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    Rebecca "Becca" Fairfield:

    Becca had given up on looking for a way out and was now checking out the gem she had grabbed. It was kinda cool looking, she could see herself making some kind of jewelry out of it if she wanted. She sat down on a boulder looking back to the others. She then watched as Chris decided to give climbing a try. "I don't think that will-" she was cut off seeing him go higher than what any normal person could anticipate. "Is everyone else seeing this? Or has my head injury caught up with me?" she heard Matthew say. " you're not," she said watching him continue to up.

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    Remy West

    She watched wide-eyed, part disbelief part fascination. She looked down at the gem in her hand, at those surrounding her. Without a word, she moved silently towards an easy looking pathway up. Lowering halfway down, she jumped, reaching out with her hand and grasping her right hand in a crevice in the wall. She blinked. Her hand fits perfectly. She let out a low giggle. She turned her head over her right shoulder. "Well, seems like he had the right idea. The only way out is up."

    Remy scaled the wall, the entire time, praying she's not going to lose her footing and break her head wide open. "Well if that happens, I'll be with my brother again." She thought but shook the thought away. She looked over to Chris and gave a shrug. "Good call, Harper."

    She moved up the wall after Chris, wondering how this was possible and why she wasn't hurting, she should be hurting. Logically, she should be in tons of pain. The way she is feeling though as if she's never had one bad ache a day in her life. "This is beyond weird." She quips. "Well catch ya on the flipside."

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    Matthew Wilkinson

    " you're not," Rebecca said. "Well, that's good news for my head," Matthew said. "But if I'm not seeing things, how do you explain that?" Matthew was about say something else when Remy spoke, "Well, seems like he had the right idea. The only way out is up." His eyes widened again as Remy followed Chris, jumping and climbing the wall. A realization hit Matthew. Could these gems really given us super powers? He though. He put the blue gem into one of his pockets and took several steps back from the wall. "Only one way to find out," Matthew said smiling. With a running start Matthew jumped at the wall and grabbed a small jutting ledge some ways up. He was surprised by how easy it was to hold his weight with just one hand and quickly followed Chris and Remy up.

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