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    Jared felt a sharp pain across the back of his head and pitched forward as the world dissolved around him. A moment later, his eyes focused on grass, "Ohhh... what?" He was suddenly pulled up and placed on his feet as the world around him came into view. He saw Remy (whom he had just met on Cyclopsis), Adam, Goldar, and Rito picking themselves up off the ground. He then turned around to see Joe standing behind him, smiling, "Thanks Joe." Joe nodded and plodded over to the rest of the team to check on them as Jared ran his hand along the back of his head and winced. A guitar. You HAD to get him a damned guitar, didn't you Adam?! As if on cue, he heard a scream from above as Artemis landed next to him, face first. Jared looked up just in time to see the wormhole close behind Artemis. He then looked down at his friend and drew his Dragon Cane from coat as Artemis stood up. As he began to brush himself off, Jared whirled the cane and cracked Artemis across the back of the head, "That's for hitting me with your gaudy-ass guitar."

    He then slid the cane back into his jacket and leaned in to Artemis, "So... what did you do to piss off Kougami THIS time?" Before Artemis could answer, Adam tapped Jared on the shoulder, "Yes?" Adam pointed at the smoking wreckage of Sanada's Ship. Jared sighed and slumped his shoulders, "Really? They get their ship, but we get yanked out of Cyclopsis?!" Adam looked around and raised an eyebrow, "We appear to be on the outskirts of a University Campus. Luckily we crashed in, what seems to be, a large field. I don't see any local casualties." He turned back to Jared, "We should go check out the ship and make sure the rest of the team made it." Jared sighed and nodded as Adam ran off to the ship. Jared ran off after him.

    He stopped behind Remy and tapped her on the shoulder, "Remy, right?" He then pointed at the smoking wreckage, "Adam and I are going to check on your friends. Thought you might be interested in joining us." Jared smiled and ran off to join Adam. Adam ran up to the main door and tried, but found it stuck, "Crap. This thing's not going to budge. The frame is too badly bent. Jared, check the cargo hatch." Jared nodded and wheeled around to the back of the ship. The cargo hatch was up in the air as the ship had landed nose-first. Jared climbed the exterior fuselage and got up on top of the cargo hatch. He made his way to the release and pressed it, but nothing happened. He pressed it again with the same results, "Adam! The release is non-functional! Looks like power got knocked out on impact!" Jared jumped down off the ship and walked back over to Adam who had a hand under his chin, "So now what?" Adam glanced over at Jared, "I'm thinking. We have to assume that if we can't get in, they can't get out and it's probably not blue skies and sunshine in there." Adam sighed, "I didn't want to have to do this, but I can't think of anything else. JOE!"

    A moment later, Joe appeared at Adam's side and cocked his head. Adam pointed at the fused door, "Open." Joe nodded and cracked his knuckles before charging up white lightning in his hands and walking up to the door. Adam banged on the ship, hoping to get the team's attention, "Sanada! Jacob! Tom! If you can hear me, stand clear of the door! We're getting you out of there!"
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