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    Adam Park Rito Revolto
    Location: Section CR15E - West Wing

    As the duo walked through Section CR15E, Adam took in what he could of the layout and technology. He glanced up at Rito who saw his look and met eyes as Adam whispered, "This looks like a research facility... wonder what they want with me in here?" Rito shrugged and whispered back, "Maybe they're experimenting on Rangers?" Adam's eyes narrowed as he looked back down at the ground and Rito faced forward. They walked in silence until they reached the room containing Isabel. At the sound of her voice, Adam looked up and listened as she demanded Rito hand him over. His eye immediately focused on her right hand, noticing she was holding something... something of substance. He felt a nudge on his arm and looked up to see Rito look down at him with a look of concern. Adam tugged on Rito's hand to get the skeleton monster to allow him to move it. He moved the hand below the small of his back and allowed Rito to feel the cloaked Dino Buckler still attached to his belt. Adam smiled and nodded as Rito nodded back. He motioned to the hidden earpiece imbedded in Rito's ear as he whispered ever so softly, but loud enough for anyone on the comms to hear, "Rito, find out what you can about the slave trade and the prisoners we saw. We're not leaving without them. I should be fine, but if you hear screaming over the comms, come running." Rito nodded and shoved Adam forward, "He's all yours, toots! Now hand over the payment!" Adam stumbled forward and looked up at Isabel, a look of determination on his face, his right hand gripping a device he's been holding since landing, ready to act if necessary.
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