pushed myself.

    Em you can't fight the psychos Antonio got hurt worse they can read our thoughts when they touch you they haven't touched me yet you need to stay there if you don't then Mike won't be happy and your kids won't have a mom do you really want to get hurt bad cause if you do we will have to find a new yellow samurai ranger.

    Well i'm with you no matter what.

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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    Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 24

    I might be a klutz and I might get hurt but it's part of the job Lauren and they won't touch me and they won't dare touch our kids.

    If they do then what you won't be any use to anyone when they read your thoughts and destroy you.

    Fine your the leader, take care of my sister.

    *Closes the samurizer*

    Sorry Em, Let's head back to the house.

    I think Serena let Jayden watch the kids,

    I guess there's nothing to do.


    Do you think I'm addicted to pain killers.

    Of course not.

    Are you sure I mean look at me I look like hell and since taking 5 I'm not in pain.

    I know, lets head back home and get you looking nice and pretty.

    Yeah that's unlikely.

    What should we do?.

    I don't know anymore I'm such a lousy ranger.

    No your not.

    Maybe that's what I'm thinking maybe psy yellow can think that and Serena can destroy her.


    I don't know if it will work cause I'm not allowed to be anywhere near them.

    Let's get up and talk with them.

    I'd rather not.


    Try dodging this rangers....

    *We use our psycho speed zipping back and forth attacking the rangers*

    Kev, Mia can you distract them from a distance your hydrobow and skyfan can go distances mine can't and with Antonio out we are one ranger short.

    Antonio let's get you back to the house to rest.

    Of course we can, but who can we get to replace antonio?

    Ok that hurt....

    *Gets up and stumbles out of the building*

    I'm's going to take more then that to put me away.

    *Stands there holding my arm*

    Psy red: Oh really gold ranger....try this on for size.

    *All the psy rangers form another energy ball and focus the energy at Antonio*

    Uh oh....this isn't good.

    *Steps back*

    Well if Serena can get Antonio home she can find someone to take his place.

    Like who, We are all here but Mike and Emily.

    There is another person that can since Mike and Em are resting.

    *Fires the energy ball at full power hurling it at Antonio*

    Antonio watch out.

    *Tries to block it with LZ but gets knocked into a wall*



    Not on my watch.

    *Jumps in front of him*

    Antonio your hurt I'll get you home just let me handle this.

    We need someone to take his place while Mike and Em rest.

    Lauren I have to get him back be careful.

    *Runs to him*

    Let's get you back home, can you walk.

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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    Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 25

    *Tries to stand*

    I can still fight...

    *Falls back down*

    No you can't you need rest I have someone in mind.

    *Helps you to your feet*

    Just lean on me.

    *Pushes you away*

    No I can still fight...

    *Staggers to my feet and pulls my morpher back out*

    Gold p...

    *Falls back to one knee with my morpher still in my hand*

    No you can't I have to get you back and checked out you can rest while Em and Mike take care of things please Lauren doesn't want you worse than you are.


    *Tries to morph again*

    I can't let you guys deal with them pow....

    *Drops to one knee again*

    Get him home now i know someone who can take his place.

    No you can't Ant, your hurt if you don't get better you won't be able to help, I have someone that can help the team and take Mike's place do you trust me.

    I can hold them off as much as i can but we need him now.

    Lauren just keep fighting.

    *Helps Antonio back to the house and into bed*

    Please rest, Mike and Em will get you anything you need.

    *Pulls out the morpher and calls Jayden*

    Jayden how fast can you get to the house.

    Psy red: You rangers are pathetic.


    Come psy rangers lets go terrorize the city while they fight among themselves.

    *Starts to walk away*

    Your the pathetic ones.

    *Gets helped back to the house*

    Ok I'll relax....for now.

    *Lays down into bed*

    But just for a little while and if they hurt any of you...especially Lauren I'm kicking their butts.

    They won't the Psy rangers can be defeated from a while a way trust me.

    *Kisses your head and hands you tea*

    Lauren's green tea.

    Jayden walks through the door.

    I'm back home.

    Jay they need your help Ant is hurt, Em is still in pain and MIke's helping her would you like to help us fight.

