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    Power Rangers Mystic Magic (rated PG-13)

    **Hey guys just want to give you a heads up. I am putting my fan fiction Power Rangers Next Level on hold for a little while. Thank you for all those who have read it. I am just not feeling it. I want to try something a little bit different. This is a fan fiction of Power Rangers but with BL mixed with it. If you don't know what BL is, it is boy love. If you are not into stuff like that, you shouldn't read it, but this will have a Power Ranger feel to it. I am just trying something new and this excites me. I hope you enjoy it. Well, I'll talk to you guys real soon.**

    Hi, my name is Son. This is a story of how I met a guy named Pin. He is my boyfriend and we are internally grateful for my friends for bringing us together. This story is also about how the rangers found love as well. Some of them found love in unexpected places. Well, you are all probably dying to find out what happened.

    Well first off, like I said my name is Son. I'm twenty-one and I go to college. I am a straight A student who is very shy. Once I get to know a person, I open up very quickly. I live by myself in a condo next to the university. My parents died when I was young by the mafia. Yes, people it's a thing. The police either haven't found any evidence proving that the mafia killed my parents or there are undercover police working for the mafia and they are hiding the evidence. Either or, I know the mafia killed my parents. I was there. Anywho, enough about me. You probably want to know more about the rangers. Well let me begin at the beginning...

    It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. Son was walking to the university near his condo as usual. This was one of the reasons why he was so skinny and fit because he walked everywhere. When he was little, his parents died and left him everything. Once he hit eighteen, he was able to spend and use that money. The money built up so much other time that when he turned eighteen he was one of the wealthiest young adults in the world. The condo he lives in is very spacious and nice. Son, apart from going to the university has a part time job as well. Yes, he's rich and doesn't need a job, but the part time job keeps him busy. He is a tutor for the university. In fact, he was on his way to meet one of his clients.

    Son, got to the university and sat down at a table. A few minutes walked by and a young, handsome man walked up to him. He was a little bit shorter than Son with black wavy hair. Son took a look at him and instantly fell over heels for him. He had a handsome look to him and his eyes were gorgeous.

    "Hello," the young man said, "Are you Son?"

    "Ye...yes," Son barely said, thinking how he's going to tutor a gorgeous guy like him, "My name is Son. It's n-nice to meet you."

    "It's nice to meet you too," the young man smiled, which drove Son crazy, "My name is Pin. I really appreciate you tutoring me. I'm not a very good student and my parents told me that if I ever wanted to get the car I wanted, I have to improve my grades."

    "Awww," Son sighed, without even thinking first, "Don't be so hard on yourself and I'm more than happy to tutor you."

    "Really?" Pin asked, shocked, because when he had tutors in the past and told them that he's not a good student, they always roll their eyes.

    "Of course," Son said, smiling.

    It felt like hours but they both stared at each other smiling at one another. As for Son, he really liked Pin and it was just the first time meeting him, not knowing his personality. Some people might see that as Son was lusting over Pin, but that wasn't the case. He felt something in his heart as though Pin was destine to be with him. As for Pin, he secretly was feeling the same way. Pin is twenty years old and he lives in the dorms on campus. His father is a business man and works at a computer software company. His mother stays at home taking care of the house and doing what a stay-at-home mother would do. Pin is the only child and has a good relationship with his parents, even though his father thinks that he doesn't try his best.

    After that forever stare, Pin broke the stare by pulling out a history book and asking Son to start with helping him in history. Son, broke out of the trance as well and asked him what he needed help with. Pin sat down next to Son and opened the book to a chapter and stated he was having trouble remembering dates and facts of the Civil War. Son was about to say something when all of a sudden, an explosion occurred. Both Son and Pin reacted as if they both loved each other and covered each other, since the blast was close by.

    They saw people running toward them and were screaming. They saw in the distance a creature with a top hat on and carrying a cane. Along with him there were other creatures wearing fedoras and wearing trench coats:

    They were headed toward both Son and Pin. The creature with the top hat was looking directly at Son. When they approached Son and Pin, they stopped with the creature in the top hat looking directly at Son with the other creatures holding Tommy guns at Pin.

    "W-what do you guys want?" Son asked, covering Pin, with Pin covering Son.

    "By order of his majesty, we are taking Pin," the creature said reaching for Pin.

    "You are not going to take him," Son said, reaching out and punching the man in the top hat. When he punched the creature there was a red glow coming from his fists. The power of the punch flew the creature in the top hat to the ground. The other creatures fully charged at Son, pinning him to the ground.

    "Who are you?" the creature in the top hat asked, looking at Son with confusion, "Where did you get this power?"

    The top hat creature got up and went over to Pin and grabbed him. Pin tried to break free but the creature was so strong and he couldn't break free.

    "Leave Pin alone you son of a bitch!" Son yelled.

    Another glowing of red occurred and blasted its way out of Son. The creatures pinning him down flew off him and all of them blew up when flying in the air.

    "I don't know who you think you are," Son said, "but you are not taking Pin anywhere."

    "Aww," the creature in the top hat mocked, "Are you in love with this guy? You just met him. Gay people make me sick as well as it makes his majesty sick as well."

    "Who?" Son asked.

    "Oh let me introduce myself," the creature said, mockingly, "My name is TopHat and his majesty is the King of the Shadow Majia. He has given me orders to capture Pin."

    "But why?" Son asked.

    "He said that one day you two will take him down with your love," TopHat said, "Whatever that means."

    "Our love?" Son asked, "We just met. How...?"

    He was about to ask a question when smoke rose and TopHat and Pin disappeared.

    "No!" Son shouted, "Come back!"

    Son fell to his knees and started to cry. Son usually doesn't cry over anyone but apparently Pin was causing him to cry. He had never felt this way about any guy before and it was hurting him that he couldn't save Pin. He also felt strange with this power in him. He didn't know where it came from or how he could use it to help save Pin. Son was filled with mix emotions. The red glowing began again and covered him completely. When the glowing faded away, he was not at the university anymore but in an underground cave.

    "Where am I?" he asked, looking around, scared.

    He thought that TopHat might have transported him somewhere too. Maybe he could find Pin. He started searching around and he noticed a room within the cave. It looked a bit dark with a crystal in the center of the room with five other crystals around it giving off glows of red, blue, green, white, and yellow. As he got closer to the crystals, the red one started to glow more.

    "It calls to you," a voice called out, startling Son.

    "Who's there?" Son asked, looking around.

    "Don't be afraid," the voice said, "My name is Tyla."

    Son turned and there was an elderly lady standing next to the crystals. She was wearing all white and was very beautiful for her age.

    "The Red Dragonite calls to you," Tyla said, "If it didn't, you wouldn't be here in the Inbetween.

    "The Inbetween?" Son asked.

    "Yes, the Inbetween is a pocket universe that was created so Power Rangers would be safe from all the monsters trying to take over the world."

    "Power Rangers?" Son asked.

    "Yes," Tyla said, "You hold the spirit of the Red Dragonite and with this power you can save Pin."

    "You know about Pin and that creature who took him, TopHat?" Son asked.

    "I know of Pin and that you two are destine to be together," Tyla said.

    "How do you know this?" Son asked, "I just met the guy."

    "But instantly you fell in love with him, right?" Tyla asked.

    "Yes, but...." Son was about to speak but got interrupted.

    "Don't question Tyla," a voice called out from behind Son. Son turned and saw a young man wearing a green jacket with black pants. On the side of the jacket was a logo of a dragon's head with its mouth open and breathing out a bit of fire. He had dark hair and had a baby face. "Hi Son, my name is Wish. Just like you, I have the spirit of the Dragonite in me. Mine is the Green Dragonite."

    "What is this Dragonite stuff?" Son asked.

    "We all have it," a tall dark and handsome man walked out wearing a blue jacket with the same logo. He had his arms around a man with a similar baby face to Wish with brown hair, wearing a yellow jacket. Next to them was a young woman who looked a mix of Thai and British walled out. She was wearing a white jacket with a black shirt on.

    "Who are you guys? Son asked, looking at the three of them.

    "My name is Dean," the tall man in the blue jacket said, "and this guy that I have my arm around is my boyfriend Pharm."

    "Hello," the young woman in the white jacket said, waving, "My name is Cake. I'm friends with Pharm and Wish. We are known as the Dragonite Rangers. Each of us hold a special magic power that has awaken the Dragonites."

    "Magic power?" Son asked, confused.

    "Just watch," Dean said, pointing to a glass of water on the table.

    Son was watching and he started to see the water rising from the cup, and swirling around in the air.

    "Now watch this," Cake said, pointing to the water and freezing it causing it to fall shattering the glass.

    "Cake!" Dean said, looking intensely at Cake.

    "Sorry," Cake said, "I'll clean it up."

    She went to a closet that happened to be in the room and grabbed a broom and dust pan, sweeping it up.

    "You guys will really help me get Pin back?" Son asked.

    "Of course," Pharm said, squeezing on to Dean, "Tyla is a seer and can see glimpse of the future and if she says you two are destine for each other, then you are destine. We want to help."

    "We need to know who took Pin and what they want from him," Tyla said, handing Son a red jacket with black pants.

    "Well the one creature with a top hat and cane stated his name was TopHat and that his majesty, whoever he is, doesn't want me to be around Pin," Son said, telling everyone the information he has.

    "Why would a monster want to separate two guys in the first place?" Wish asked, "That doesn't sound monster-y at all but human."

    Wish was interrupted by an alarm that went off. The crystal in the middle started glowing and it showed a werewolf creature terrorizing civilians.

    "Who is that?" Son asked.

    "That is Blane," Pharm said, "He's one of The Guardians."

    "No time to explain," Tyra said, "You guys must go and fight him."

    "How?" Son asked.

    "Just follow our lead," Dean said smiling.

    Dean, Pharm, Wish, and Cake all raised their hands and they started glowing thier respected colors of blue, green, yellow, and white. "Dragonites hear our call! Give us the power we need!"

    "White Mystic Magic!" Cake shouted, bringing her hand down to her heart and a white glow forming around her.

    "Yellow Mystic Magic!" Pharm yelled, bringing his hand down to his heart and a yellow glow formed around him.

    "Green Mystic Magic!" Wish shouted, bringing his hand down to his heart and a green glow formed around him.

    "Blue Mystic Magic!" Dean yelled, bringing his hand down to his heart and a blue glow formed around him.

