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    Power Rangers Hyperforce Discussion Thread

    That, there, is Episode 1 of Hyperforce. It airs every Tuesday Night starting at 6PM Pacific Time on Hyper RPG's Channel. The Episodes are uploaded to Hyper RPG's YouTube Channel every Tuesday. The Episode uploaded is the previous week's Episode. Please go watch it live, if you can. If not, go watch the Episodes on YouTube. Give 'em a like! Saban has said if this series is popular enough, he would consider allowing Hyper RPG to release the Rulebook and Cards and Dice and stuff for the public.


    Personally, I'm loving this series so far. Paul Schrier is hilarious without being the comedic relief. Actually, he's the 'straight man' and it works beautifully. The five rangers work well together and are all funny and incredibly clever.
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    I have saw the first 2 episodes of Hyperforce. The second episode suppose to take place during season 2. I like how Ernie was brought back in this episode, even if we viewers didn't see him. They fought Rita's Putties, a monster made of candy corn, and one of the main villains of the series. I wondered if Jack would live pass the next episode. If he does, how it will happen?

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