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    The Rise of Justice: A DC Multiverse Persistent Universe RPG [Rated R]


    Persistent World RPG
    Casting Call


    Welcome to the DC Multiverse! In this RPG, we will focus on one Earth among the 52 the exist within said Multiverse. However, unlike every other Earth within the Multiverse, the story of this Earth has yet to be written. In fact, it's just starting. And you, fair players, are the ones who will write it.

    On this Earth, there are no Superheroes and there are no Supervillains. There are citizens. Rich, Poor, Corrupted, Honorable, Criminal, Innocent. The Age of Heroes never happened and the world has suffered because of it. Corporations and Criminal Empires control most major aspects of world governments. Good people with honor and justice in their hearts are being oppressed and suppressed by those with money and power. With the nearly complete dominance of the world by corporations, technology has flourished and advanced at a faster rate than most other Earths, including Earth 0.

    An unintentional visitor from Earth 0 is about to be the catalyst for the coming of The Age of Heroes. But is this world ready? Will these Heroes make a difference in a world so steeped and entrenched in corruption? And why has this visitor brought about The Age of Heroes?

    What Is A Persistent World RPG?

    A Persistent World RPG is a RPG that does not end with one story arc. It is a RPG that is the story of a world created by those who inhabit it: The Players. It is a RPG that has multiple, varied locations (hence the need for a Sub-Forum), created by The Players. The characters are also created by and developed by The Players. The "worlds" of these characters are to be designed and developed by The Players. That is to say the city (or if they're aliens, their entire world) they inhabit and the people that inhabit it with them like their families, work associates, local law enforcement, local government, local crime, things like that. The Player will be given the freedom to create the "world" they wish to create for their character. And it doesn't have to be only one player controlling the creation of these "worlds." In fact, it is up to one player to establish the locations, but it is up to all the players to keep those locations inhabited and the stories flowing.

    Each RPG Thread in each Location Sub-Forum is one story taking place in that location. It is the combination of all the stories being told throughout all the Location Sub-Forums that will make up the fabric of this Persistent World. Anyone can make a RPG Thread in any Location Sub-Forum to tell the story they want to tell. Whomever makes the RPG Thread can dictate who can and can't take part in that particular story. You want to tell a Superman/Wonder Woman Story and want only them involved? That's cool, state that in your Thread Title with something like [Superman/Wonder Woman]. You want to make a Green Lantern/Flash Story, but allow anyone to bring in their character to take the story in different directions? Just add [Open] to your Thread Title. It's that easy. And now the slightly complicated part. The Players should, probably, pay attention to events that are happening in other threads as they are, generally, happening concurrently to your own. Events in other threads could affect what is happening in your thread and, ideally, I'd love to see that happen.

    Setting The Time Frame

    To set the time frame, I'll just say this: Marcus Wayne (The Batman, my character) is 38 years old. The events that happened to Bruce Wayne happened to Marcus (more details in the bio) and during the same time frame. The only difference is that Marcus did not become The Batman (which, of course, changed everything for Gotham from then on). If you know your Batman Lore, you should be able to deduce the time frame from which we're working here.

    The World In Detail

    Since I've now told you that I will be playing Batman, allow me to give you a glance at his world: Gotham City. This should give you an idea of the world at large. With Marcus not becoming The Batman, James Gordon was not promoted to Commissioner, but rather only to Captain. Gillian Loeb remains the GCPD Commissioner. Gordon's partner and direct superior is Major Arnold Flass. Anyone who knows Batman Lore will tell you that Loeb and Flass are two of the most corrupt law enforcement officials in Gotham City history. Crime Boss The Roman Carmine Falcone is in firm control of Gotham's Underworld and has both the GPCD and The Mayor's Office firmly in the palm of his hand with Hamilton Hill in office. He's also absorbed The Maroni Crime Family. Without the presence of a Batman, Falcone's Crime Empire has flourished and nothing happens in Gotham without his knowledge. There is very little hope in Gotham City's citizens as they are being oppressed and crushed under the corrupt government and the criminals that pull their strings.

    One man, however, has tried to make Gotham better, but in doing so has further divided its citizens and their opinion of him. Marcus Wayne has used his wealth and power as Owner of Wayne Enterprises to extend the height of Wayne Tower that sits at the center of Gotham City and create a second tier to the Gotham City that sits above the crime-ridden poverty of the Main Level, or Old Gotham as the Elite that live on the Upper Level have come to call it. Wayne has tried to create somewhat of a Utopia away from the crime and corruption and, to a degree, it has worked, but as it always is in a Capitalistic Society, those with money and power have made sure they are the ones who gained entry into the Utopia. While lives for the Gotham Socialist Elite have vastly improved, lives for those in Old Gotham have gotten, by degrees, worse. Without the Socialist Elite to provide some buffer between the people and the corrupt, the citizens of Old Gotham have no choice but to be subservient to the corrupt.

