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Thread: Legacy of Power

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    Caleb Evans, Blazing Lion.

    Name: Caleb Evans

    Age: 17

    Ranger Designation: Red Wild Force Ranger

    Appearance: When it comes to wardrobe selection, Caleb follows his Fathers footsteps with jeans and a red shirt or something sleeveless like a red tank, or nothing at all at times. Boots or shoes depending on the weather and maybe a jacket, something a bit stylish not nothing too over the top. Pretty much a plain Jane when it comes to attire, pretty basic and simple.

    Personality: Caleb is considered almost a carbon copy of his father minus the fact that he did not grow up wild. Caleb has an empathetic heart, loving all of nature’s creatures both big and small and would bend over backwards for anything with a pulse. Growing up with a Power Ranger as a parent, Caleb learned team-building skills and how to channel his bountiful amounts of energy into something that would benefit everyone not just himself. Not only is integrity the focus of everything Caleb does, he does it with passion and hope that whatever he puts his mind to, it’ll change the world for the better. #nevergiveup Caleb is a team player, goal-oriented and focuses on change rather than trying to cope with how stale life can get.

    The above are all awesome traits of a leader; however Caleb also needs to brush up on a few things. Only being seventeen, Caleb can be bold and immature at times. His boldness comes from his father, but also the immaturity. A naive perfectionist, Caleb loves to put his own creative spin on anything he gets his hands on. Not always knowing the right answer, the proper solution, or the right thing to say does give Caleb a disadvantage to his older future team mates, but Caleb has something the others don’t, the soul of a warrior, the heart of a lion and the bravery to go head first into any conflict that comes his way. Born with the powers of the morphing grid coursing through his veins, Caleb inherited the Blazing Lion powers from his father as it is now Caleb’s time to defend the earth, united, he’ll roar! Or maybe, Meow?

    On the topic of negative attributes, Caleb may have the heart of a lion, but it's the heart of a cowardly lion. Caleb is not a fighter. Now, it's not stated that Caleb does not know how to fight, he does. It's just that, if things were ever to escalate out of control with a certain bully at school...Caleb wouldn't stand a chance. He's go to swing one punch and end up swinging himself completely around making himself look like a fool. Not to be confused with being a push-over, Caleb will most certainly stand up for himself, for anyone for that matter. It's just, when push comes to shove, Caleb usually hits the floor. Throwing punches and doing high kicks is his Father's department. Even though, Caleb loves hearing about the battles long ago with the Wild Force, Caleb would always imagine an easier way of doing things, maybe, a more peaceful way.



    The battle is over. The war was won. Master Org had been defeated.

    Defenders of the Earth, United, they roared!

    Cole and the other Wild Force Rangers moved on with their lives leaving their ranger duties behind them. Taylor went back to the Airforce. Alyssa finished her education and became a teacher. Max and Danny are still, never giving up…


    It’s been two years since Cole saw any of his past ranger friends. Everyone seems to be involved in their own lives. Life moves so much more quickly now. His own life has taken another turn, becoming a Father to his first son, Caleb, who is now going on 2.

    2018Fast Forward

    Being the son of the Power Ranger whom defeated Serpentara has some pretty big shoes too fill! Caleb grew up with the tales of battles passed and future hopes of continuous peace. His father instilled many of his own skills and attributes upon his son. Very much following in his footsteps, Caleb loves animals and cares for the Earth greatly.

    Being a Power Ranger is one thing, but the best Veterinarian in the country is another. Caleb works part time at his fathers Vet Clinic, helping out with the adoptees and rescues that come there way. Caleb’s passion is dogs. He loves them almost as much as he loves food, but that’s another topic for another time. Caleb and his Fathers’ vet clinic recently opened up a Dog Rescue. It seems Turtle Cove has a stray dog issue. Between his studies and scouring the town for lost and abandoned dogs, Caleb is a straight a student and an A+ dog foster dad! Only being seventeen really has its downsides, but Caleb tries his hardest not to let that be a burden.


    Caleb is in his senior year of High School. He advanced a year because, well, he’s a bit of a smarty pants. He is however, finding it a bit difficult to juggle his daytime with his night time duties. Being a high school student by day and a lost dog rescuer ‘vigilante’ by night is nothing short of exhausting and well, a bit illegal as recent actions landed him behind bars for an evening. Dad wasn’t impressed.

    Why did the UWR accept you? They haven’t yet…did his invitation get lost in the mail?

    Why did you join the UWR? Caleb would definitely join if said organization would have him, all they have to do is ask.

    How do you think your character will think and get along with the other characters? Caleb will more than likely try to get along with everyone. Only being seventeen has its drawbacks, but Caleb won’t let that get in the way of defending the earth!

    How did your character deal with Kruz's threat? Caleb wasn’t even listening. He was out on a ‘mission’ looking for a specific stray dog that continues to elude him.
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    Hey TheRealColeEvans, good to see you're still interested in our RPG .

