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    Friday the 13th: Power Ranger Style(MMPR Edition)

    Its the summer of 1996 just before Kimberly Hart is to leave for Florida for training and the Rangers all choose to travel to Adam's family's cabin on Camp Crystal Lake for two weeks of fun and sun. One night over a crackling campfire outside while telling ghost stories, a teenage girl named Kara tells the teens the story about Jason Voorhees and his crazy mother. Late that night while out for a walk with her boyfriend, Kara is killed and her boyfriend is blamed. He claims he ran off, but no one believes him.

    Its up to Tommy and the other Rangers to learn the truth.

    Rocky and Kimberly's cousin, Jessi attempt to get the large size camper ready to go but soon discover that the vehicle has been disabled and can't be driven anywhere. Can the Rangers survive until help arrives?

    Season: MMPR Season 3(Yes Kat is included along with Kimberly) after Kat turned good again.


    1. No powers
    2. If you put yourself in this RPG, you are put at risk.
    3. Whoever asks for a role gets in.
    4. OCs are allowed too.
    5. No God-Modding. Jason kills you, you're dead. Of course no deaths are canon unless the actor is dead in real life.
    6. Have fun!
    7. Keep the RPG PG-13.


    Tommy Oliver:
    Kimberly Hart: Me
    Rocky Desantos:
    Aisha Campbell:
    Adam Park:
    Billy Cranston:
    Jessica Davidson: Me
    Jason Voorhees:
    F.K.A- Hailey Hartford

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    Played by Christy Carlson-Romano
    Name: Jessica Ann Davidson
    Nickname: Jessi
    Age: 17-21
    Parents: Matthew and Elizabeth Davidson
    Siblings: Kelli(sister), Derek(Brother)
    Strengths/Weaknesses: Family, friends/same
    Fears: Losing someone she loves

    Designation: Purple Space Ranger
    Power: Telekenesis(taught by Zhane)
    Gear: Astro Morpher
    Weapons: Astro Blaster, Astro Bow
    Vehicles: Purple Galaxy Glider
    Zords: Mega V-6, StarCruiser Megazord

    Bio: Jessi's life was never really normal. She grew up with a little sister who was always getting into trouble at school and was often the practical joker. After her paren't divorce, she was forced to move with her mother and sister to Angel Grove. Her father was already living there with his current girlfriend.

    She was recruited at the age of 15 to be part of testing a brand new morpher which Zordon had created. Rita figured out a way to turn the new Purple Ranger evil and against the others. Despite the fact the others were able to turn her back to good, Rita refused to allow this to stay as is, so Jessi, under Zordon's guidance, she gave up the power temperarily until she was needed to help the Rangers once again.

    Her mother was killed a few months later, and she was forced to start working for Ernie at the Youth Center until she was approached by Ashley Hammond and TJ Johnson, who asked her about becoming the Purple Space Ranger. She accepted and went into space with the others and it was here that she met and fell in love wiht her Silver Ranger Zhane.
    F.K.A- Hailey Hartford

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