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    Chapter Two: Make a Move

    “She was always the first one through the door, risking her life…”

    “Dustin always had a smile on his face and was always ready with a joke.”

    “Lily was the heart and soul of the team. She was kind and - “

    “Jason was the leader I always wanted to be.” Tommy said as he looked down at all of the teary eyes of his compatriots.

    Every ounce of his being felt like breaking down into uncontrollable sobs. It wouldn’t be the first time he had done so since Jason’s death had been confirmed. Instead he fought back tears and felt the lump grow in his throat, making it harder for him to speak. It felt as if he had to physically force the words out, but he had to say what was on his mind.

    “I never knew why Zordon made the change. Never knew why I became the leader. Jason never complained, never argued. He just took it in stride… Everything that I know… everything that I am… I owe to him.”

    Tears streamed steadily down Tommy’s face.

    “I didn’t deserve it. I didn’t deserve the job. I didn’t deserve to be the leader. And I didn’t deserve his friendship… And…” Tommy shook his head.

    “Jason didn’t deserve this.” He looked up at the faces of each and every individual looking to him for comfort, looking for guidance.

    “It’s our responsibility to make sure that his death… is not in vain. It’s our responsibility to make sure that the 33,156 men, women and children killed in the first wave do not die in vain. It is our responsibility to make sure that the rangers and soldiers… the brave men and women that staffed the New York base… they didn’t die in vain. So, everything we do, we will do for the fallen. We honor their memory. We keep them close… in our minds, in our hearts, and in our actions.”

    Missy Myers-Earhardt

    As Missy led her team from the docking bay into the headquarters there was a large crowd of people gathered around, anxiously awaiting their arrival. The rangers entered the corridor battered and bruised, heads hung low in shame. As they walked through the sea of spectators, you could see it in the eyes of each ranger, the hope that they would have the support of their people. That their friends, family, and constituents would pick them up. An older man stepped up to greet Missy.

    “How could you?”

    Missy just simply stared at the man with a blank expression.

    “What kind of ranger are you?” The words cut through her, down to her core. “You let them die. You were supposed to protect them! You were supposed to save them.”

    Missy blinked tears back. “We - we did everything that we could… I’m sorry.”

    “You weren’t good enough.”

    That spurred the rest of the bystanders on. They all started to verbally attack Missy and the rest of the rangers, but most of the animosity, the venom was focused on Missy.

    “You’ve been training for this for how long? I thought you were supposed to be good at this.”

    “You let them die!”

    “My brother is dead because of you.”

    “I tried.”

    “You should just quit!”

    “It’s not my fault.”

    “You’re no hero!”

    “We’d be better off with you.”

    “It’s not my fault!”

    Just then an older woman stepped up and slapped Missy across the face. Hard.

    And that’s when Missy woke up. She was drenched in sweat. Her alarm was blaring throughout the room as if it was shouting at her.

    “Alarm off!” She shouted back. The dream putting her in a sour mood immediately. The same dream that had plagued her the previous few nights. A dream steeped in reality. Morale was at its lowest, not just around HQ, but around all of the UWR bases. Missy’s team was once considered the A squad of UWR… humanity’s best hope. Now, they were on everyone’s shit list. Missy especially had gained the majority of the ire, being the team leader. Worse? The team was taking it out on each other. They had barely said more than a couple of words to each other. At least not while Missy was around. They had been performing drills together. Spatial tests. Obstacle courses and the like. But, still there was no conversation, no camaraderie. The past few days Missy just skulked around headquarters with her hood up, trying to be as invisible as possible.

    That’s what she was doing as she stood in the doorway of the cathedral listening to Tommy Oliver, the greatest ranger to have ever lived (in the opinion of many people) lament over leadership and the death of a dear friend. She couldn’t stop the tears from falling, but she quickly wiped them away as if they had never been there. She listened intently, taking his words to heart.

