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    Adam Park Rito Revolto
    Location: Section CR15E - West Wing

    As the duo walked through Section CR15E, Adam took in what he could of the layout and technology. He glanced up at Rito who saw his look and met eyes as Adam whispered, "This looks like a research facility... wonder what they want with me in here?" Rito shrugged and whispered back, "Maybe they're experimenting on Rangers?" Adam's eyes narrowed as he looked back down at the ground and Rito faced forward. They walked in silence until they reached the room containing Isabel. At the sound of her voice, Adam looked up and listened as she demanded Rito hand him over. His eye immediately focused on her right hand, noticing she was holding something... something of substance. He felt a nudge on his arm and looked up to see Rito look down at him with a look of concern. Adam tugged on Rito's hand to get the skeleton monster to allow him to move it. He moved the hand below the small of his back and allowed Rito to feel the cloaked Dino Buckler still attached to his belt. Adam smiled and nodded as Rito nodded back. He motioned to the hidden earpiece imbedded in Rito's ear as he whispered ever so softly, but loud enough for anyone on the comms to hear, "Rito, find out what you can about the slave trade and the prisoners we saw. We're not leaving without them. I should be fine, but if you hear screaming over the comms, come running." Rito nodded and shoved Adam forward, "He's all yours, toots! Now hand over the payment!" Adam stumbled forward and looked up at Isabel, a look of determination on his face, his right hand gripping a device he's been holding since landing, ready to act if necessary.
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    Remy Anderson

    Remyfollowed closely behind Jacob and Thomas, her footfall gliding silently acrossthe ground. As the trio came upon the corridor Remy flattened herself againstthe wall as a woman with silverish locks flew pass. Both Tom and Jacobcommented their thoughts of what she was up to, then he assigned them to keepwatch. She peered inside the lab itself, as her eyes landed on the handful ofguards.

    Jacob and her split going to their own assigned guards, shecrept up behind the one on the left. She wrapped her arm around his neck,chocking him into unconscious. She turned to her left and found herself staringinto the helmet into another guard’s visor. A gloved fist flew towards herhelmet, she found herself stepping to the left. She grabbed onto his arm andswung him into the wall, slamming it against the concrete. She turned backaround and found another guard with his fist raised in the air. Remy highkicked the incoming fist away from her, swinging her fist into his unexpectedgut. Remy dropped into a crouch and swept his legs out from underneath him. Sheplanted her foot on his airway, pressing down until he fell unconscious.Looking up, she looked in Tom’s directions, wondering how he was faring againsthis own guards.

    She moved in his direction, eyes peeled open for otherguards that might be walking about. She looked up and walked forward to whereJacob was occupied with the doctor. She cringed as she watched Jacob slam thedoctor into the table. “He had it coming.” Remy commented, coming up towardsthem. She looked down at the doctor who was down by her feet.
    Looking over Jacob’s shoulder she saw what he was studying.Parts of it made sense, the other parts seemed as if she was reading anotherlanguage.
    “Whelp, this is turning out to be an interesting assignment.”Remy stated, her eyebrow quirked up, underneath her helmet. So, what’s next ohfearless leader?”
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    "Oh you'll get your payment Mr Revolto, so long as you heed my words and don't try anything stupid," Isabel said cooly. Rito looked around at his surroundings as Isabel issued her warning not to try any stupid. She was an arrogant whelp who certainly lived up to that of her infamous reputation and family name. They were vastly outnumbered and there was no clearly no exit in sight for the time being, presumably until the business transaction was completed. Stalling for time seemed like the best option for now, at least until the opportune moment presented itself. "Didn't the Dark King say that before he beat down your ancestors?" snorted Rito. Isabel's eyes flashed with an unbridled fury for the faintest flicker of a moment before returning to the cold hard stare.

    The mood of the room shifted immediately from that one throwaway comment of Rito as guns were aimed and ready to shoot him down right there and then. Honestly, why did mobsters always have to be so trigger happy?