    As they were glowing, their respective crystals were glowing as well. Ice started to blow around Cake. Lightning surrounded Pharm. Leaves were blowing around Wish. Water was splashing around Dean. When the glowing had stopped they were in multi-color spandex suits. Cake was in a white suit with a mini skirt. On her chest was the same logo as on her jacket. She had shoulder blades like the White Mystic Ranger but there was glow trim aound her suit. Everything was white except for the gold trim around her boots and gloves. She had a helmet similar to Ryusoulger and the Green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger with the mouth of the dragon as the visor with white going up and down symbolizing teeth. Pharm had a similar suit on as of Cake's, but he had no skirt and his suit was yellow. Wish and Dean had the same looking suit but with their respective color.

    "Your turn," Cake said, looking at Son.

    Son hesitated for a little bit but raised his hand in the sky as well. A red glowing started to occur.

    "Dragonites hear my call! Give me the power I need! Red Mystic Magic!" Son said, bringing his hand down to his heart. Just then a red glow flashed around him and fire engulfed him. When the glowing and fire had died down, Son was in a red spandex suit. He looked just like the other four but with his red respected color. The five crystals around the main crystal beamed five colors of light shining on the five of them and they were instantly transported to where Blane was.

    "Power Rangers?" Blane growled, "It looks like you found your fifth member. How cute! Too bag, I'm going to tear him to shreds."

    He started howling and all of a sudden more creatures popped up from the ground.

    "Trolls attack!" Blane shouted, pointing at the rangers.

    The Trolls started going toward the rangers but the five of them were ready for anything that came in their way. Son never felt so energized and never felt so much power before. He ran toward one of the trolls punching it causing it to fall to the ground. Blane saw this and started attacking Son. Son couldn't believe how strong this creature was. He kept on clawing at Son as if Son had killed his best friend. The other rangers saw this and was going to help but a bunch of Trolls stood in their way. Son was just outnumbered by the strength of Son. He tried to counterattack but his tries were useless. Blane came up and struck Son right on the chest. The blow was so massive that Son flew across the sky and landed on the ground face down. He morphed back into his normal self. Blane went over and was about to strike at Son, when Son rolled around revealing his face.

    "Son?" Blane questioned.

    Blane then notified the Trolls to retreat and all of them went underground.

    "What the hell happened?" Pharm asked, coming toward Son, "Are you okay?"

    "Yeah, I'm fine," Son said, slowly getting up, "How did Blane know my name?"

    The other rangers just looked at each other, questioning it themselves.

    {opening - pay attention to just the song and not the suits or anything like that}

    Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana as Son
    Red Dragonite Ranger

    Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert as Dean
    Blue Dragonite Ranger

    Plan Rathavit Kijworalak as Wish
    Green Dragonite Ranger

    Fluke Natouch Siripongthon as Pharm
    Yellow Dragonite Ranger

    Coates Samantha Melanie as Cake
    White Dragonite Ranger

    Tarika Thidathit as Tyla

    Mean Phiravich Attachitsataporn as Two

    Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote as Intouch

    Perth Tanapon Sukhumpantanasan as Pin

    White Nawat Phumphothingam as Phun

    Captain Chonlathorn Kornyingyong as Noh

    Chapter One:

    "Are you hurt?" Cake asked Son, morphing back into her normal self, along with everyone else.

    "No, I'm fine," Son said, getting up with the help of Dean, "I just want to know how this Blane guy knows my name. This is the first time I have seen this creature."

    "I don't know," Dean said, "but maybe Tyla will have the answers."

    "Yeah we should go..." Son agreed but got interrupted.

    "Son?" a voice called out from the distance.

    Everyone looked and they saw a young man running toward him. He had dark mysterious eyes and parted hair.

    "Are you alright?" the young man asked, walking up to Son now.

    "Yes, Two," Son said, "I'm alright. Thank you."

    "Who's this?" Cake asked, eying Two up and down.

    "Guys," Son said, "this is Two. He is my best friend. When I first came to the university, Two was the first one to greet me."

    "Hi," Two said, doing a polite wave toward everyone, and then looking at Son, "I'm glad you are alright. You know, I worry about you."

    "Yes," Son said, "I know you do and I'm greatful to have you as a friend. I'm sorry to cut this short but my friends and I have to go."

    "All right," Two said, "Will we be having dinner tonight?"

    "I'm not sure," Son said, "There are things I need to take care of first. I'll call you."

    "Okay," Two said, looking a little disappointed, and walking off.

    Son and the rest of them looked as Two went around the corner. They decided they should go back to the Inbetween. Dean told Son how to go back there. They all looked to see if the coast was cleared, and they didn't see anyone around or looking at them. They put their hand to their heart and a glowing occurred. With their respected colors, they disappeared from sight. Little did they know, another young man was watching them from afar. He looked like he was fourteen but in reality he was twenty-four. He wore all black and had almost similar hair to Two.

    "You will be mine," the man said, looking at where the five of them were.

    "Intouch!" a girl called out from the distance, "Are you coming?"

    "Yeah," he said, not taking his eyes off of where the five were, "I'll be right there."

    Son, Dean, Pharm, Wish, and Cake all went to the Inbetween and was asking Tyla questions left and right.

    "Calm down, everyone," Tyla said, "I know you have many answers but my visions aren't clear. All I know is that Son probably knows you Blane is."

    "I don't know who he is!" Son answered, "I just met the guy today!"

    "Well obviously he knows you," Tyla said, "so maybe you know him in his human form."

    "Human form?" Son asked, "How do you know he has a human form?"

    "It's not really clear," Tyla said, "but I see a silhouette of him and he does look human."

    "Hmm," Cake said, going up to Son, "Maybe it's that Two guy."

    "Two?" Son asked, "You think Two is the werewolf?"

    "I wouldn't be surprised," Cake said, "You know Two likes you, right?"

    "As a friend," Son said.

    "Nah man," Wish chimed in, "I can see it. He was all over you making sure you are alright."

    "You guys are crazy," Son said, "Two is so nice. Why would he attack people like that?"

    "Sometimes," Pharm said, "werewolves can't control their animal instincts."

    "Before today," Son said, "I would have never believed that werewolves and penguins with top hats and canes were real."

    "A penguin?" Dean asked, smirking, "You are calling TopHat a penguin?"

    "What?" Son said, "He does look like a penguin and he has taken Pin."

    "Right," Dean said, with a serious face, "We need to find out who TopHat really is and where he has taken Pin."

    Just then the alarm went off again.

    "What now?" Son asked, rolling his eyes.

    They saw the crystal showing TopHat resurfaced with Pin chained up. It looked like he was struggling trying to break free. A lot of other creatures that were with TopHat was there, surrounding Pin.

    "Pin?" Son asked, looking at what was going on.

    "Maybe this is a trap," Pharm said.

    "Trap or not, we have to rescue Pin," Wish said.

    "Thanks Wish," Son said.

    "Alright, let's do this!" Dean said.

    "Dragonites hear our call! Give us the power we need!" Son, Dean, Pharm, Wish, and Cake shouted out, reaching out to the sky with their hand.

    "White Mystic Magic!" Cake shouted, bringing her hand down to her heart and a white glow forming around her.

    "Yellow Mystic Magic!" Pharm yelled, bringing his hand down to his heart and a yellow glow formed around him.

    "Green Mystic Magic!" Wish shouted, bringing his hand down to his heart and a green glow formed around him.

    "Blue Mystic Magic!" Dean yelled, bringing his hand down to his heart and a blue glow formed around him.

    "Red Mystic Magic!" Son shouted, bringing his hand down to his heart and a red glow formed around him.

    Once again their elements surrounded them and they were morphed into their respectable suits. They all teleported to where TopHat was, holding Pin captive.

    "Aww why if it isn't the Power Rangers, here to save Pin," TopHat said, knowing full well who the rangers were.

    "Release Pin," Son demanded, pointing at TopHat.

    "Why if it isn't Son," TopHat smirked, "So you are the keeper of the Red Dragonite."

    "Son?" Pin asked, looking at the red ranger.

    "Yes Pin," Son said, "It's me. We're going to save you, okay?"

    Pin just nodded.

    "If you want Pin, you'll have to go through me and I'm not that easy to defeat," TopHat said.

    "We'll see about that," Dean said.

    "Hit Men, attack!" TopHat shouted, and dozens of creatures wearing fedoras and trench coats came rushing toward the rangers. The rangers starting fighting with the creatures. It was tough since the Hit Men all had Tommy guns and firing at the rangers; not letting them get close to them.

    "Well this is unfair," Son said, "They have weapons and we don't."

    Just then their logo on their chest started glowing. They reached their hand to the logo and a light burst out and formed each swords for them. The swords looked like the Ryusoul Ken. All five of them looked surprised and a gem of each of their color fell into their other hand. It didn't take them long to figure out what to do. There was a lever on their sword that opened up the Dragonite's mouth. They placed their gem into the mouth. Just then their swords lit up and a set of armor fell on to each one of them. Their suits were now where one side of the shoulder was a dragon head with their respected color. On the other side was a small tail. Son had what looked to be red flames coming from the tail. Dean looked like the tail was gushing out water. Cake's tail looked like it was icy. Pharm's tail looked electrifying and Wish's tale looked like it was a tale made out of leafs.

    The rangers charged at the Hit Men and know with their weapons in hand, they were able to block the bullets and go right toward the Hit Men knocking them one by one. TopHat couldn't believe this and jumped in on the fight. He went right away to Son and started battling with him. TopHat used his cane as a weapon and was going after Son. Son blocked each move with his sword. TopHat jumped up in the sky and kicked Son. Son went flying backwards and managed to land on his feet. He raised up his sword and pulled down on the lever a few times. His sword started to glow red and the tale on his armor started to burn like fire. Flames started to come out of the sword and he released the flames toward TopHat. Just as the flames were going to hit him, another creature stepped in the way with an umbrella and blocked the attack.

    "Who are you?" Son asked, not believing that his attack was blocked.

    "Hehe," she laughed, "My name is Madame Akuno (play on words with Japanese for Evil). As order to his majesty, you are not allowed to even come near Pin."

    "But why?" Son asked, charging after Madame Akuno now, but she blocked his strikes with her umbrella.

    "Because his majesty requests it," Madame Akuno said, "and whatever his majesty wants, his majesty gets."

    "Not, in my book," Son said, jumping up to the sky and landing near Pin who was still chained up, "You're mistake was bringing him out in the opening."

