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    Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters: Machine's Wrath

    Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters: Machine's Wrath

    Year: 2200

    Setting: Human World


    When Divatox stormed the Command Centre of the mighty Turbo Power Rangers, the powers were presumed gone forever, the rangers moved their battle to a new frontier and forgot all about the fragments of the Zeo Crystal that lay beneath the surface. The Turbo powers had survived by fusing with the remaining shards of the Zeo Crystal to form a hybrid power source capable of opening a path directly to its original place of creation, in this case...Machine World, once home to King Mondo and his mighty Machine Empire, it was now ruled by one Lord known as General Kenway...A Destructive being forced to live in a world already mechanised to perfection in his eyes, he wanted a new domain to conquer, a challenge, this was soon to come for him.

    However with Human world he saw in order to go through with his plan, he had to adapt or be discovered. So he created a avatar named Dr. Edward Fox, creator of the consumer electronic company Robo-Tech using it as front for his evil plans, created the first artificially intelligent robot that would lay the blueprint for future creation in the field of robotics. Several years later, Robo-Tech was responsible for the creation and distribution of millions of robots that served as human companions, accompanying them in all aspects of life. His robotic creations were truly the cream of the crop.

    Luckily, one employee within the company saw through their managers plans and were disgusted by it, so he copied the data and planned his escape from the company then finding a way to counter act the Lord's plans.


    Red Buster

    Blue Buster

    Yellow Buster

    Beet Buster – Michael Chan – Played by Luka Millfy

    Stag Buster


    Special Ops Unit

    Michael Chan – Founder of the Unit

    Jackson “Jack” Grayson – Commander of the Spec Ops unit and sees eliminating the Lords by any means necessary the number one priority

    Kira Carson – Systems control operator in the unit

    Buddyroids - Sentient Robots created by Michael to help assist the core team in their mission against the Lords

    Red (Name unknown) - Red's partner based on a Cheetah with handle bars for horns, has a super computer built in but has no sense of direction whatsoever

    Blue (Name unknown) - Blue's partner based on a gorilla with a steering wheel for a face, faint of heart, always cares for the well being of it's partner, mechanic of the crew

    Yellow (Name unknown) - Yellow's partner based on a Rabbit with control sticks for ears, likes making snide remarks and has a sharp tongue to boot.


    General Kenway – Head Lord seeking to mechanize the world and wipe out the Human race.
    Dr Edward Fox – Human Avatar serving General Kenway, CEO of Robo-Tech

    Cog Generals – Upgraded versions from the previous designs (I.e - Buglers)
    Cogs – Machines used by King Mondo's army still used to this day


    1. RPG is not first come first serve, I will decide what roles your character fits best
    2. Beet and Stag Buster are partners for this rpg, they will not have a buddyroid they should have some familiarity...

    Profile Template:

    Age: (18-24)
    Designation desired:
    Partner Name:
    Weakpoint: (Everyone has a crippling weakness, it's up to you on what it Hiromu's weakness from go-busters was anything regarding chickens)
    Appearance: (no anime)
    Personality: (What makes he/she stand out?)
    History: (Why would Michael choose you?)
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    Michael Chan




    Beet Buster

    Partner Name:



    Michael's weakness is a "block" means if someone utters a certain'll completely incapacitate him. To bring him out of it they have to utter the "release" word.

    Block word - failure

    Release word - success




    Michael can be described as impossibly nice...well, at first. If you need someone or something, Michael will be there for you. Of course he won't do anything illegal, but he'll do what he has to do, especially if you are considered his friend. "It's a matter of strength in the heard. Do good and your heart gets stronger. Do nothing and your heart turns into a void." He would say. He can be described in two other ways with this personality; as an otaku (fan boy) for things, such as anime, manga and music or sometimes "a hamster on coffee"


    Michael the eldest son of Sandra and Akio Chan was born in a small no name town. Having been born into a techy family, the young Chan grew with a fascination for computers. Both parents worked for a software company, developing specialized programs and operating systems for organization, and at times would work at home on some of the software and Operating Systems. It would be safe to say that he learned most of his programming skills from observing his parents at work. In short he could be best described as a nice, energetic and happy child. There was little he ever did wrong and when he did, it would always make him sad to have hurt others. Growing up he would spend his time with friends, learning guitar from his grandfather or looking over his parents work. In school, the young boy easily made friends and enjoyed every moment of it. Michael was what one would call a dreamer that liked to just lay down on the grass and look up at the artificial sky. Always wondering what it would be like to see a true sky without borders or limits. An endless blue sky was something that always fascinated him and hoped he would be able to witness over a breath taking scenery.

