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    RV Favicon Power Rangers: 25th Anniversary

    Hello friends, as Power Rangers get closer to being on air for 25 years, I want to do a very special fan fiction. All my other fan fictions, I didn't like at all and that is why I got rid of them. They weren't unique and special like my other two fan fictions were, where I apologize for leaving you guys with a cliffhanger. I know I can write and finish with this fan fiction because Power Rangers is so dear to me because I have watched it from the beginning. I was only 11 years old and I thought that was the coolest thing on Earth. Later on, I realized it came from Japan as Super Sentai and immediately fell in love with that. Even though this is Power Rangers and a fan fiction; I am going to include a few of my favorite Super Sentai actors as well. This is going to be a mix of Power Rangers, Super Sentai, and Kamen Rider. The suits I have figured out, aren't going to be like that of Power Rangers but more or less like Super Sentai's after they have an anniversary season. The suits were different with Go-Busters (Beast Morphers) because it was season 36, Gekiranger was different due to their 30th anniversary season, Boukenger, and Kyuranger was different due to it being season 41. You get the idea. This fan fiction is based around a fictitious Anaheim, California since I only have been their once to go to Disneyland. Hope you enjoy it.

    (all my characters speak English for the sake of translation purposes)


    Mike Ginn as himself

    Peta-Marie Rixon as herself

    Brennan Mejia as himself

    and introducing

    Ultimate Mikey as himself, Michael aka Mikey


    Game Master

    Syo Jinnai as Enter
    Ayame Misaki as Escape

    Shouma Kai as Paradox


    part one

    "I am so looking forward to this year at Power Morphicon!" Mikey stated, so excitedly to his mother, driving him.

    "Yes, honey," his mom said, pulling in front of an airline gate, "You are going to have a lot of fun. Now remember, call me when you land in California."

    "Yes mom," Mikey said, rolling his eyes.

    This is Mikey's third time going to Power Morphicon and as tradition, his mom drives him to the airport. Mikey is a 36 year old man with curly dark brown hair and a beard. He has brown eyes and has a few tattoos on his arm. On his left arm he had a tattoo of a phoenix which is pretty much covering his lower part of his left arm and on top is a picture of two wolves in the shape of the Pisces symbol (the two fish circling around) and in the middle of the two wolves circling around is the Pisces symbol. On his right arm, just above his elbow is a crown of thrones wrapped around his arm and two inches above that is a heart with a cross in the middle with rays coming out of it. The left side is black and gray while the right side has color to it. Mikey is a little overweight but is working real hard to get fit from his trainer.

    He kisses his mother good bye and makes his way into the airport. His flight is in about an hour and a half so he has time. He makes his way through security and gets to his gate. He sees an empty seat next to an old woman and goes and sits down. He can finally relax. He looks through his Twitter account and sees a message from Mike Ginn, a Power Ranger actor who played Boom, the Series Operator Gold Ranger on Power Rangers RPM. The message reads that he can't wait to meet him at Power Morphicon. He checks his Facebook and notices that Peta-Marie Rixon, who played Alpha 5 in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie, wishes him a safe trip. He felt very good about himself. He felt that he was actually talking to people and not "movie star" people. Mike and Peta-Marie were just normal people to him that he grew to have good conversations with him. Peta-Marie was the one who talked to him while waiting for his boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend, but still she talked to him, calming his nerves. Mike he remembered making that Power Ranger Ultimate Alliance video and Mike was the one who told him that the video was awesome. And now Mike has a stream on Twitch that he watches. Things like that really mattered to him, because he grew up not really having that many friends and just being able to have a normal conversation with them, meant the world. Sure there were some Power Ranger actors that he has crushes on and wouldn't know what to do if they talked to him, but other than that Mike and Peta-Marie were pretty cool.

    An announcement came through the speaker as he was checking on his phone, "Flight 4455 is cancelled dude to a freak storm. If you are scheduled on this flight please come up to the desk and we will make arrangements."

    Mikey was so disappointed because he was suppose to arrive to California at noon so he could meet up with his friends, Daniel and Matthew since they were sharing a room together. He was about to go up to the desk where the message told him to go, but the old woman, who was sitting next to him, turned to him and grabbed his wrist.

    "Excuse me!" Mikey shouted, trying to pull back, but couldn't because the woman was so strong, "Let go of me!"

    Everyone in the airport turned to Mikey and for some reason no one saw the old woman sitting next to him. One guy sitting behind him asks if he is alright. Mikey looked at everyone and asks if they see the old woman grabbing at his wrist. They shake their heads and the guy says he must have been dreaming. Mikey is so confused and smiles, awkwardly and agrees that he must be dreaming, even though he still sees the woman. The woman, although grabbing him, had a kind look on her face. She had long white hair and hazel eyes. She wore a beautiful sun dress and smelled like lavender. She finally lets go of his wrist.

    "I'm so sorry," the old woman says.

    "Who are you?" Mikey whispers so not to draw anymore attention.

    "My name is Melody and I believe you can stop an evil presence that has come into your world," she said.

    "What?" Mikey asked, still whispering, "What are you talking about? An evil presence?"

    "Yes!" Melody said, "His name is Game Master. He takes controls of universes by creating deadly games and he ends up destroying all of humanity. I am from an Earth similar to this one but we were connected to a grid called the Morphing Grid. Have you ever heard of it?"

    "The Morphing Grid?!" Mikey exclaimed, having people look over to him.

    Soon two security guards came over.

    "Sir, is everything alright?" one guard asked.

    "Um..yeah!" Mikey nervously said, "Um...I...I was just thinking to myself about how the Power Rangers gets their power."

    "Power Rangers?" one of the guards said, "Sir, I think you need to come with us. You are causing a scene here."

    Before Mikey could do anything, Melody stood up and her hazel eyes started to glow white. This freaked Mikey out a little bit and Melody raised our her hands and a huge white light beamed out and went through the whole airport. When the light faded, everyone was looking around them. Mikey noticed that no one could see him now and that he was invisible to them all. The guards started scratching their heads in confusion and this caused a bit of a panic because the man just disappeared before their eyes.

    "What did you do?" Mikey asked, looking amazed.

    "I just brought us to a different dimension," Melody said, "The Gaming Dimension. This is where Game Master uses his power and brings the Gaming Dimension to reality."

    "Isn't it dangerous?" Mikey asked, "Wouldn't this Game Master see us?"

    "No," Melody said, "he is fixed on California." Melody said, "So you know the Morphing Grid?"

    "Well it's part of a television show that has been around for twenty-five years," Mikey said, "The show is called Power Rangers."

    "So Power Rangers are just made up television characters?" Melody asks.

    "Yes," Mikey said.

    "Well, my Earth that I come from," Melody said, "There is, or I should say there were Power Rangers."

    "What happened to them?" Mikey asked.

    "They were all destroyed by Game Master and his minions," Melody said, looking down with a heavy heart, "I tried to stop Game Master from destroying everyone but what could an old woman do? I am just the Keeper of the Morphing Grid. Zordon..."

    "Did you say Zordon?" Mikey interrupted.

    "Yes, Zordon," Melody nodded.

    "He is a real person?" Mikey asked.

    "Well of course he is real!" Melody exclaimed, thinking that was a huge insult, "Zordon was the greatest mentor who ever lived. He sacrificed himself to preserve peace. If he hadn't, who knows what would have happen."