    Honor their memory…

    She pushed off the cathedral walls just as people started standing and making their way to the exit. As she disappeared in the crowd she set out to do just that.
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    Nate Chan

    Suited up in his Patrol X gear, Nate stood surrounded by Ganglers, all armed and ready to strike. gripping his X Blaster, Nate aimed at the target directly behind him and fired. Immediately, Nate then maneuvered his way around the Ganglers' attacks, ducking, dodging, flipping, and spinning all while shooting his targets with deadly accuracy. After one last flip, Nate stood alone, surrounded by the defeated Ganglers.
    The sound of the buzzer signaled the end of Nate's session in the firing range. The Ganglers' holographic projections disappeared along with the scenario he stood in. Despite the sweating and heavy breathing from his long hours of shooting targets in every possible difficulty, Nate's hands remained steady as if he had just started.

    "Alright, Nate. That was your fifth session and still a perfect score." A voice said over the PA system. "Why don't you call it a break?"

    "No, let's go again." Nate demanded.

    "Nate, you've been at this for three hours. You can't get any better that a perfect score."

    "Tell that to Jason Lee Scott."

    After another hour, Nate was forced out of the simulation room. Partially due to the system needing to relax to prevent overheating, but mostly due to the operator wanting to call it a day. Exiting the shower in his room, Nate entered his bedroom and found something off about the environment. Right on the middle of his bed, Nate noticed a package. What was odd was that there was no way anyone could've put it there, considering Nate was the only one with access to his own room. There was a note on top of the package, there was no harm in at least reading it.

    Dear Nate,

    Hope you don't mind me sneaking into your room, it wasn't that hard really. Who can really say no to a face like mine?
    Anyways, considering your duties with the UWR, you'll probably have trouble hiding Lupin X from them. Hopefully this little gift can help. We obtained a Lupin Collection item that allows the user to instantly change their appearance. The Gangler that had it used it to steal expensive clothes by changing them to look like regular clothes. We thought it might help you with changing between your police and thief sides more quickly.

    Don't worry about us, we'll be fine without you for now. Just don't die.

    Lupin Yellow

    Opening the package, Nate found the Lupin Collection item that the letter described. It was conveniently designed to look like a pendant. This would definitely help when he needs to change between his uniform and thief attire in a flash. Destroying the letter and box the item came in, Nate got changed and left his room.

    Things have definitely been down in the dumps ever since the failed mission. The staff had started to see them different, they saw the team as failures. With Jason dead, that was going to be a constant reminder of their failure. Despite their efforts, despite the amount of the Imperial Fleet they managed to take down, they were all still lucky to make it out alive. Obviously, that negativity was like a poison; it spread to the team as well. During training, their teamwork was on point as it should be. But outside of team routines, none of them got along; The qualities they each had put a wedge between them all only grew after their first mission. Despite the hostility, Nate knew better than to give into the toxic environment that was present.

    Nate made his way to the cathedral, though he was late. By this point, people were making their way out of the cathedral. Among the crowd, Nate spotted Missy leaving the area. Nate could tell that Missy was trying to hide presence, but he was trained to hunt Gangler; beings that could imitate human appearance. Missy hiding under a hood wasn't exactly a challenge.

    "Missy." He saw that she stopped briefly. She heard him, but she continued to walk away. Nate followed after her, moving through the crowd. "Missy, wait." Once the crowd cleared up, Missy picked up the pace. "Missy, hold on." Nate got close enough to put a hand on her shoulder, but Missy immediately spun around and hit his hand away. "Ow." He could she that she was upset, but not at him. Jason's Scott's death hit her hard, as it would anyone who knew him so closely as she did. "Look, there's no easy way to say it. But we screwed up, big time. Innocent lives were lost because we sucked at being Rangers. But trust me when I say; I know what you're going through." The small shift in her eyes indicated that she doubted that. As much as it hurt to bring it up, let alone always think about it, it needed to out there. "You heard Tommy say I lost a lot because of Kruz, he was being delicate with that. My mother and I were in the Pentagon when Kruz leveled it. Instead of trying to save us both, she gave up her life to make sure I survived. I watched my mother die, right there before my eyes. So don't think I'm bullshitting any of this for personal reasons." Nate needed a brief moment to compose himself after having to bring up his past. "Jason Scott is dead, that can't change. He failed a mission; we fought and failed. We can still honor his memory and those that died because of what we did wrong. We are Rangers, we honor the dead by fighting and we aren't done fighting. We lacked teamwork on our first mission. And as harsh as it sounds, that's on you. But this isn't the time to blame yourself or blame any of us." Nate then pointed out to the end of the hall. "Everyone now sees us as failures, a shitshow. Let's change their minds. We've got an alien threat that's already taken too much and we're the only ones who can stop it. Tommy made you our leader for a good reason and I trust that. I will follow your orders no matter what, but are you willing to stop hiding away and actually whip us into shape?"