    *Hands you the silver morpher*

    Thanks Serena....your a good friend.

    *Drinks the green tea*

    Anytime just rest please.

    What is this?

    It's your new morpher with it you have diff powers than your old red powers and it's stronger when you morph you say Samurai morpher silver power.

    *Hands it to him*

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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    Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 26


    Takes the morpher then looks at it.

    Yes I created it and made it for you.

    Looks at Serena.


    I have to get dads double fire smasher disc back i should not have given it to him in the first place i have to fight them.

    Yes I'm a scientist as well as a ranger do you fully take responsiblity to be the new silver ranger.

    Of course.

    Welcome back let's go help the others.

    You should stay to take care of him.

    No Jay Em and Mike are here if he needs anything.

    Then we better be going.


    *We run to where the others are*

    Guys guess who's back.

    Welcome back.

    Gets my fire smasher and spin sword out charges at them You have something that belongs to me i should never have given it to Psy Green give it back now Uses both trying to hit Psy Red hard.

    We have to fight these psys from a disatance.

    Jayden flips open his silver morpher.

    Samurai Morpher Silver Power!

    Jayden morphs.

    Psy red: *Sees it coming*

    I knew you were going to try that...

    *Takes the hit from the fire smasher*

    Ha ha ha ha....was that suppose to hurt.

    *Grabs the fire smasher moving it away and slashes you with my sword instead*

    Your fire smasher is powerless without that power disc.


    Hey guys when did you get here.

    Gets back up Then give it back to me now i should have never given it to him even if Antonio was in trouble Uses my spin sword hitting you hard This is payback for hurting him badly no one hurts him and gets away with it Tries not to feel pain but keeps going Your the one who is pathetic never hurt my team or i will destroy you myself no matter what happens to me.

    Psy red: *Staggers back*

    Psy rangers....step aside this one is ranger your mine.

    *Streaks passed the red ranger slashing her in the process*

    Ha ha ha.

    *Turns around and rest my sword on my shoulder*

    Jay runs toward Psy red and Lauren.

    Goes down on the ground laying there trying to get back up.

    Jayden reaches Lauren.

    Leave her alone.

    Finally gets back up slowly I'm fine but i need to tell you something and you won't be happy.

    Don't worry about that now.

    I can't use my fire smasher i can use my spin sword the fire smasher is useless Looks at Psy red You will give it back to me it doesn't belong to you or Psy green.

    Did he take your red lion disk?

    No Psy green didn't give me a choice between Antonio and the double fire smasher disc we got him back but now they have the disc and i can't use the fire smasher it was dads disc.

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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    Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 27

    Lauren: You will get used to them plus Antonio can help you.

    *Attaches the red lion disc to the fire smasher runs at him hitting him hard*

    Never underestimate me....

    Jayden: *Attaches the silver lightning disk to his silver blade and charges it and fires it at psy red*

    Psy Red: *Gets hit by both attacks*


    *Goes down and gets back up*

    Your not the only one with a trick up his sleeves....

    *Fire starts in his hand and out form another sword*

    Yes red ranger...I found a way to harness your double fire smasher power.

    *Performs double blazing strike to both red and silver rangers*

    Psy Black: you got them now....since you got both of them I'm going to look for the gold ranger....I'm going to take him out before he get a chance to regain his strength.

    Psy Yellow: You keep them busy...I'm going after the yellow ranger to finish her off.

    Psy Blue: not with out me....I'm want the blue I'm coming with to find him.

    Psy Pink: I'm staying here because my ranger is still here..

    *Charges at the pink ranger*

    Psy Green: *Flashes in out of no where*

    Psy Rangers...I really hope you left me the green ranger...after all we have some unfinished business....

    *Flashes out to look for the green ranger follow by psy black, yellow, and blue*

    For now just you Feels it goes down tries getting up puts my spin sword down and slowly leans on it to hold my balance if you ever touch Antonio again i will destroy you for good psy green tried destroying me but he couldn't neither can you i will make sure of that.

    Gets hit then falls.

    Psy Yellow your not going after my sister or my brother in law.