    Son used his sword and cut the chains that had Pin trapped. He then fought some Hit Men that were coming after him. Dean and the others joined in and fought off the Hit Men. When the Hit Men were defeated, TopHat and Madame Akuno both laughed and disappeared. The rangers were so confused. They didn't know what was going on.

    "Thank you Son for rescuing me," Pin said, smiling, melting Son's heart.

    "I will always rescue you," Son said.

    Cake was getting so excited. She was jumping up and down. But before anyone could stop her or say anything, Blane came out of the ground and knocked Pin to the ground.

    "That is not Pin!" he shouted.

    "How would you know?" Son asked, "And who are you?"

    "You don't need to know who I am Son," Blane said, "but that's not Pin, look!"

    Pin got up and had a wicked smile on his face. That smile that melted Son's heart was now creeping him out. Pin started to laugh with his eyes glowing and all of a sudden it looked like Pin had two heads. This was creeping people out. A cloud of shadows rushed over Pin and when the shadows had faded away, Pin was not standing in front of them but a creature with two heads.

    "Who are you?" Son asked, "And what have you done with Pin?"

    "I have done nothing with Pin," the creature said, "My name is Bag Shadow. I'm from the Shadow Mafia and I've been given orders from his majesty to keep you from seeing Pin."

    "Who is this 'majesty' guy?" Son asked.

    "Yeah, he sounds like a real jerk," Wish said.

    "How dare you talk about his majesty like that!" Bag Shadow said, raising his weapon and slashing it at Wish, causing him to drop.

    "Wish!" Cake exclaimed rushing over to him.

    "I'm okay," Wish said, getting up, "It's just a scratch."

    "Let's get him!" Dean said, about to charge in, but Blane stepped in front of them.

    "What are you doing?" Dean asked, "I thought you were here to help us."

    "Help you?" Blane said, laughing, "I'm here to make sure no one hurts Son. I couldn't care less about you."

    "Why do you want to protect me?" Son asked.

    "Because I love you Son," Blane said.

    "Awww," Bag Shadow mocked, "another one who loves Son. We need to take care of that."

    Bag Shadow raised his weapon up and slashed at Blane. Blane got up and started growling. He ran toward Bag Shadow and both of them started fighting. The rangers didn't know what to think and what was going on. They were confused on to help Blane fight Bag Shadow or fight Blane or to fight both of them. Son made the first move and attacked Bag Shadow causing him to drop to the ground.

    "Thanks," Blane said, looking over at Son.

    "Don't thank me yet until you answered my questions," Son said.

    "I will after you guys defeat this creature," Blane said.

    "Us?" Son asked, "What about you helping us as well?"

    "Like I told pretty boy over there," Blane said, "I am just here to make sure you don't get hurt."

    "You are so confusing," Son said, not letting Bag Shadow to get up and striking him with his sword. The others joined in and started slashing the creature with their sword.

    Bag Shadow finally got up and with his weapon, he let out a huge strike, knocking everyone down on the ground. He started laughing as he struck again with his weapon, causing more harm and pain to happen. Son was the first to recover and ran up to strike at Bag Shadow. The power of his sword was immense that he struck at the weapon Bag Shadow was holding and broke it.

    "My weapon!" Bag Shadow shrieked.

    "All right guys," Son said, going back to the group, "Let's finish him!"

    They each raised their swords and with the levers on it and they started pushing up and down. With each time they pushed the lever, the sword started to glow immensely. Their five natural elements came bursting out of their swords; fire, water, forest, lightning, and ice. They released the powers they unleashed onto Bag Shadow. The elements formed a huge star which went right through Bag Shadow. Sparks started to fly out of him. Blane who was noticing all this came running at Bag Shadow and gave him one huge strike in the center of him. More sparks started flying and smoke came out of Bag Shadow. Bag Shadow dropped to the ground and exploded.

    Just as the rangers were going to celebrate, a creature appeared out of the shadows.

    He looked like a general with his hat on and cape. He walked over to the destroyed Bag Shadow. He stared at the rangers for a quick second and started to laugh a bit. The creature then turned into a shadow and covered the destroyed Shadow Bag. Shadows started to grow and Shadow Bag regenerated and was high as a skyscraper now. The rangers couldn't believe that after defeating him, they would have to deal with him being as tall as a skyscraper.

    "What do we do?" Son asked, looking up at Bag Shadow who had his weapon with him again.

    "We call on our Dragonite Zords!" Dean said.

    Just then five rays of light shot out from their suits and beamed in the sky. When the lights had faded, there were five mechanical dragons. They each were color coded to their respected ranger; red, blue, green, yellow, and white. Blane saw the Zords and left. Son was very angry at this but couldn't deal with it right now. He had to worry about taking care of Shadow Bag before he destroys the city. All five of them hoped into their Dragonite Zords. Son noticed that he was standing in front of a bunch of mirrors. The mirrors revealed the outside world and he could see Bag Shadow. The Red Dragonite was looked like a small red version of Dragonzord. Son had the Dragonite charge at Bag Shadow. Bag Shadow defended himself by striking the Red Dragonite with his weapon. The Red Dragonite fell to the ground. Dean saw this and with his Blue Dragonite came up to Bag Shadow like a snake and bit him. Bag Shadow dropped to the ground.

    "Here's our chance to form into the Dragonite Megazord!" Pharm exclaimed.

    "These mechanical beasts can do that?" Son surprisingly asked.

    "Yeah," Dean said, "just follow our lead.

    Son saw his four comrades in the mirrors around him. He saw them place their sword a platform that appeared in front of them. Son placed his sword in as well as the Dragonites started glowing. The Red Dragonite's hands and arms started moving inward just like the Dragonzord did. And as the Dragonzord, its shoulders moved inward to create a new body. The legs went up into a compartment. The Blue Dragonite wrapped around just like the snake in Megaforce did and attached itself with the REd Dragonite. Next the Yellow and Green Dragonites formed arms and hands just like the dragon zord in Ninja Steel. They attached themselves with the Red Dragonite creating the arms and hands for the Megazord. Last but not least was the White Dragonite Zord. The Red Dragonite's head went down in a compartment and the White Dragonite Zord attached itself as the head a small back piece to the Megazord. The White Dragonite Zord was the smallest out of all the five of the Zords but it was still powerful. The head opened up to reveal a face and the Dragonite Megazord was form.

    Bag Shadow finally was able to get up and when he looked he saw a massive Megazord standing in front of him. He took his weapon and struck at the Megazord but nothing happened. The Dragonite Megazord grabbed a hold of the weapon and with his other hand and knee, snapped the weapon in half.

    "You rely too much on this," Wish said, smiling through his helmet.

    "You little bastard," Bag Shadow said, "You'll pay for that!"

    The wings of the White Dragonite came off and the Dragonite Megazord was holding the wings. They looked almost like a boomerang. The Dragonite's eyes started lighting up and flung the boomerang at Bag Shadow.

    "You're going down creep!" the five of them said in unison.

    The boomerang started glowing of all five colors and it went right through Bag Shadow. Sparks started to fly out of him, just like before. Bag Shadow fell to the ground in a huge explosion. As he was destroyed, a dark shadow left him and rose to the sky. The shadow was laughing just like the creature they saw right after they destroyed Bag Shadow the first time. The shadow disappeared in the sky. Son and the others wanted to know who that was that helped Bag Shadow grow like that. They wanted to know a lot of things such as why Blane is only semi helping them and why he knows Son.

    They wanted to answer all these questions but they had to get to class. They might be a new form of Power Rangers, but they still had to go to class. They jumped from the Dragonite Megazord which disappeared. They morphed back into their normal state and all of them headed for class. They didn't realize though that Intouch was watching from a far.

    "You will be mine, Son," Intouch said, smirking.

    He walked away and didn't realize that Two was watching Intouch. Two had a confusing look on his face and followed Intouch.

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    Intouch was watching as the rangers walked off to go see Tyla but he didn't realize Two was watching him. Intouch went around the corner to meet with his friends with Two following behind him, hoping not to be caught. Two noticed how Intouch met up with a bunch of girls. Two wondered if Intouch had a girlfriend but he couldn't shake off what Intouch said:

    "You will be mine, Son."

    Two wanted to know Intouch's intentions. Usually Intouch is a quiet guy, according to Two. Intouch is top of his class with great grades and has always been sky. Lately, Two has noticed a difference in him. Two didn't have any classes so he was able to watch Intouch for the whole day. Even though Two had no classes, everyone saw him at the university. The university was like his home away from home.

    He was observing Intouch when a young man approached him. He had dark hair and earrings in both ears.

    "Two," the young man said, startling Two, "What are you doing?"

    "Phun?" Two asked, whispering, "Why did you scare me?

    "I'm sorry," Phun apologized, "but what are you doing?"

    "I'm spying on Intouch," Two whispered.

    "Why?" Phun asked, looking at Intouch with his back toward them talking to his friends.

    "Because I think he wants to get with Son," Two said.

    "Oh!" Phun said, with a grin, "and are you j...."

    "STOP THAT!" Two shouted, breaking his whispering, but then going back after seeing Intouch look behind him, but both Two and Phun were well hidden, "I am not jealous. I am just concerned that Intouch isn't the right fit for Son."

    "And you are?" Phun asked, smirking.

    "Oh shut up," Two said.

    "Just remember our mission," Phun said, grabbing a hold of a ruby around his neck and grabbing a hold of Two's ruby that is covered by his shirt.

    "I know our mission," Two said, "You worry about what you need to do. I see you hesitant as well when Noh always walks by."

    "Don't worry about me," Phun said, "just worry about yourself. And leave Noh out of this. He has no clue about our mission."

    "When are you going to tell him, you are not who you say you are?" Two asked.

    "Honestly," Phun said, with a serious face, "I don't know if he could accept who I am if I told him."

    "If you loves you," Two said, "then he'll accept you. I just hope that Son can accept me but it seems he has his eyes on this guy Pin."

    "Pin?!" Phun exclaimed, now with Intouch looking again.

    "Shhh," Two warned, whispering, "and how do you know Pin?"

    "I'll talk to you later," Phun said, "Intouch is curious now. I'm sorry I broke your spying on him."

    Intouch went back in talking with his friends and Phun put his hand on Two's shoulder and left without Intouch noticing. Two just gave a sigh of relief that Intouch has not come over to see what's going on.

    That night:

    "Honey," Pharm said, cudding with Dean in their bed, "Do you think Pin is okay? I'm worried that we might not be able to rescue Pin and Son will be sad."

