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    Star Trek Discovery

    This thread is for the 6th TV series of Star Trek

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    I saw the first episode when it appear on CBS. I won't be able to watch the other episode unless it rerun on CBS after the first season is done. I can't afford CBS All Access.

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    I've been watching all the episodes of Discovery on CBS All Access and I have to say that they are GREAT! I love the serialized nature of the show which reminds me of DS9 quite a bit. There is always an ongoing story arc and they keep you wanting to come back to find out what happens next. Sonequa Martin Green (sp) does an amazing job as Burnham and is a strong but flawed main character for us to follow. The actors playing the other characters like Stametz, Tilly, Seru, and more are all incredibly well portrayed and I feel like I have a connection to each one.

    I'll now comment on a few things in SPOILERS:

    Spoiler Spoiler: Contains details from recent episodes 

    I am highly looking forward to the rest of the season and hope this show continues on into further seasons.
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