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    Mecha Powers

    Disclaimer: Power Rangers are not mine. Dengeki Sentai Changemen are not mine.

    Rating: For children.

    Summary: Some people are called back into action as Mecha Force Rangers. Original characters plus Time Force Rangers.


    "Take a ring with your coins on it."

    Kim grabbed the Pink and White ones since nobody took up the White one.

    Rocky went for the Blue and went through a Blue mist, the helmet latched onto his head and incased by his suit.

    Jen touched Black and went through a Black mist.

    And finally, Tommy picked Red.

    They became team Mecha of the Mecha Force Powers.

    "Tommy, here's your Mecha Sword. It's infused with the powers of lightness and strength. You are the Red Ranger. "Kimberly..." He picked up 2 things: One a lance and the other, bow and arrow. This bow and arrow and this lance. They resemble what once was lost but is now found. "You are the Pink and White Ranger. Never before in any team had a ranger with more than one color. Take lightly sweet Mermaid and sweet Phoenix."

    "Rocky, you are the Blue Mammoth. Here's your Light Lance powered by the lightest of electricity. You can charge it into your blaster and create the Ultra Max."

    "Jen," he breathed and she stood up straight. "My brave Pink Time Force. You are the Black Ranger. Please receive your Tomahawk." She reached out and he gave her an odd looking weapon. "I am the Gold Ranger. Mighty Lion. King of the Jungle. I will have the Lion Hammer and Lion Zord."

    "Mecha Rangers, we are the defenders of Earth. Reunited, we stand against Voxitoc's threat!"

    "Sky Launcher, come out of your holding bay..."

    "Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm coming! Hold your horse!"

    Wes rolled his eyes as a small door let out his Mini Zord. "Guys, this is Sky Launcher: A synthetic talking Zord. "Our Zords talk......?"

    "Yes Kimberly, you see, I found him walking around this base."

    "He was the one that created the rings." "I'm actually the creator of the Mecha Powers and your new Zords: Mecha Car, Mecha Saucer, Mecha Flyer, Mecha Soldier, and Mecha Warrior."

    Wes: Mecha Car is your's Kimberly. Mecha Saucer to Jen. Mecha Flyer to Rocky. Mecha Soldier to Tommy. And Mecha Warrior's mine configured by the Lion."

    "Mecha car has 2 formations: Phoenix Megazord or Mermaid Ultrazord. Saucer is formed by the Gazelle. Flyer: Gorilla. Soldier: Wolf. And mine: Lion."


    How it all started:

    A small Zord had been hiding out behind a large crate watching a group of Voxiborgs carry the container of virus into an unknown building. They were dragging a body warped and twisted.

    It was Voxitoc in his Hyper Sleep.

    They were trying to wake him up. Sky Launcher had to do something with the power he held in his hand.

    The power of Mecha Force.

    "Dexter! Derek! What. Are. You. Doing!?!"

    Kim chased around the 2 little boys she was asked to watch for Mrs. Templety.

    "Earth first Pink Ranger. Second Red Ranger. Pink Time Force Ranger. Tommy Oliver: Green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. White Tiger Power Ranger. White Falcon Ninjetti. Red Zeo. Red Turbo. And Black Dino Thunder..."

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    They were the first to be called in. Slowly, Rangers appeared from all over the world. Africa, Asia, US, Canada, Mexico, Europe. But that left Katherine. She didn't want to interfere with Tommy and Kimberly so she didn't come. And a dandy job offer.

    She was hibernating.

    Tommy and Kim almost broke into an argument. Whatever else but the dreaded topic. "Tommy, I wouldn't write that to you!" Wes put a hand on Tommy's shoulder. "If you continue to act this way, I'll take over..."

    The same foe in Hyper Sleep. He watched. He waited. Patience make you impenetrable. Practice makes it easier.

    It was his cape. It held magic that allowed him to be invisible.

    But, that's gone too.

    "Ah, I have what I came for. Soon, our Voxitoc shall rise and we can blow their force into water!"

    General Croc: These Rangers are pesky. Watch out for their bite!

    "Way off base... I will use my toxin on them! No one can handle my Crotins' bites!"

    "Not even those infuriating teenagers!" "Choose your words carefully, my friend..." "Oh but my beloved Stingers will be the ultimate destruction and end!"

    "We will see..."

    General Croc loved how he shared his body with Sedactor. How he argued with the second being in his head. They were two peas in a pod.

    Rammer Head: You two will never live up to...!

    4 slimy hands shot out of one skin and blew the shrieking monster into horrified pieces.

    "No use for you, puppet!"
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