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    He set out the three shot glasses, placing a bullet inside in the middle glass and two more into the one on the right hand side. The aftermath of it the mission from mere days ago still hefted a heavy burden and weight over everyone, both those fighting this fight and for those that had lost loved ones. It was a terrible ordeal and he didn't envy anyone that had to bear that burden. He could see it in the faces of his team-mates as well once all was said and done. They had won their first fight as a team but at what cost? The rescue mission had failed and that hammered home the insurmountable odds that they were facing up against. Leon had withdrew and not made any attempts at socialising or contacting any of his team. He had immediately left them the moment they touched down and returned to base. The last they saw of him was him slinking away into the crowd undetected like a chameleon camouflaging in plain side. He hadn't seen or heard from any of them over the last few days since. He hadn't even bothered showing up for training sessions with them. He'd collected his payment from Brennan who gave thanks for the combat data and research samples he collected and provided on the battlefield and in turn she gave him a few days off, paying him all the while for them. Everyone in R&D's opinion had not changed of him. They knew him as their friend and colleague and that was more than enough. Nobody outside knew him that well enough either, he didn't even come up in the official reports. He wasn't even a blimp on anyone's radar and that he was grateful. Despite having the lion within him, he shared in common with the traits of his mother and her chameleon.

    The alien had probably reunited with whoever she'd been looking for. The rookie was no doubt blaming herself and throwing herself into training, berating herself over and over again for not being good enough, if she'd been stronger, faster, smarter then maybe she'd have had a small chance at succeeding. If she was indeed the opposite of her father, then there was a likely chance of her training just as hard, if not more so, maybe even trying to gain a better relationship with her animal spirit. The cowering kid was either training his ass off or doing some stuff to try and help and support those in the dawning days of horror that were still yet to come in this tragedy like some kind of modern day Robin Hood in his own right. Finally there was Daniel who had lost a surrogate father and was no doubt grieving for his loss. Whatever Daniel had mentioned wanting to speak to him about once they returned was a kindness that Leon did not give the chance or the time of day nor did he reach out his hand in invitation to comfort or chat with him. Of course, this was all speculation on his part and he had no intention of finding out for definite as to what was going with them, despite Chris' best efforts to try and inform him otherwise.

    The fact that his work colleague was more eager to check in on them and even wanting to keep tabs on them than he did was telling in it of itself. There had a memorial service held for the fallen, an event that he did not grace with his presence. His 'gift' gave him enough insight for that. So he dulled his senses and drowned them in a sea of whisky. The bar that he was at was one of the lowest quarters, home to cartels and criminals befitting of the lowest of the low. Nobody on the upside dared to even come down here, Chris knew of him being there and worried all the same, in all their time as drinking buddies and colleagues, he'd only been with Leon to this place a small handful of times and that was more than enough for one lifetime to go there. At always, he'd dressed rather plainly in a black ensemble attire of Levi jeans with a chain attached, combat boots, a well-worn and crumbled shirt and of course a black hoodie that was pulled over his head and shielded his eyes.

    The people here kept their distance from him. While they were all well acquainted with each other, everyone down here knew Leon intimately enough to know that he was a private person that preferred solitude. The bar tender was new, an Asian woman in her mid twenties in a cocktail dress.

    "Are you drinking to forget?" she asked suddenly as she looked over at the fourth bottle of whisky that he had been working his way through.

    "No. I'm drinking to remember."

    She looked at him with concerned eyes but decided to leave it at that and leave him be, not wanting to pry into his business. How someone was able to drink so vastly was beyond her.

    As he sat at the bar, his fingers moved fluidly, pointing from one shot glass to another as he recited the surnames of those that had been taken. "Chapman. Wilson. Simmons. Connerly. Johnson. Matthews. Jenkins. Rodriguez. Fukuhara. Park. Sanada. Chan. Langdon. Kennedy. Gwyn. Moon. Brooks. St. John. Williams," the names went on and on until he finally narrowed it to the final three that had the most impact on him, reciting their full names to further the reverence. "Jason Scott. Sarah Hannigan. Marvin Bishop. This is my tribute to you."