    I've been talking with WRP, and while we think the character has potential, we think he's a little too perfect. He's a great animal lover AND earns straight A's AND a great team player. The danger is that he's quite one dimensional, even if he's somewhat immature.

    Options might be:

    • Maybe Caleb is a great animal friend (fitting for Wild Force), but therefore lacks understanding or interest in other people, even be uncomfortable around them. He won't work well with his team and often will go his own way. Maybe he even loses sight of the bigger picture and puts himself in too much danger trying to save every little bit of nature (think Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts). Might fit with the last answer you gave.
    • Caleb does get straight A's in school, but that's because he knows how to trick the system. He's either very charismatic, allowing him to get extra points from teachers and even getting his hands on some tests prior to test time, or he is very tech savvy, managing to get test answers out of the school's digital systems or changing grades after the fact. This might translate to him being shifty outside of school as well, with him being quite egotistical or untrustworthy. Maybe he's even a kleptomaniac. Alternatively he's so charismatic that he tends to have friends and girl/boyfriends that he exploits for favors or lies to and maybe he can't keep them all apart, causing issues.
    • Caleb is a great leader, which makes him get into trouble over the hierarchy within the team. He tends to want to do things alone, not relying on his teammates or undermines his own leader (think Sky, from SPD).
    • Caleb is super smart, but doesn't understand people very well and is insecure about his battle prowess. He might be quite tactical or able to apply smart solutions to conflicts.

    Or maybe you have another idea.

    Personality is very important in this character-driven RPG, so it's important to flesh it out. History is not nearly as important, and I think you did that perfectly. If you could have another look at the personality and we're happy with it, we'll be sure to accept you!
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    ...he is too perfect...

    edited. updated/upgraded.
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    (Edits have been made)

    Before I present my bio, let me provide some background information. Adapting Lupinranger vs. Patranger, I plan to call the teams Power Ranger Lupin Thieves vs. Power Rangers Justice Patrol. Here's the backstory of them.

    Arsène Lupin was very real. The author of his stories, Laurice Leblanc was not only an accomplice of the gentleman thief, but his advertiser. While Lupin would commit his crimes, Leblanc wrote stories of the thief to spread his fame, while ensuring they could never prove he existed, a true phantom. It was during one of Lupin's heists that he came upon his prize; one item that would later be the first of his 'Lupin Collection'. The moment he held it in his hands, he felt a strange power flow through him, granting him invisibility so that he could literally walk out the front door of where he had infiltrated. Though the power had greatly increased his thieving techniques, Lupin sensed the potential for evil with such items. Almost as if the item communicated with him, Lupin became aware of other items that could harness strange abilities to those who possess them. For the next several years, Lupin spent his career stealing these items and once he secured the last of them, he locked them all in a vault, vowing to never let anyone get their hands on them, himself included.

    The Ganglers will remain as such, but will be from a planet where the Lupin Collection originated from. That giant-ass mansion that they always reside in will be within a pocket dimension that they hide in, explaining how they can appear on Earth instantly.

    The Global Special Police Organization will be a branch of law enforcement that have plans to utilize Ranger technology to provide their police officers with better equipment to handle any threats that require such tactics. Think of them as SWAT with lasers. Due to how dangerous such technology could be in the wrong or inexperienced hands, the GSPO are strict on who they consider qualified for to a part of their operations, making sure such candidates are 'Ranger material'. Still being rather new, the Justice Patrol Rangers were the first successful units that were ready for field testing. The Lupin Thief Rangers are three individuals who have some connection to Arsène Lupin, having stolen three VS Blasters and VS Vehicles from the GSPO to combat the Gangler.

    The GSPO's goal is to collect the Lupin Collection for research purposes, hoping to reverse engineer them to create technology for the benefit of the planet. The Thieves wish to obtain all the Collection items to honor Lupin's wish of ensuring they are never used by anyone, good or evil.

    Lupin X/Patrol X was the GSPO's most recent project in adding an additional Justice Ranger, though things go a little sideways. Read the History and you'll see.

    Nathanial 'Nate' Chan


    Ranger Designation
    Lupin X/Patrol X


    For a man who's rather similar to a cop AND having witnessed his mother's death, Nate is oddly laid back. While he takes his duties as a Ranger seriously, he would rather try and get it over with quickly, sometimes coming close to questioning authority. Despite this attitude, he would never allow injustice to go on while he does nothing. He likes to take the offensive in tough situations, carrying the idea of 'hit it hard enough, it'll break'.

    When under the guise of Lupin X, he carries a level of confidence that truly makes it seem like he's a different person. He resorts to using his words more than his actions in all situations. This sometimes leads him to taunting and occasionally insulting those he's up against. He would rather take the back seat when having to work with others, though that doesn't often happen outside of working with the Lupin Rangers.

