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    The Rise of Justice: A DC Multiverse Persistent Universe RPG [Rated R]


    Persistent World RPG
    Discussion Thread


    Welcome to the DC Multiverse! In this RPG, we will focus on one Earth among the 52 the exist within said Multiverse. However, unlike every other Earth within the Multiverse, the story of this Earth has yet to be written. In fact, it's just starting. And you, fair players, are the ones who will write it.

    On this Earth, there are no Superheroes and there are no Supervillains. There are citizens. Rich, Poor, Corrupted, Honorable, Criminal, Innocent. The Age of Heroes never happened and the world has suffered because of it. Corporations and Criminal Empires control most major aspects of world governments. Good people with honor and justice in their hearts are being oppressed and suppressed by those with money and power. With the nearly complete dominance of the world by corporations, technology has flourished and advanced at a faster rate than most other Earths, including Earth 0.

    An unintentional visitor from Earth 0 is about to be the catalyst for the coming of The Age of Heroes. But is this world ready? Will these Heroes make a difference in a world so steeped and entrenched in corruption? And why has this visitor brought about The Age of Heroes?

    What Is A Persistent World RPG?

    A Persistent World RPG is a RPG that does not end with one story arc. It is a RPG that is the story of a world created by those who inhabit it: The Players. It is a RPG that has multiple, varied locations (hence the need for a Sub-Forum), created by The Players. The characters are also created by and developed by The Players. The "worlds" of these characters are to be designed and developed by The Players. That is to say the city (or if they're aliens, their entire world) they inhabit and the people that inhabit it with them like their families, work associates, local law enforcement, local government, local crime, things like that. The Player will be given the freedom to create the "world" they wish to create for their character. And it doesn't have to be only one player controlling the creation of these "worlds." In fact, it is up to one player to establish the locations, but it is up to all the players to keep those locations inhabited and the stories flowing.

    Each RPG Thread in each Location Sub-Forum is one story taking place in that location. It is the combination of all the stories being told throughout all the Location Sub-Forums that will make up the fabric of this Persistent World. Anyone can make a RPG Thread in any Location Sub-Forum to tell the story they want to tell. Whomever makes the RPG Thread can dictate who can and can't take part in that particular story. You want to tell a Superman/Wonder Woman Story and want only them involved? That's cool, state that in your Thread Title with something like [Superman/Wonder Woman]. You want to make a Green Lantern/Flash Story, but allow anyone to bring in their character to take the story in different directions? Just add [Open] to your Thread Title. It's that easy. And now the slightly complicated part. The Players should, probably, pay attention to events that are happening in other threads as they are, generally, happening concurrently to your own. Events in other threads could affect what is happening in your thread and, ideally, I'd love to see that happen.

    Setting The Time Frame

    To set the time frame, I'll just say this: Marcus Wayne (The Batman, my character) is 38 years old. The events that happened to Bruce Wayne happened to Marcus (more details in the bio) and during the same time frame. The only difference is that Marcus did not become The Batman (which, of course, changed everything for Gotham from then on). If you know your Batman Lore, you should be able to deduce the time frame from which we're working here.

    The World In Detail

    Since I've now told you that I will be playing Batman, allow me to give you a glance at his world: Gotham City. This should give you an idea of the world at large. With Marcus not becoming The Batman, James Gordon was not promoted to Commissioner, but rather only to Captain. Gillian Loeb remains the GCPD Commissioner. Gordon's partner and direct superior is Major Arnold Flass. Anyone who knows Batman Lore will tell you that Loeb and Flass are two of the most corrupt law enforcement officials in Gotham City history. Crime Boss The Roman Carmine Falcone is in firm control of Gotham's Underworld and has both the GPCD and The Mayor's Office firmly in the palm of his hand with Hamilton Hill in office. He's also absorbed The Maroni Crime Family. Without the presence of a Batman, Falcone's Crime Empire has flourished and nothing happens in Gotham without his knowledge. There is very little hope in Gotham City's citizens as they are being oppressed and crushed under the corrupt government and the criminals that pull their strings.