    He attended a normal junior high back in his home town and was perceived as an ordinary student; nothing really outstanding or horrible simply ok. This type of thinking was something his professors had been lead to believe. Michael is and always has been an intellectual person; even if his mannerisms and first impressions say otherwise. The young male, choose not to succeed in fear of being sent to a private snobby school and away from the friends he made since childhood. There was just one thing that the red head could not hide; his musical talent with a guitar. The instrument had been something he picked up from his grandfather since his boyhood days. Day by day his parents noticed more the talent and potential he had with the instrument. No mater what they thought, there was nothing they could do to get him to attend a specialized private school/college. They were aware of his skills and only wanted the best for him. Everyday Michael was on the computer he would spend some time chatting with some friends or getting some inspiration for some new songs. It couldn’t be helped as his father had to move from location to location for his job. Finally at long last, he finished up his school studies and graduated college with a degree in IT with a slight knack for gadgetry. One day, he had recieved a letter through the door, an invite from a company called Robo-Tech. They had heard about his skills on electric technology. He was invited to work for them. Not having a job at the time, he took it without question and started the next day. He had always had his suspicions about the company from the start, especially the CEO Edward Fox, but had no idea of what they wanted to do with the technology. However he made contingency plans for his escape by copying the data from the research conducted at Robo-Tech and changed it to suit his needs along with the tech to go with it. Eventually he enacted the plan and escaped with the help of an anonymous donor who put him in contact with Jack Grayson who helped Michael out by making him disappear and lay low until the time was right.

    Now he trains hard knowing that he will have to find a team and a partner to counter the incoming threat

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    Name: Hailey Fox
    Age: 18
    Designation desired: Yellow Buster
    Partner Name: n/a
    Weakpoint: Her weakness is feeling neglected by her father, and forgotten by everyone.

    Personality: While she looks caring, and kind she could be isolate herselfvto the outside, and those around her. She could get anger when fighting the Cogs.
    History: The adopted daughter of Dr.Edward Fox. She grew up mostly neglected by her "father" that she often uses her labtop. She later became a professional hacker to change, add, and removed things of the internet. She accidentally hacked into Michael Chan's data which unlocked the morphing grid temporary that led to Michael recruiting her as part of the unit. She later use her hacking skills once more to unlock the morphing grid to become Go-Busters.
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    Name: B.E.N (Biomechanical Electronic Neohuman)

    Age: Appears to look the age of 24

    Designation desired: Stag Buster
    Partner Name: [Technically] Michael

    Weakpoint: Water. While water doesn't necessarily hurt him (At least not mild portions) B.E.N can't swim and has a fear of drowning.


    Personality: Due to his programming, jokes, sarcasm and anything of that nature go right over his head. He holds nothing back when he speaks and can analyze just about anyone. He is devoted to the mission assigned and will never stray from it, sometimes to a fault. Often putting it first before other things. B.E.N loves studying patterns of enemies and can usually adapt to the situation at hand. He was programmed with one special assignment however and that was to protect Michael at all costs.

    History: B.E.N started out as a prototype A.I. in a computer, developed by Chan's parents. At first it was simply to assist Michael with assignments and everyday tasks. The parents discovered that B.E.N had developed a fondness of the boy, wishing to see him succeed and stopped at nothing to assure he achieved his goals.

    As the years went on B.E.N moved from computer to Cell Phone and eventually a physical humanoid body. Right until the day Michael escaped the company Robo-Tech. Michael took B.E.N's AI with him in a laptop and left with the help of Jack Grayson. Laying low, Michael began to construct a new body for B.E.N one that would look exactly like an actual person. That way B.E.N could act as a body gaurd of sorts, which seemed natural as his parents had programmed B.E.N to be protective of their child.

    Eventually Michael realized he needed a partner he could trust to assist him and provide aid in taking Robo-Tech down. He then upgraded B.E.N with new technology and fighting programming, thus selecting him to be the Stag Buster.

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    Blog Entries
    Name: Ruby Rose Archer
    Age: 22
    Designation Desired: Yellow
    Partner: Alexa
    Weak point: Allergic to grass. If she's exposed to grass for too long, she breaks out in a rash and becomes feverish.
    Ruby stands at around 5’3 with dark brown hair, a creamy complexion. Open bright blue eyes and a button nose. The majority of the time she wears a light pink gloss on her lips.
    Personality: Sociable. Passionate. Stubborn. Three words used to describe Ruby Archer. On one hand, she’s a sociable butterfly, befriending every person that she crosses path with. She has a passion for creative writing and the love of music. (Thanks to Kynan.) She hates seeing people suffering and has made it her life mission to be a smile or word of encouragement to those in need. She’s stubborn when it comes to things that she’s passionate about. When Ruby believes herself right, it’ll take the higher powers than self to change her mind.

    History: Archer, Rose 10/23

    Every story begins somewhere.

    On a thunderous Thursday morning, while rain fell in torrents and the wind howled Jade Drako gave birth to a screaming howler named Ruby. Ruby came into the world weighing 6lbs and 5 ounces to Elijah and Jade Drako. Exhausted after six hours of labor, Jade drifted off to sleep, leaving Ruby in the car of her father. Elijah looked down at his newborn daughter in admiration, rocking her gently in his arms. Moving towards the rocking chair beside the bed, he sat down, cradling her close.