    "Calm down," Mikey instructed, "Remember, in this universe Power Rangers is just a television show and Zordon was a character."

    "I"m sorry," Melody said, "I keep on forgetting. Anyway Zordon appointed me to be Keeper of the Morphing Grid if something should happen to him. I had been staying in the Morphing Grid for some time. Even when the Armada tried to invade. I had to maintain the power for the Power Rangers. Even with the Alliance I had to remain hidden in the Morphing Grid to preserve the power. But this is so much more than the Armada or the Alliance. Game Master is ten times stronger than the Alliance and the Armada put together. He is very clever and very powerful."

    "Okay, so why did you grab my wrist?" Mikey asked, "What does any of this have to do with me? I'm on my way to one of the biggest events in my life and here you are saying an evil treat is here."

    "I want you to protect your world and become a Power Ranger," Melody said, holding out what looks like a red controller which read Angry Birds on the top.

    "You want me to become a Power Ranger?" Mikey asked, "Look at me! I don't have the built to be a ranger! I just started a personal trainer to become thin and then work on muscles. I don't know how to fight."

    "Michael," the old woman said, smiling at him.

    "How do you know my name?" Mikey asked.

    "I know a lot about you Michael," Melody started saying, "I know how much of a struggle you have going on. I know about how you got picked on and harassed all through your school years. I know how isolated you felt at that Catholic College not being accepted into any group because of your sexuality. I know how much you hated yourself for going off on working out; all those three years wasted. I know the hurt you have inside with your family not approving of this "life style". Deep down inside Michael, you have a warm loving heart and you care for people. You'll go out of your way to help people. I know you are a bit socially awkward with keeping plans and dates but for the most part you are this genuine guy who at the end of the day would lay your life down to help another live." (I wrote this from a few people in my life saying all this to me, so it didn't really come from me but from a lot of people around me)

    Mikey looks at the red controller.

    "Angry Birds?" Mikey asked, looking down at the controller.

    "Yes," Melody said, "Game Master uses creatures and monsters from games to do his biding so from the Morphing Grid different controllers appeared to fight games with games."

    "So what do I need to do to morph?" Mikey said.

    "Hold the controller out in front of you," Melody said, "Push start and shout out 'Let the games begin!' You'll know what to do and say after."

    Mikey paused for a moment, but then held the controller out in front of him, pressing the start button.

    "Let the games begin!" he shouted.

    Suddenly, just like in the show Kamen Rider Ex-Aid a bunch of screens came around him. One showed a picture of a metallic red suit, with the title 'Angry Birds' in the background and others had question marks on it. He punched at the picture with the red metallic suit and a belt appeared (yes, yes I know it sounds like Kamen Rider but it's Power Rangers; just bare with me). He saw a place that the controller could attach to it and he knew to attach the controller to the belt. When this happened, the one screen that he punched started flipping around like a coin and started to grow larger. The screen now was as big as Mikey and the screen went right through him. A red metallic armor appeared. It didn't look spandex-y at all like any other Power Ranger suits he had seen on the television. It was almost like the 2017 movie armor. It was sort of an Iron Man look but for the helmet he had goggles, just like in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid for a visor but it was black inside the goggles with angry looking eye brows up above the eyes. He had a bit of spikes on his helmet as well to symbolize hair. On his chest was a little chest plate armor, where in the middle was a red glowing crystal. His controller had a mini screen on it that had one green bar on it and on the bottom of the bars it read 'Perfect health'.

    Mikey could feel so much power going through him.

    "You are now a Power Ranger and called Player One, Red!" Melody said, handing him two more controllers; one blue and the other . "In order to defeat Game Master, you must build up a player base and find as many Players as you can."

    "I need to find as many Players as I can?" Mikey asked, "Well what does that mean?"

    "You are Player One, Red and very powerful you are," Melody said, "but with your power alone, you can only defeat Omegas. They are Game Master's minions. He has trillions of these creatures at his disposal. With two players, you can fight Betas. These are also minions of Game Master, but they are a lot stronger than Omegas. There are billions of these guys Game Master has. With three players you can defeat Alphas. They are the strongest out of the three. Alphas are all powerful. They are either monsters that Game Master created or other players Game Master has recruited."

    "Why does Game Master want to recruit humans if he plans to destroy the world?" Mikey asked.

    "Certain humans love to play games and want to be the best at gaming," Melody said, "This fuels Game Master and the more power he has the tougher the game he will make it for you to try and beat him."

    "So destroying the Earth is a game to him" Mikey asked, still looking at his suit, "and why California?"

    "Yes," Melody said, "He thrives on games! And I am not quite sure why he is fixated on California"

    Mikey looks up at the desk he was suppose to go to and looks toward Melody.

    "Is there anyway I can get to California since I know I can't show my face here since I completely disappeared and they will take me into questioning?" Mikey asked.

    "Yes," Melody said, "on your controller you have the option of teleporting."

    "Teleporting?!" Mikey exclaimed, "That is so cool!"

    "Yes, you are now connected to the morphing grid so you can travel anywhere you would like," Melody said, "but before you go, there are certain rules. You can't willingly tell anyone that you are a Power Ranger. I say willingly because there might be certain times if someone is under attack and you need to help them out, but just don't go prancing around and telling everyone you are a Power Ranger. Second, the controllers I gave you will start to glow when they have picked the player."

    "What?" Mikey interrupted, "The controller chooses the Player? So that means the Red Controller chose me."

    "Yes it did," Melody said, "I just make the controllers but they have a mind of their own. Anyway, once the controller starts glowing, you can go off into the Gaming Dimension with that person, but since you'll be in the Gaming Dimension, Game Master will notice you right away. So you'll have to talk fast. Last, do not use your powers for personal gain, except for teleporting. If you start using your powers for personal game, devastating things will happen. You are to find your team and work together in destroying Game Master. Other rangers in the past have failed but I have a feeling that you and your team will just do great."

    "Do you know where I should look for my teammates? Other Players?" Mikey asked.

    "All I know is that they are somewhere around the Power Morphicon convention," Melody said, "and with that I must be gone. To teleport, just think of where you want to go and a ray of light will take you there. We'll be talking soon."

    And with those final words, she disappeared. Mikey was still in the Gaming Dimension and closed his eyes. He thought about the address to the hotel he was staying. All of a sudden, Mikey saw a ray of red light coming on him, starting with his feet and rising up. He started to be lifted from the ground and up in the air, flying through the air, as fast as lighting. In a matter of seconds he was standing on the side to the hotel he was going to stay at. He was early and was pretty hunger. He took off his controller on his belt to see how to power down, but he immediately powered down from his suit. He heard from the controller:

    "Game saved!"

    "That was weird!" Mikey said, putting his controller in his suitcase, along with the others.

    He saw next to the hotel a place he could eat. It looked very cozy and so he went in there. There was a bar with stools when he first walked in. There were booths and tables to one side of the restaurant. He noticed a young man sitting at the bar. He had funny looking closes on. He had purplish pants on with multi colored squares on his pants. He wore a black looking coat and wore a pink sweater with holes in the sleeves to put his thumb through. There were colorful strings on his jacket and he had black curly hair with a baby face. The guy took one look at Mikey and smiled. Mikey noticed there was something very off with this guy. All of a sudden, Mikey felt he was in the Game Dimension with this guy that was smiling at him.

    "Who are you?" Mikey asked, getting out his controller, "Are you Game Master?"