    "It's our mission to rescue Pin, and we will" Dean said, holding onto Pharm, "We will make sure that Son and Pin are reunited, just like how we were reunited after so many years."

    "It's funny how I have Book's memories," Pharm said, but that's it."

    "Yeah," Dean agreed, "I have Knock's memories as well. I am sorry for putting you through all that in our past lives."

    "Well, it's all in the past," Pharm said, "We found each other and we'll be together forever."

    "That's right," Dean said, "I love you Pharm."

    "I love you too, Dean," Pharm said, leaning toward a kiss from Dean. They were about to kiss when there was a thud on their dorm room wall, and they heard noises which they were familiar of.

    "Phun," a voice called out from the wall, "Do you want to have people know we are making love?"

    "Sorry Noh," Phun said.

    Both Dean and Pharm started laughing. Apparently Phun and Noh were next door neighbors to Pharm and Dean in the dorm building. Both Dean and Pharm laughed a little bit more and started kissing each other.

    The Next Day:

    "Anything new on where Pin is?" Son asked Nyla in the Inbetween.

    "No," Nyla said, with a sad face, "I haven't picked up anything."

    "You are suppose to be a Seer," Son said, "and you can't pick up where Pin is being held?"

    "I'm so sorry," Nyla said, "I told you I can only see bits and pieces."

    Just then the alarm sounded and both Nyla and Son saw on the crystal, Blane had resurfaced with a bunch of Trolls and they were again terrorizing students.

    "Nyla," Son said, "Call the others."

    "But you can't face Blane on your own," Nyla warned.

    "Well if I arrive," Son said, "he won't attack me. Since he knows me, he will not attack me."

    "Just be careful," Nyla said.

    Son nodded his head and raised his hand to the sky.

    "Dragonites hear my call! Give me the power I need! Red Mystic Magic!" Son shouted. He raised his hand to his heart and a red glow covered him and flames consumed him as before. He was standing in his red ranger suit. Nyla transported him to where Blane was. The Trolls were scaring the students and the students were running for dear life."

    "Blane!" Son shouted, "You need to stop this! Why are you terrorizing the students."

    "Stay out of my way Son," Blane growled, "I need to fulfill my mission and I don't want to hurt you."

    "Well it's my mission to protect these people," Son said, "so if you are going to terrorize these people, I will stop you."

    Son started running for Blane and trying to punch and kick Blane but Blane just blocked every move. There was one move however that Son used and he double kicked Blane causing him to fall to the ground. Son was ready to tackle him when out of no where a bat creature came and tackled Son to the ground.

    "Who are you?" Son asked, pushing the creature off of him.

    "I am Vamp," he said, "and if you know what's best you'll stay out of our way."

    "You two work with each other?" Son asked, getting up.

    "Yes," Vamp said, standing next to Blane, "We are the Guardians."

    "Why are you terrorizing everyone?" Son asked, "If you are Guardians, shouldn't you be helping them instead of terrorizing them?"

    "That's not what Guardians do," Blane said, "We feed off the fear of others so we can give it to..."

    "Shut up Blane," Vamp said, "Don't give everything away."

    Blane just looked over at Son.

    "Just stay out of our way, Son," Blane said, "our we'll really have to hurt you and we don't want to do that."

    "Why?" Son asked, "Because you love me? Who are you?"

    "Come on Blane," Vamp said, motioning for him to go, "You are letting your emotions take over your responsibility."

    "Don't order me around," Blane said, griping at Vamp, "Just please Son, stay out of our way. I don't want to have to hurt you."

    Son noticed a tear was coming down Blane's cheek and soon the Trolls went underground as well as Vamp and Blane. As soon as all of them left, the other four rangers came and asked Son what happened. Son just looked at them confused.

    {opening - pay attention to just the song and not the suits or anything like that}

    Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana as Son
    Red Dragonite Ranger

    Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert as Dean
    Blue Dragonite Ranger

    Plan Rathavit Kijworalak as Wish
    Green Dragonite Ranger

    Fluke Natouch Siripongthon as Pharm
    Yellow Dragonite Ranger

    Coates Samantha Melanie as Cake
    White Dragonite Ranger

    Tarika Thidathit as Tyla

    Mean Phiravich Attachitsataporn as Two

    Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote as Intouch

    Perth Tanapon Sukhumpantanasan as Pin

    White Nawat Phumphothingam as Phun

    Captain Chonlathorn Kornyingyong as Noh

    Chapter Two:

    All the rangers went to the Inbetween where Nyla was waiting for them. She looked like she had news to tell them.

    "I have just located where the Shadow Mafia is hanging out," Tyla said, looking at the crystal. "Pin might be there."

    "Good," Son said, "we better go check it out. Hopefully we won't run into Blane or this new guy Vamp. Do you know anything about the Guardians, Tyla?"

    There was an awkward pause as Tyla had a concerned look on her face looking at Dean and Pharm. Both Cake and Wish were looking concerned as well. Son felt the tension and was feeling a bit awkward.

    "Um," Son said, clearing his throat, "Did I ask a wrong question?"

    "Son," Tyla said, "there is something you need to know, Dean and Pharm are reincarnates of the first two Dragonites, Book and Knock:

    Toey Sittiwat Imerbpathom as Book (left)
    March Chutavuth Pattarakhumphol as Knock (right)

    "Book was my brother," Tyla said, looking at the crystal glowing, showing Book and Knock holding hands.

    "What?" Son asked, looking at Tyla and then Pharm.

    "Tyla can tell you the story later," Pharm said, looking at Son, "right now we have to check if Pin is located where Tyla said the Shadow Majia is located.

    Son nodded his head and Dean, Pharm, Wish, Cake, and Son left the Inbetween through teleportation and went toward the building. The building looked like any normal building; nothing fancy. The only strange about it was a dark shadow hovering above it. The five of them went closer and still it was just a regular building. There was no one in site. Son, bluntly opened the door. When they opened the door a dark shadow came gushing forth and surrounded the five. When the shadow had disappeared, they were in the building, but the building looked like the inside of a castle. The floor was checker squares black and white. There was stairs going up to a second floor. The five of them walked a little more and saw a double door. They weren't afraid at all. They were here to see if Pin was here. Dean, opened the doors this time and inside the room looked like a throne room. There was a purple velvet chair off to the corner with a mirror off to the other side. Around the mirror there were black thorns. Just then the doors closed and shadows appeared everywhere.

    "Well if it isn't the Power Rangers," a voice called out from the shadows.

    The rangers couldn't make out who this person was, but the silhouette made it out to be a young man.

    "Who are you?" Son asked, "And where is Pin?"

    "I am Drake," the voice called out, "I am the leader of the Shadow Mafia, also know to my subjects as his majesty."

    "Show yourself coward!" Wish said, getting the courage to say that.

    "How dare you talk to his majesty that way!" TopHat shouted, coming out of no where and striking Wish in the face with his cane.

    "Wish!" everyone exclaimed, coming to his aid.

    Dean, Son, and Pharm went into a stance mode ready to fight TopHat, while Cake made sure that Wish was alright.

    "I'm fine," Wish said, holding his face as it bleeds.

    "That's enough TopHat," Drake said.

    TopHat looked toward Drake's direction and moved back.

    "So sorry for that," Drake said, laughing a little.

    "Enough!" Son shouted, "Where is Pin?"

    "Pin is being occupied at the moment," Drake said, pointing to the mirror.

    They all looked and saw Pin was lying on a bed, unconscious with shadows around him.

    "What have you done with him?" Son asked.

    "I am just removing you from his mind," Drake said.

    "But why?" Son asked, restraining himself from going over to Drake and punching him.

    "Because Pin shouldn't be with you," Drake said, "You should belong to me."

    "Here we go again," Cake said, rolling her eyes.

    "Blane?" Son asked.

    "Hmp," Drake sighed, "You think I'm that nasty werewolf creature? I'm much more powerful then all the Guardians put together. Yes, I know all about the Guardians and know their stench. That Blane really loves you. I'm going to see to it that you are mine."

    "But why?" Son asked, "I don't even know you."

    "Of course you don't," Drake said, "I was just a job to you. You tutored me last year because I was failing a class. I bet you don't even know my real name."

    "Well if you come out and show me who you are," Son said, "maybe I will remember who you are."

    "You want to see me?" Drake said.

    "Yes?" Son asked, not sure whether to agree or not.

    A shadow formed around Drake and as he stood in the light, he was a creature.

    "You're not even human!" Wish exclaimed.

    "Oh but I am human," Drake said, "I was given a very special power by a very powerful being. She told me that she could tell that no one took me serious and told me if I was leader of the Shadow Mafia everyone would take me serious. She gave me this power so I could make the world mine and that is what I am doing. I have monsters everywhere taking out people who would stand in my way. I even have some monsters posed as cops so all the killings that happen because of me go away. I am invincible. The one thing I don't have and it's killing me is a king."

    "And you want Son to be that king?" Cake asked.

    "Correct!" Drake said.

    "Who gave you this power?" Son asked.

    "Well I'm glad you asked because she said she can give you power as well if you join me," Drake said, "She calls herself the Enchantress."

    "The Enchantress?!" both Dean and Pharm exclaimed at the same time, "I thought we took her out all those years ago."

    "Oh that's right," Drake said, with everyone looking at Dean and Pharm, "You are reincarnates of your past lives. The Enchantress told me about you two. And what a terrible way to go as well; double suicide all because your daddies didn't want you two to be together."

    "Shut up!" Dean said, about to run over to Drake, but Wish, Son, and Pharm restrained him.

    "Honey, it's not worth it," Pharm said, "our past selves didn't know what else to do since being in this kind of relationship wasn't accepted."

    "Aww I'm touch," Drake sarcastically said, then looking over to Son holding his hand out, "So what will it be? Will you be my king and rule the world with me?"

    "Wait a minute," Cake said, interrupting the moment, "If you love Son so much, how come you had your monster almost destroy him?"

    "Also, if you love him," Wish chimed in, "you would show your true face."

    "Bag Shadow was a fool and of course paid the price," Drake said, "I never meant for him to attack Son like he did. As for my true self. The only way you'll find out if Son joins me as my king."

    "No thank you," Son said, looking angerly at Drake.

    "Very well then," Drake said, "I'll just have to destroy your friends and Pin."

    Drake raised his hand and out of the shadows came another monster, different looking then Bag Shadow.

    "I'd like to introduce Saber Shadow," Drake said, smiling, "Saber Shadow I want you to destroy Son's friends and then destroy Pin."

    "With pleasure," Saber Shadow said.