    *Serena pulls out her blaster and fires calls Mike*

    Mike it's Serena I need u and Em to get Antonio and the kids out of the house Psy Yellow gree and black are on there way to destroy you all.
    *Em feels the house shake and looks at Mike* Mike think u can handle psy green while I get the kids somewhere safe
    *Serena pulls out her blaster*

    Psy Yellow: Don't make me hurt you...I cam for the yellow ranger.

    *Fires at Serena*

    You have to go through me first.

    *Blocks it*

    Psy Blue: Where is the blue ranger.

    *Starts destroying the house looking for the blue ranger*

    Psy Black: *Appears in front of the gold ranger*

    Ha ha ha I found you gold ranger...your mine.

    *Pulls back the covers and no one was there*

    What the...where is the gold ranger.

    On my way.

    Kev let's try our moves with our fan and bow from a distance.

    *Looks from around the corner and pulls out my morpher*

    Gold Power!!!

    *Streaks back and forth hitting psy black*

    Looking for someone...

    Go go samurai green samurai.

    *Em feels the house shake and looks at Mike*

    Mike think you can handle psy green while I get the kids somewhere safe.

    Yes hurry.

    Be careful I'll be back as soon as I can.

    *Grabs the kids and there stuff and heads for the schools daycare and drops them off*

    Be good mommy will be back later to get you.

    *Runs back home*

    Psy Yellow: Human your going to....

    *Notice the yellow ranger trying to run*

    I got you now yellow ranger.

    *Jumps up and fires at the yellow ranger*

    Em watch out.

    *Tries to get to Emily*

    Leave her alone.

    Block it you won't touch her.

    *She sees Mike and Serena*

    Thanks I don't know if I have enough strength to fight.

    Psy Green: *Streaks in grabbing the green ranger and dragging him outside*

    We have some unfinished business green ranger...

    Jay go help Em I can handle Psy Red You won't destroy my team when i'm here no matter what happens to me.

    Bring charges at him slashes him.

    Psy Black: *Goes down*

    Is that all you got gold ranger....

    *Gets up and streaks over to him*

    *Streaks towards him as well*

    Psy Green: *Blocks the slash and counters it*

    You have to do better then that green ranger.

    Blocks it kicks him down the hills.

    *Charges at her*

    Leave my sister alone she's not strong enough to fight.

    Psy Pink: *Attacks the pink ranger with psy wind storm*

    *Em sees Mike*

    Are you alright.

    Blocks the attack and uses my sky fan blowing a bigger wind.

    Psy Yellow: Then she will be destroyed....

    *Streaks over to the yellow ranger grabbing her and throwing her down*

    Come on yellow ranger....this planet isn't big enough for the both of us.

    Get off me.

    *Em tries to kick her off*

    Psy Green: *Grabs the green ranger foot bringing him with me down the hill*

    Goes down lose my sword.

    *Serena looks at Em and back at Mike as he goes over and peers over the cliff*

    Mike are you ok, I have to help Em she's in trouble.

    *You might need this *Kicks him his sword*

    Psy Pink: Whoa....ahhh...

    *Gets blown away*

    Your wind isn't nearly as strong as mine...

    *Creates a tornado with her body and forming another psy wind fan hitting the pink ranger with double the power*

    *Em still fighting psy yellow as she saw Mike go off the cliff*

    Psy Red: I guess its just you and me red ranger...until the best red wins.

    *Charges in with both swords*

    *Serena pulls out her zip charger from her arm hitting psy yellow*

    I said leave her alone.

    Uses my spin sword and sky fan at the sametime.

    Psy Black: *Streaks over to the gold ranger slashing him*

    Yeah your not going to win i am and you will never destroy my team cause i will always protect them.

    *Blocks the slash and hits back with the back slash*

    Its over for you psy black.

    *Charges my barracuda blades*

    Barracuda bite!!!

    *Performs barracuda bite hitting psy black*

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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    Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 28

    Psy Black: *Gets hit and falls*

    Ha ha ha.

    *Gets back up*

    You have to try harder then that gold ranger....

    *Charges starts filling up his body and out comes another psy blade*

    You call that an attack gold ranger....

    Psy Green: *Gets up and see his spin sword*

    Look what we have here....