    With that, he knocked back the final droplets of whisky from the bottle.
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    Kea - Ostensibly a Red Ranger

    "Guy in, uh, green? Green Ranger! Move ahead 132 mark 6 roughly half a fryink! Intercept the advancing Guardsmen!"

    In retrospect, it probably wasn't a great idea having Kea call out enemy positions, though no one had any way to know that at the time. Not only was Kea unfamiliar with Earth methods of measurement and placement, not only was she unused to figuring out distances on a planet instead of in the vast void of space, but she also wasn't even sure what to call any of her new allies. Two of them wore red, one of them looked more like a lion knight... thing instead of a Power Ranger, and frankly none of them seemed inclined to listen to her anyway.

    In the end, it was just incredibly obvious that Kea wasn't really a part of the team. They weren't a cohesive unit, they were just a half dozen individuals all doing their own thing, and that was their downfall.

    Kea managed to stay in the air shooting down enemy troops for several impressive minutes, but the battle ended (for her, at least) when one Guardsman managed to get a lucky shot at her Galaxy Glider from behind, sending her plummeting to the ground where she slammed into a shuttlecraft-sized chunk of debris and knocking her out cold.

    Kea woke up several days later in UWR's infirmary, still aching despite the metric shit-ton of pain meds her chart said she was on. She wondered at first if they simply weren't familiar with the few differences between Earth-human and Kerovan-human physiologies, but given that someone had put her in a bed next to her father's she very much doubted that.

    At least he was still comatose. Kea felt bad for that joke, but not as bad as she imagined the lectures her father had probably been saving up for her would have made her feel.

    A day after waking up, Kea chose to leave the infirmary against the advice of the pretty blonde doctor. She was going stir-crazy, an impressive feat considering how used she was to being alone on the confined deck of the Delta Megaship, and she was tired of watching her father breathing through a bunch of machinery. Someone had probably thought she'd enjoy being around her family, but it only made her feel even worse than getting shot out of the sky had.

    Kea had been assigned a room at the UWR, probably because it was expected she'd join the team proper. She accepted it, if only because she honestly had nowhere else to go. The other Red Ranger - Missy, Kea found out her name was - invited her to join the team, to train with them and become better Rangers, and Kea had accepted. She told herself (and anyone else who would listen) that she was trying to be better at Rangering, but honestly? Kea really wanted to avoid the call she ended up getting anyway.


    Even though she was light years away, it felt like Kea was a little girl again, being admonished for soaking her martial arts instructor's pants in buttermilk just to see what would happen. Kea shifted in her seat, unwilling to meet her caller's eyes on the vidscreen.

    "Hey mom."

    Abaco, wife of Andros and mother of Kea, regarded her daughter from half a galaxy away. Despite knowing her mother better than she knew literally any other living being, Kea still had no idea how this conversation was about to go.

    Abaco was silent for what felt like an hour but was probably only a dozen seconds or so. "I'm glad you're all right."

    Well that was unexpected. "Kind of a weird start to the lecture, all things told." Kea wrapped her arms around herself, a little embarrassed that she'd assumed the worst and made a stupid joke on top of that.

    Abaco shook her head with a sad smile. "No lecture today. Earth has been devastated by the worst attacks in its history, your father is unconscious and may not survive much longer, and Earth's first Red Ranger is dead." Abaco's eyes began to water. "Forgive me for taking joy in the fact that despite that, my daughter is alive and well enough to make jokes. If only she'd learned some funny ones."

    Kea snorted. She and her mother had always shared their love of de-escalating tense situations with inappropriate humor. She'd assumed her mother would be furious at the stealing and running away from home; perhaps Abaco would have been furious had the situation been even slightly different. "Right. I, um..." Kea knew why her mother had called. She knew what they would have to talk about. Kea did not want to talk about any of that. "I like Earth. It's a lot like home, if home were boring and a little bit on fire."

    Abaco seemed to intuit her daughter's reluctance to talk about Andros and Kruz, and silently decided to skip both the lecture and the questions. The two spent the next hour talking about everything they'd missed out on the last few years, from Kea's space adventures to Abaco's tenureship at KO-35's newly reestablished technical university.