    "Guys, I think it's time to morph," Son said.

    They all raised their hands to the sky.

    "Dragonites, hear our call! Give us the power we need!" all five of them shouted, with their hands shining bring with colors, blinding all the Shadow Mafia villains.

    "White Mystic Magic!" Cake shouted, bringing her hand down to her heart and a white glow forming around her.

    "Yellow Mystic Magic!" Pharm called out, bringing his hand down to his heart and a yellow glow formed around him.

    "Green Mystic Magic!" Wish yelled, bringing his hand down to his heart and a green glow formed around him.

    "Blue Mystic Magic!" Dean shouted, bringing his hand down to his heart and a blue glow formed around him.

    "Red Mystic Magic!" Son called out, bringing his hand down to his heart and a red glow formed around him.

    Their elements surrounded them and they were morphed into their suits. The light had faded so Saber Shadow was able to see and went after Dean, Pharm, Wish, and Cake. Son tried to help his friends but the Hit Men were all over him blocking him from getting to his friends. Saber Shadow used his twin blades and sliced at Cake. Smoke and sparks came out of her as she dropped to the ground. Wish went over in between Cake and Saber Shadow and used his sword. Both Saber Shadow and Wish were having a sword fight with each other. Hit Men were all over Son. Dean and Pharm came to help Son out and with their swords struck at some of the Hit Men causing them to turn to shadows and disappear.

    "Thanks guys," Son said.

    "Don't mention it," Pharm said.

    "We are friends after all," Dean said.

    As this was going on Drake had disappeared. Son just wanted to know why everyone was attracted to him. He thought to himself that he wasn't that special. He had to go find Pin though. Dean and Pharm went over to help Wish fight off Saber Shadow.

    "Go find Pin," Dean said, "We'll handle this creep. After all, he's not interested in you."

    "Are you sure?" Son asked.

    "Yes, go!" Cake shouted, getting back into the fight.

    Son was about to leave the room when TopHat and Madame Akuno blocked the entrance.

    "Get out of my way!" Son shouted, putting his gem into his sword pulling at the lever a few times. The sword started glowing red with fire and he slashed his sword at both TopHat and Madame Akuno. Both of them feel back and he rushed out of the room. There were so many rooms in the castle and Pin could be in anyone of them. He went up the stairs and wanted to start to look on the top floor. Off to the side, there was a room with double doors just like the ones downstairs.

    Son went into the doors and found Pin laying down with shadows around him. He was just about to go over to rescue him when Drake appeared out of the shadows.

    "I wouldn't do that if I were you," Drake said.

    "Why not?" Son asked, ready to strike at Drake.

    "If those shadows even touch you, you'll forget Pin instead," Drake said, smirking.

    "You bastard," Son said, "If you really loved me, you would stop all this and let me love who I want freely."

    "And if I did that," Drake said, "you would never choose me. I'm not going to stop you if you want to save him but you'll forget all about him."

    "I just met the guy so it won't matter," Son said, "When I see him I can build the memories back."

    "Oh no," Drake said, "It doesn't work like that. He'll be gone completely from your mind and when you see him your heart will be cold to him. Either his heart will be cold toward you or your heart will be cold toward his. Which is it going to be?"

    "What if I destroy you?" Son asked, getting angrier.

    "If you destroy me, it won't stop the shadows," Drake said.

    Son gave a sigh and left. He would rather have Pin's heart cold toward his rather than his heart cold to Pin. When he left, he could hear Drake laughing.

    "I'm going to get you for this!" Son said.

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    RV Favicon Power Rangers Mystic Magic

    Son was heading out of the room where Pin and Drake were. He would rather have Pin forget all about him and have a cold heart, and be miserable for the rest of his life, then have Pin be at a lost. Drake was laughing hysterically. Son wished there was something he could do but he was powerless. Just as he stepped out of the room, Blane came and surprised him.

    "I love you," Blane told Son, "and if it means watching you be happy with another man, then that's the price I'm willing to pay."

    Blane came barging into the room and with one swoop he knocked Drake to the ground. Son could hear the thud of Drake getting knocked to the ground. He turned and saw Blane's eyes glowing a cold blue and just like that the shadow covering Pin was gone. He picked Pin up and carried him over to Son. He placed Pin in Son's arms.

    "Now go," Blane said, "Get out of here!"

    "Um, thank you," Son said, not knowing what else to say.

    As this was going on, Dean, Wish, Pharm, and Cake were still battling Blade Shadow. The battle went outside. People starting screaming in fear seeing a monster and ran for shelter. Pharm put his gem into his sword and pushed down on the lever several times. Lighting started coming out of his sword. He slashed into Blade Shadow causing him to drop his twin swords and fall to the ground. Wish wanted a piece of the action and put his gem into his sword. He pushed down on the lever several times and a whirlwind of leaves started forming around his sword. As Blade Shadow was getting up, Wish struck at Blade Shadow causing him to fall back down. Smoke and sparks starting flying out of Blade Shadow.

    Blade Shadow got up and picked up his twin swords. He was angry now and went for Pharm first. Pharm fell to the ground. Dean didn't like that one bit and ran toward Blade Shadow with his sword slashing him left and right. Blade Shadow didn't even have time to respond since Dean was coming at him left and right. Cake wanted a piece of the action and jumped in, using her sword and slashing him after Dean slashed him. Both of them kept this up and sparks started flying out of Blade Shadow. The rangers decided to use their gem in their swords to finish him off. The push the lever down on their sword and a glow started to form from their sword. Dean had a blue glow. Pharm had a yellow glow. Wish had a green glow. And Cake had a white glow. All four of them slashed down on their swords forming a four pointed star which cut through Blade Shadow. Sparks started flying and smoke came out of Blade Shadow. Blade Shadow soon fell to the ground in a huge explosion.

    The rangers had did it! They defeated Blade Shadow. They were celebrating when Son came rushing out with Pin in his arms. Pin was still unconsious and didn't look too great.

    "You rescued Pin!" Cake exciting said.

    "No," Son said, "actually Blane rescued him for me. He's still in the building fighting with Drake."

    "What about the dark shadow around Pin?" Dean asked.

    "Blane took care of it," Son said, "His eyes started glowing a cold blue and all the shadows disappeared."

    "Tyla," Wish called out, "can you teleport Pin to the Inbetween."

    Tyla heard his call and Pin was teleported out of Son's arms.

    "Thanks Wish," Son said.

    "It pains me to say this," Dean said, "but we need to go help Blane."

    "I"m with you on that," Pharm said.

    All five of them rushed back into the building and Son let the way to where Blane was. They came to the room and heard loud noises. As they entered the room, Drake just picked up Blane and tossed him to the wall like a rag doll. The five rangers rushed toward Drake and with their swords slashed at him. Drake fell to the ground. He looked up at Son with sadness.

    "This isn't over," Drake said, disappearing.

    When he disappeared, shadows went over the palace and went the shadows had disappeared, the building looked like a normal building. The five rangers looked and saw Blane was out cold. There was a huge cut on his side and he didn't look good at all.

    "What do we do?" Cake asked, "We can't just leave him here. He did save Pin after all."

    "We need to take him to the Inbetween," Son suggested.

    "Are you crazy?" Dean asked, "We can't take a Guardian to the Inbetween."

    "Why not?" Son asked, "He saved Pin from forgetting all about me. We can't just leave him here to die."

    "Guardians should not know where the Inbetween is," Dean said, "Trust me. Pharm and I in our past lives as Book and Knock dealt with The Enchantress herself who is a Guardian. Her mission was to bring fear and chaos to people. The more the people feared, the more powerful she became. Knock and Book used all of their powers to destroy her, but apparently we didn't destroy her but weakened her. If The Enchantress found out where the Inbetween was, it would be the end for Tyla."

    "Why?" Son asked, "Can't she just make a new Inbetween?"

    "It doesn't work like that," Wish chimed in, "You see the Inbetween wasn't just made so monsters couldn't get in; it was made for Tyla so she wouldn't age."

    "Wouldn't age?" Son asked, looking surprised, "Hold old is she?"

    "My former life's sister is 150 years old," Pharm said.

    "It all makes sense, why you guys killed yourselves," Son said, blurting out the sentence and not realizing what he said.

    "We killed ourselves because at that time it was the only thing for us to do," Dean said, "Back in the late 1800s it was against the law to have relations with the same sex. It was unheard off. When our fathers found out, we knew that there was no where we could run or hide. Everyone would know who we were and we couldn't go through the shame and pain, so we both decided to take our own lives and pray that we would find each other in a better life. We know that it was wrong for killing ourselves and we live through the painful memories of our former selves. But if the Inbetween is compromised, Tyla would surly die."

    They looked over and saw the Blane was really bleeding out now. Son grabbed him and looked at Dean, Pharm, Wish, and Cake. They knew his look too and Dean let out a sigh. All five of them with Blane teleported to the Inbetween. When they arrived, Pin was already laying down on a bed near the crystals. They made another bed and put Blane on it. As they put Blane on the bed, Blane opened his eyes. He took a look at Son and went unconscious again. Something strange was happening this light. A red glow fell over Blane and he started going back into human form. When the glowing had stopped, Son could not believe his eyes of who Blane was. Lying in the bed, was Two!

    "Two?!" Son exclaimed.
    {opening - pay attention to just the song and not the suits or anything like that}

    Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana as Son
    Red Dragonite Ranger

    Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert as Dean (Incarnate Knock)
    Blue Dragonite Ranger
    March Chutavuth Pattarakhumphol as Knock

    Plan Rathavit Kijworalak as Wish
    Green Dragonite Ranger

    Fluke Natouch Siripongthon as Pharm (Incarnate Book)
    Yellow Dragonite Ranger
    Toey Sittiwat Imerbpathom as Book

    Coates Samantha Melanie as Cake
    White Dragonite Ranger

    Tarika Thidathit as Tyla

    Mean Phiravich Attachitsataporn as Two/Blane

    White Nawat Phumphothingam as Phun/Vamp

    Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote as Intouch

    Perth Tanapon Sukhumpantanasan as Pin

    Captain Chonlathorn Kornyingyong as Noh

    Chapter Three:

    "Two!?" Son asked, looking shocked.

    "Son," Dean said, "Isn't that your best friend?"

    "Yes," Son said.

    "Um guys," Wish interrupted, "The dude is naked. We should cover him up."

    "Oh yeah, you're right," Son said, grabbing a blanket near by. As he covered Two, he noticed a red ruby hooked to a chain around his neck, "Tyla, how do we heal him? He's bleeding."