    The Heroes

    1. Marcus Wayne/The Batman -- Played by Shadow Ranger
    2. Earth 0 Visitor (To be revealed in game) -- Played by Shadow Ranger
    3. Captain Marvel -- Played by Shadow Ranger (Real Name and other details later)
    4. Supergirl/Kara Zor-El/Kara Kent -- Played by Question
    5. Green Lantern/Benjamin Merullo -- Played by GPR
    6. Rip Tide/King Rhy'un/Jackson Hyde -- Played by White Ranger Power

    The Villains

    1. "The Roman" Carmine Falcone -- Played by Shadow Ranger
    2. Ra's Al Ghul/Henri Ducard -- Played by Shadow Ranger
    3. The Joker -- Played by Shadow Ranger (later, Name subject to change)

    Secondary Characters

    1. Sir Alfred Pennyworth (Marcus Wayne's Live-In Personal Assistant) -- Played by Shadow Ranger
    2. Richter "Ric" Fox (CEO of Wayne Enterprises) -- Played by Shadow Ranger
    3. GCPD Captain James W. Gordon -- Played by Shadow Ranger
    4. GCPD Major Arnold Flass -- Played by Shadow Ranger
    6. GCPD Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb -- Played by Shadow Ranger
    7. Talia Al Ghul/Talia Head (Head of Waynetech) -- Played by Shadow Ranger
    8. The Wizard Shazam -- Played by Shadow Ranger (later, Name Subject To Change)

    The Rules

    1. Superman is always the first Superhero. So please somebody pick the Superman analogue for this world as their character. No he or she doesn't have to be a hero, they just have to start as a hero.

    2. Post at least once every two weeks. I'm looking for quality over quantity, but still value consistency. Remember, this RPG isn't just about the interactions. We're building a Universe here.

    3. You are not limited to one hero and/or villain. But start with only one and feel free to take on more later if you feel you can and/or if you feel that the RPG needs it. Remember, for every new main character you take, you are responsible for creating their world, so taking on more than one main character (and their rogues) should not be a decision made lightly. I plan to do this myself.

    4. No language filter. So I expect there will be quite a bit of crude language. However, I do ask that you keep it within reason. Don't go all racist or anything on me or I, as an Admin, will not hesitate to throw the book at you. If you want to consider using questionable material for a non-main-villain character, run it by me and GPR first and we'll let you know if it's going too far. Questionable material is expressly forbidden for any main character.

    5. Be creative and original. This is your chance to create a DC Universe of your own design. Throw out anything you don't like from the actual DC Universe and build the hero and/or villain of your choice the way you want. Aside from Rule #1, we are not beholden to anything from the current DC Universe.

    6. Discuss, Discuss, Discuss! We are building this Universe together so don't be a stranger! Speak with your fellow players either in the Discussion Thread or on your own through Social Media (like Skype, Facebook, what have you). Work together to build this Universe and make it awesome!

    7. Have Fun! At the end of the day, this is a game! And games are meant to be fun!

    The Rise of Justice Profile Sheet


    Real Name:

    Secret Identity (if different from Real Name):


    Hometown (or Home Planet):

    Base of Operations (if different from Hometown):

    Appearance: Use whatever you want. Anime, Comic, Real Life, or even DeviantArt. All I ask is you give proper credit if you use something from a place like DeviantArt.


    Gear (if applicable):



    History: Keep in mind your character hasn't become a hero yet. So this should be what has made your character who and what they are. This should include how the lack of heroes has shaped their character. If you're using an alternate version of an existing DC Hero or Villain, show how this version is different from the Earth 0 version.
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    Name: Batman

    Real Name: Marcus Wayne

    Secret Identity (if different from Real Name): N/A

    Age: 38

    Hometown (or Home Planet): Gotham City

    Base of Operations (if different from Hometown): The Batcave, Wayne Manor


    russell-wong.jpgBatman Beyond.jpg


    Wealth -- The richest man in Gotham and, ostensibly, the world.

    Ruthless Businessman -- Being the sole Owner of Wayne Enterprises, Marcus Wayne had to develop a keen business sense fast. Having had to deal with The Falcone Crime Family, The Corrupt Local Government, and other powerful worldwide businesses such as Lexcorp and Queen Industries, Wayne has developed an almost ruthless edge when dealing in business and politics.