    The young man started laughing.

    "What is so funny?" Mikey asked.

    The young man kept laughing as he got up. Mikey readied his controller just in case, but the young man just disappeared. He disappeared in red, black, and white diamonds. As he disappeared so did the diamonds. Just then clouds of black smoke appeared all around and Mikey was out of the Game Dimension. People were too busy looking at the black smoke that was now in reality to worry about Mikey disappearing and reappearing. Out of the smoke two hands formed and then bodies with two feet and a head. The whole body was black and on the head instead of a face, there was just a round silver mirror-like to represent a face. Mikey thought that these must be the Omegas Melody was talking about. He noticed that there was a corner off from all the people and he went over there so he wouldn't be seen. He pulled out his controller and pressed start.

    "Let the games begin!" Mikey said.

    Suddenly, a bunch of screens came around him. One showed a picture of a metallic red suit, with the title 'Angry Birds' in the background and others had question marks on it. He punched at the picture with the red metallic suit and a belt appeared. He saw the place that the controller could attach to it and he attached the controller to the belt. The one screen that he punched started flipping around like a coin and started to grow larger. The screen now was as big as Mikey and the screen went right through him. A red metallic armor appeared. It didn't look spandex-y at all like any other Power Ranger suits he had seen on the television. It was almost like the 2017 movie armor. It was sort of an Iron Man look but for the helmet he had goggles, just like in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid for a visor but it was black inside the goggles with angry looking eye brows up above the eyes. He had a bit of spikes on his helmet as well to symbolize hair. On his chest was a little chest plate armor, where in the middle was a red glowing crystal. His controller had a mini screen on it that had one green bar on it and on the bottom of the bars it read 'Perfect health'.

    He came around the corner and the Omegas were starting to terrorize the people that were still in the restaurant. He jumped up in the air and punched an Omega which was pulling on this girl's hair. The Omega fell to the ground and turned into a coin. Mikey thought that was weird and picked up the coin. The coin then started glowing and the glow went into his controller. The green bar glowed and he thought he understood it. The woman thanked Mikey and ran out of the building. Some more Omegas were terrorizing a family trying to eat their breakfast. He ran over to the Omega and was about to do a drop sweep to them when two Omegas came from behind Mikey and pushed him to the ground. When he got up, he noticed that the green bar had retracted a bit. He was mad and kicked one into the wall. The Omega turned into a cloud of smoke and disappeared. There was no coin left behind. Mikey realized that it probably doesn't happen all the time with the coins. He then took two Omegas and bobbed their heads together. Both of them fell to the ground in smoke.

    "Dang it!" Mikey said, hoping for a coin.

    The family thanked Mikey and left in a hurry. There were still more Omegas to be taken care off and he told everyone to get out of the building. He went over to one of the Omegas and started punching him. The Omega blocked all his punches and punched him in the gut, sending him flying to the wall. This was a greater force than being knocked to the ground and the green bar had retracted almost half way. The green bar was now a yellow bar. He figured if the bar was gone, it would literally be game over for him, just because of seeing the bar with the word 'Perfect health' under it. Now it read 'OK health'. He saw a young man was coming out of the bathroom and an Omega was walking over to him.

    "Hey creep!" Mikey said, looking at the Omega, "Come play with me instead!"

    The Omega turned and looked at Mikey. It started for him instead and as the Omega came close, Mikey punched it to the ground and it turned into a coin. Mikey picked up the coin and their was a glow and the glow went into the controller. The yellow bar turned back into a green bar where now the bar was at 75 percent instead of 50.

    "That is what I needed," Mikey said.

    He turning to the last two Omegas and just shouting 'boo' to them. The two Omegas disappeared out in fear since Mikey had destroyed all of their teammates.

    "This isn't so bad," Mikey said, looking around and noticing that the people were slowly coming back into the restaurant clapping and cheering.

    "Who are you?" the woman that got her hair pulled asked, "And who were those creatures?"

    "Well, ma'am I'm a Power Ranger," Mikey said, "and those were creatures known as Omegas. An evil creature known as Game Master has come to our world and tend to destroy it."

    "Was that a ploy for people to buy Power Morphicon tickets?" the bartender asked.

    "No, this is real," Mikey reassured them, "I am a Power Ranger..."

    "You look more like a Kamen Rider," a young man said, with tan colored skin and short black hair. He spoke in a New Zealand accent. Mikey recognized him anywhere. It was Mike Ginn. Mike had come through the doors. He had a tank top on, wearing black shorts.

    Following Mike Ginn was a beautiful young woman with semi long hair. She's wearing Tommy Hilfiger pants with a red shirt and white and red sneakers. Mikey recognizes her as well as Peta-Marie Rixon

    Mikey went over to Mike and Peta-Marie and noticed that the blue and yellow controllers was pulsing with their colors; blue and yellow. No way, Mikey thought. Could Mike, who played a Power Ranger before, and Peta-Marie, who played Alpha 5 in the movie, actually be chosen to be a Power Rangers. Mikey thought that was so cool. He didn't want to draw attention though.

    "Hello Mike and Peta-Marie," Mikey said, waving, and smiling within his helmet.

    "How do you know my name?" Mike asked, stepping back a little ways.

    "And how do you know my name?" Peta-Marie asked, stepping back as well.

    "Mike, you were the Gold Ranger in Power Ranger RPM," Mikey said, "and Peta-Marie, you were Alpha 5 in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie."

    "Yeah," Mike agreed, "I was Gem, Ranger Operator Series Gold."

    "And I was Alpha 5," Peta-Marie agreed, "but who are you?"

    "I need you two to come outside for me," Mikey asked, not knowing anyway better to say it.

    "But we were going to have breakfast," Mike said, looking at Peta-Marie.

    "It will only take a minute or two," Mikey said, leading Mike and Peta-Marie outside.

    They went to a place where they couldn't be seen. Mike was a little worried about that and so was Peta-Marie. Mikey took off his controller from his belt and powered down. Again, the controller spoke: GAME SAVED. Soon Mike and Peta-Marie realized who the Red Ranger was and a smile went on their face.

    "Herezmikey? Mikey is that you?" Mike asked.

    "Yeah, that's me," Mikey said, awkwardly smiling, "I'm known as Player One, Red!"

    "This is awesome!" Peta-Marie said, "but why did you just interrupt us from having breakfast?"

    "Our world is in danger," Mikey said, "A creature known as Game Master has come into our universe and is trying to destroy the world through games. An old woman gave me this red controller and said that I need to form a team of Players in order to defeat this creature. Power Rangers do exist in different universes and she said that if we don't stop him, the world could be destroyed."

    Mikey reaches for the blue controller which is still pulsing with blue light. He also hands Peta-Marie the yellow controller which is pulsing a yellow light.

    "I believe this is your controller," Mikey said, handing Mike the blue controller, which is pulsing blue.

    "Oh wow!" Mike looks at the controller taking it, "Why is it pulsing blue?"

    "The controller has chosen you to be Player Two, Blue!" Mikey said smiling, "This is so cool that the controller chooses you."

    "Why is this cool?" Mike said, holding on to the controller and noticing the name Grand Thief Auto on it, "Why me? I'm just an actor."