    Kea felt markedly better after speaking to her mother. The dark cloud over her mood seemingly lifted, and she found herself falling more easily into the joking outsider role she was most comfortable in. She still didn't spend much time with the other Rangers outside of training, preferring to pop in and out of random conversations in between spending time with her father. Taking a cue from her conversation with her mother, Kea told her comatose dad all about her adventures of the past few years.

    She knew he couldn't talk to her, but Kea fervently hoped that Andros could hear her on some level, and that he was proud of the kind of person she'd become.

    Cyclone! Joker!

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    Missy Myers-Earhardt

    Missy swiveled through the crowd with purpose. As she weaved her way through the crowd, she uttered a phrase.

    "Play music."

    The wireless earbuds started blasting music loudly helping Missy drown out the world around her as her mind went into overdrive on ideas. Again, she had taken Director Oliver's words to heart. She knew that the weight of the world still rested on her shoulders. Hers and her team's. In the days since the battle, Missy had thrown herself into training. She didn't think it was possible to train any harder than she had trained her entire life. Apparently, she was wrong. She was sore all the time these days. It seemed as if some of her teammates were doing the same. But, as the music continued to play and as she continued making a beeline toward wherever her feet was taking her she realized something.

    It's not enough.

    No. It wasn't enough for them to train harder. They had to do something different. But, what? Maybe... Just maybe... Missy had just stumbled upon the whisper of an idea, when a hand landed firmly on her shoulder sending shockwaves off pain shooting through her arm. She twirled with the grace of a ballerina and knocked the hand away from her. She was expecting to see the face of some agitator. Someone angry at her and her team for screwing up their mission and failing to save their loved one. But, no. Instead she was met with the face of Nate Chan.

    Nate had been throwing himself into his training as well. Missy didn't believe he was doing so quite as hard as her, but who could? Nonetheless, there was the faintest stirring of respect for him deep within her.


    "Music off." Missy said as she pulled the earbuds from her ear. She quickly put her hood back in place, still trying to remain unnoticed.

    "Look, there's no easy way to say it. But we screwed up, big time. Innocent lives were lost because we sucked at being Rangers. But trust me when I say; I know what you're going through."

    Missy looked away, scoffing as she did so. When she did, she noticed bystanders giving Nate and her dirty looks. She pulled the hood closer. She was about to say something, but Nate continued.

    "You heard Tommy say I lost a lot because of Kruz, he was being delicate with that. My mother and I were in the Pentagon when Kruz leveled it. Instead of trying to save us both, she gave up her life to make sure I survived. I watched my mother die, right there before my eyes. So don't think I'm bullshitting any of this for personal reasons."

    Missy's eyes fell from Nate's face to the floor below her. She folded her arms and shifted her weight to the balls of her feet. Of course, she had read this in Nate's file. But, hearing the guy talked about it was a different story. Missy tried to be good at empathizing with people, but it's another one of those areas where she fell short.

    I should put a hand on his shoulder, right? That's what people do in situations like this. Right?

    "Jason Scott is dead, that can't change. He failed a mission; we fought and failed. We can still honor his memory and those that died because of what we did wrong. We are Rangers, we honor the dead by fighting and we aren't done fighting. We lacked teamwork on our first mission. And as harsh as it sounds, that's on you. But this isn't the time to blame yourself or blame any of us."

    Those words hit her.

    That's on you.

    Missy finally looked up and met Nate's eyes again. Something intense burning behind those icy blue eyes of hers. If looks could kill... But, Nate was right. It was hard to hear, of course. Missy had been telling herself that for days. Beating herself up. But, then she tried to focus on his following sentiments.

    But this isn't the time to blame yourself or blame any of us.

    Missy tried to speak, but of course Nate interrupted her again when he pointed down the hall and continued his grand soliloquy.

    "Everyone now sees us as failures, a shitshow. Let's change their minds. We've got an alien threat that's already taken too much and we're the only ones who can stop it. Tommy made you our leader for a good reason and I trust that. I will follow your orders no matter what, but are you willing to stop hiding away and actually whip us into shape?"

    Missy just stood there, staring at Nate. The silence stretched between them. It was starting to get kind of awkward. At least 30 seconds went by. Then, Missy blinked several times.

    "Oh, you're done?" She joked, but not really.