    Professional Level Race Car Driver -- Even though Marcus has never raced a car in his life, he's been trained by a Champion Race Car Driver. A precursor to what he would become, Marcus saved this man's life and career by convincing him not to throw an important race. As thanks, he agreed to teach Marcus how to drive like a Race Car Driver.

    League of Assassins Training -- Marcus learned at the hands of the best trainers in The League of Assassins, including his own Adopted Father, The Demon's Head himself, Ra's Al Guhl. Because of this, Marcus is in exceptional shape and can pull off amazing feats of strength, agility, speed, and flexibility. Also, Marcus has been trained as a premiere assassin and can be virtually invisible when he wants to be.

    Hand-to-Hand Combat Training -- As part of his training in The League of Assassins, Marcus has mastered multiple forms of Martial Arts including Ninjitsu, Kung Fu, Judo, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Outside of The League, Alfred has decided to mentor him in the art of Boxing and Wrestling in an effort to temper the corruption of The League. Also, thanks to Jim Gordon's contact, he was able to gain personal training from a local MMA Fighter. This varied training has made Marcus a very versatile hand-to-hand combatant, both physically and mentally.

    Weapons Proficiency -- Through his training with The League of Assassins, Marcus has become proficient in various swords, shields, staves, throwing weapons, and chain weapons. Alfred, with the assistance of Jim Gordon, have trained Marcus in the use of various Firearms and Explosives to be able to deal with more modern threats.

    Botanical & Chemical Expertise -- His training with The League of Assassins has made Marcus rather proficient in the areas of Botany and Chemistry.

    Technological Genius -- Unlike Bruce Wayne, Marcus Wayne never dropped out of school. As such, Marcus Wayne is a near genius when it comes to technology. In a world where technology rose rapidly, Marcus Wayne felt the need to focus on technology in school. As such, he holds multiple Bachelor's and Master's Degrees and one Doctorate in various technology and science fields. Through The League of Assassins and Ra's himself, Marcus has been privvy to technology and theories, both Ancient and Modern, that society either is not aware of or has deemed too dangerous for public use.

    Keen Analytical Mind -- Unlike Bruce Wayne, Marcus Wayne is not a detective prodigy. He never travelled the world and trained with the best detectives. However, his formal eductaion in technology and sciences has developed in him a keen analyitical mind. While he may not have formal detective training, he will often see things even the most seasoned detective will miss. Marcus Wayne has an eye for even the most minute details. He will also often see and make connections that nobody else can.

    Gear (if applicable):

    The Bat Cowl -- The Cowl itself is made of a material not currently known to the world at large, its roots in the material known as Kevlar. It is tear proof, blade resistant, impact resistant, fire resistant, and bullet resistant. The Mask is made of a lightweight alloy, like the Cowl, not currently known to the world at large. It excels at bullet resistance and fire resistance. The Mask also has Visual Overlays built within the eyes. They include Night Vision, Thermal Vision, X-Ray Vision, and Zoom Vision (Binoculars). Lastly the Mask includes Air Filtration to keep the Hallucinogen from affecting Marcus himself.

    The Batsuit -- The Suit itself is made of a weave of the same material as the Cowl. The Armored Plating is made of the same alloy as the Mask. The suit provides minimal protection to the wearer from various damage sources while allowing maximum mobility and flexibility. The design is based off of the uniforms of The League of Assassins.

    Also built into the suit is a stealth system of Wayne and Fox's design called Glass-Shield Cloaking (yes I stole that). Glass-Shield Cloaking renders the suit invisible to the naked eye and envelopes the suit in a "Glass Shield." This shield, as the name suggests, refracts light, making the suit invisible to any known radar technology and will allow the user to pass through any known laser-grid technology. While this cloak is active, it also renders any light-based weaponry ineffective against The Batman.

    Built into the waist of the suit is a Utility Belt. Wayne uses this to house various thrown weapons and devices such as his custom shurikens (the Batarangs), various explosives, Hallucinogen Delivery Systems (syringes and grenades), Grapnel, and other small devices. Built into the back of the belt is a holster for his signature sword.

    Bat Gauntlets -- Made from the same material and alloys as the Batsuit, the Gauntlets sport dual fins that are razor sharp. They also have retractable climbing claws in the fingers for climbing sheer surfaces.

    Bat Boots -- Boots are made from the same material and alloys as the suit. Current functionality includes a Sound Dampening System for silent movement and landing and an Impact Dampening System so he doesn't break his ankles and knees from falls.

    Bat Sword.jpg
    The Bat Sword -- A modified League of Assassins Sword. Marcus' signature weapon.