    "I'll let your insolence slide for now," she replied in terse tone and the mood lifted immediately once again. The Kavard Family had amassed an impressive legacy over the years and through a great deal of cunning, guile and luck, they had remained in seats of power for a long time and as such, their family history was mostly spotless. There was however one particularly infamous old tale that happened some hundred years ago in a different dimension at the hands of one interloper that had killed a previous don of the family and freed the slaves under their thumb, robbing them blind of their prestige, their pride and their profits in a single night. It was a familiar tale known to those who had served the forces of evil and even today there were still whispers rumbling in the dark about that same enigma that nearly wiped them out from the annals of history. Clearly it was still something of a sore spot even today and Rito took great glee in exploiting that fact. Isabel smiled sweetly before snapping her fingers as two suit clad lackeys came up carrying large suit cases to which were then opened and if Rito had actual eyes they would have popped out of his head in delight. "Here at the Kavard Family, we make sure that our clients get very well rewards for their efforts, please be sure to spread the word to any number of your colleagues."

    "Will do!" exclaimed Rito as he greedily scooped up the suit cases of cash and waltzed out of the room with a merry little tune, blissfully ignoring Isabel borderline sexually harassing the now captive Adam and ordering him to be gagged as they dragged the Black Ranger off to whatever dark hole in this stagnant cesspit they were planning to.

    And just as Rito was about to completely bail out from this mission entirely and walk right out the door with more money than he could count so that he could go off to some nice hot desert planet to six back, relax and sip cocktails for the rest of his days, an electric shock jolted through him. "Ow!" he yelped, looking around for any signs of life or danger to confront and promptly pulverize.

    "Get back in there you moron," ordered Artemis.

    "Do I have to?" whined Rito. Another electric shock served to be his answer. "Fine! I'm going I'm going!" He turned around and stamped back into this wretched hive of scum and villainy and took the time to download a map of the entire building, if anything so that he didn't have to waste time wandering about the place like a gormless idiot. "Scientists and breeding facilities in Section C12, sounds like Art's paradise of Lovecraftian horrors. Combative and training areas in the North West territory. Crime bosses like the Kavards and other wannabe evils hang out in the Hive Area for R&R and... oh boy. Nukes underground. Art you getting all this?"

    "Already forwarding the data to everyone as we speak."

    "So... when are you bringing Joe in?" asked a cautiously optimistic and weary Rito Revolto. An ironic laughter could heard on the other end. "He's already here, isn't he?"

    "You'll find out soon enough."
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    Jacob Summers Thomas "Tom" Yamato Isabel Kavard

    Successfully downloading all the specs he needed for the two prototype tech onto the drive. Jacob went over to the finished prototype which was a sword and shield combo with a crimson red sphere with a Houou Constellation on it. "This'll definitely come in handy. I'll commandeer this for the time being..." He said placing the device into his pocket while taking hold of the shield. Jacob looked at Remy and Tom and nodded to them. "Alright we're finished here, let's get out of here." Tom nodded and took point as they went down the corridors avoiding any gormin patrols not to mention any Kavard goons that may be lurking around.

    Meanwhile in another part of the base, Isabel was leading Adam and her goons to the dungeons where the Kavard family keeps their bounties. She nodded at the guard who opened the prison doors. "Toss him in, I'll leave him in your capable hands Commander, I have a feeling this ranger didn't come alone." She said leaving her contingent of guards with the Commander as she made her way down the corridor.

    The trio of Jacob, Tom and Remy quickly moved through the base while avoiding patrols came closer to their exit point when the corridor closed off. "Well that's not good..." Jacob remarked. "I knew that ranger and that bag of bones was certainly just a distraction, I'll play your little game." Isabel said emerging from behind the group with Gormins in tow. "Well, this gives me a chance to try out our new toy!" She said raising her left arm into the sky summoning a gauntlet like weapon shaped like a star. She then took out a small spherical object colored green. "Wait...thats just like the crimson red one you have Jacob." Tom pointed out. Jacob nodded noting that he may learn something from the silver haired badass.

    She spun the sphere till the constellation showed before inserting it into the slot making the Changer announce "Chameleon Kyutama!", then pushes it forward, towards the nozzle; then she flips the grip down, shouting "Star Change!" She then pulls the trigger of the blaster to transform. Seconds later a Green Ranger appeared in front of them.

    "Shinobi Star, Chameleon Green."

    Isabel looked at herself in awe before looking at the Rangers and simply pointed "Attack!"

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