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    Power Rangers Bioforce

    Far in space the Koroleon Army with there leader Xinda has consume all of the lifeforces of each planet destroying them in the process there next target is the planet Earth. In Bellwind High 5 teens who are part of the science club discover 5 gaia morphers, and from a experiment they accidentally got caught in a explosion causing the 5 of them to gain 5 elements of the Earth's lifeforce via the morphing grid. They learn to control there powers & stop Xinda & her army as the Power Rangers Bioforce.



    Red Bio Ranger *male*

    Blue Bio Ranger *male*

    Green Bio Ranger *male*

    Yellow Bio Ranger *female*

    Pink Bio Ranger *female*



    The guardian of the Earth & creator of the Gaia morphers. She hid the morphers for her chosen rangers to find & defeat the Korolean Army.

    Ranger call


    Bio *color* Morph!!



    The leader & empress of Korolean Army. She began her invasion of the universe by consuming the lifeforce of every planet they invaded. There next target is the planet Earth that has the most lifeforce in the universe, but is taking over the universe her plan? What is her real goal with the lifeforce?

    General Gosai
    The general of the Korolean Army & loyal to Xinda. He wants to succeed victory along with trying to defeat the rangers.

    A mysterious entity that Xinda speaks to as a sage, but is it really a sage?



    Bio Blasters

    Bio Saber

    Bio shield

    Bio Sword

    Bio Axe

    Bio Arrow



    Bio Turbo

    Bio Cycle

    Power Ranger's Zord


    Bio MegaZord

    Bio Dragon

    Bio Tortoise

    Bio Lion

    Bio Bear

    Bio Falcon

    Age: (16-30)
    Appearance: (Real pic descriptions okay no anime)
    Ranger Position:
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