Austyn Vasquez (Scott)

The ending of her sentence had Tommy’s demeanor changing, and that had her taking a step back. “Thanks for thinking that I’m a teenager. I know I small, but I’ve crossed the threshold of teenager with attitude.” Austyn retorted…her eyebrow raised as he finished his thought. She blinked up at him, arms crossing in front of her at his retreating form.

“Feel free to stick around a bit. Maybe even take a tour of the facilities.”

He left her standing there with a parting smile and continued with his night. She had a lot to think about, her gaze turned back to the bar, wondering if she should venture back in and try to communicate with Leon more. She shook her head, clearing her mind before turning and venturing back the way she came. She walked off, passing a duo of woman when one nodded in her direction. Confused, Austyn just waved, with a small smile in return and continued her venture.

She found herself walking back to where she was staying, under her mother’s last name. The place was small, but it was a place to rest her head and shower. Austyn sat down on the comforter and her mind went over the days events. She tried to see reason with Dr. Oliver's dismissal, but some where her asking what he thought she should do, came out wrong. Groaning, she sat up and reached for her sneakers, eyes narrowed, to continue the conversation he brushed off. Once again on her feet, she left the safety of her hotel room and ventured onto the facility.

Her mind was set on one destination, and if she hadn't been focused she may have been in wow of the technology. She stopped to ask people along the way directions to Dr. Oliver's Office. She bit back the want to smack people's hands away as they patted her on the head and asked her if she was lost. Being short came at a disadvantage sometimes, and this was one of those times. Austyn stopped in front of black double doors, with Dr. Oliver etched across. She resisted the urge to run her fingers over the engraving of the name, instead knocked on the door.

She bit back the giggle when the door opened and he looked over her, then around....

"Down here." She stepped into the office before he could close the door on her.

"Let's get one thing straight because it'll bug me, I'm not a teenager, my mother just was a hobbit and I inherited her hobbit like stature. I'm twenty three, so there's that. I'm not a battle hardened soldier but I am someone's daughter who lost both of her parents to this chaos.*I think we have different ideas on what my father may have wanted, but the issue at hand is I'm here and I want to help. Wherever you may need me, whether it's helping people finding shelter or sitting with the sick or injured. I'm not someone that* you can easily dismiss and send away, I am my father's daughter and I do have his stubborn streak. Let me help."