    "The world can be cruel, but mostly it's beautiful. My life did not begin until I met your mother and we had you. You’re the best part of your mother and I. We've seen so much, more than we will ever tell you. I hope that your life will not be as active as mine. You are our first daughter, the light of our life."
    A light chuckle sounds from his worn-out wife, ice blue eyes fluttering open. Pushing herself up onto her arms she turns her head and looks at him.
    "Already giving advice Elijah?"
    "Well, what did you expect?" He teases looking gazes with her. Tilting her head back, she smirks at him.
    "Crème puff."

    From that moment on, Ruby had two doting parents that loved her without measure. She was their sun, moon, stars combined. Ruby grew into her parent's girl, being spoiled equally by both parents. At the age of two years old she received her first puppy, which her parents named Drago. From the age of four years old she was enrolled in gymnastics. Looking at Rose, Jade saw herself in her daughter, the love of being active had been passed down. Elijah turned to Laura and Aiden, Ruby’s godparents to help raise his daughter, enrolling her in their self-defense classes.

    Her mother's best friend had a daughter her age by the name of Meredyth. Together they became chaos to whoever was around them. Elementary teachers tried placing them with other students but the pair drifted back together. Middle school consolers didn't even try, they had every class together. High school everything changed for the duo. Meredyth drifted towards the arts while Ruby, being her mother's daughter was a social butterfly. Ruby was an active student, involved in the majority of the club’s high school offered. During her freshman year, she served on the freshman council meeting Kynan Archer. Kynan had been voted president while she was voted vice president and their friendship began there. In their sophomore year, he began changing. He became involved with drugs, drinking, partying was on his mind twenty-four seven. With everyone else, he grew cold, introverted. To her, Kynan was just Ky, the guy who was her best friend.

    "He's a dangerous druggie Ruby. Seriously your parents wouldn't approve."

    "Mere, we're friends, not like I'm in love with him."

    "He's in love with you though."

    "He's not."

    "Ruby, he waits for you after class, and most of the time you guys are always together."

    “We’re friends.”

    A few weeks after that conversation with Mere, Ruby was surprised when Kynan confessed his feelings for her. Kicking herself for not believing Mere, she was confused on what to do. She asked for time to figure herself out. A week later after no response from Ruby, Kynan dropped out of school. Heartbroken, Ruby was left to pick up the pieces after his departure. Angry with herself that it had taken her so long to figure out her own heart. Eventually, she reasoned that she only felt that way for him out of the kindness of her heart and she hadn’t truly any feelings for him. The boy with flaming red hair and the cobalt blue eyes. His smirk, the rough voice, love of rock music, cars and getting into trouble, certainly was missed by little miss Ruby.

    Four months into their junior year, Kynan reappeared along with his brothers, Darcy and Aiden. Kynan avoided Ruby, the hurt of being rejected still fresh. Darcy ended up in most of Ruby’s classes, while Aiden was with Mere. Darcy befriended Ruby, becoming one of her closest confidants.

    Senior year rolled around with Ruby and Darcy becoming closer than ever, Kynan becoming jealous of their friendship. During October three days before her birthday, Kynan gathered the courage to ask Ruby out. At first, she was hesitant but ultimately accepted. From there, their fate was sealed as his love for her blossomed again while she fell in love with him. Their friendship renewed growing into a relationship that others were envious of.
    At the end of Senior year, Kynan proposed, with Ruby squealing her acceptance. They married shortly after. They applied to university together and was accepted, moving away from the prying eyes of their family and friends. Kynan majoring in Music while Ruby studied to become a nurse, minoring in creative writing. Four years after graduating from high school, Kynan and Ruby remained strong and it kept growing. Something inside of Kynan was changing though and felt a calling to serve his country. After countless sleepless nights, he finally told Ruby that he had thought about enrolling into the military. Ruby, biting down on her lower lip, tears refusing to fall, asked him if this was what he really wanted. With his reply “Ruby, you don’t understand, I have too.” She gave her blessing and promised to stand by him. In the next month, he was gone, deployed overseas. He left to protect their country while she remained behind continuing her journey to help the sick.
    Four months after Kynan being gone, her “Aunt” Laura stopped by her home. Even now she’s having a hard time accepting the truth. Her parents were once a part of a secret operation that protected the world. Now she was being asked to become an operative and leave the life she knew behind. Unsure of what to say, she only said she’d think about it. Her aunt gave her a weeks’ time to decide. Ruby, being her mother’s daughter, decided to take the opportunity and agreed. She closed her home and left to train. Now she lives on the base where her parents grew up and harness old skills that she let grow rusty during her teen years. Now she waits for the day that she’s sent out …to become who she’s been told she was always destined to be. Still awaiting her husband’s return.
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