    "You are more than an actor Mike," Mikey said, "You are a great young man who I like chatting with. You are very genuine and very kind. You are humble and you are not a guy who says 'Oh look at me, I'm a Power Ranger. Worship me' type of person. You take time to respond to your followers. You just don't ignore my messages on Twitter but respond to them. I think the controller chose you because you have a caring for others. And that is perfect for any Power Ranger team."

    "Oh thanks Mikey," Mike said, looking at the controller, "That means a lot to me."

    "So, I guess, I'm Player Three, Yellow?" Peta-Marie said looking at her controller and seeing the name 'Donkey Kong' on it, "Like Mike, why did the controller pick me?"

    "Just like Mike," Mikey started, "You are a very sweet young woman who I like talking with. You respond to your fans instead of ignoring them. Just like Mike, you care for people and you helped me decide to save my money for a car and tell me to save up for Morphicon. I believe the controller picked you because of warm heart."

    "Aww," Peta-Marie said, giving Mikey a hug, "That is very sweet of you. And I think the red controller made a wise pick in choosing you to be the red ranger."

    "I agree with Peta-Marie," Mike said, nodding his head.

    "So will you help me defeat Game Master?" Mikey asked, looking at both Mike and Peta-Marie.

    "Of course," both of them said in unison.

    Mikey started talking to Mike and Peta-Marie of what he saw and heard with Melody and told him about the Game Dimension. When he had just about finished explaining it to them, they heard people screaming in a distance. Mikey, Mike, and Peta-Marie looked and saw a seven foot creature with black and silver fur and spikes running down from his head to his back. He had a little tail and big bulging eyes. He had one shoe that looked white and red and the other shoe it was a baby blue color. The black was on one side of his body and the silver was on the other side of his body. He looked mean and powerful.

    "Shadow the Hedgehog?" Mike asked.

    "It also looks like Silver the Hedgehog as well," Mikey chimed in.

    "Guys, who cares what the creature is," Peta-Marie talking to the two gamers, "We need to defeat this creature so it doesn't hurt these civilians."

    "Are you guys ready?" Mikey asked Mike and Peta-Marie.

    "We will follow your lead," Mike said with Peta-Marie nodding.

    "Let the games begin!" Mikey, Mike, and Peta-Marie holding up their colored controllers, pressing start.

    Suddenly, a bunch of screens came around him. One showed a picture of a metallic red suit, with the title 'Angry Birds' in the background and others had question marks on it. He punched at the picture with the red metallic suit and a belt appeared. He saw the place that the controller could attach to it and he attached the controller to the belt. The one screen that he punched started flipping around like a coin and started to grow larger. The screen now was as big as Mikey and the screen went right through him. A red metallic armor appeared. It didn't look spandex-y at all like any other Power Ranger suits he had seen on the television. It was almost like the 2017 movie armor. It was sort of an Iron Man look but for the helmet he had goggles, just like in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid for a visor but it was black inside the goggles with angry looking eye brows up above the eyes. He had a bit of spikes on his helmet as well to symbolize hair. On his chest was a little chest plate armor, where in the middle was a red glowing crystal. His controller had a mini screen on it that had one green bar on it and on the bottom of the bars it read 'Perfect health'.

    Mike suddenly saw a bunch of screens came around him. One showed a picture of a metallic blue suit, with the title 'Grand Thief Auto' in the background and others had question marks on it. He kicked at the picture with the blue metallic suit and a belt appeared. He suddenly saw a belt wrap around him and saw a place that the controller could attach to it and he attached the controller to the belt. The one screen that he kicked started flipping around like a coin and started to grow larger. The screen now was as big as Mike and the screen went right through him. A blue metallic armor appeared. It didn't look spandex-y at all like any other Power Ranger suits he had seen on the television. It was almost like the 2017 movie armor. It was sort of an Iron Man look but for the helmet he had sunglasses-looking for a visor. He had a two small barrels on his helmet as well. He didn't get any cool spikes like Mikey did. On his chest was a little chest plate armor, where in the middle was a blue glowing crystal. His controller had a mini screen on it that had one green bar on it and on the bottom of the bars it read 'Perfect health'.

    Suddenly, Peta-Marie saw a bunch of screens came around him. One showed a picture of a metallic yellow suit, with the title 'Donkey Kong' in the background and others had question marks on it. She gracefully pushed at the picture with the yellow metallic suit and a belt appeared. She saw the place that the controller could attach to it and he attached the controller to the belt. The one screen that he touched started flipping around like a coin and started to grow larger. The screen now was as big as Peta-Marie and the screen went right through her. A yellow metallic armor appeared. It didn't look spandex-y at all like any other Power Ranger suits he had seen on the television. It was almost like the 2017 movie armor. It was sort of an Iron Man look but for the helmet she had eye looking visors, looking as big as the eyes on Donkey Kong. She had a mini yellow skirt and on the helmet she had what looked like ape ears on top. On her chest was a little chest plate armor, where in the middle was a red glowing crystal. His controller had a mini screen on it that had one green bar on it and on the bottom of the bars it read 'Perfect health'.

    "Player One, Red, ready!" Mikey said, standing in a pose.

    "Player Two, Blue, ready!" Mike said, standing in a different pose.

    "Player Three, Yellow, ready!" Peta-Marie said, standing gracefully, in a pose.

    An explosion occurred and behind the three were red, blue, and yellow colors bursting from the explosion.

    "Power Rangers!" the creature said, turning its attention away from the people, "So Melody decided to give people of this Earth, powers."

    "Who are you?" Mike asked.

    "Are you Game Master?" Mikey asked.

    The creature laughed.

    "I'm not Game Master," the creature said, still laughing, "I am Shalver, a humble servant of Game Master. I must complete my mission here but before I do that I'll have to destroy you, unless you want to play with me and team up."

    "Never!" Mikey shouted, "We will never join with the forces of evil."

    "That's right!" Peta-Marie chimed in, "We won't let you or Game Master concur this world."

    Shalver laughed again.

    "You have no idea what Game Master is planning do you?" Shalver said, "It doesn't matter because you will be destroyed before the plan is put into place anyway."

    Shalver runs over to the rangers and holds out its hand. It has a baby blue ring in the center of its palm. Shalver starts to glow and raises all three rangers up in the air and throws them into a building, letting them fall to the ground. All three of them noticed that their green bars, which Mikey is back to full health, have retracted and it looks like everyone is at 75 percent with the green bar. So only 25 percent of damage happened to all three of them.

    "Mikey," Mike said, "what would happen if the green bar goes so low it disappears?"

    "I think we die," Mikey said, looking at both Mike and Peta-Marie.

    "Well thanks for sharing Mikey," Peta-Marie said, trying to get up.

    "We can't let it go that low," Mike said.

    "Well when I fought some Omegas in the restaurant," Mikey explained, "Some of Omegas that I destroyed had coins when they got destroyed. The coins bring back some of your health."

    "Is that creature and Omega?" Mike asked, "Maybe if we defeat him we can get our health back."

    Shalver laughed, hearing all this.

    "I'm not an Omega," Shalver said, "I'm not even a Beta or an Alpha. I'm a Mega Alpha."

    "Whoa! Melody never told me about Mega Alphas," Mikey said, stepping back a little ways.

    "Ha," Shalver laughed, "That old bat Melody doesn't know anything. Game Master is more powerful that before. It will take four players to destroy me."

    "Where are we going to find a fourth player?" Mikey asked, "Melody only gave me two other players."

    "Maybe I can help," a voice in he distance starts laughing.

