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    RV Favicon Power Rangers: Next Level

    If you are reading this and haven't read Power Rangers: 25th Anniversary, you should since this is the second half to the fan fiction. Here is the link and hope you enjoy:

    Power Rangers: 25th Anniversary

    This fan fiction, I was given permission from The Devengers and #EverythingPowerRangers(EVPR) and Facebook Group: Power Rangers Next Level


    Mike Ginn as himself
    Red Millennial Ranger

    Brennan Mejia as himself
    Blue Millennial Ranger

    Peta-Marie Rixon as herself
    Yellow Millennial Ranger

    Zac Eubank as himself
    Orange Millennial Ranger

    Malika Lim Eubank as herself
    Green Millennial Ranger

    Matthew as himself
    Black Millennial Ranger

    Anthony Grillo as himself (but the Mirrorverse version)
    Aqua Millennial Ranger

    James Reese as himself (but the Mirrorverse version)
    White Millennial Ranger

    Dustin Lambert as himself
    Violet Millennial Ranger

    Yoshi Sudarso as himself
    Fire Brick Millennial Ranger

    Peter Adrian Sudarso as himself
    Golden Rod Millennial Ranger

    Mike O'Laskey II as himself
    Crimson Millennial Ranger

    Matt Acevedo as himself
    Bronze Millennial Ranger

    Selwyn Ward as himself
    Silver Millennial Ranger

    Ludi Lin as himself
    Shouma Kai as Paradox
    Gold Millennial Ranger

    Ultimate Mikey as himself
    Platinum Millennial Ranger



    The Darkling


    Ultimate Mikey as Michael Game
    Shouma Kai as Maddox Game

    Tyler Posey as Space Pirate Coven a.k.a. Cove

    The Evil Vixens

    The Superior




    Robert Roland (left) as Ghastly
    Dominic Sandoval (right) as Harvest
    *Nightmaro's minions*

    The Shifters


    Power Rangers: SPU (Sliders Patrol Unit):
    {This was a concept I had for another Power Ranger series after my first fan fiction, Power Rangers Lightning Orb}

    Danny Miller as Steven "Ste" O'Brien
    Red SPU Ranger

    Ryan Corr as Ricky Thompson
    Blue SPU Ranger

    Jake Abel as Blake Thompson
    Yellow SPU Ranger

    Christopher Rushton as Chip Russo
    Black SPU Ranger

    Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Matthew Park
    White SPU Ranger

    Usher as Sebastian Conway
    Silver SPU Ranger

    Johnny Yong Bosch as Professor Adam Park

    Power Rangers Lightning Orb (Power Rangers Prismatic Orb):
    {My very first fan fiction}

    Todd Black as Jacob Stevenson
    Red Prismatic (Lightning) Orb Ranger

    Duncan James as Mason O'Donnell
    Orange Prismatic (Lightning) Orb Ranger

    Oliver Lee as Callum O'Donnell
    Yellow Prismatic (Lightning) Orb Ranger

    Brandon DeShazer as Spenser Rodriguez
    Green Prismatic (Lightning Orb) Orb Ranger

    Jessica Jung as Kerri Choi
    Blue Prismatic Orb (Lightning) Ranger

    Heidi Lewandowski and Deanna Mallory
    Purple Prismatic Orb (Lightning) Ranger

    Mia Wasikowska as Sara Goodwin
    White Prismatic (Darkening) Orb Ranger

    Steven R. McQueen as Wes Grover
    Silver Prismatic (Darkening) Orb Ranger

    Dylan O'Brien as Ashton Kelmer
    Gold Prismatic (Darkening) Orb Ranger
    *Fred Kelmer's younger brother since Fred was killed by Nightmaro*

    Simu Liu as Kevin Choi
    Black Prismatic (Darkening) Orb Ranger
    *Michael Northfield (Stevenson) died due to the Vortex World, so Kerri's brother became part of the team*

    *The first installment will be up shortly.
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