    Psychotropic Hallucinogen -- A Hallucinogen derived from a plant found only in the mountains where The League of Assassins' HQ is located. The League of Assassins developed a gaseous implementation of the Hallucinogen, but Marcus developed a liquid implementation. He has also figured out how to grow that planet deep in The Batcave and has weaponized the implementations for his own use.

    The Batcave -- A large cave beneath Wayne Manor that Marcus, Alfred, and Richter have repurposed to be used as Batman's Base of Operations. The Batcave has an elevator into Marcus Wayne's Private Study in Wayne Manor

    The Batcave is home to Batman's Batsuit Vault, a large storage vault to house all of Batman's Batsuits. Currently there is only the one, but this is Batman we're talking about. It also houses a lot of Batman's Tech, most notably anything that fits in his Utility Belt. There is a kitchen where Alfred can provide The Dark Knight with nutrition and sustenance when working on a complicated case.

    The Batcave is also outfitted with a Test Center to test new tech before deploying it to the field. Adjacent to this is a Training Facility for Team Batman to stay in shape.

    The centerpiece of The Batcave is The Lazarus Pit and his Greenhouse where he grows the Psychotropic Plant.

    The Lazarus Pit -- Ra's Al Ghul installed a Lazarus Pit deep under Wayne Manor it will become The Batcave for his own personal use and for Talia's and Marcus'. Obviously Marcus will cut Ra's off from the Cave and House altogether once he becomes Batman, but he's going to keep the Pit.


    Humanity -- Marcus Wayne is Human.

    Arrogance -- Being the adopted son of Ra's Al Ghul, Marcus is arrogant as shit. And thus far, he's been able to back it up. But then again, he's never not had the backing of The League of Assassins.

    Fear of Bats -- Marcus Wayne has had a fear of bats ever since childhood. It is the reason he has chosen the bat as his avatar. Despite the fact that his base of operations is a large cave where bats live, he still has a modicum of fear of bats. As time passes and he spends more time down there, the fear should subside.

    Kill First -- Marcus prefers to kill first and never ask questions. This can be exploited, especially once he begins to change his mindset.

    Adrenaline Junkie -- The thrill of the kill has turned Marcus into a serious adrenaline junkie. While this had made him fearless, it also means he doesn't know when to stop.

    Lack of Trust -- Once the event that sets him on the path of The Batman begins, Marcus will find it VERY hard to trust.


    Marcus Wayne has a dual nature at war with each other. The currently dominant nature is a cocky, arrogant, self-absorbed, power-hungry prick with the wealth, skill, and The League of Assassins to back him up. This is a shell crafted by his Adoptive Father, Ra's Al Ghul. This persona was trained by The League of Assassins and honed as its peerless weapon against Human Nature.

    The second, currently submissive, nature is a scared little boy trapped inside the shell. This scared little boy misses his parents and wants to finish what they started: to make the world a better place. This nature is the Marcus Wayne that knows right from wrong, that prefers not to kill unless he has to, and that is generally kind. This nature has grown over time due to the constant influence of Alfred, Lucius Fox (and by extension, Ric), and James Gordon.

    As he grows into The Batman, he will merge both aspects of his personality into one defining personality and THAT will the birth of the true Marcus Wayne.


    Marcus Wayne was born to one of the richest men on the planet, Dr. Thomas Wayne and his wife Marcia Chen-Wayne. That's right, Marcus is Chinese American. Like his Earth 0 counterpart, Marcus lost both of his parents at a young age to Maroni Crime Family Hitman Joe Chill. He was comforted by a young Lieutenant of the GCPD, James Gordon. The Wayne Family Butler, Sir Alfred Pennyworth, became young Marcus' Legal Guardian. However, unlike his Earth 0 counterpart, Marcus did not make the solemn vow at his parents' gravesite that would lead to him becoming Batman. Why? Because shortly after that horrible day, young Marcus was visited by a travelling foreigner by the name of Henri Ducard. Ducard saw in Wayne a strong conviction and the fires of vengeance beginning to burn. He offered young Marcus a way to exact that vengeance. He offered to hone Marcus into a living weapon. Marcus, in his grief and anger eagerly accepted the offer. And thus, their long relationship began, much to the annoyance of Alfred.

    Once the training began, Ducard revealed his true identity, that of the immortal Ra's Al Ghul, The Demon's Head, leader of The League of Assassins. Marcus took to the training like a fish to water. As the years went by, Alfred began to see a radical change in his young charge. Marcus grew darker, angrier, arrogant, and sometimes downright mean. When Marcus turned 16, with the assistance of, now Captain, James Gordon, he began to train Marcus in things the League would not. Boxing, Wrestling, and Tai Chi. They also began to temper the psychological training that the League was putting him through without his realization. At the age of 18, James Gordon called in a favor and placed Marcus under the mentorship of a local MMA Fighter. This MMA Fighter taught Marcus the one thing that Ra's Al Ghul never wanted Marcus to learn: the value of honor and mercy. It was also at this time that Lucius Fox took Marcus under his wing and began to train him in business, preparing him to take over as Owner of Wayne Enterprises once he reached 21.