    *Dives over to grab the spin sword*

    Psy Red: So be it red ranger...

    *Does blazing slash on the red ranger*

    No you don't jump on him kick his hand grab my sword.

    Leans on my fire smasher and uses my spin sword hitting you with it Psy Green said he would destroy me he couldn't if he tried and you won't either cause i will be the only red ranger standing.

    Psy Green:

    *Stumbles back*

    That sword won't do you any good...

    *Charges my weapon and does dark vortex on the green ranger*

    Serena I have to go help Mike.

    *Kicks her off and goes running to the cliffs*

    Go down that's it powers up my spin sword slashing you hard.

    *Em looks down*

    Mike use your forest spear.

    *Serena blasts psy yellow again*

    Em I've got her see if MIke needs help.

    *Goes down hard*

    Ahhh....thinks to himself: that usually work...why didn't it work...wait a minute.

    *Contacts Mike*

    Mike its psy green....that is how we defeat the psy rangers.....the others are just to keep us busy...he's the key to end all of this I be right there to help.

    *runs off to help Mike*

    Psy Green:

    *Takes the hit*


    *The other psy rangers felt it to and they join back up with psy green*

    Antonio are you sure your ok to fight.

    Psy Red: Psy Green...What was that....why when you get hard we feel it to.

    Psy Black: Yeah I was just about to put an end to that gold ranger.

    Psy Pink: And I was about to put an end to pink.

    Psy Green: Enough psy rangers....I need your strength again.

    *Absorbs the psy rangers forming once again*

    *Joins up with the others*

    Yeah I'm fine...lets put an end to these posers once and for all.

    Alright, Em you can go get the kids we'll be fine.

    So you rangers found out my little won't matter when your destroyed

    *Forms an energy ball and fires it at the rangers*

    Mike be careful.

    *Em dodges and runs to the school day care*

    *Blocks part of the attack but goes down to a knee*

    Ahhh....guys we have to combine like them....lets combine our symbol power on to one of us.

    *Serena blocks it and pulls out Em's samurzier*

    Antonio you or the others can use Em's I can't use it.

    Of course not you don't have symbol power....I think we all should combine our powers to Mike....since the green psy wants to end things with him.

    *Looks at Mike*

    Are you up for it buddy.

    *Em goes to the schools daycare and picks up the kids as she heads back home and stays with them*

    Let's do it Ant.

    If this is going to work we need all the symbol power....from the each of us.

    Right use all my power make a symbol to destroy green psy.

    In order to do this....we forgetting the most important person.....where is Lauren?

    *Looks around for Lauren*

    Kev takes out his morpher.

    Takes out my samuraizer and gives him my symbol power.

    Look for her.

    I don't know last time I saw her she was fighting psy red, Mike use Em's symbol power it won't work for me.

    We need Lauren....where is she? I do believe she has the symbol to combine all of our powers to Mike.

    Take mine hand him my symbol power.

    *Runs off to find Lauren*

    Put mine Em toghter.

    At The train tracks passed out.

    *Watches and calls*

    Jayden use your symbol power to, Antonio check the railroad tracks hurry.

    *Sends his symbol power to Antonio*

    I'm on it.

    *Runs to where Lauren is at*


    *Runs and slides in to Lauren's side*

    Good as that will do...


    Green ranger...your mine.

    *Streaks over slashing the green ranger*

    *Em watches*

    You 2 stay here I have to help your father.

    *Em runs out of the house and to the battle field and sees Mike*


    Opens my eyes and sees him Sorry i'm exhausted and hurting bad but here is my symbol power.

    Goes down explodes demorphs.

    *Em runs down the cliffs and over to Mike*

    Hey you alright.

    Try to stand.

    *Helps you up* Easy you need to sit down, *Helps you over to the rocks and looks at Psy green* Mike stay here, *Walks over to psy green* You are going down *Em takes her samurzier* Go, Go Samurai.

    No em feel pain my ribs.

    No you need to take it easy just rest I'll handle him.

    *Pulls out my spin sword*

    Thanks but we need to get you back.

    *Picks you up*

    Come on...hope I have enough strength for this.

    *Streaks back to battle with Lauren*

    I made it...