    "You talk a lot, ya know that?" She turned on her heels, expecting him to keep up with her. "Now that you're done, Shakespeare. You'll be happy to know that I was actually coming to find you."

    She shot a quick look over up at Nate to try and gauge a reaction. She thought she saw a bit of surprise on his face.

    "To tell you exactly what you just told me."

    She stopped in her tracks and looked up at him, having to crane her neck a bit to do so.

    "Director Oliver is right... We have to honor the fallen. We have to honor Jason..." The idea that was a whisper when Nate had basically assaulted Missy was a full fledged thought now. A look of realization crossed her face.

    "And I've got an idea of how."

    She started walking and when she didn't hear any footsteps following, without looking back she simple said:

    "Are you coming or not?"

    As Missy and Nate's steps finally fell in synch together, she turned and looked at him without breaking her stride.

    "I'm sorry to hear about your mother. I'm sure she was an amazing woman."

    Nate and Missy entered the Med Bay. It was mostly empty. Which only ramped up the uneasiness Missy had being there. She hated infirmaries. But, in order to accomplish what she had set out to do, Missy had to bite the bullet and deal with some uneasiness.

    "Breathe, Mis. Breathe." She repeated to herself.

    She found her objective in the back corner of the ridiculously large space. Kea was seated in a chair, her back facing Nate and Missy. She was watching over her father, Andros. The man who Missy saw being carted in at the start of all of this. The one who's footsteps Kea was following in. Missy walked up behind her, hopefully undetected and placed a gentle hand on the girl's shoulder. Missy waited for a moment until the girl looked up to meet her eyes. Then, Missy crouched down next to her, keeping her hand on her shoulder the entire time. Missy smiled gently and tried to muster up as much authentic sweetness as she was capable of doing.

    "I'm really sorry about your dad... We're really sorry about your dad... But, we're here for you. The entire team. Nate and I just wanted to officially welcome you to Earth. We also wanted to welcome you to our team. We're grateful to have you and we promise... we promise you that Kruz and his gang of Assassin's Creed ripoffs are not going to get away with this."
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    Austyn Vasquez (Scott)

    'I shouldn't be here. I don't belong here. I wasn't even there when...'
    She slammed the door shut on that train of thought. A memorial was being held in honor of those who had fallen and she wanted to pay her respects. Catch a glimpse perhaps of the team that had been sent to aid in the battle of new York. She gulped, pushing down the lump in her throat. She snuck in through the back door of the cathedral and found an empty spot among the wall.

    She stood in the back of the cathedral, silent taking in the others around her. All of them had lost someone, friend, comrade, parent, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, father or son, daughter, mother. The loss had been on a massive scale and hers was no different. Then he took the stage and her world grew silent as Tommy Oliver took the stand. She knew of him because the stories her father had told her in the time they spent together. His words about the departed, touched on already raw nerve. Eyes rimmed red, nose tipped red from sniffling too much...she listened intently as he spoke of her deceased father. Her gaze shifted down onto the floor as she listened to the muted murmurs around her.

    Her father was one of the greats, that wasn't a doubt in her mind. One of the living legends was paying homage to her fallen father. The words washed over her, acting as a balm to cool the heat from her loss. His parting sentence " We keep them our minds, in our hearts, and in our actions." Prompted her to move. She made her way towards him, her footfall silent as she approached him. Weaving in and out between the mourners in the cathedral. She was a few steps behind him, when she called out to him. Her voice no louder than a whisper but enough for him to falter in his footsteps.

    "Mr. Oliver?" She brought her hands together in front of her, looking up at the man who her father had referred to as his best friend. She resisted the urge to fidget against his gaze, instead opted to look down at her interlaced hands.

    Tommy: Yeah, that's me. How can I help you?

    Words failed her momentarily. " well... you knew my father and …what you said about him was nice. "

    Tommy smiles patiently. "Just speaking from the heart... I'm sorry about your dad... you said I knew him?"

    " Yeah." She straightened her posture and nodded. " my father was Jason Lee Scott. "

    Tommy regarded her steadily. Dozens of emotions crossed his mind, but none crossed his face. "I'm sorry... did you say that Jason was your father?"

    " yeah. I found out after my mother died. I found him about a year and a half ago. It was kind of a surprise to us both. "

    Tommy: Well, I guess I should welcome you to the family... I could use a drink.”

