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    Power Rangers: Rainbow Railers

    The City of Gold Haven has always been a peaceful one. Low Crime rate, plenty of jobs open, many choose to come to it for vacations and Tours. One huge attraction it has is the Rainbow Rail. A mystical railroad in the sky as well as a train that regularly rolls through the town. Once a year the tracks touch the earth and allow passengers from the city to ride and go around the world.

    But peace in the city is about to be interrupted. Darkness has come to Gold Haven as the once thought mythical Dark Riders have arrived. Beings with immense dark energy who wish to use their power to forever eclipse the sun to summon King Nemeth, a Dark god, who will consume the sun and create a dark empire.

    While the Rainbow Rail may seem to just be a shiny colorful train, it also holds the power of the light and has selected a group of new warriors with light in their hearts to take on the Dark Riders and bring peace to Gold Haven and the World.

    They are



    D’Shawn Ford/Red Rail Ranger

    D’Shawn is a cheery good natured individual. He is the fearless leader with a never say die attitude. He hopes to one day become Conductor for the Rainbow Rail and bring joy to the world.

    Ravi Patel/Blue Rail Ranger

    Son of the wealthy Patel Family who own the Last Gear technology company. He doesn’t feel the hype about the Rainbow Rail and thinks it has lost its importance in the city. Very arrogant and standoffish.

    Tracy Stevens/Yellow Rail Ranger

    An editor for the Gold Haven Newspaper company. Every year she writes a piece on The Rainbow Rail. She is a kind hearted person and very adventurous.

    Jake Young/Green Rail Ranger

    A goofy young man with a huge heart. He tries to see the good in everyone and every situation often to a fault. His dream has always been to ride the Rainbow Rail.

    Liz Garcia/Pink Rail Ranger

    The heart of a warrior lives in her. She is extremely competitive and lives for excitement. A skilled fighter and D’Shawn’s second in command.


    Conductor Lionel Ford

    The Conductor of the Rainbow Rail and a former Red Ranger. He knows everything about the rainbow rail. He along with other Rangers signed a peace treaty with the Shadow District after the two had been at war for a long time.

    Steph Santos

    Another editor in the Gold Haven newspaper company. She tends to feel jealous of Tracy who is well loved in the workplace.



    A Two headed dark priest who wishes to bring back Nemeth to the world to absorb all of the light in the world.

    Lady Belmar

    A Dark shaman said to have the power to grow monsters to be the size of mountains. She is infatuated with anyone with great power.

    Erick/Dark Ranger

    A man who was raised and trained by DuoBlade in the dark arts. Erick had been away on a mission to find a legendary dark power to help aid in summoning Nemeth.


    The Foot Soldiers of DuoBlade. They are relentless yet goofy beings, often amazed by the shiniest things as they rarely see light.

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    I can't wait to read the rest of this fan fiction based on the TQR Sentai series. I can't wait for the Hasbro version to appear on television.

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