    One man, however, has tried to make Gotham better, but in doing so has further divided its citizens and their opinion of him. Marcus Wayne has used his wealth and power as Owner of Wayne Enterprises to extend the height of Wayne Tower that sits at the center of Gotham City and create a second tier to the Gotham City that sits above the crime-ridden poverty of the Main Level, or Old Gotham as the Elite that live on the Upper Level have come to call it. Wayne has tried to create somewhat of a Utopia away from the crime and corruption and, to a degree, it has worked, but as it always is in a Capitalistic Society, those with money and power have made sure they are the ones who gained entry into the Utopia. While lives for the Gotham Socialist Elite have vastly improved, lives for those in Old Gotham have gotten, by degrees, worse. Without the Socialist Elite to provide some buffer between the people and the corrupt, the citizens of Old Gotham have no choice but to be subservient to the corrupt.

    The Heroes

    1. Marcus Wayne/The Batman -- Played by Shadow Ranger
    2. Earth 0 Visitor (To be revealed in game) -- Played by Shadow Ranger
    3. Captain Marvel -- Played by Shadow Ranger (Real Name and other details later)
    4. Supergirl/Kara Zor-El/Kara Kent -- Played by Question
    5. Green Lantern/Benjamin Merullo -- Played by GPR
    6. Rip Tide/King Rhy'un/Jackson Hyde -- Played by White Ranger Power

    The Villains

    1. "The Roman" Carmine Falcone -- Played by Shadow Ranger
    2. Ra's Al Ghul -- Played by Shadow Ranger
    3. The Joker -- Played by Shadow Ranger (later, Name subject to change)

    Secondary Characters

    1. Sir Alfred Pennyworth (Marcus Wayne's Butler) -- Played by Shadow Ranger
    2. Richter "Ric" Fox (CEO of Wayne Enterprises) -- Played by Shadow Ranger
    3. Talia Head/Talia Al Ghul (Head of Waynetech) -- Played by Shadow Ranger
    4. GCPD Captain James W. Gordon -- Played by Shadow Ranger
    5. GCPD Major Arnold Flass -- Played by Shadow Ranger
    7. GCPD Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb -- Played by Shadow Ranger
    8. The Wizard Shazam -- Played by Shadow Ranger (later, Name Subject To Change)

    The Rules

    1. Superman is always the first Superhero. So please somebody pick the Superman analogue for this world as their character. No he or she doesn't have to be a hero, they just have to start as a hero.

    2. Post at least once every two weeks. I'm looking for quality over quantity, but still value consistency. Remember, this RPG isn't just about the interactions. We're building a Universe here.

    3. You are not limited to one hero and/or villain. But start with only one and feel free to take on more later if you feel you can and/or if you feel that the RPG needs it. Remember, for every new main character you take, you are responsible for creating their world, so taking on more than one main character (and their rogues) should not be a decision made lightly. I plan to do this myself.

    4. No language filter. So I expect there will be quite a bit of crude language. However, I do ask that you keep it within reason. Don't go all racist or anything on me or I, as an Admin, will not hesitate to throw the book at you. If you want to consider using questionable material for a non-main-villain character, run it by me and GPR first and we'll let you know if it's going too far. Questionable material is expressly forbidden for any main character.

    5. Be creative and original. This is your chance to create a DC Universe of your own design. Throw out anything you don't like from the actual DC Universe and build the hero and/or villain of your choice the way you want. Aside from Rule #1, we are not beholden to anything from the current DC Universe.

    6. Discuss, Discuss, Discuss! We are building this Universe together so don't be a stranger! Speak with your fellow players either in the Discussion Thread or on your own through Social Media (like Skype, Facebook, what have you). Work together to build this Universe and make it awesome!

    7. Have Fun! At the end of the day, this is a game! And games are meant to be fun!
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