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    Kenzie Guerra.

    Kenzie arched an eyebrow as she watched Elena knocked a guard unconscious with a metal beam. "well that's effective." She thought...her eyes shifting around them, as she kept watch. Moving forward, they both crept silently towards the throne room, both of them on guard...Kenzie tensed her muscles...preparing herself to attack. She looked towards Elena...wondering what she was thinking, and how this was affecting her. didn't touch her as bad, because she just knew them from the few times she fought with them. Then her mind wandered back, to the time she shared with the he was one of the best professors at the university. Nick, who held the student body in his hands, his easy going nature... he was able to put anyone at ease. Going forward, she knew that she'd do what had to be done, to bring them all home. They were important to the one her visions deemed her sister. The urge to protect...the need to keep safe as plain as day. She would not fail to do her duty... She closed her eyes momentarily. She let the sorrow roll over her...then she reigned in her emotions once more...and brought her wall back up. Her eyes narrowing as the reached the throne room. She leaned sideways and slightly shoulder bumped Elena.

    She titled her head to her...and waved her right hand if saying... "Where do you want to go from here?" They were close...and soon ...they'd be fighting not only for themselves but for friends she had yet to make.

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    Elena Carter

    "Okay we need to distract Tremora long enough to get it. If it doesn't work we would have to morph, and fight her to get the De-Volver." Elena said as she looks at Tremora with the De-Volver. She walk like the guards to distract Tremora.

    "I'm impress you capture & turn three of the rangers into mindless apes. Whatever happen to the yellow & white rangers?" Elena asked in a grunty manly voice like the guards hoping to distract Tremora long enough for Kenzie to get the De-Volver.

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