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    The Hunter

    Okay. So, I'm starting up another one but with an interesting twist. It'll be in a Pr darker world. Twisted version from Turbo and In Space.

    Disc: I do NOT own the Power Rangers.

    M Rated

    Torture, sexual abuse, sexual seduction

    Summary: A Kim in another world had been abused mentally and physically while mind raped by her villain. Both female and male. She's trying to escape with the Zeo Crystal and was going to morph into Zeo Ranger I but she had to morph into Zeo II as it was damaged beyond repair. She escaped for a while only to be recaptured. Finally finding some device, she is able to go to the Light Dimension. Trini, Zack, Billy, Jason, and Tommy had all been turned evil. They are the Dark Mighty Morphin Rangers.

    Chapter 1

    The Legendary Talisman's Sword.

    It was said to possess a great power that she wants. Her. Malakai the Huntress. She who is leather skinned, pale like snow, eyes- dark coal, and lips painted red. She twisted the sword on her back and yawned, opening her eyes. "10,000 years I am finally awake. Now, it's time to get my sword and conquer this world. "Dulcea..." She hissed. "You can't get rid of me this time."


    "But no it can't be! We trapped her in that world!" For Dulcea had felt her enter the portal. It was a confinement. They had sent her to another dimension. One across from this one. One won by Zedd. She gladly took over his throne and the Pink Ranger became her pet. The other Rangers were working for her. They were turned evil by a machine. The spell was permanent. It can't be undone by Space magic.

    Even Zordon's magic didn't overcome their power. That world had given up on humanity.

    All except the Pink Ranger. She fought the magic with the strength of her true heart. No power. No manipulation. No temptation. That was why she was kept for a pet. For years, she had to watch her own torture. Opening her pussy to Zedd. He put a sex spell on her that froze her will. It was taken out. The jar with her will. "I have to get out with the Zeo Crystal! For Tommy! Trini! Zack! Billy! Jason...! Zedd will never take my will!"

    Oh, she had gotten away. For a while... Until Malakai rose from the ashes. She was born from fire. The ones people carelessly started.

    Born of the environments. She shook her head. "I am disappointed in you Dulcea..."

    Too many of them. People.

    She has to make this world like hers'!

    And then, she can set about her revenge on the ones responsible.


    She fought tiredlessly to make this world better. Using a map in the wrecked Command Center, she was able to revamp it and create morphers.

    Zedd did find the powerful Zeo Crystal. Bought it off the hand of Master Vile. He was planning to create a Crystal Monster and unleash it on Earth. So, Kim got away with the Crystal in her hand. She ran and made her way to the Command Center, no longer the Command Center.

    She WAS going to morph into the Pink Zeo Ranger, but something happened as Gator Head crushed it. Next best thing she could go for was Yellow. So, there's Zeo Ranger II fighting for the world. A lost cost.

    "It's mine and I want it back so give it to me...!"

    "You have something I need... There is a lot of power in that Crystal. Now, release it!"

    "I'm not giving you the power to destroy the Earth so if you think I'll release this Crystal, you've got another thing comin' girl..."

    "I'm not letting a warrior take over the world..." "Then so be it..." "Tommy," she snapped. He was quickly next to her. "How may I serve you, my liege...?" "Take her prisoner!" He grabbed her and blew the powder to freeze and completely sedate her. "No Tommy no...!"


    "Open your eyes and sing. Let's see what else fills your head..." The little prisoner moaned and scratched at her arm. "Please stop! Please make it STOP...!" "If you be good and cooperate...!?!"

    "Make me your monster," he sighed. "Fine Justin. Release...!" The spell holding him lifted and he could finally escape his mind rape.

    "Talk now or I'll make you eat your word...!"

    "I went to this Wind Turbine and caught a black smoke..." "Go on...," she beckoned. "And I saw you form from the smoke. So, I had to check it out... And that's why I morphed!"

    "How many others are out there..."

    "Kill me and I still won't tell you!"

    "Now, that was very dumb of you..."

    She was looking around for Justin. "Come on kid!"

    "Divatox, someone else is out there. Someone very evil."

    "This world is boring. Tarnishes my warrior name." She continued to pace in front of her prisoner. "Do you know how long I'll have to wait to go back...? Sacrifices will have to be made."

    "You will get me my sword, will you...?"

    It's the only way for her to go home.

    Sword. Destruction. And back to her death world.



    "I want to go home," she stomped her foot. "This world stinks!"

    "What kind of dimension do you come from," he shuddered.

    "A dark beautiful place...," she sighed thinking about the Abyss she had come from. Her home world.