    *Drops to my knees and sits Lauren down*

    Antonio, you and Lauren, as well as Mike, need to sit this one out he got hurt so Emily, is stepping in to handle him,

    *Bandages Mike's ribs*'

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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    Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 29

    I can try it.

    Are you sure your up for it...

    *Stands up and helps Lauren up*

    Yea i am it's the only way to get the disc back guys give me all the symbol power remember i sealed master xandred but it didn't work.

    Why don't you guys let Em fight him first.

    But Em is attending to Mike.

    I helped bandage Mike's ribs at least let her fight.

    *Looks at Emily*

    Em are you up for it?

    I'm fine he's hurt him for the last time and almost destoryed the house with our kids.

    Lauren can perform the symbol to combine our powers to Em...i have Jay's symbol power in my morpher.

    *Takes a deep breath and closes my eyes*

    I maybe a klutz and I maybe a little weak but when it comes to my friends and kids no more miss nice ranger.

    I'm fired up i want to destroy him maybe we can get the codes back to the black box.

    Oh I'm really scared rangers...ha ha ha ha.....give me your best shot yellow ranger.

    *Stands with my sword resting on my shoulder*

    Don't say I didn't warn you, you hurt my guy for the last time.

    *Gets ready*

    Do you guys think I can do this.

    You will be when i'm done i will enjoy this.

    We should once he's destroy....but first we need to combine our symbol power to Emily.

    *Texts my symbol and Jay's symbol powers and sends it to Lauren*

    Ok do it now you have all the symbol powers...combine it to Emily.

    You know what let Lauren do it, she thinks she can do it herself.

    Then she will need ur symbol power to combine it with herself.

    I'm ready to get this over with.

    *Sighs and I use my symbol and passes it to her*

    Knock yourself out.

    *Puts my sword away and walks off in tears*

    Gets up to Em.

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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    Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 30

    Ok Lauren do it now....its all you.

    Do it sis.

    I hope i can do this Gets all the symbol power and combines it with myself using the 6 discs launcher while harnessing the power and sends it towards Psy Green.

    *Serena watches her sister walk off and watches Lauren*

    *Em stops next to the trees and wipes her eyes as she hears someone*

    Mike is that you.

    *Powers down*

    Ok now use the 6 discs launcher...and make it count.

    Holds you.

    *Cries in your arms*

    Why couldn't Lauren let me do it, are you alrigth you need rest.

    What the...this is new.

    *Takes the full hit*

    Noooo....this is impossible.

    *Demorphs back to my regular form*

    The psy rangers energy...its gone.

    *Drops demorphing the rest of the way*

    *Serena walks over to her sister and brother-in-law*

    You guys alright.

    Kev see's Chad then walks to him.

    *Lays on the ground groaning*

    What happened?

    *Sees Kevin going to help Chad so I get up and staggers back to the house*

    Shhhhh holds you in my arms.

    Antonio lean on me i can get you home.

    At home training really hard even though i'm exhausted and hurting badly.

    *Sighs and hands Serena my samurizer*

    Hold onto it for me, we should go back to the house you need rest and Serena can watch the kids.

    *He see's the team walk off toward home*

    Takes Em's hand.

    *We walk home and I help you into bed* You rest, Serena is watching the kids.

    Lay in bed.

    *Gets you water and some pain pills*

    Take these it will help with pain.

    Drinks water with pills.

    *Kisses your head*

    If you need anything Serena will get it for you just rest.

    *Em walks into the bathroom closes the door and washes her face and freshens up her make up and walks out smiles and gets a small bag and puts clothes in it and heads out of the house and to the beach and relaxes near the water*

    *Serena checked on the kids and and fed them and than went to check on Mike*

    Looks at her at the beach.


    Mike I'm worried about her that really got to her.

    Gets up slow i'll go get her.

    Mike you sure u can hardly stand.

    *Em was sitting on the beach thinking and watching the waves*

    Grabs my morpher walks to beach and finds Em.

    *Em didn't hear him coming cause she was thinking and playing the flute*

    *Serena went to go find Lauren*

    Lauren can I talk to you.

    "Super Megaforce Yellow!"

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