    Mikey turns and it is Paradox standing up against a building.

    Both Mike and Peta-Marie don't know who this guy is but they get a bad feeling from it. Mikey, as well gets it too, but he goes up to Paradox and asks how he can help. Paradox pulls out a red and blue controller which is very different from Mikey, Mike, and Peta-Marie's controller. He shoves the controller into himself which red and blue sparks of electricity goes around him. A circle of red and blue energy form around him and as in Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, the light travels through him in a circle. When the light had faded, Paradox was in a red and blue suit. It looked sort of similar to Mikey's suit with the googles and the hair. He had like a pharaoh like gourmet for his bottom half and he looked very powerful.

    "Player Four, ready," Paradox said, smiling under his helmet. be continued

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    Hello everyone, I hope you guys enjoyed the first installment. I am currently working on the second but I want to give you a preview of the titles of the next few installments.

    1. Let The Games Begin part one
    2. Let The Games Begin part two
    3. The Rise of the Megazord
    4. Brennan Joins The Team
    5. The Fall of Game Master
    6. Game Over part one
    7. Game Over part two
    8. Out With The Old Powers, In With The New part one
    9. Out With The Old Powers, In With The New part two
    10. Enter Enter and Escape

    If you are wondering why I am killing off Game Master so soon, it is all part of my story. After all this is a 25th Anniversary fan fiction. Keep on reading!
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    Ultimate Mikey as himself, Michael aka Mikey
    Player One, Red


    Mike Ginn as himself
    Player Two, Blue

    Peta-Marie Rixon as herself
    Player Three, Yellow

    Brennan Mejia as himself
    Player ???, ???


    Game Master

    Syo Jinnai as Enter
    Ayame Misaki as Escape

    Shouma Kai as Paradox


    part two

    "Can we trust him, Mikey," Peta-Marie asked, looking over at Paradox, "and anyway who is he?"

    Before Mikey could speak, Paradox spoke up.

    "My dear Peta-Marie," Paradox said, mockingly bowing, "My name is Paradox. I come from the Game Dimension. And no you can't trust me, but what chose do you have? This creature needs four players in order to beat him and there is only three of you. I hate Game Master and I do not want him conquering this universe as much as you do. So I suggest we work as a team together to defeat this creature."

    "I don't know Mikey," Mike said, looking at Paradox and then the creature, "Looks like we don't have a choice."

    "Yeah," Mikey said, "We need to defeat this creature."

    Mikey looks over to the creature and then to Paradox.

    "Let's destroy him together," Mikey said, raising out a hand for a handshake.

    Paradox takes one look at the extended hand. He pauses for a moment and then disregards it, heading down to the creature who know is torturing a young man. Paradox jumps up and does a double kick at the creature. He disregarded that the creature had a civilian in hand. The kick was so strong that not only did the creature fall back, but the young man started to fly through the air.

    "What the heck!?" Peta-Marie shouted, catching the young man, "Civilians Paradox! Civilians!"

    "I could care less about civilians," Paradox said, smirking under his mask, "I just want to destroy this monster and destroy Game Master."

    Paradox pulled out his weapon which looked like an ax. Underneath he had two buttons, A and B. He pressed the B button once. The ax started to light up red and blue lights. He ran up to Shilver, who just got up from the previous fall. He raised his ax toward the creature and sliced him. He was a powerful force which sent the creature flying. A purplish orb soon came down next to Shilver, getting up from the attack. Out of the orb a figure appeared. It was a human size lizard creature wearing a white suit (I couldn't find a picture of a lizard with a white suit). He had a white brimmed hat with white dress shoes. He was holding a cane with a purple orb on it. His eyes were baby blue and he wore a purple tie with his all white suit.

    "Who are you?" Peta-Marie asked, placing down the young man.

    "My dear child," he said, "My name is Game Massster."

    When he pronounced his s's his tongue came out, with him hissing.

    "You're Game Master?" Mike mocked, looking at him.

    "How dare you mock me?" Game Master said, pointing his cane at Mike, shooting out a purple ray at him. Mikey saw this and jumped in front of the blast. Mikey got thrown back into Mike, where Mike got thrown back as well. Mikey got badly injured and Peta-Rita saw that Mikey's Health bar has gone down quite a bit and has become red. It looked like there is only a sliver of Health bar left. Mikey was knocked out, unconscious.

    "Mikey, wake up!" Mike said, shaking Mikey a bit, still under him, now holding on to him.

    Game Master just laughed. He turned to Shilver and pointed his cane upward. Purple energy shot out from his cane and black smoke appeared and Omegas formed. There had to be a few dozen. They were all around Game Master and Shilver.

    "Maybe these Omegas can help you," Game Master said, looking at Shilver and then the Players, "Finish this quickly. Nothing can stand in my way of conquering this universe as well."

    Paradox knew it was his chance to hit at Game Master so he hit the B button on his ax five times. The ax started to light up blue and red. It caused a great deal of power and darkness surrounded it. This caused a scene from people in the distance walking by. Some stopped and pulled out their cameras, thinking that this was some sort of a live action show. Some people started to walk faster away from it, and others started screaming and running away. One guy in particular was walking out of a music store, when he saw this. He saw the creatures and saw the blue and red energy being build up. In his mind, he knew that this was real. He didn't know how he knew, but he did. He saw a red armored person in the arms of a blue armored one and knew he was in trouble.

    He started rushing down to see if he could help, Paradox, flung his ax at Game Master, who cowardly disappeared. The ax, however struck at Shilver who immediately exploded along with most of the Omegas. The young man saw that the blue and yellow armored warrior looked at the red and blue creature in puzzlement.

    "What the hell?" Peta-Marie asked, looking at Paradox in amazement.

    "You didn't need our help," Mike said, looking at all the damage he caused, "You could have taken the guy out by yourself!"

    "Like Shilver said, he is a four player monster and if there weren't four players no one would get a hit on him," Paradox said, "no matter how strong a player is."

    "What about Mikey?" Mike asked, "How can we save him?"

    "We can just take the controller off and he will de-morph," Peta-Marie suggested.

    "I wouldn't do that if I were you," Paradox said, shaking his finger at them, "If someone is in the red, they can't de-morph. It will cause an electronic overload and will fire a person's brain. Trust me. It happened with this Red Player in one universe. He took off his controller and the guy's head exploded. Not very pretty."

    "Eww," Peta-Marie said is disgust.

    "So what can we do?" the guy who saw everything in the distance, said, now close to everyone and heard everyone.

    Peta-Marie and Mike looked up and noticed a young man with darken tanned skin and curly black hair. He had piercing eyes and wore a Red Power Rangers Dino Charge t-shirt. Peta-Marie and Mike recognized him anywhere. It was Brennan Mejia.

    Paradox just too a glance at him and turned back to the others.

    "You guys can fight those Omegas and see if there are coins from fighting them," Paradox said, not giving an audience with Brennan, "The coins will help your friend by giving him more health. I'm done playing for right now."

    Paradox soon disappeared leaving Mike holding Mikey, Peta-Marie, and Brennan.

    "Brennan," Peta-Marie said, "It's not safe here."

    "How do you know my name?" Brennan asked, looking suspicious.

    "We will tell you later," Mike said, gently putting Mikey on the ground, "Maybe you can help. Can you watch Player One, Red for us, while we take care of these Omegas?"

