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    Adam Park Rito Revolto
    Location: Kavard Family Dungeons --> Henshin R & D

    Adam brought his Power Axe up to shield himself and the people behind when Joe came crashing through the door with Rito. The blood spray from the Gourmin Commander hit the blade of the Power Axe and slid off as Adam slowly lowered it to see Rito covered in the blood. Then Rito spoke and Artemis replied. Then Joe waved. Adam sighed and lowered the Power Axe as Rito cleaned himself off. The little girl peeked out from behind her mother at the scary skeleton and the massive behemoth. Adam looked back at her and smiled, "It's ok. This is Rito." Rito lowered his sword and waved the girl, smiling as best he could, "Hi there!" He turned to the others in the cell with him, "We're leaving." Joe and Rito backed out of the room as Adam followed behind. He stopped at the doorway and turned to look at the petrified Gourmin sitting at the console, "Normally I would just let you go. But I can't take the chance right now. Sorry." With that, he raised the Power Axe and slammed the head into chest of one Gourmin, sending him flying back into the second Gourmin, slamming them both against the far wall, causing them to crumple. He then exited the room with the prisoners in tow.

    Once outside, Adam could hear the screams and cries of other prisoners being tortured and he clenched his left hand, "Rito. Exit?" Rito nodded and ran off down the hallway with Joe in tow. Adam followed and motioned to the prisoners to follow him. As the group ran down the hallway, Adam would stop periodically to break doors open with his Power Axe, dispatch the Gourmin inside, and free the prisoners. They stopped at the bottom of the stairs that led up and out of the Dungeons and too freedom to allow some of the prisoners to catch their breath. Adam opened his head and allowed the Power Axe to return to the Morphing Grid before grabbing the collar of his jacket and fluffing, "How far to the exit once we go upstairs?" Rito turned to Adam, "Across the base." Adam cringed, "Great." Then the little girl tugged at Adam's pant leg. He turned and looked down to see the girl and dropped to a crouch, "Yes?" She pointed to the group's right as Adam turned to see what she was pointing at. Plastered above an arched doorway was a sign that read: "R & D." Adam stood slowly, his eyes transfixed on the sign before turning to Rito who was now looking at the sign as well. Rito rubbed his chin, "Art would kill us if we ignored this opportunity." Adam nodded, "Yes. He would. But more than that, there could be stuff we could use in there. Little Miss Evil has, what I can only assume is, a prototype morpher." Rito nodded back, "What about the prisoners?" Adam turned back to the prisoners who were staring at him and Rito.

    Adam brought his hand up to his ear, "Belmont. Sanada. This is Adam. I found a corridor that looks like it leads to the Kavard Family's R & D Labs. I'm going to investigate. And I'm taking Joe with me. Rito will escort the prisoners out of the facility. Sanada, we're going to need immediate evac for the prisoners. Belmont, have Cyclopsis ready to descend in case the Kavard Family pulls out some mean Anti-Air Artillery." He lowered his hand and turned to Rito, "If Belmont brings in Cyclopsis, get the money on board before you come back. Joe and I will meet you wherever the other team is. We should probably help them." Rito nodded as Adam turned to leave. He was stopped by a weight on his right foot. He looked down to see the little girl wrapped around his leg. He smiled and kneeled, pulling her off his leg and giving her a hug, "It's ok. You'll be safe. Rito will protect you. I have to go check out what you found for me, ok?" The little girl, fear in her eyes, looked at Adam, then up at Rito who had his sword on his shoulder. Rito gave the girl a thumbs up before she turned back to Adam. She nodded as Adam stood up and ruffled her hair, "Good Girl." Her Mother retrieved her as Adam turned to Joe, "Joe. Let's go." Adam ran off down the R & D Hallway as Joe lumbered behind him.

    Moments later, Adam and Joe stopped in front of a set a massive double doors. A large sign was plastered above them: "Henshin R & D." Adam nodded, "Looks like I might have been right." He began to look for card reader or other means of access and found a hand reader on the side of the door. He walked over to it and examined it, "Well that's just great." He knocked on one of the doors with his knuckle, "That's some thick metal." He stepped back and looked up at Joe, "Joe." Joe looked down at him. Adam smiled, "Open." Joe walked forward and shoved his meaty fingers between the two doors, forcing room between them. He tried to pull them apart, but the doors refused to budge. Suddenly, blinding white lightning surged through his hands and through the doors. The doors' actuators whirred to life as Joe roared and pulled the doors open. Joe stood in the massive doorway, white lightning crackling from his finger tips as Adam walked up next to him and looked inside. His jaw dropped, "Oh. My. God."
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