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    BM 01 - "Beasts Unleashed"

    Its time for a new season AND the debut of the Hasbro Era!

    This is the discussion thread for Episode 01 of Power Rangers: Beast Morphers, entitled "Beasts Unleashed", which aired Saturday, March 2nd 2019 at 8am on Nickelodeon!

    Discuss Away and lets see where this new era takes us!
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    Hi guys, I just wanted to say that this episode was everything I expected and more. I have been waiting a few years for this and they finally did it! I love the love story that has already unfolded. I think that will take a great part in the story. It was cool how they already brought in Roxy as a villain and how Blaze had the evil ranger suit already. I am a big fan of Go-Busters. My thoughts are everywhere and I apologize. I love how red is son with the mayor and blue is son to the commander. It will be cool to see what happens next. I love the how they paid contribute of what Go-Busters base did where the commander was in the center and the two moved. I think Hasbro is going to bring Power Rangers back. Hopefully, Super Sentai can do the same so we can have Power Rangers for a long time. I am really looking forward to a 30th anniversary, 35th anniversary, and even a 40th of Power Rangers. I hope the comic relief stay the same like they did in episode one, although I found it really weird that they didn't know who the mayor was. That's not funny to me; that's just stupidity. What are your guys thoughts??

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    'Beasts Unleashed' is a good way to start the series. I like how the mayor mentioned past villains from previous seasons. I also like the 'new' boss villain. Could he be a disguised past boss villain from another season? Only a future episode can tell us.

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