    "I believe with Dean's power of water," Tyla said, "You can heal him. Water is also a symbol for life as well."

    "Dean can you save my best friend?" Son pleaded.

    Dean stepped forward and uncovered his wound which was pretty deep. He raised his hand toward the cut. A blue glow started to form and a blue ray of light hit at Two. Everyone saw the cut getting smaller. Son was very happy. Dean started to feel something weird and stopped.

    "What's the matter?" Pharm asked, holding on to Dean.

    "It seems like I can't fully heal him," Dean said, feeling weak.

    "O..only a G..Guardian can fully h...heal a G...Guardian," Two slowly said, opening his eyes, looking at Son, "Please forgive me. You need to take me to Phun. Phun is the other Guardian Vamp and can heal me."

    "No, we'll bring him here," Son said.

    "No," Two demanded, "It's bad enough that you brought me here. Take me to him. Please hurry. I need to talk to him about the Enchantress."

    "Why?" Dean asked.

    "You heard Drake, right?" Two asked, "He said the Enchantress gave him that power."

    "Yeah so?" Dean questioned, "He's a Guardian as well."

    Dean stopped and looked in the distance as if a light bulb went on.

    "What is it?" Pharm asked.

    "We need to take him to Phun right away," Dean said, grabbing a hold of Two, helping Son out.

    "I don't understand," Pharm said, following Dean.

    "Let's go," Dean commanded.

    Wish, Cake, and even Son were confused as well but they went along with Dean. The teleported to the university where Phun and Noh were just about to go into their dorm room. Phun saw the Son and Dean had a hold of Two and he didn't look good.

    "What happened?" Phun asked, opening his dorm room.

    "Drake happened," Dean said, bringing Two into the room.

    "Who's Drake?" Phun asked.

    "He's the leader of the Shadow Mafia," Son said, "He needs you to heal him."

    "Honey," Noh said, "What is going on?"

    "Close the door," Phun told Cake, who closed the door behind them, and then turning toward Noh, "I am so sorry that I wasn't honest with you from the start. When you see what I'm about to become and do please don't be afraid. I love you and you know I would never hurt you. Trust me, okay?"

    "I trust you," Noh said.

    Phun held out a red ruby similar to Two's. He held it up to the sky. Phun's eyes started to turn red and fangs started to come out of his mouth. A red glow came over him and when the glowing had stopped, he was turned into a bat creature. Noh was a little frightened but he trusted Phun that Phun would never hurt him. Phun laid hands on Two and a cold blue glow fell onto Two. The wound on the side of Two had disappeared and Two let out a howl. He was back on his feet.

    "What's going on here?" Noh asked.

    "Honey, let me explain," Phun said, turning back to himself, "I am what's considered a Guardian. A very powerful sorceress known as the Enchantress gave me this power so I could put fear in the hearts of many so she could be more powerful and bring a peace to the world."

    "Well your Enchantress also gave the Shadow Mafia leader his power," Dean said, helping Two up.

    "What?" Phun said, "She told me she just wanted me to put fear into people's hearts and that's it."

    "Well she played both of you," Wish said.

    They both looked at Wish with a face of 'shut up.' Wish became quiet.

    "I can't believe this," Noh said, "You lied to me. What are you? A vampire creature or something? If you just told me the truth of who you were I'd still accept you but the fact that you lied to me. I don't care so much you scaring people, as long as you aren't hurting anyone, but why couldn't you have told me the truth."

    Poh turned around and quickly went out the door. Phun went out chasing after him, leaving everyone in his and Noh's room.

    All of them just looked at each other and there was an awkward silence for a little while. Son was the first to speak.

    "I'm going to go check on Pin," Son said, smiling awkwardly.

    Dean, Pharm, and Cake followed suit but Wish stayed behind. There was something about Two that he couldn't put his finger on. He felt sorry for the guy. Plus, in Wish's eyes he was a hero. He saved Pin from having a cold heart toward Son, even though he knew Two wanted to be with Son. That's love right there, where you love someone so much that you are willing to have them be happy with someone else.

    "Are you coming?" Cake asked, turning around looking at Wish.

    "I'll catch up with you guys later," Wish said, not taking his eyes of Two, "I don't think Two is at 100 percent yet."

    "I'll be fine," Two said.

    "It's no problem," Wish said, smiling.

    Son could see something going on and he smarted smiling. He went over to Two and knelt down and whispered something in his ears.

    "Keep fighting!" Son whispered.

    Both Two and Wish got embarrassed and Wish through a light punch and Son.

    "Go check on Pin," Wish said, feeling very embarrassed.

    Son got back up and went out of the room with Dean, Pharm, and Cake. As they were leaving, Cake didn't watch where she was going and tripped. Luckily, there was a guy in front of her who caught her fall. He was a handsome young man with straight dark hair.

    James Prapatthorn Chakkhuchan

    "I'm sorry," Cake said, balancing herself.

    "It's okay," the young man said, "Glad I was here to catch your fall."

    Both of them started giggling and smiling. Cake instantly fell in love. She thought he was just perfect.

    "My name is Shin," he said, smiling.

    "My name is Cake," she said, still smiling and giggling a little bit like a little school girl, "It's nice to meet you. Did you just transfer here...?"

    Her question was interrupted by another woman's voice.

    "Honey," the woman said, coming out of a dorm, "Are you ready?"

    "Yes, sweetie," Shin said, looking from Cake to the woman.

    The woman eyed Cake up and down. She looked gorgous with long hair and a perfect smile.

    Prim Primrose Chindavanich

    "Oh hello," she said, smirking, "My name is Aim. You already met my boyfriend, Shin."

    Aim took Shin's hand and gave Cake a nasty look and left with her boyfriend. Cake started to feel humiliated not knowing that he was taken. Cake saw the evil look that Aim gave her and started to get angry. Son, Pharm, and Dean comforted her and told her that they can't worry about stuff like this. Cake agreed and all four of them went to the Inbetween to check on Pin.

    As for Two and Wish, Wish bought Two some water from a vending machine which was in the dorm. He gave Two the water and sat by his side.

    "Why are you being so nice to me?" Two asked, taking a sip of water.

    "Because I can see how much you really care about Son," Wish said, "and that inspires me to be a good person."

    "I'm not a good person," Two said, "I turn into this monster and for what? I scare people so the Enchantress could gain power."

    "Why are you doing something like this?" Wish asked.

    "I don't know," Two said, "I have always wanted to be stronger and more powerful and when the Enchantress told me that she could make me stronger, I agreed to it. I thought that if I was stronger, Son, would like me more than he does. But, I'm only a friend to him."

    "You don't need to be stronger and more powerful for someone to like you," Wish said, "Just be yourself."

    Two gave a smile.

    "Thanks Wish." he said.

    Both of them gave each other a smile. Wish slowly lost that smile, though.

    "Wish, there is something I need to talk to you and the rest about Intouch," Wish said, gaining his strength and standing up.

    "What is it?" Wish asked, looking attentively


    In the Inbetween, Son was right next to Pin. Pin was laying comfortably but still unconscious.

    "Why is he still out cold?" Son asked, looking at Pin.

    "I don't know," Dean said, "You said that Two's eyes glowed and all the shadows around Pin disappeared, right?"

    "Yeah," Son said, "That's what happened."

    Son then looked at Dean.

    "You have the power to heal, right?" Son questioned, "Maybe you can use your power and heal him."

    "I can try," Dean said, raising out his hand.

    His hand started glowing blue and a blue ray fell unto Pin. It wasn't long until Pin's eyes opened up. Dean let down his hand to stop the glowing. Son gave a huge smile to Dean as a thank you. Cake, Dean, Pharm, and Tyla all smiled as well.

    "Pin," Son asked, "are you alright?"

    "Where am I?" Pin asked, looking around and confused.

    "I'll explain later," Son said, smiling, "just know that I'm here and you are safe."

    "Who are you?" Pin asked, looking at Son.

    Son's smile soon disappeared, along with everyone else's. Pin didn't recognize Son at all and this hurt Son. He thought that Two gathered all the shadows that surrounded Pin, but he probably didn't get all of them. Son could hear that evil laugh of Drake's, in his mind. He didn't know what to do.

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    RV Favicon Power Rangers Mystic Magic

    "Um...who are you?" Pin asked, "And where am I?"

    He remember couldn't remember who Son was. Son didn't know what to do except to introduce himself.

    "My name is Son," he said, "and you were passed out..."

    Just then the alarm went off, right in front of Pin's ears. It was so loud, Pin covered his ears and was a little startled.

    "What the hell is that?" Pin asked.

    "It's an alarm," Tyla said, coming up to the the big crystal, "It alerts the rangers when a monster is attacking the city."

    The rangers, Tyla, and Pin all viewed through the crystal and saw a monster terrorizing everyone.

    "What is Drake's plans this time?" Dean asked.

    "I'm not quite sure that Drake created this monster," Pharm suggested, but everyone ignored him.

    "Who's Drake?" Pin asked, "and why is there a monster there?"

    "Um, Tyla can feel you in, the best she can," Son said, "We have to take care of this monster."

    "How are you going to do that?" Pin asked.

    "Tyla," Son said, joining the others in a line, "Please can you explain to Pin while we fight the monster."

    "I'll do my best." Tyla said.

    "Shouldn't we wait for Wish?" Pharm asked.

    "We'll have to go on without him," Son said, "Tyla, please try and contact Wish."

    Tyla nodded her head while Pin was just confused.

    "Dragonites, hear our call! Give us the power we need!" Dean, Son, Pharm, and Cake shouted, with their hands shining bright with colors, raised to the sky.

    "White Mystic Magic!" Cake shouted, bringing her hand down to her heart and a white glow formed around her.

    "Yellow Mystic Magic!" Pharm called out, bringing his hand down to his heart and a yellow glow formed around him.

    "Blue Mystic Magic!" Dean shouted, bringing his hand down to his heart and a blue glow formed around him.

    "Red Mystic Magic!" Son called out, bringing his hand down to his heart and a red glow formed around him.

    Pin saw that elements of fire, water, lightning, and ice surrounded the four and when the elements had disappeared the four of them were in their ranger suits. Pin was amazed as he watched the four teleport and saw them reappear in the crystal. They didn't go into the crystal, but were at the spot where the monster was.

    "Aww, Power Rangers," the creature said, "You have come. The Enchantress will be very please with me of how I have already scared the living daylights out of all these people. Can you feel the energy of their fear?"