    Throughout all of this, Marcus became very close with Ra's Al Ghul's daughter, Talia Al Ghul who was the same age as him. They trained together and rose through the ranks together in The League of Assassins. They truly became brother and sister. So much so, that when he took over as Owner of Wayne Enterprises at 21, he named her the Head of Waynetech under an alias: Talia Head.

    Also through his childhood and adolescence, there was another presence: Lucius Fox's son, Richter Fox. The two grew up as best friends and Richter tried to Marcus' darker side in check. Richter trained with Marcus in Boxing and Wrestling with Alfred and MMA with Gordon's friend. When Marcus took over Wayne Enterprises, he named RIchter as CEO and moved Lucius over to the Board and named him Chairman.

    Now at the age of 38, Marcus is the richest man and, in his eyes and the eyes of the public, the most powerful man in Gotham City. Thanks to Ra's Al Ghul, Talia Al Ghul, and The League of Assassins, Wayne Enterprises has their hands in almost as many things as "The Roman" Carmine Falcone. But Marcus Wayne is about to learn that while his company is powerful, he is put a pawn in a much larger game of chess. In a world full of crime, politics, death, and corruption, even the Wayne Family can be pulled down into the gutter. In a world that needs him, it is time for The Batman to rise.
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    Name: Supergirl
    Real Name: Kara Zor-El
    Secret Identity: Kara Kent
    Age: 24
    Hometown: Metropolis
    Base of Operations: Fortress of Solitude


    Powers/Abilities: As a part-Kryptonian, Kara has many abilities while her body is under a yellow sun.
    Solar Energy Battery - Supergirl's powers are based on her Kryptonian physiology's interaction with solar energy. Her body sucks up that radiation and uses it to emit a low-level energy field that she can subconsciously manipulate. When she punches you, she's not willing the energy field to enhance her strength, she's trying to punch you hard and her body does what it does. When she lifts something that conventional physics says can't be lifted without crumbling under its own weight, her energy field surrounds it to compensate. Her skin is soft and human-like to the touch, yet the energy field becomes impossible to penetrate when punched or shot at. The field allows her to negate gravity in her immediate vicinity and fly.
    Flight - I mean, she's Supergirl. Of course she can fly.
    Invulnerability - Still Supergirl. She's very tough.
    Super Strength - You do not want her to punch you.
    Enhanced Hearing - She can hear everything. Pretty much. She can also filter and focus her powerful hearing to pinpoint a single source of sound in a noisy city. Metropolis, for example. This helps when there's one person calling for help in a city full of loud assholes.
    Enhanced Vision - Supergirl can see nearly every wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum. She can focus her vision to see things impossibly far away or objects as tiny as a dust mote. She can see through nearly any substance, except for lead and some other more exotic materials. Her eyes can shoot concentrated blastsof heat. She can see, like, really good in the dark.
    Speed - She is also quick. Not Flash-quick, but very quick.
    Super-Breath - I don't even know. She just has, like, all the powers I guess.

    Gear: She has a costume. And unlike most Supergirls you may be familiar with, her costume includes pants. 2018!

    Kryptonite - It's a glowing green rock from Krypton. To those with good intentions, kryptonite is a nearly-unlimited source of clean energy. To those who aren't so good, it is a way to shut off Kara's perpetual godmode. There may be other types of kryptonite out there with different colors and effects, but green is by far the most common. It's still pretty rare though.
    Magic - Kara isn't super vulnerable to magic, rather it's simply that her Kryptonian energy field doesn't protect her from it. She is just as vulnerable to a magic spell as a normal baseline human would be. Having said that, she can still tank hits from magically-empowered brawlers with the best of them; this vulnerability applies solely to energy blasts and direct spells, not shit like magically enhanced strength or conjured but otherwise mundane weapons.
    Trust - You will note that this is like one of Batman's weaknesses but not. Kara is trusting to the point of naivete, at least around new people. She wants to believe the best of everyone, and it's not difficult for unsavory individuals to take advantage of this. At least, it's not difficult once.