    Brennan agreed and went over to Mikey. He didn't know what to do. He just knelt by him, giving him a few shakes, seeing if that will work. Mike and Peta-Marie started running toward the Omegas that were left. The explosion was so massive that there was still smoke and it was a little bit hard seeing. Mike, however, saw an Omega and jumped up in the air over it and gave it a kick from the back. The Omega went flying and landed on the ground in a cloud of smoke. There was no coin. Peta-Marie saw two of them together and did a double punch at them. They both turned into coins. She grabbed the coins but the coins went into her controller and the green bar lite up for a second.

    "Um," Peta-Marie started to say, "How do we get these coins to Player One, Red? I touched the coins and the coins went into my controller."

    "I have an idea!" Brennan shouted out, "Why don't you destroy these creatures over by Player One, Red and then I'll guide his hand to one of these so-called coins."

    "That's a great idea!" Mike said.

    Mike started running around an Omega, mocking it. Mike, then started going toward Mikey and Brennan. The Omega got angry that it was being mocked and started chasing after Mike. Without even knowing it, Peta-Marie came up from behind and gave it a punch in the back. The Omega dropped and there was a coin. It was very close to Mikey and Brennan picked up Player One, Red's arm and moved it toward the coin. The coin touched Player One, Red's hand and the coin disappeared into Player One, Red's controller. The bar grew a bit and the bar went from a red color to a yellow color. Mikey started to open his eyes and saw Brennan looking down at him. At first he was taken back but then sat up. He was still in a lot of pain.

    "Welcome back!" Mike said, running over to him, "But why did you throw yourself into the line of fire?"

    "I wanted to protect my teammate," Mikey said, looking at where the monster was blown up.

    The dust had disappeared and standing where Shilver was, was a black and silver controller. It looked like a Wii controller contacted to each other by a cord. They thought this was weird. Even more so, the black and silver controllers were pulsing out their color; black and silver. Everyone looked at Brennan who was looking at this.

    "I think the controller thing-y-s are calling out for you Brennan," Mikey said.

    "Again, how do you all know my name?" Brennan asked.

    "Isn't it obvious," Mikey said, "You played Tyler the Red Dino Charge Ranger on Power Rangers."

    "You guys are human?" Brennan asked.

    "Yeah of course we are," Mike said, "at least I think we are."

    Peta-Marie and Mikey just rolled their eyes inside their helmets as Mike was patting himself all over proving he was human. Brennan smirked as he walked over to the controllers. He squatted down to take a good look at them. He reached for the controllers and as he grabbed on to them, a burst of black and silver looking electricity coursed through him and the light blasted outward, causing Mike, Mikey, and Peta-Marie to fall to the ground. Luckily, the light didn't hurt them. When the light had faded, there stood not Brennan, but a silver and black suit. It looked like Kamen Rider Build's suit but black and silver and he wore a belt with the two controllers locked on either side of him. He was pulsing dark energy and came charging after Mikey. be continued

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    Ultimate Mikey as himself, Michael aka Mikey
    Player One, Red


    Mike Ginn as himself
    Player Two, Blue

    Peta-Marie Rixon as herself
    Player Three, Yellow

    Brennan Mejia as himself
    Sonic Buster


    Game Master

    Syo Jinnai as Enter
    Ayame Misaki as Escape

    Shouma Kai as Paradox/Dox



    "We mustn't let Brennan hit Mikey!" Mike said, looking at Peta-Marie as Brennan was charging after Mikey.

    Both Mike and Peta-Marie ran in front of Mikey, creating a protective human shield from him and Brennan. Brennan came charging in and rammed into Mike and Peta-Marie. All three of them were sent back with a force. Both Mike and Peta-Marie's Health bar went down a bit. The green light turned yellow. That hit was very painful. They looked over at Mikey and he was alright. All three of them got up. They wondered since Paradox had a weapon, if they had one. They saw on their controls they had a A and B button just like Paradox did on his weapon. They each pressed their B button and a ball of light appeared. A red ball of light appeared in front of Mikey. The ball of light turned into a sling shot. A blue ball of light appeared in front of Mike. The ball of light turned into a bazooka. Mike liked that. In front of Peta-Marie, there was a yellow ball of light which turned into a glowing yellow barrel.

    "A barrel?" Peta-Marie said, looking oddly at it.

    "At least you got a weapon," Mikey said, looking at his sling shot, "I got this sling shot with nothing to shoot with."

    "What can I do with a barrel?" Peta-Marie asked.

    "You can throw it!" Mike said, aiming his bazooka at Brennan, "It will probably cause a big boom!"

    "Okay Gem," Mikey said, laughing.

    "Guys," Peta-Marie said, "We have a serious situation on our hands. Brennan Mejia has turned into his warrior and has gone evil. What are we going to do?"

    "We need to slow him down," Mikey said, "without killing him. We have to figure out how to turn him back to normal."

    Peta-Marie saw that Brennan was coming back up from the fall and she threw the barrel at him. The barrel made contact with him and when it did a huge explosion occurred. Brennan got tossed back. When he got back up, Mikey, Mike, and Peta-Marie saw on his chest that it was different from theirs. He had a mini screen showing two green bars and it saying 'Perfect health'. The top green bar went down a bit; 20 percent to be exact. It was still green and it still ready 'Perfect health'. Mikey, Mike, and Peta-Marie couldn't believe he had two green bars. Then they realized he has two controllers. They thought it was why.

    Just then the purple orb appeared again, and Game Master stood next to Brennan, but this time Game Master brought someone with him. The Players couldn't believe it. Squatting down beside Game Master, frightened was a young man who looked exactly like Paradox. Mikey heard laughter in the background and turned and saw Paradox leaning against a building laughing. He motioned the others to look back and they saw the same thing. How could Paradox be in two different spots. One looking like a weakling and the other being able to destroy anything with one swoop.

    "I was very surprised that you could defeat my creation, Shilver, with three players," Game Master said.

    "Um...we had.." Mike was about to say but got interrupted by Game Master.

    "I didn't want to say anything because I don't lose my composure other something like this," Game Master said.

    All three players were dumb founded. They didn't know what to say or how to react. How could Game Master not see Paradox helping them? Was Paradox invisible? Paradox was still laughing but Game Master seemed to not pay attention to it. He turned to the Paradox that was squatting next to him, patting him on the head as if he were a dog and giving me a scrap of bread.

    "This is my pet," Game Master said, "His name is Dox."

    "Yes, my name is D..." Dox started to say, very meekly, but got interrupted by Game Master.

    "Did I tell you that you can speak?" Game Master asked, whipping Dox with his cane, making Dox fall over, "Go over to our new friend. He is under my control and I want him always to be. Make sure he finishes the job of destroying these creatures so I can get back to the main game."

    "Yes, master," Dox said bowing and going over to Brennan, who was still morphed.

    With that Game Master, vanished again.

    "Sonic Buster will finish you Players," Dox said, meekly and went back into squatting.

    "I'm so confused," Mikey said looking at Dox and then Paradox, "How can you be in two places at the same time?"

    "What do you mean?" Dox asked, hovering.

    "He can't hear or see me," Paradox said in the distance, "I have made myself invisible to them for the time being."

    "Well who is this?" Mike asked, "Is he your twin or something?"

    "Who are you talking to?" Dox asked, getting more and more anxious.