    But all this only hides what's truly within. Nate is broken and lonely. In an instant, Nate lost everything and he has suffered that trauma for so long. When he's alone, the smile he would show to others disappears. All he truly desires is to create bonds with others, truly trust someone, maybe even experience love. But he can never truly experience that, not when he has a big secret he can never reveal. Despite his attempts to want friends, he has difficulty make a strong connection with the worry of could happen in the future, what could happen if they knew the truth?

    He also has a tendency to suffer from nightmares due to his past. Some mild like a bad dream, other times as horrible as night terrors.

    Having retired from a life as a Power Ranger; former Pink Space Ranger, Cassie Chan, settled down to start a family which led to Nate's birth. During Nate's infancy, Cassie got herself a job working at the Pentagon to assist with a project that would eventually become the Global Special Police Organization. Due to her veteran knowledge of Ranger Technology, progress moved forward faster than anticipated. What the higher-ups thought would take almost two decades, Cassie accomplished in four years. Unfortunately, Cassie's dedication to work began to put a strain on her marriage, eventually leading to divorce and leaving Cassie to raise Nate alone. As Nate grew up, he developed quite a talent with his hands; having started off from Lego, to model kits, circuitry, coding, Nate's skills impressed Cassie. On top of being a quite the tech whiz, he also learned martial arts through his mother. Admiring the work his mother was doing, Nate took a job as a part of Cassie's lab team, assisting her with the GSPO project. Seeing the good behind the GSPO, Nate made it his dream to be one of the first candidates to be accepted so that he could make his mother proud and show pride in her accomplished work with the GSPO. By 2015, the GSPO was officially established and Nate began training to land a spot as the first member of the GSPO Tactical Unit, a chance to become one of the Justice Patrol Rangers. However, while he excelled in training, he fell short due to being outclassed by others.

    At around 2019, Cassie began to pick up a strange signal coming from outer space. While she initially ignored these, the frequency of them began to make her suspicious. But without any probable cause or solid proof and any issue, her report on the matter was ignored, with the GSPO prioritizing the Gangler threat and the Lupin Rangers. During this time, the GSPO had successfully obtained one of the Lupin Collection, immediately performing tests to attempt to harness their powers. Despite Cassie's insistence of needing more time to study the Collection piece, the GSPO wanted results of using the power contained in the item. Human testing began sooner than Cassie had hoped for and due to the lack of time for studying, participants who attempted to harness the power suffered injuries and one unfortunate participant died from it. Cassie eventually managed to compile enough data to allow safe harnessing of the Lupin Collection. Not willing to lose another participant, Cassie volunteered herself to test it. Though the testing was painful for her, she had successfully managed to harness its power. Despite the success, Cassie began to understand the danger behind it. Convinced that perhaps harnessing the Lupin Collection may be too dangerous for humans, she attempted to convince the GSPO to pull the plug on the project, though her proposal was swiftly rejected.

    At 2020, just days before the great tragedy struck, the same strange signal made itself known, but now Cassie was able to identify it. It was an alien threat making it's way to Earth. With the information she needed, she presented her findings to both the GSPO and her superiors at the Pentagon. However, neither of them took her warning seriously, believing that she was simply dealing with stress from working on Project X and the Lupin Collection. With her insistence that this threat was real, she was forced to return to work and never to speak of this again, unless she wishes to face punishment.

    That's when it happened. The broadcast was made and war was declared. It was during this time that Cassie planned to go to the GSPO branch in Paris to hopefully convince them of this threat, taking Nate, the Lupin Collection, and the Project X research data as well. But before they could leave, the building began to shake, too violently to be an earthquake. The sound of screaming fill the area as explosions filled the rooms. Cassie took Nate and tried to run to the nearest exit out of the building. However, with the building collapsing on them, Cassie knew the end was inevitable. Her only hope was to perform one final act of selflessness; giving Nate the research, she pushed Nate as hard as she could towards the doorway out. At the cost of her own life, Nate was able to make it out of the destroyed building, though gravely injured.

    Blaming the Pentagon and the GSPO for ignoring his mother's warnings of this attack, Nate promised himself that would honor his mother's sacrifice by doing what he could to seek justice against all this, his own way.

    Why did the UWR accept you?
    When intel came up that Kruz may be in possession of some Lupin Collection items, Tommy requested for the assistance of the GSPO and they responded by sending Nate.

    Why did you join the UWR?
    Simple, vengeance. While he blames the GSPO for not believing his mother when she warned them about this theat, he blames the one behind the deaths of everyone that day. But with word that joining the UWR could lead him to more Lupin Collection items, it was an opportunity he couldn't ignore. Agreeing with his mother that the Lupin Collection is too dangerous, he believes its his duty to return all the Lupin Collection back to Lupin's vault.