    "Who are you?" Pharm demanded to know.

    "Oh Pharm," the creature said, "It's me, your old high school friend Saifah."

    The creature turned back into his human form and Pharm couldn't believe his eyes. It was an old high school classmate of his that he went to high school with. He couldn't believe his eyes.

    Jimmy Karn Kritsanaphanre

    "What are you doing?" Pharm said, "You don't want to mess with The Enchantress. She's evil."

    "She's powerful!" Saifah said, smiling, "She has given me this incredible power and for what? Just to terrorize these people?"

    "It's more than that," Two said, coming out with Wish, who was already morphed, "The Enchantress gave Intouch power as well."

    "Who's Intouch and who are you?" Saifah asked.

    "I'm a Guardian as well," Two said, pulling out his ruby, "I don't know what The Enchantress is up to, but Intouch is head of the Shadow Mafia."

    "What's that?" Saifah asked.

    "The Shadow Mafia is a gang of evil monsters that has infiltrated its way through the police, soon probably the government," Two said, "He probably wants to rule the world and he'll stop at nothing to get what he wants."

    "So?" Saifah asked.

    "So, don't you think its kind of weird for The Enchantress wants us to bring fear into people's hearts but told Intouch or should I say Drake to do whatever the hell he wants?" Two questioned.

    "I find nothing weird about that," Saifah said, smiling, "Now, I want to have some fun."

    Saifah's eyes started glowing purple and he transformed into a gargoyle creature. He raised his hands and summoned Trolls to come out of the Earth. He ordered them to attack the rangers. The rangers pulled out their weapons and started attacking. They have never seen a Guardian call on Trolls to attack them before. Well, Two did as Two but still nothing like this. Two started to transform into the werewolf creature. His eyes started to glow a cold blue. His pants and shirt started ripping as he was gaining fur and muscles to his body. He fully was transformed and went after Saifah. Both Guardians started battling each other.

    "Why do you fight me?" Saifah asked, "You are a Guardian. We should be working together."

    "I'll never join you in terrorizing people," Two said, growling.

    "Then you aren't deserving of the power The Enchantress gave to you," Saifah said, punching Two.

    Wish saw that Two needed help and jumped up and with his sword, swung at Saifah causing him to get knocked over. Son saw that his best friend was in trouble as well. He sliced at a Troll causing it to fall and blow up. He then nodded to the other three that he was going to help Two and jumped up and was about to attack Saifah when out of no where TopHat came blocking his attack.

    "TopHat?" Son asked, surprised, "What are you doing here?"

    "His majesty wanted me to lend Saifah some help," TopHat said, knocking Son to the ground with his cane.

    "Intouch and Saifah working together?" Son asked, remembering who Intouch was now.

    {opening - pay attention to just the song and not the suits or anything like that}

    Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana as Son
    Red Dragonite Ranger

    Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert as Dean (Incarnate Knock)
    Blue Dragonite Ranger
    March Chutavuth Pattarakhumphol as Knock

    Plan Rathavit Kijworalak as Wish
    Green Dragonite Ranger

    Fluke Natouch Siripongthon as Pharm (Incarnate Book)
    Yellow Dragonite Ranger
    Toey Sittiwat Imerbpathom as Book

    Coates Samantha Melanie as Cake
    White Dragonite Ranger

    Tarika Thidathit as Tyla

    Mean Phiravich Attachitsataporn as Two/Blane

    White Nawat Phumphothingam as Phun/Vamp

    Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote as Intouch/Drake

    Jimmy Karn Kritsanaphanre as Saifah

    Perth Tanapon Sukhumpantanasan as Pin

    Captain Chonlathorn Kornyingyong as Noh

    James Prapatthorn Chakkhuchan as Shin

    Prim Primrose Chindavanich as Aim
    Chapter Four:

    1 Years Ago:

    "Thank you Son for tutoring me," Intouch said, smiling like a little school boy, "You are helping me understand better."

    "I'm glad to here it," Son said, smiling, putting away his notebooks, "I hear you got an A on your project. Good for you."

    "It was all because of you," Intouch said, "If it weren't for you, I'd probably be failing right about now."

    "Aww, In, you put in the effort to study and do the project well," Son said, "I really never did anything except for giving you the tools to succeed."

    "You were a big part in it," Intouch said, "and I like how you shorted my name."

    Son didn't know what to say from that so he just smiled and nodded.

    "Do you want to go to the movies?" Intouch asked, "the new movie Love Love You 2 is out and I want to see it."

    "Sure," Son said, putting his books away, "Our session is over and you deserve to have fun."

    Intouch was real excited.

    Both Son and Intouch walked to the movies since it was right around campus. Son paid for the tickets for Intouch and bought him popcorn and a drink. Intouch thanked him and they went into the movie theater. The movie started playing and both Intouch and Son were really enjoying the movie. Intouch was eating away at the popcorn and Son wanted some. Both their hands touched and both pulled their hands away. They both were embarrassed. Intouch reached for Son's hand to hold but Son pulled back. Intouch felt hurt by this and continued t watch the movie.

    After the movie, both Intouch and Son came out discussing how they were happy with how the movie was. Intouch wanted to know why Son pulled away his hand, though.

    "Son," Intouch asked, "Why did you pull your hand away when I wanted to hold it? I thought there was a connection their."

    "Intouch," Son said, using his full name now, "You are a great guy, and yes we both are gay, but I'm just not attracted to you in that way. I would however like to be your friend. I hope you can understand."

    "I understand," Intouch said, pouting his lips.

    "Good," Son said, "Let me walk you back to your dorm."

    They got back to Intouch's dorm room. Intouch's roommate was out for the night and so Intouch had the whole room to himself. He wanted Son to stay the night with him, even though Son made it clear that they just wanted to be friends.

    "Thank you for taking me to the movies," Intouch said, "Would you like to come in for a drink?"

    "No," Son said, "I think I best be getting home."

    "Please, Son," Intouch begged, "Please stay for one drink."

    "No, means no," Son angrily said.

    "Fine then," Intouch pouted, "Go then. Leave. See if I care."

    Son just gave one look at Intouch and sighed. He turned around and left out of the dorm building. Intouch watched as he Son left the dorm building.

    "Son, you will be mine," Intouch said, under his breath.


    TopHat had Son pinned to the ground and with his cane, hit Son in the stomach. Son felt the blow of the cane and was in pain. Saifah saw this and with his powers that he acquired, he knocked TopHat off of Son and he went flying into a building.

    "Hey!" TopHat shouted, "Who's side are you on?"

    "I just want to have fun with them," Saifah said, "not actually hurt them."

    "You Guardians are all alike," TopHat said, getting up and pulling himself together, "except for his majesty. His majesty is the only Guardian who is fit to be a Guardian."

    TopHat raised his hands and out came a multitude of shadows. The shadows turned into Hit Men and he ordered them to go after Saifah. The Hit Men fired at Saifah. Son and the others were confused because they thought that Drake or as everyone knows him as Intouch wanted to join sides with Saifah. It looked like Saifah was getting overwhelmed and they decided to help him. They used their swords and started battling the Hit Men. Two joined the fight too and was clawing at the Hit Men, turning them back into shadows and having them disappear.

    TopHat was getting frustrated and so he went in on the fight as well. TopHat immediately went after Son. Son saw him coming and jumped up in the air and landed behind him. He attacked TopHat with his sword and struck him in the back. Dean and Pharm lend their powers and attacked TopHat as well. Cake was busy with Two and Wish fighting off Hit Men who were gaining up on Saifah.

    "Thank you," Saifah genuinely said, after Wish slashed two Hit Men that were.

    "Don't mention it," Wish said.

    As everyone was fighting, a dark shadow came up from the ground and formed into Drake.

    "Your majesty!" TopHat exclaimed.

    Everyone stopped fighting and the Hit Men all knelt down before him. He transformed back into his human form which was Intouch.

    "That's the leader of the Shadow Mafia?" Saifah questioned, gazing at Intouch.

    "So that K-9 told you that the leader of the Shadow Mafia is me?" Intouch questioned, smirking, "I knew that someone was following me the other day. It's not hard to figure out who is following you when the person reeks of dog."

    "What do you want Intouch?" Son asked.

    "Well to be honest," Intouch said, "you're hand in marriage."

    "Never!" Son said, "Not after what you put everyone through and including Pin."

    "Oh you mean, him?" Intouch smiled, raising his hand and out of the shadows there was Pin changed.

    "Son?" Pin questioned, looking at the red ranger, "Please help me!"

    "How do I know that this isn't one of your tricks?" Son asked, "Pin is safely in the Inbetween with Tyla. For all I know this could be one of your Shadow monsters."

    "Oh this is no trick," Inbetween said, smiling, "The trick was thinking that you had rescued Pin. Didn't you think it was odd that I would easily show you an image of Pin, and wasn't it strange that when your K-9 friend sucked up all the shadows that Pin was still "unconscious"?

    Intouch then turned his gazed toward TopHat with a viscous look.

    "What is the meaning of fighting Saifah over here?" Intouch questioned, "I ordered you to join him, attack him. And what is it with you fighting precious Son over here?"

    "But your majesty," TopHat said, groveling, "I can explain."

    "Explain this!" Intouch shouted, pointing his finger at TopHat. Shadows went around him looking like they were suffocating him. The shadows consumed him and when he had absorbed the shadows, he was transformed into a monster.
    (Yes, I know it's not a villain from ToQGer but this is my fan Just vision him all black instead of blue)

    "TopHat Shadow,' Intouch ordered, "I want you to take care of Dean, Pharm, Wish, and Cake."

    TopHat Shadow bowed his head to agree. His mind wasn't his own anymore but a walking zombie like monster who follows orders from his master. Everyone didn't know what to do. He went after Dean first. Son jumped in to help Dean, but TopHat Shadow blocked him from helping Dean and gently pushed him to the side. He swung his sword at TopHat Shadow but his sword didn't have any effect on him.

    "I wonder how Tyla is doing?" Intouch asked, laughing.

    "In," Son said, "you are going to far. If you keep this up, I will never forgive you."

    Son swung his sword at Intouch causing him to bleed on his cheek. Intouch touched his cheek and saw blood on his hand. He was shocked that Son would do that. He started to shed tears and then he just screaming on the top of his lungs. A dark shadow covered him with rumbling of thunder and lighting going inside the shadow. Everyone didn't know what was happening. Son thought it would be a good time to free Pin from his chains but out of the shadow a huge beam blasted at Son, causing him to fall to the ground. The shadow disappeared and it looked like there was a new form which Intouch took.