    Paradox just laughed and disappeared in red, black, and white diamonds. Dox had no clue what was going on but ordered Sonic Breaker to start fighting the Players again; especially to go after Player One, Red since he had the lowest health. Sonic Breaker started running toward Mikey, but got hit by the bazooka from Mike. Sonic Breaker went flying in the air and knocked him to the ground. Dox saw this and started to hide behind a tree. He was scared. If the Players destroy Sonic Breaker, Game Master would have his head. He didn't know what to do.

    "We don't want to hurt him," Mikey said, looking at Mike.

    "Sorry," Mike said, "but one attack from him and you'll be dead."

    "I have an idea," Mikey said, "Why don't I take off the controller and then morph again. Maybe then my health will start back fresh as it did before."

    "Good idea," Peta-Marie said, "and we'll cover for you, since I know Sonic Breaker will use that to his advantage.

    They all see that Sonic Breaker was still down from the barrel being thrown at him. Dox was still hiding behind a tree wondering what is he going to do if they bring Brennan back from being a monster. He looked around to see if he could help Sonic Breaker with something but saw that Mikey was about to take off his controller. Dox didn't want that to happen, so he found a little courage to run over to Mikey and grab his hand before he could yank off the controller. When he touched Mikey's suit his eyes started to glow red. He saw Mikey talking to himself but it wasn't himself though. This version of Dox stood up straight and tall and had more power than he could imagine. Mikey, as being touched, saw what Dox was visioning off. Something strange also happened; his eyes started to blink red for a second and then back to normal. He didn't know what that was all about but he pulled Dox's arm off his hand. Both Mike and Peta-Marie didn't notice this because they went over to Sonic Breaker to make sure that he stays down. Dox, who just had his arm pulled away starting looking at Mikey weirdly. Mikey didn't know what to see since his eyes were blinking more red. His health bar had completely vanished and his screen went blank.

    Mike turned and saw that Mikey's screen on his controller went black and rushed over to Mikey who just collapsed on the ground.

    "What the hell did you do to him?" Mike yelled, rushing over and seeing Mikey on the ground, lifeless.

    "I..I..I didn't do anything," Dox said, going back down, crouching, "I just touched his hand, wanting to make sure he doesn't take off his controller. Then I saw images of me, but a stronger me. P...p...please don't hurt me. My master would kill me if I didn't do something to stop you."

    "Well obviously something happened you little creep," Mike pulling out his bazooka at Dox, and firing.

    Just as he fired the missals, a black, red, and white diamond blocked it and the missals went through Dox and disappearing. Dox was much as surprised as Mike was. Mike turned over to Peta-Marie to ask her what she thought of this, but totally forgot that she was fighting Sonic Breaker.

    Mike saw that Sonic Breaker got up from the blast he took and was fighting with Peta-Marie. Peta-Marie threw a barrel at him, point blank and it sent Sonic Breaker flying back and being knocked out again. This time, he lost his first green bar of health. Something weird was going on here because Sonic Breaker was losing, as of before he was strong and knocking them over, and only taking a little bit of damage. He was taking a lot of damage now. Peta-Marie saw another barrel come and threw that at him. The barrel hit his controller that was black and sparks came flying from it. The second green bar turned red and was at 10 percent. Dox saw this and ran over to Sonic Breaker. He was still confused about what happened with the bazooka not hitting him, but he knew he would be really dead if Sonic Breaker had failed. As soon as Dox came next to Sonic Breaker; the black controller stopped sparking and repaired it self.

    "What the he..." Peta-Marie started to say looking at what was going on.

    Dox's eyes started glowing red again. When his eyes started glowing red, Mikey began to wake up. He never felt better in all his life. He felt as though he had slept for forty nights. The controller was back on with the screen showing two bars and it saying 'Perfect health'. He looked down and wondered what was going on here. Something strange was happening here. He didn't know what it was but for some strange reason, he believed Paradox to have something to do with it. He rejoined his teammates who just looked at him as if they had seen a ghost.

    "Mikey are you okay?" Peta-Marie asked.

    "Yeah, but not for long," Mikey said, looking and pointing toward Sonic Breaker and Doc's way.

    They all looked and saw that Paradox's eyes were still glowing bright red. As if in a trance, he raised up his hand, pointing at Sonic Breaker. Purple mist came out of Paradox's finger and surrounded Sonic Breaker, who immediately got up from being on the ground. Purple electricity started to flash all around him and he started to grow. Mikey, Mike, and Peta-Marie looked up as the thing just grew. They couldn't believe what was going on. As Sonic Breaker was growing, people from everyone who were watching what was going down, were screaming for their lives as buildings were being crushed (since they were right in the middle of downtown Anaheim). The police, finally came. One guy came out and couldn't believe what he was seeing. The people from the restaurant came rushing out of the restaurant screaming for their lives as the structure was falling down. It was complete chaos.

    In the midst of this, Dox fell to the ground and disappeared.

    "What the hell is going on here?" Mike asked, looking at a giant Sonic Breaker.

    "I think I have a good idea at what's going on here, but I'm not sure," Mikey said.

    "Do we have Zords?" Peta-Marie asked.

    As she said this, the screens on all the controllers started flashing 'Final Round' and above the huge Sonic Breaker they saw a sign flashing 'Zords Needed'. They looked on their controller and it was telling them to hit 'A' button three times. They all did that, pressing the 'A' button three times. As they did it, with Mikey still questioning the fact that he got two health bars, three flashes of light shot from the controllers and went in the air. The first was a red beam of light, coming from Mikey's controller. The red light formed into what looked like a red cardinal. Everyone who plays Angry Birds could tell it was from the game because there were big black eye brows above the eyes. It was flying high in the sky and Mikey thought that was awesome. A blue light came from Mike's controller and it went toward more of the road, although it was just barely enough room for it. The light formed a tank. Mike was very impressed with that. A yellow light shot out from Peta-Marie's controller and headed toward the buildings that were still intact. It formed into an ape, swinging from the buildings. Peta-Marie thought that was really cool.

    "How do we get into our Zords?" Mike asked.

    As soon as he said that a light surrounded them and they were in their respectful Zords. Mikey was high in the air in a cockpit which had only a joystick with a button on top of the joystick. On the side there are three buttons; A, B, and C. The A button is colored red, the B button is colored blue, and the C button is colored yellow. Mikey started playing with the joystick and noticed whichever direction he moved the joystick the Zord went in that direction. He also ran into a building but quickly pulled up and avoided it. Mike was in his cockpit and he noticed a steering wheel. The steering wheel had one big button in the middle of it and on the outer side of the steering wheel itself, it had three buttons as well; A, B, and C. The A button is colored red, the B button was colored blue, and the C button was colored yellow. Mike started to steer and the tank followed wherever he steered to. Peta-Marie was in her cockpit and she saw a controller similar to her's on her belt. She saw a directional pad of buttons going up, down, left, right and then on the other side of the controller she saw three buttons, similar to the ones inn Mikey's and Mike's Zord. The A button was the color red, the B button was the color blue, and the C button was the color yellow. She grabbed a hold on the controller and noticed that the ape goes in the direction of the controller. The controller itself can move left, right, forward, and backward. She though this was great and she had no problem with swinging from building to building.

    "You will never destroy me," Sonic Breaker said, finally speaking.