    "It's time to turn you into a monster since you... failed!"


    "Legendary sword, send me home..." She walked around the sword as if entranced by its beauty and golden glow. "Barai Eblem," she whispered.

    "Turn your back on your word and I'll make you beg for it!"

    "You'll actually let me go if I get you your precious sword...?" "That sword has power...!"

    "What does it do...?" "Massive destruction. World ending kind. The key to my infinite return..."

    "You really want to make this world like your own...?"


    Kim was shocked to see a person dressed like Xena- wannabe standing there in a garb too exposing. And she looked imposing.

    "Yellow Zeo Ranger..."

    "Excuse me, I'm not the...!"

    "Not her but you'll do..."

    With that, they began to fight. Kim landed backward and did an axe kick. Then, Mala placed the same freezing spell that caused her unable to move.

    "You are coming with me, pet..."

    ***In a rock and a hard place***

    She was pushed along by her pets, the Cryobots.

    "You will be a monster just like Justin here... You see, Justin had been naughty and now, there's no treat."

    Or a different thought had her smiling deliriously. "Or... A Pink Psycho Ranger..."

    The contraptor stretched over her body like a hard armor and her helmet fit on her head nicely. She took a peak at her new look. Pink and White filled over her skin with a hard shield.

    "Hm, this looks good."

    Malakai: I made it just for you.

    "You are called Pink Psycho and your bow is the Psycho Sting."

    "Good, I am ready to defeat the Power Rangers."

    "You want your Mecha Machines?"

    A Pink Saucer and a Pink and White Robot entered the room. "These are your Dark Ranger Zords, ready for action."

    "I can't wait...!"

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    Chapter 2

    Ophelia: Gold Ranger Power! Venus Bow!

    She transformed into the Gold Space suit and drew out the weapon. Ophelia- Gold Ranger, Kiona- Yellow, Tarem- Pink, Kalani- Black, Siren- Blue, Napollo- Green, Titus- White, Andros- Red, and Zano (Zhane)- Silver.

    They were all on the battlefield to fight the Linx with the outstretched leather and the overly done fur neck ring.

    Andros didn't care about them. They neglected him for 10 years.

    10 years of being ignored by Celetra and her husband.

    Who was to console him when Karone disappeared...?

    Who left them alone...?


    "I guess I'll take Napollo's Green Astro Morpher."

    "Ophelia, you don't have to do this."

    "I know Andros. You're worried. I got hurt. Big deal. I want in..."

    ***Another Andros' flashback***

    "For ten years, you've abandoned your son, mother father."

    "Go to Earth...!"


    "Let us make it right son." Her husband was watching the monitor in dejection. Their son blamed them for leaving. For not being there...

    "It's not a happy family reunion..."

    "I felt your presence."


    "That's right mommy, I've grown into a fine young man! Cadet Andros, soldier in training, soldier, leader, fearless Power Ranger. Where. Were. You...!?!"

    Celetra was teary eyed as she held out her arms for her baby boy. "Give us a chance to show you...!?!"

    "How dare you come back...!?!"

    "Damn it Andoro, we are here now!"

    "Drop me off and pick me up when you can," he said sarcastically.

    "Son, we wish you to change the past."

    "Can you wait for 10 years...?"

    Not after everything I've had to deal with...


    A girl lived in the jungle on Mirinoi. Her hair is long and messy, done by the endless fights she had gotten with various creatures from the demon infested planet.

    She looked like she hadn't showered for years with sweat streaks and tears on her now useless Astro Megaship suit.

    She was always on guard for hostiles. That's what the police force called them on Ko-35.

    They were the militia in training.

    She missed her little home.


    Millions of stars away, the Dark Fortress lingered alone in mid- air.

    Astronema blasted a Quantron. "Failure is unacceptable. I am after a world destroying saber called the Talisman's sword. Bring it to me or else...!"

    So, she's not alone in wanting the saber. It contained too much power that the evil forces want.

    End of days type of damage.

    "Change of plans Ecliptor. We're going to... Earth..." She smiled.


    Psycho Pink was having a blast, shooting people down and playing with her weapon.

    Nothing can beat her bow, she thought snobbishly.

    Justin was also there, releasing his own havoc. He found a small boy to torture.

    The alarms in the Power Chamber sounded off, making the Rangers aware of their presence while trying to still locate Justin.

    His communicator was also stripped off. 'The Mistress' said she can't have him running away.

    She pulled the string of her bow and let loose another round of Pink and White shots.

    It struck a civilian and watched as she crumbled in pain.

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