    Having successfully created the X Blaster, Nate created the dual identity of Lupin X and Patrol X with the false story that they are in fact two different people. While he publicly made it known that he is Patrol X and assisting the GSPO, he secretly assisted the Lupin Rangers in retrieving the Lupin Collection, not able to trust the GSPO the same way the Thieves can't trust them. He was able to create the story that there are in fact two X Blasters, one created by himself to use as Patrol X, and one created by a 'rejected GSPO candidate' to use as Lupin X. Even though he's joined with the UWR, he still intends to use his alter ego as Lupin X to steal any Lupin Collection for the Lupin Rangers before the GSPO can get their hands on them.
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    Awesome, we've already discussed the necessary changes to your character and thank you for being willing to work with us.

    Welcome to the team, Chameleon Ranger.

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    Name: Devin Clarke

    Age: 24

    Ranger Designation: Navy Thunder Ranger

    Appearance: Face Claim - Devin's father Shane comes from a Samoan background that can be partially seen in his appearance. However, like his mother, Devin has browner skin than his father but shares the same intensity in his brown eyes. Typically, he keeps his hair short but is known to grow it into a curlier mini afro on occasion. Similar to his father, Devin is tall and bulky, sporting muscular arms that are more times than not sculpted at the local gym when he's not busy with work. True to his Samoan heritage, Shane has several tribal tattoos on various parts of his body that he's not afraid to show off if the time calls for it.

    In terms of fashion, he's typically seen designer suits, being the debonair gentleman that he is. However, he's not opposed to throwing on something more comfortable like joggers and a sweatshirt. But make no mistake, Devin values his appearance as you never know when you need to make an impression.

    Personality: Devin absolutely exudes confidence, swagger, and selfishness. There are times, like his father, where Devin can display more serious and mature behavior, but more times than not, he's a bit of a sarcastic jokester that can either make people laugh and giggle or rub people the wrong way. Devin is absolutely a brilliant young man that has every right to be confident in his ability, but it borderlines on downright cockiness and arrogance. Likewise, he's a natural leader in that regard, always wanting things to go his way because he feels that his way is the best way. As one could imagine, this would certainly lead to heads butting with one another and ideals clashing. Devin is more likely to improvise and go off script than to go along with the original plan.

    However, it's not completely all bad. Devin genuinely cares about people and does what he can to support those in need as much as possible. When he's alone, he is capable of spending some time self-reflecting on his own sins and owning up to those mistakes when the time comes (whenever that time may be). His heart is in the right place more times than not, but his head can and will get in the way of proper judgment. He needs to focus on himself less and others more, despite what he thinks of himself or makes himself out to be to the general public.

    History: Let's just say that Devin went into the complete opposite direction as his father Shane did. Sure, Devin spent a plethora of time under the tutelage of his father, learning the ways of the Wind Ninja Academy (with even some training at the Thunder Ninja Academy when the time called for it). However, Devin didn't see himself as that type of person. He was more inclined to wearing suits, shaking hands, and handling business, like his uncle Porter Clarke. To say that Shane was disappointed would be a huge understatement, but he respected his sons wishes of running a business, allowing him to stay with his older brother while he went through school.

    Sure enough, though, those skills learned at the Academy proved to be beneficial to Devin in more ways than one. Physically, Devin was able to hold his own against any and everyone that wanted to threaten him in that regard. He was already a muscular guy as it was, having established a healthy work out regime during his time at the academy. However, with the blend of a strong physical work ethic and his father's teachings, he was in a good enough space where he could take care of himself without necessarily needing a weapon. Mentally, the training at the academy indirectly prepared him for the business world. Rejection of ideas, mental endurance to push through fatigue, and his father's odd-ball teachings (like washing a car without a rag) allowed him to think outside the box to solve even the simplest of issues. For that, he was thankful. His Uncle Porter reminded him on numerous occasions just how proud he was of his younger brother for being a Power Ranger in the past, something that Devin couldn't even imagine.

    When the time came for UWR to recruit potential candidates, Devin (who hadn't even completed his own application) was deemed an ideal candidate because of his trainings at the Wind and Thunder Ninja Academy in addition to his genuine care for others through his community service work as well as his business acumen. Turns out, his uncle Porter actually completed the application for him, seeing as how he assumed it would be beneficial for Devin's development. Ultimately, Devin decided to accept the call to UWR as a means of saving the world. He honestly feels that it would be a "good look" for his business if he was part of the team that stopped an intergalactic threat. Besides, he's got to put those abilities and skills to the test one of these days, right?

    Devin's strong personality could ruffle some feathers of the other members of the team, but he can work his way towards being a team player so long as they have the same goal and missio. As far as Kruz's threat, Devin thinks that it's bullshit, to be quite honest. He's a fearless guy that see this challenge as an opportunity to protect the Earth, similar to the way his father once did.

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