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    I don't want to derail the thread.



    "Separate the art from the artist" is a term terribly lost in "HashtagCurrentYear" and it is truly a shame. Do I think Channel Awesome is a cornucopia of a-holery? Absolutely. But i have been enjoying their content since they started and some of their latest videos had peaked my interest. I enjoyed the Jem and the Holograms review he did, I enjoyed his old content like Alone in the Dark, Battlefield Earth and others, I should not be chastised for liking them even though i never liked the people putting out said content. I liked "The I.T. Crowd" even though i wish Graham Linehan would rot in hell. When i played FEZ i had some fun while still despising the ever loving douchebaggery given the flesh that is Phil Fish. It works both ways of the political spectrum.

    And on the same topic of Change the Channel, no one can deny that while with good intentions, the other side did not do it for the "truth to come out" solely, they wanted their 15 minutes restarted, and for some of them it worked. And on that side they also had their skeletons well documented. While one side may have misogyny the other had grave standing for political purposes. One side may have ill intent but the other had a defender of a documented pedophile while also saying that they kept quiet about a then alleged predator because "gooblegator". Both sides have problem and personally I couldn't care less about either one. That should not stop me to like what i want to like.

    ...And now back to your regularly scheduled thread.
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