    Personality: Kara is a nerdy sweetheart who strives to see the best in everyone she meets. She's a natural leader, though her lack of confidence would force her to argue against that point. She's charismatic; people love Kara, due in no small part to her love for them. Kara's first impulse upon meeting a new person is to befriend them, and they're usually pretty okay with that. Her second impulse is to protect them; Kara knows she's stronger than you, and she's been raised to believe that her power gives her a responsibility to protect those who aren't so blessed. Some might call this arrogance, especially if those some have a last name that rhymes with Schmuthor, but those people would be wrong. Kara feels perpetually guilty that she has a personal life at all, that she isn't dedicating every second of every day to protecting the world. It's mostly why she'll probably put on a costume at some point, the same costume I already said she wears.


    Krypton was gone. Jor-El and his wife Lara Lor-Van sacrificed everything they had to save the most important thing to both of them - their unborn baby Kal-El. They transferred his fetus to a Kryptonian birthing matrix, and installed that into a prototype rocketship. Since Kal-El was still unborn, he was not bound to the planet like every other Kryptonian, and saving him was the last act his parents would ever do. Kal-El's pod landed in a field just as Jonathan and Martha Kent, humans, were driving by. They had just discovered the news that Martha was infertile and were sad that they would never have a child. As they were investigating, young Kal-El was born out of the matrix, and they fell in love.

    Sounds familiar so far, right?

    The year was 1958.

    Kal-El - now named Clark Kent - was raised on the Kent farm, and for most of his life was a normal human baby. He grew up with a strong sense of respect for everyone, a powerful work ethic, and a kind heart. He was a terrible character, because he was pretty perfect. Then one day when he was fifteen, he lit a tree on fire by looking at it really hard. After this came the strength, and the speed, and a whole host of otherworldly abilities. Clark's parents were worried that something was wrong and possibly Satanic, but they bit the bullet and showed Clark the birthing matrix they'd found him in. This is how Clark Kent found out he was an alien.

    Discovering his origins changed Clark's life. He didn't really play sports anymore; it was unfair to play football when he was so much stronger and faster than any other human, and he was too moral to consider purposely throwing games to hide his powers from everyone. This cost him a few friends, but most of his peers still loved Clark. Upon graduating, he traveled the world for a while to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. Mostly he studied and talked to people, but occasionally there was an urban legend of a powerful being who helped people out of a scrape or ripped apart a terrorist cell or what have you. Clark was very careful to hide his powers from everyone, as his parents had drilled into his head the necessity of not being expetrimented on by secret government organizations, and also getting to lead a normal life.

    Clark ended up writing a well-received book about his travels, and this got him a job offer at The Daily Planet, a Metropolis-based newspaper, as an op-ed journalist. Clark loved writing and he loved being able to use his powers to help people in secret, so instead of returning to the farm, he accepted. This is where he met his current rival and future wife Lois Lane, and where he first butted heads with billionaire mogul Lex Luthor. He helped people with his abilities in secret whenever possible, but Clark considered his journalism to be a far more powerful force for good than eye lasers and punches. Lois agreed, and eventually the two got married and had a daughter.


    Clark and Lois weren't even sure he could get her pregnant, but my god if it didn't work. Kara was born in the nineties, and she was adorable. She was basically the sum of her parents; she clearly had Clark's morals and general trust, but she also had Lois' perseverance and willingness to go as far as she needs to in order to right a wrong. Like Clark, for most of her childhood she didn't have any spectacular abilities. Unlike Clark, she was never sports-inclined, instead preferring to hang out with the more intellectual/nerdy cliques. She loved to read and thought sports were a stupid yet necessary evil. Clark and Lois hemmed and hawed over whether or not to tell Kara about her paternal family history, but then Kara accidentally slammed an attempted mugger into a dumpster so hard he was unconscious for three hours. At first she was angry that her parents had kept her heritage from her, but she was mature enough to realize that telling a child a mindblowing secret about the actual existence of extraterrestrial life is maybe not the best idea in the world.

    Clark bought Kara to the arctic in the summer between her sophomore and senior years of high school. There, he'd buried the rocket that had brought him to Earth, and the birthing matrix that birthed him had turned the ice and rock of the arctic into a crystalline Fortress of Solitude, a name that Kara definitely made fun of but secretly loved. This Fortress included an interactive hologram of Jor-El and Lara for some reason, and Kara spent the summer getting to know her parents and the history of Krypton. Lara's hologram even gave Kara her Kryptonian name, Kara Zor-El. If you really want to know how I'm justifying the Zor-El I'll tell you but frankly it's not horribly interesting and at least part of it is how Kara-El does not roll off the tongue well.

    Clark had assumed Kara would want to travel the world after graduation, much like Clark's own journey, but Kara preferred the idea of going right into college and getting a degree, focusing on doing something tangibly good rather than just hoping to stumble onto a calling. As much as she enjoyed writing, Kara decided she'd rather go right into a career where she could help people, so she spent the next six years getting her Master's degree in social work.