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    They walked and walked for what seemed like an eternity as they moved further and further away from civilisation and deeper down into the rabbit hole, going from the safe streets the citadel where UWR reigned supreme to the darker places, gradually getting murkier and seedier the further down they went. It was baffling as to why Tommy chose to come down to somewhere like this above anywhere else. Curiously, he had gone to the lengths of cloaking himself with invisibility thanks to his Dino Gem. The patrons turned as she entered, eyeing her up like a piece of meat on a hook.

    Every single one of them was armed to the teeth, ready and willing to gun her down if she made even one small mistake. “Keep going,” Tommy reassured, her unseen guardian angel. “Head to the bar.” He watched her as she moved, eyes downcast and shoulders hunched forward. She walked in without a sense of purpose and signalled the bar keep, alerting him to her presence as she took an empty bar stool.

    The only other patron at the bar was a man who was hidden under a hoodie and a rollover over his face. He didn’t even bother looking up from his drink as he spoke.

    One man and one woman. One of them has extensive training and is hiding. The other is a new blood. Oh no, not you… Leon signed heavily as the pair approached the bar, the girl sitting down a few stools away from him while the other was still shrouded from sight.

    “Careful you don’t scare the locals… Your stealth’s for shit…” Leon said with a sardonic edge to his voice, addressing them accordingly. His wry joke was deadpan in delivery as he got the bar keep's attention and paid for a drink for the two of them as they sat a few stools away.

    Tommy Oliver looked over, recognising the voice of the speaker and dropped the disguise accordingly, appearing seemingly out of thin air in the stool. “At my age? I think my stealth days are behind me.” He joked in good humour, alas it didn’t warrant any sign of amusement from the man. “How’d you know?” the living legend asked, intrigued.

    “My mother’s a chameleon. Go figure.” the hooded youth drawled in a tired tone. Tommy grimaced. As always the young lion was about as welcoming as a kick in the head. He was closed off and guarded as ever, even completely smashed he had no interest in making pleasantries or small talk. From what he’d read in his file from Brennan, there really wasn’t much to go off about him other than his lineage and a few recommendations from R&D and outside sources. Apparently he’d been quite a high roller on a variety of black market deals and there were some sources that delved into a few misadventures in the supernatural department. Upon digging deeper into investigating those sources, he hit a variety of dead ends, like nobody wanted to talk about whatever the hell had gone on between them and Leon but every single one of them all said the same thing: Give him money and he’ll meet your demands. Regardless of the varying sources, it made Tommy and many other former rangers question why a Pai Zhua student of his level wouldn't join them in the fight and instead go straight for being a lab rat for that mad scientist. "Finish your pitch then leave and take the midget with you."

    "Can't a man just come for a drink? You and I just happened to engage in conversation," Tommy remarked. He could've sworn he heard a disbelieving scoff from the former Pai Zhua student as he sipped his scotch in silence. “You’ve been MIA lately,” Tommy stated, mentioning his absence from training and from the memorial. He wanted to get the bottom of it. When he'd tried inquiring at the R&D labs about it, nobody had dared speak up, almost as if that mad scientist was keeping everyone on a tight leash to ensure their silence.

    "I'm on vacation." Leon didn't even bother looking up, his fingers drummed impatiently on the counter as he waited for Tommy to get on with it. Knowing full well by now that he wasn’t going to get anywhere by getting Leon to try and open up, Tommy moved gears and changed tactics to try and get him to talk, reminding him of the mission at hand.
    “Look... I know you're on vacation but Kruz isn’t. The Imperial Fleet isn’t. Your team mates aren’t.”

    With the layers covering his face and poor posture, it made it difficult to gauge his reaction. He swallowed his scotch and let out a low exhale of enjoyment at the taste of it and the silence sit and stew between them. Eventually, he spoke, ignoring Tommy completely in favour of his travelling companion. “So what are you doing here, kid?" he asked with a hint of familiarity. One glance over at her and seeing the ghost of her father tipped him off immediately as to who she was and that he needed more alcohol if that gift of his was starting to rear its ugly head back up. His face was kept hidden under his hoodie and roll over covering the lower half of his face making it extremely difficult to know what he was thinking or feeling.
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