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    Darn. Princess got bite...

    Alejandro Moreno

    The descent was somewhat...colorful in its way. As Alejandro began repelling down he could hear the exchange between Roman and Nick, with Nick saying a final word that practically broke the camel's back for some, specifically for one Elena Carter. In turn, she let out a fury that while it was warranted, it shocked to see who it came from.

    "Okay boys, you're both big strong heroes but this pungent display of testosterone via pissing contest has got to stop. I don't know about you, but this place gives me heebee jeebees and I want to get out of here as soon as possible. If that can only be done by pointing out how utterly immature you are being, then so be it. Buck up and learn to be a team...together."

    The willfulness of youth... Alejandro quipped in his mind. Granted he appreciated the scolding and it seemed to break the tensions between the two rangers. He chose not to say anything as he did not want to be on the receiving end of that as well.

    With all five Rangers down the expedition continued. It was darkness surrounding them as the flashlight could only shine in some ways. This was still a bit unnerving for him as he wished he could see where he could go, as to not only enjoy the scenery but also get a sense of direction in this place. The unpleasant sensation only intensified as the PDA suddenly stopped emitting noise, a clear signal that something happened, or something moved further. But that could be impossible. Could it?..

    Then, it was an encroaching sound began to surround them. The lights began flaring all around from the team's flashlights but it was impossible to pinpoint the exact location. It would only take seconds however to answer why.

    "Hey guys. I think this was an ambush."

    Devolians. All around them the dreaded Pawn Raptors were surrounding them, and without a sense of directions it would prove difficult to make a counterattack. Everyone was on battle stance and ready to go. Alejandro tried to assess the situation for a moment. He could notice some crevices and divergent paths, maybe that is where they came from. Separating would be a terrible idea and the last thing they needed is to lose their numbers. Taking out two flares from his backpack he lit them and threw at the Raptors in a circular way, trying to get some light and at the same time give the team some view of the situation.

    We need to stick back to back together. Use the flare light, use the chance and let's strike when the moment comes.
    My Bloody Rose...

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    Kenzie Guerra

    "You alright there Kenzie?"* Nick's voice broke Kenzie out of her trance, turning slightly to the direction of his voice. "M'kay, just not feeling the dark. Too much not known, and so many little insects that can and will crawl and enter the ear canal." Kenzie shuddered at the thought of a bug laying eggs in her ear. She bit her lip at Elena's response to Nick and Roman and their little marking territory contest. Arching an eyebrow, Kenzie looked in Elena's direction with a smirk, and 'well she said what we all were*thinking.'

    Kenzie was the last to repeal down after the others. Her sneakers connecting with the wall, working her way down. As her feet impacted the dirt...the tell tale sounds of her teammates talking brought a smile to her face. Kenzie's continued on trekking on with the others, waving her flashlight in different directions. She glanced around her, listening for the footsteps of her comrades. She heard the almost silent steps of Elena. "So Elena, when did you study under Bucky Barnes..." Her tone light and teasing. "So should I refer to you as "Le Winter Soldier?"* She continued as the walked on. Their journey seemed endless and Kenzie felt her hackles raising. Bugs, dark and confined spaces didn't do much for the White Dino Ranger. The cave went silent, PDA ceased to beeping, Kenzie releasing a groan. She dropped into a loose stance, readying for whatever might happen. She sort of hoped that they just lost reception. She wasn't too keen fighting in the dark in a confined space.

    One moment their alone, the next they're surrounded. "Well there goes that notion of going home early and getting my projects done." Sighing she remain looking forward...listening for the footsteps of the pawn raptors and their decent upon them. At Roman's quip and Elena's response, Kenzie bit back a laugh. " So..." Kenzie drawled out...the word sharper than before. "Seems our friends are looking for a rumble and I ain't one to disappoint. Tell the truth..." Her voice dropped low, as she crouched low ready to spring at any sudden movement. "This just might make my day." She teased...flares fell to the ground lighting up certain parts of the cave. She shot a look at Nick, eyebrow arched...awaiting his command.

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    Nick McNeal

    Nick could see shadows of the Raptors who seemed to be trying to actually use some kind of pack tactics against the rangers. They all were coming from different directions. The flashlights and flares did make things a bit easier but only a little.

    Nick looked around at his team then the enemy. "Everyone try your best to stay together!" The order was obvious but he stressed it's importance as it appeared the Creatures were positioned deliberately for the purpose of divide and conquer. Nick took out a blaster and fired a shot at a Raptor dropping it.

    He spun around firing another shot, keeping his back close to Roman and the Professor. For everyone he took down it looked as if another was behind it. The creatures were closing in. Suddenly Nick's arm was grabbed by a Raptor and could feel it trying to pull him away from the others. With his free hand he uppercuts the beast, but is grabbed at by another. How many were there in here?

    "Damn it!"

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    Roman McIntyre - Brachio Black Ranger

    "Everyone try your best to stay together!"

    Nick yelled as he stepped forward, drawing his blaster as he did. He fired a shot at a raptor, the blast caught the raptor center mass, dropping in. Roman rolled his eyes. Nick's move sent the raptors into a frenzy unlike anything Roman had ever seen. Dozens of raptors attacking a group of people in a small, enclosed space? Not good. Roman aimed his blaster at the raptor closest to Nick that was currently flying through the air at the red ranger.

    "That's the order we've been waiting for?"

    Roman, Nick, and the professor quickly went back to back defending each other.

    "Bad idea. Terrible idea!"

    The trio continued spinning in a circle as they fired blast after blast at the advancing raptors. Mathematically speaking, sure their blasts had an effect on the number of the horde. But, caught up in the heat of the moment, it honestly didn't seem like it was doing any good. Roman tried to steal glances at the members of his team and help when necessary. Everyone had their teeth gritted and was battling hard, but Roman knew they wouldn't be able to keep it up. Eventually they would be overwhelmed. And Roman didn't want to see that happen.

    So, without saying anything, Roman broke ranks. He pushed forward by blasting through a couple of enemies and as they got closer, he switched to hand to hand. An elbow to the head of the nearest raptor, dropped it quickly. Roman stepped over it and dropped the next one with a side kick to the chest, knocking the wind out of it's lungs. As it hit the ground he followed up with a shot from its blaster, putting it down permanately. Next up, Roman went low and swept the next raptor off its feet. He finally had some breathing room to make his escape.


    He tried getting the attention of the raptors, but to no avail. He raised his blaster in the air and fired a couple of rounds off. The blasts must've hit some intergral part of the cave's structure because it instantly started rumbling. All around him rocks and debris started falling. Once he was able to regain his balance, he stood up straight.

    "I said, 'hey!'." Finally a few raptors turned and looked at him. "Follow me!"

    And with that and without another word he turned to the side, sucked in his gut, and squeezed through a crevice he noticed earlier. He turned back to see a few dozen raptors following him. Enough to split up the majority of them and make a difference to his teammates.

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