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    Power Rangers Amazon Warriors

    Centuries ago 6 warriors of the Amazon clan battle the Amiriga clan who tried to resurrect there fallen deity they were defeated and sealed within the Amiriga temple, but at the cause of there lives. There mentor a immortal Amazon name Alcinoe sealed herself & the Amazon coins within the Amazon temple that sank underground forgotten. Centuries later 6 girls discover the forgotten temple & reawaken the immortal Amazon who has chosen them to become the Power Rangers Amazon Warriors. Unaware to them the awakening of the temple also broke the seal within the Amiriga temple bringing back the clan, and there monsters to begin there plans once more to bring back there deity.

    Red Amazon Ranger:
    Blue Amazon Ranger: darkranger278
    Yellow Amazon Ranger:
    Green Amazon Ranger:
    White Amazon Ranger:
    Black Amiriga Ranger:

    Alcinoe played by:
    A wise mentor of the previous Amazon warriors who gave there life to seal the goddess of darkness into the underworld. She went into a deep sleep till she was reawaken by the 6 chosen power rangers. Alcinoe was once the student of the wise being known as Zordon.

    Alpha 8 played by:
    A robot assistant of Alcinoeas as a gift from Zordon. Just like his predecessor Alpha he constantly panics when there is a situation along with a certain catchphrase. He was later refixed by Rachel due to a glitch in his system.

    Deinomache played by:
    The Goddess of Darkness that was sealed within the Underworld.

    Grogyle played by:
    Her general of her monsters he is the highest rank that some could say he is fierce than Goldar.

    Amazon Morphers
    They started out as coins as the Amazon Warriors, and Alcinoe use her power to turn them into phone like morphers.


    Eagle Blade
    Use by the Amazon Red Ranger

    Shark Sabers
    Use by the Blue Amazon Ranger.

    Tiger Baton
    Use by the Amazon White Ranger

    Elephant Mace
    Use by the Green Amazon Ranger

    Panther Cue
    Use by the Black Amazon

    Ally or foe:
    Ranger Designation:
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    Name: Rachel McAdams
    Ally or foe: ally
    Ranger Designation: Blue Amazon Ranger
    Personality: Very kind, smart, calm, quiet.
    History: The youngest of her family. She is the smartest in her family, and a straight A student. Because of this she doesn't have any friends, and gets picked on for her status. Because of her intelligence she was chosen as the Blue Amazon Ranger, and commands the Amazon Shark Zord.
    Extra: She is good at fixing computers & machines.

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