    In college, Kara met the woman who would go on to become her most trusted confidante and best friend, Lena Luthor. Lena was Lex Luthor's adoptive daughter, and she at first kind of hated Kara because of Kara's parents' multiple scathing articles about Lex Luthor, but Lex was in prison now and Lena really had to move on. The two were forced to work together on assigned group projects in class, and Lena stopped demonizing the poor Kent girl and they grew closer. The two were great influences on one another; Kara taught Lena how important it was to help the less fortunate, and Lena taught Kara that sometimes the best way to do good on a small scale was to work to change things on a large scale.

    Upon graduation, Lena's first act as the new CEO of Luthorcorp was to create a new line of Luthor-funded free medical clinics in lower income areas of Metropolis, an initiative she entirely credits (in private) to Kara's influence on her. Kara was of course immediately offered a job running one of the clinics, but Kara gently refused on the basis that she'd just graduated college and had no experience. So Lena gave her a job as a junior social worker instead, a job Kara absolutely loves. She works with the poor and downtrodden, the elderly and children, and does everything she can to get people the help they need. Still, thanks to her mom and dad, she wishes she could do even more, something where she could use her extraterrestrial powers to do some real good to help the world. But that's crazy talk.
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    Name: Green Lantern

    Real Name: Benjamin Merullo

    Secret Identity (if different from Real Name): N/A

    Age: 30

    Hometown (or Home Planet): Coast City

    Base of Operations (if different from Hometown): Coast City Public Library & Museum


    Costume :


    Sustenance - When wearing his ring, Ben has no need to eat, sleep, or use the bathroom.

    Flight - Ben's Power Ring allows him to fly and travel at great speeds, fast enough to traverse the galaxy in a reasonable time frame if needed.

    Barriers - Ben can generate shields and barriers that can absorb large amounts of damage. They are not indestructible though and like his other powers, these depend on his will and concentration.

    Hard Light Constructs - Ben can create anything he can think of out of green hard light and use these items as weapons. As a librarian, he frequently takes inspiration for his constructs from books.

    Scanning - Ben's ring has the ability to scan environments and provide useful information such as the makeup of objects, weights and measurements, and it can even track specific targets if requested. This scanning ability will be very limited to start but will evolve as time goes on.

    Gear (if applicable):

    Power Ring - This mysterious ring is the conduit of Ben's powers. The ring allows him to create hard light constructs and barriers, fly, and a host of other powers. The ring requires charging, however, from the Power Battery in order to remain active. [Ben's is the one in the middle in the picture above. The other 8 will all come into play over the course of time.]

    Power Battery - This battery appeared after Ben put on the ring the first time and is stored in a pocket dimension. The Power Ring needs to be charged off the battery periodically in order for his powers to work. This is done via the speaking of an oath of Ben's own creation.


    Loss of Ring Charge - As mentioned above, his powers are channeled through the ring, and the ring must be charged off the battery periodically. If it is not, the ring will steadily become less effective and Ben will lose his powers until another recharge. Ben typically prefers to recharge at regular intervals to prevent the ring from becoming low, let alone running dry.

    Lack of Concentration - Ben's powers are based on his Will, which requires concentration to maintain in battle situations. If Ben becomes too distracted, any constructs or barriers he is creating will weaken and he can fall from the sky if flying.

    Fatigue from use of powers - Extensive use of his powers can also physically exhaust Ben, naturally making him less effective.

    Personality: Ben is a unique juxtaposition of an intellectual and a dreamer. He believes in the goodness of people and the possibilities of the future, and focuses this through the lens of history. He will always be the first to look at a glass as half full but understands that the world isn't always that positive. He's somewhat shy in real life, but has used his hero persona as an attempt to reinvent himself as the outgoing person he always wanted to be. He'll realize over the course of time that being himself is the better option. When working with a team, he will generally serve as the heart, acting as a peace keeper when needed and keeping everyone focused and on the same page.

    History: Forthcoming.
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    Name: Rip Tide

    Real Name: King Rhy'un

    Secret Identity: Jackson Hyde

    Age: 21

    Hometown (or Home Planet): Atlantis



    Hydrokinesis - Can create, shape and manipulate water, inorganic compound with liquid, gas (steam, water vapor), and solid (ice) states, including changing them from one state to other.

    Telepathy - Jackson has a special ability to force all sea-based creatures to submit to his will. He does NOT talk to the animals. Although he has shown a healthy respect, love, and admiration for all life.

    Superhuman Strength - Possesses superhuman as well as super-Atlantean strength, displaying the ability to lift in excess of approximately 160,000 tons.

