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    And that is the most important part of all this: to keep things civil and have a normal discussion. I have seen firsthand how sometimes a disagreement be it political or sociological can convene into a flurry of accusations or the typical "if you are not X then you are (insert shenanigans here)ist. While i agree to disagree in some stances displayed here i hope this does not take away the fact that we can be either friends or at least be courteous to one another, even more when we share the same interest in all things multicolored spandex.

    Now to bring this back to topic, it seems Saban Brands will be shutting down after the Habsro acquisition is formalized. It seems it would unfortunately mean some layoffs, mostly from the Neo Saban era.
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    Yeah hopefully Hasbro will absorb some of the Saban Brands staff from the TV Production side of things to continue working on Power Rangers. Hasbro needs to bring back the Holy Trinity of Tzachor, Lynn, and Marchand. It's painfully obvious that Tzachor and Lynn cannot operate on their own, but with even the two of them together, they can do wonderous things with Power Rangers. Add Marchand back into the mix and you should get some quality stuff. Of course, the caveat to all this is that Hasbro can convince Toei to back off and let them do what they want to do.

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