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    The Return of the RangerVision Archive 2017!

    Hello Members!

    Welcome back to RangerVision as you remember it in December of 2014! I just wanted to mention a few quick things everyone should know:

    1. To log into the board, you will need to remember your old username and password from December of 2014. You can reset your password from the log-in screen if you don't remember it. If you have problem, please message us @RangerVision on Twitter or at the RangerVision Facebook Page and we will do what we can to help.

    2. If you created your account AFTER December of 2014 then you will need to create a new one.

    3. All old threads from the board have been locked from new posts. You may feel free to browse them and save things from them but going forward all new material should be posted in new threads.

    4. If for some reason you need an old thread opened, please message a member of staff [Kurama, GPR, Raging Phoenix, or Red Buster] and we will facilitate as best we can.

    5. The former Usergroup and Promotion setup and other features will be restored as best they can over the next few days so please bear with us.

    6. If you find any problems with the functionality of the board or have any other questions, please post them here and let us know.

    Thanks for your patience and enjoy the archive!

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    Just a heads-up for those who are reading this thread;
    The board might be a little slow at times for a few days or so as it is pounded and railed by the spiders and bots of search engines scouring the new version of the board, and updating their records of what exists here.
    Attention: For those of you whom are currently trying to register new accounts, we are aware that there may be an issue with the registration system and will be working on it as we can, but things might not be fully fixed for upto 12 hours or so due to the lives of the Staff here,
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