    Superhuman Senses - Jackson Hyde possesses superhuman senses, such as enhanced sight, hearing, and smell. However, since he’s also an Atlantean, his senses have been exponentially amplified, so much so that he has developed a form of sonar and can even hear the heartbeat of someone inside a submarine.

    Furthermore, his sonar senses have allowed him to react to nearby enemies by detecting water movement, though we expect this ability to come in handy when his enhanced vision is rendered ineffective at substantial depths.

    Healing - Jackson has the ability to use his water-based abilities to heal himself and others.


    Trident - Part of a collection of seven very powerful Atlantean magical items, forged by the first king of Atlantis who calls himself 'The Dead King'. Thought to be the most powerful weapon of the set, with the possible exception of the recently discovered seventh item, the Trident is completely indestructible and able to hurt even the most powerful of opponents. Apart from its power as a melee weapon, the trident can also fire bolts of powerful energy. He can also summon tsunamis and deluges with the weapon.

    Similar to Moljnir or Stormbreaker, Jackson has the ability to call the trident to him and as the rightful King of Atlantis he is the only person who can wield the weapon.


    Naivete - Due to his age and his goofiness, Jackson can be is own worse enemy because he doesn't take very much seriously.

    Personality: While being the rightful King of Atlantis, Jackson has not matured as of yet. He is a wisecracking jokster type that doesn't take very much seriously and is a world class smartass, who thinks he's hilarious. He is quick witted, sarcastic, and has a comeback for everything; he loves being challenged and having witty debates. Often times he shirkes his responsibilities in favor of having fun.

    But, don't let his witty exterior fool you, Jackson has a well developed sense of duty. He's always striving to do do the right thing in every situation. He's also the kind of guy that you don't want to piss off, because his heritage makes him one of the strongest beings in the entire universe. While being groomed to be King, Jackson has learned a thing or two, so while it's not one of his primary qualities Jackson is also skilled in diplomacy.

    Jackson's fatal flaw is loyalty. He is willing to risk his life for anyone he cares for, and he could even place his loved ones safety above the world's well-being.

    History: Jackson Hyde was born Rhy'un to King Torvall and Queen Mera. But, due to a coup in Atlantis the royal family sent the throne's heir to the surface world in order to save his life. His parents sent with him a protector, a member of the Atlantis army that when the time was right would inform Jackson of his heritage and his rightful place in the world. This member is the only link to his heritage that Jackson would ever know and as a result of the coup every member of the royal family was killed.

    His life on the surface world was not pleasant at first... Jackson's protector left him on the steps of an orphanage. This orphanage is where Jackson spent the first nine years of his life. Jackson led a real hard knock life here. He was bullied by the kids and treated with indifference by the social workers and heads of the orphanage. And if that wasn't bad enough, the question of his family history is something that continously plagued Jackson. He desperately wanted to know about his parents and where he was from. The mystery continued to elude him and played a huge role in his unhappiness.

    On his 10th birthday, Jackson was adopted by the loving Andre and Marie Burns. After all of the pain, that had plagued him for so long, Jackson finally had a loving family of his own. He was enrolled in public school, they threw him birthday parties which he had never had before. And he was able to let go of the majority of his pain. During this time he took an interest in martial arts and he even gained a friend, Charlie Mack.

    At Charlie's insistence, they joined the swimming team and it was here at the age of 18 that Jackson noticed something was different about him. During his first swim practice, Charlie was injured trying to show off and he smashed his head into the wall on a turnaround. After retrieving him from the pool and with the entire swim team as witnesses, Jackson completely healed Charlie of all of his injuries.

    Freaked out and full of questions, Jackson bolted and after hours of wandering aimlessly around his city, he found himself at the ocean. And that is where Jackson met his protector, Aegis. Aegis over hours and hours of conversation and confusion and skepticism, Jackson began to realize his heritage and his destiny. With this newfound information, Aegis began to take Jackson under his wing and trained him in all things Atlantean.

    When he was ready, Jackson and Aegis ventured to Atlantis for Jackson's first time and Aegis first time in nearly 2 decades. Atlantis is no longer anything like what Aegis remembered. The current king of Atlantis is a facist that has imposed strict sanctions and tariffs on his people. After a short stint of recon, Jackson reveals himself and challanges the ruler for the throne. After a gladitorial battle to the death, Jackson claims his place as the rightful king of Atlantis.

    Despite his good intentions, the council is reluctant to recognize Jackson as King due to his age; Jackson is the youngest king in their history. Also due to the fact that he grew up on land and doesn't have that deep of understanding of their culture, and due to his glib ways. But, Jackson has shown a determination to prove himself as king.
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