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    The Power Rangers: Ninja Steel Discussion Thread

    The Power Rangers

    William Shewfelt as Brody Romero, the Ninja Steel Red Ranger[1][6]
    Nico Greetham as Calvin Maxwell, the Ninja Steel Yellow Ranger[1][6]
    Zoe Robins as Hayley Foster, the Ninja Steel White Ranger[1][6]
    Peter Sudarso as Preston Tien, the Ninja Steel Blue Ranger[1][6]
    Chrysti Ane as Sarah Thompson, the Ninja Steel Pink Ranger[1][6]
    Jordi Webber as Levi Weston, the Ninja Steel Gold Ranger[7][8][9][10]


    Byron Coll as Redbot (voice)
    Caleb Bendit as Monty
    Chris Reid as Victor Vincent
    Kelson Henderson as Mick Kanic
    Amanda Billing as Principal Hastings
    Stanley Andrew Jackson III as Tom Mallaburn
    Taylor Barrett as Ace[11]
    Malcolm Bishop as Business manager to the Mayor of Summer Cove[12]
    Mike Edward as Master Dane Romero
    Taimana Marupo as Young Brody Romero
    Ethan Buckwell as Young Aiden Romero
    Emma Carr as Tom Mallaburn's Assistant Director[13]
    Nick Beckwith[14][15]


    Richard Simpson as the voice of Galvanax
    Campbell Cooley as the voices of Ripcon and Cosmo Royale
    Jacque Drew as the voice of Madame Odius


    1 "Return of the Prism" January 21, 2017

    2 "Forged in Steel" January 28, 2017

    3 "Live and Learn" February 4, 2017

    4 "Presto Change-O" February 11, 2017

    5 "Drive to Survive" February 25, 2017

    6 "My Friend, Redbot" March 4, 2017

    7 "Hack Attack" March 18, 2017

    8 "Gold Rush" March 18, 2017


    So, what does everyone think of Ninja Steel so far!

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    I think that Ninja Steel is a good series, and I can't wait for it to go back showing new episodes.

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