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    Broken-Hearted Revenge

    A/N: This takes place after Dino SuperCharge. They never mentioned Tyler's mother so it is possible for Kendra to be Tyler's sister and James's daughter.

    Title: Broken Hearted Revenge
    Rating: T
    Summary: A monster posing as a guy from Kendra Navarro's high school breaks her heart. He later turns out to be a teacher who killed the original man just to get closer to the Rangers and used Tyler's sister to do it.
    POV: Kendra

    Chapter 1 - Date Prep

    I sighed as I got changed. I was very nervous about my date. It was my first date with this new guy and I was also very excited. My dad, James and brother, Tyler were not happy he was older but I insisted. I felt a real connection to him and had to see it through. I stepped into my flats and then brushed out my shoulder length brown hair. My hands shook as I finished brushing my hair.

    "You sure about going tonight, Kenny? You're shaking like a leaf." Dad said. He noticed me jump and he hurried over. "Honey, take it easy. Its just me. Dad." He pulled me close and hugged me.

    I sighed from relief and hugged him back. "I'll be okay. You just caught me by surprise." I then added, "Eric is going to bring me home no later than ten. I told him I have a curfew."

    Dad nodded and then softly kissed my forehead. "Good. Tyler is going out with Shelby tonight so those two won't be home til eleven. I promised Kendall I would help her at the Cafe."

    I grinned. That basically means he was roped into helping her at the Base underneath the Cafe. I am one of the few who isn't a Ranger. I prefer it this way since I am also a gymnast and usually either at practice or at a meet. I had chosen to take a few weeks off after a fall and take a class or two at high school. "If you guys will be in the Cafe late we might stop by to get a bite to eat."

    "Sounds good. Meet you there then?" He asked.

    I nodded just as the doorbell rang. He had arrived. I squealed which made Dad laugh. "Don't start panicking on me. I'll go let him in. You finish getting ready." He then left the room as I put on some lip gloss. We all work part time for Kendall Morgan at the Dino Bite Cafe. That is where I met Eric Rogers. He is a college sophomore.

    It had been a normal afternoon a week ago and I was working when he walked in. I was being teased by my brother, Tyler when I spotted Eric. "Oh my gosh! He is gorgeous!" I exclaimed excitedly.

    Tyler laughed and said, "Kenny, he is my age from the looks of him." He approached Eric and said, "Hi. I"m Tyler. Can I get you anything?"

    Eric chuckled and said, "Hi Tyler. I'm Eric." He spotted me and then asked my brother, "Who is that girl you were talking to when I walked in? She's cute."

    Tyler grinned and answered, "That is my little sister, Kendra. She is taking a break from her gymnastics training to spend time with me and our dad for a few weeks."

    "Would you mind introducing me?" He asked and shot me a smile.

    I swear I wanted to scream when he did. I noticed Tyler wave me over so I walked over to them and Tyler laid an arm across my shoulders as he said, "Eric, this is my sister, Kendra. Kenny, this is Eric."

    "Hi Kendra." Eric said. He smiled again and we shook hands.

    "Hi Eric." I said, grinning at him.we let go and then he asked me out immediately.

    I shook my head as I heard Dad calling out to me to hurry up. I grabbed my purse and then raced down the stairs. Eric and I exchanged grins as we told Dad we'd see him later. Dad had mentioned to Eric about our plans to meet up later and he agreed. Little did I know Eric had other plans and they weren't nice.
    F.K.A- Hailey Hartford

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    I can't wait to read the rest of the story. So, when are you going to post it?

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