    He raised his hand up at Mikey's Zord and a beam came flying out and almost hitting Mikey's Zord, but Mikey avoided it. Mikey pushed the top button to see what it could do and the mouth opened up and a bunch of smaller looking birds came out, firing at Sonic Breaker. It didn't effect him at all. He still had a red bar on him but the bar had grew. Mikey noticed this and called down to Mike to fire his cannon. Mike pressed the big button in the middle, hoping that would be the button to press. All of a sudden, a blast from the cannon on top shot out and hit at Sonic Breaker's feet, causing him to fall on a civilian.

    "Oh no!" Mike said, "It's too crowded here to fight. I just hurt a civilian. We need to need him toward an open space."

    "Don't worry Mike," Peta- Marie said, "I think I know just the place."

    Peta-Marie felt as though she knew how to control her Zord, as if it were second nature to her (lol). She swung from buildings to buildings and wrapped herself around Sonic Breaker, who just got up from that fall.

    "Hey stupid!" she shouted at Sonic Breaker, "I bet you can't catch me."

    She let go of Sonic Breaker and told Mikey and Mike to go follow her. She started to swing from building to building away from the city to a flat area. Mikey and Mike followed as now they were away from everyone and in a farming community. Sonic Breaker followed and as he followed, the black controller which was on the side of him was starting to spark again. Mikey saw this and realized something.

    "We need to hit at that black controller," Mikey said, "maybe it will free Brennan."

    "It is worth a shot," Mike said, pressing the B button and noticing a screen coming on that now he has control to move the cannon. He moved it up to where the black controller was and fired. The shot hit the black controller which started to crack a little. They could see it was silver underneath. Mike felt good that he hit it and asked the others what would happen if they pressed all three buttons.

    "I don't know, Mike," Peta-Marie said, "Let's do it!"

    Mikey agreed and they all pressed their three buttons one after another; pressing the A button first, and then the B, and then the C. All of a sudden, the controls took over and all three of them knew what was going to happen. The tank's cannon came off and the tank started to split open a little right down horizontal. In the front two compartments opened up and what looked like feet came out. The front and the back stayed down as the middle rose. It was as if it was forming a tepee but it connected with each other and formed what looked like a bottom half of a person (but it isn't a person). Mikey's Zord started to fly in the air making a loop. As it did that the feet came close with its body and the wings started moving outward. The bird connected to the tank. The ape started to come off in peaces. As disturbing as it is, the head came off. The legs went up touching the ape's sides and the arms came down, contenting with the legs. It split in two and the right side went on the right side of the cardinal zord, while the left side connected with the left side of the cardinal zord. The ape's feet went into compartments and all that was shown was the ape's hands, which were a bit bigger than regular size and it looked as if it had mini canons on its wrists. The ape's head turned around so the back of the head was showing and it opened up to reveal a robotic face. So now it looked like the face was on the opposite side because as the face on the back was revealed, the face on the front was covered up. The head went on top of the cardinal zord's head. A Megazord was formed.

    Mikey, Mike, and Peta-Marie were taking out of their cockpit and moved to another cockpit. They were sitting right next to each other with Mikey in the middle. Peta-Marie was on the left side of him and Mike was on the right side. They still had their own controllers with Mikey having a joystick but now it had another button on the button of the joystick as well on top. Mike's steering wheel, in the middle were two buttons instead of one. Peta-Marie noticed that the pad had diagonal options as well as up, down, left, right. It was amazing. They saw on the side, a picture of how the Megazord looked and in the back of them was a circle lit up with three sections, one red, one blue, and one yellow. They didn't know what to call the Megazord so they just named it Megazord.

    "Let's see what this baby can really do," Mikey said, moving his joystick forward and pressing his new button.

    The beak opened up, since the face was in the middle now, and out popped circles of red energy. He was aiming for the black controller but Sonic Breaker moved out of the way and the blasts went to his left.

    "Is that the best you've got?" Sonic Breaker mocked, shooting an energy beam at the Megazord, causing it to fall to the ground.

    "I had enough!" Mike said, helping to get the Megazord back up, "Let's see what I can do."

    He pressed the right button on his steering wheel. The right arm rose up and fired missals, from the mini canons on his arms, at Sonic Breaker. Sonic Breaker couldn't move out of the way fast enough and the blast hit him in the chest. He went flying down to the ground and his energy bar decreased a bit.

    "We are not trying to destroy him," Mikey scolded, "We are trying to destroy that black controller. That's what is causing him to be evil."

    "Sorry," Mike said, looking down.

    "Anyway," Peta-Marie said, "Let's see what I can do."

    They moved closer to where Sonic Breaker is laying and with Peta-Marie hitting some controls the Megazord picks Sonic Breaker up. Peta-Marie tells her team that she wants to throw Sonic Breaker on his side where the black controller is and maybe that will be enough to shatter it. The Megazord starts swinging Sonic Breaker around and tosses him on the side where his black controller is and he falls on it and sparks fly more from this controller.

    As the three are fighting Sonic Breaker, a young man with his roommates come out and see this. The young man thinks this is so cool. They are off in the distance and cannot be harmed unless the battle came to them. They pulled over and took out their instruments. The young man was a musician and enjoyed watching the Power Rangers growing up. He told his roommates what they were going to play and he started playing it.

    (keep music in background until it ends lol)

    cover of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by Jonathan Young

    "What the heck?" Mikey asked, hearing the music being played in the distance.

    For some odd reason, Sonic Breaker wasn't even paying attention to the music, getting up from the fall, throwing up his hand and another energy beam came out, but the Megazord dodged it. All the rangers felt powerful hearing this young man sing the theme to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers but metal. They liked the beat and it gave them the confidence they needed to finish this fight. Mikey pressed the A button and then Mike did and Peta-Marie. The eyes of the Megazord and the eyes on the bird started glowing. They moved the Megazord in the direction of the black controller. The beak of the bird opened up and all the eyes started glowing. Flames started to come out of the bird's beak and wings. The flames came bursting over to the black controller which was really sparking. Smoke started to appear on the black controller as all the black from it started to shatter. Sparks and smoke started to come out of Sonic Breaker and he fell to the ground. Purple mist had left him and they saw laying on the ground was a giant Brennan.

    "Well that's not what I expected." Mikey said looking at both the rangers and Brennan.

    As Brennan opened his eyes, he started shrinking to normal size. Mikey, Mike, and Peta-Marie jumped out of the Megazord and saw Brennan and the two, now, silver, controllers still pulsing, next to him.

    "What happened?" Brennan asked, slowly getting up.

    "You turned into a monster and tried to destroy us," Mike said.

    "Aww, I'm sorry guys," Brennan said, and then he looked at the controllers glowing, backing away from them, "Get them away from me. They are the reason I turned into a monster in the first place."

    "But they are glowing," Mikey said, picking them up, trying to hand them to Brennan.

    "After what happened," Brennan said, getting up, "I don't want any part of that and I certainly don't want to be a ranger."

    Mikey, Mike, and Peta-Marie watched as Brennan started walking away from them back into the city.


    *Just a side note. Thank you for your patience. I am trying my best to produce an installment once a week but unfortunately life gets in the way. I want to say thank you again for Mike, Peta-Marie, and Brennan for letting me write them into my story. Later on in the story I'm going to have more ranger actors and more fans of the show become rangers. I also have deleted the color due to a few people saying they cannot read the yellow, so just eliminated it all together. I will be eliminated the color from the other two installments soon and can't wait for you guys to read the next installment, which I hope will be next week.

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