    "Intouch?" Son asked, slowly getting up from the blast he took.

    "My name is Drake!" he bellowed, "You no longer have the right to call me that you jerk. We could have been together but I see you hate me..."

    "I didn't say..." Son started to speak but got struck down again just by Drake's words.

    "DID I TELL YOU TO SPEAK?" Drake shouted, "You will no longer be a partner I want, but an enemy I will make suffer."

    Drake looked over to Pin, looking helpless, not really knowing what is going on; just so scared, having tears roll down his cheek.

    "I will start by killing the man you love," Drake said, pointing his hand over toward Pin, sending forth an electric wave of energy his way, "Say good bye to Pin forever!"

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    RV Favicon Power Rangers Mystic Magic

    "I will start by killing the man you love," Drake said, pointing his hand over toward Pin, sending forth an electric wave of energy his way, "Say good bye to Pin forever!"

    In that instant, time froze for Saifah, "He could see everyone's physic emotion and with Drake, who was really Intouch. He could see a heart broken and hatred feeling its way into that broken heart. With Son, he saw a bunch of different emotions; love, sadness, anger, and fear. Pin, he could see the same emotions as Son has. Right then and there he saw two gold auras around them. He didn't know why he was seeing this and he couldn't explain the feeling. He remembered he only wanted this power to scare people. He loved scary movies and loved to scary people so this is just a bonus. He then remembered how Intouch feels to be rejected by the man you love.

    4 Months Ago:

    "Hey Saifah," a young man called out, "wait up."

    Guest: Guy Sivakorn Lertchoochot as Touch

    "Hey Touch," Saifah said, "how was class?"

    "Oh it was brutal," Touch said, wrapping his arms around Saifah, "I'm hungry though. Do you want to get something to eat?"

    "Sure," Saifah said, with a huge smile.

    Both Touch and Saifah have been friends for a long time now. They did everything together. They went to the movies, they went shopping, they went swimming with each other. They practically were tied at the knot. Saifah secretly had a crush on Touch. He really liked him and cared for him. He did everything together with him. One day, they were camping together in the woods. There was a lake near by and it was hot, so they decided to go for a swim. They both jumped in and started splashing each other and having a good time. They had a swimming race to see who was the fastest. The first time, Touch won, but the second time Saifah won. It was a good time. When they were done swimming, they laid down soaking up the sun. It was getting to that time to start a camp fire so Touch started one, while Saifah watched, as the man he really liked started it.

    They ended up cooking dinner on the camp fire and enjoyed each other's companies.

    "Touch," Saifah said, "I have something to tell you."

    "What is it?" Touch said, eating his hot dog.

    "I like you," Saifah said.

    "I like you too," Touch said.

    "No," Saifah said, "I like you."

    "Oh," Touch said, putting down his hot dog, "Listen, Saifah. You are my best friend and always will be. I don't have a problem with you being gay and I wish you much happiness in life finding the right guy. I'm just not him. I don't play for that team, if you know what I mean. You understand, right?"

    "Sure, I do," Saifah said, holding up a smile, but inside he was crushed.

    "So friends forever," Touch said, holding out his hand for a hand shake.

    "Friends forever," Saifah said, returning the hand shake.


    Saifah felt for Intouch right then and there but he also felt for what could be with Son and Pin. Suddenly, a pink glow came from his hands and he pushed forward his hands. The pink glow turned into energy which went forth and shielded Pin from getting attacked by Intouch. Time sped up again and everyone saw this and was just confused and amazed. Even Saifah was a bit confused.

    "No!" Drake said, "Another Dragonite!? How is this possible. He's a Guardian!"

    Son, Dean, Wish, Pharm, Cake, and Two were just as surprised.

    "Thank you Saifah," Son said.

    "Don't thank me yet," Saifah said, "Go get your man."

    When Saifah said this, he released another pink flow of energy toward Drake. It wasn't hurting him, but he just couldn't move. Son saw this as a good opportunity to go rescue Pin. TopHat Shadow tried to stop Pin but was overrun by Dean and Pharm who struck at TopHat Shadow. Son went and with his sword broke the chains that had Pin tied.

    "Son?" Pin asked, looking into the visor of the helmet, "Is that really you?"

    "Yes Pin," Son said, "It is."

    They gave each other a hug.

    "No!" Drake shouted, "Let me go! Why can't I ever have a happy ending?"

    His shouting turned more to crying.

    "I hate all of you!" Drake shouted, crying as well, "TopHat Shadow! Destroy all of them! I don't care anymore!"

    TopHat Shadow obeyed and started for Son. Son moved Pin behind him so he wouldn't get hurt and sure enough, TopHat swiped at Son with his cane causing Son to fall to the ground. Drake got free from Saifah's hold and disappeared. As for Saifah he was still amazed at his new power. He used it to move TopHat Shadow off of Son. It through TopHat Shadow back, making him land hard on the ground. Hit Men suddenly started attacking and it was a huge battle. Two and Wish were fighting side by side and protecting Saifah. Saifah was using his energy and knocking Hit Men down. As for Dean, Pharm, and Cake they were fighting TopHat Shadow. Son was making sure that Pin was alright. Soon Phun in his vampire form, came and starting fighting the Hit Men.

    "Phun!" Two exclaimed, "Did you make up with Noh?"

    "Not now, Two," Phum said, fighting off the Hit Men, "We will talk later. Who is this guy?"

    "My name is Saifah," he said, knowing that it was him he was referring to, "I'm a Guardian but yet I have this pink psychic energy."

    "Interesting," Phum said, knocking over some more Hit Men.

    "We need to split up," Dean said, punching TopHat Shadow, "We need to see if Tyla and the Inbetween are alright. Who knows what monster that Pin impostor is and what he'll do with Tyla."

    "Yeah, I agree," Son said, keeping Hit Men off of him and Pin.

    "Pharm, you should go," Dean suggested, "and take Wish and Cake with you. I love you Pharm."

    "I love you too," Pharm said, gathering Wish, who gave a glance over at Two and took Cake by the hand. The three of them teleported away as Dean, Two, Phun, Saifah, and Son were fighting. Son put his crystal into his sword and pulled down on the lever a few times. Fire came from the sword and he slashed at Hit Men which were coming his way. They all burned up in smoke and disappeared. Son told Pin to stay close but out of harm's way. He didn't want Intouch or as he's known as Drake to capture him again.

    TopHat Shadow knocked over Dean. Two and Phun pounced on TopHat Shadow, letting Dean collect himself. Dean then put in his crystal in his sword and pulled on the lever a few times. A wave of the ocean came gushing forth knocking TopHat Shadow to the ground. Sparks and smoke were flying out of him. He didn't look too hot. Just then a shadowy figure appeared. It was the same guy who made Bag Shadow big. He started smirking as he turned back into a shadow and covered TopHat Shadow. Shadows started to form around TopHat Shadow and he grew giant size.

    "Oh no," Son said, "we're in trouble."

    "We need to call our Dragonite Zords," Dean said, and soon both the red and blue Dragonite Zord appeared.

    "Two and Phun," Son said, "can you watch over Pin?"

    "No problem," Two said, smiling.

    Both of them went into their Zord and the Red Dragonite Zord started charging after TopHat Shadow. He went and bit at his side. TopHat Shadow shouted in pain and got the red Dragonite Zord off by using his cane. The Blue Dragonite Zord came speeding by and tripped TopHat Shadow on the ground. TopHat Shadow quickly got up and with his cane sent fourth a huge wave of dark shadow energy causing the Red and Blue Dragonite to topple over. Dean and Son got knocked around in the cockpit.

    "Can you guys do something?" Pin asked, looking at the two Zords having smoke and sparks fly out of them.

    Two, Phun, and Saifah all looked at each other and didn't know what to do. They wanted to help out Son and Dean but what could they do. Even in their Guardian forms they were no match for this huge TopHat Shadow. They were trying to figure out what to do when their red rubies around their neck shattered and a gold coin appeared around their neck with a red ruby inside it.

    "What the..." Two was about to say but then noticed something weird. He was starting to grow. Phun and Saifah felt something weird as well. They were growing as well.

    "What's going on?" Saifah said, turning into a huge gargoyle machine.

    "I think we are turning into Zords," Two said, noticing that he is a Zord which is a wolf.

    Phun was flying around like a bat. He thought this was crazy. He never felt power like this before.

    Both Dean and Son couldn't believe their eyes. What was going on?

    {opening - pay attention to just the song and not the suits or anything like that}

    Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana as Son
    Red Dragonite Ranger

    Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert as Dean (Incarnate Knock)
    Blue Dragonite Ranger
    March Chutavuth Pattarakhumphol as Knock

    Plan Rathavit Kijworalak as Wish
    Green Dragonite Ranger

    Fluke Natouch Siripongthon as Pharm (Incarnate Book)
    Yellow Dragonite Ranger
    Toey Sittiwat Imerbpathom as Book

    Coates Samantha Melanie as Cake
    White Dragonite Ranger

    Tarika Thidathit as Tyla

    Mean Phiravich Attachitsataporn as Two

    White Nawat Phumphothingam as Phun

    Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote as Intouch/Drake

    Jimmy Karn Kritsanaphanre as Saifah

    Perth Tanapon Sukhumpantanasan as Pin

    Captain Chonlathorn Kornyingyong as Noh

    James Prapatthorn Chakkhuchan as Shin

    Prim Primrose Chindavanich as Aim

    Chapter Five:

    They saw Son turn into a mechanical wolf. They saw Phun turn into a bat. And they saw Saifah turn into a gargoyle. The five of them started glowing and Dean and Son couldn't believe what was about to happen. The Red Dragonite started its transformation with its arms and hands going inside itself. The two arms folded inward to reveal a chest. The feet moved up and the Blue Dragonite started to form the legs and feet as usual. The Red and Blue Dragonite combined. But this time instead of the Yellow and Green Dragonite coming together as arms and hands, Two and Saifah started transforming into arms and hands. Two, as the wolf, moved its legs into a secret compartment. The tail came off and an arm formed out of his backside. He connected with the Red Dragonite on the right side with the wolf face facing outward. Saifah didn't really know what was going on but he thought it was cool being a 19 year old kid. The arms and legs of the gargoyle moved inwards as the wolf. The wings of the gargoyle came off and a hand came out of a compartment where the legs were. Saifah attached to the left side of the Red Dragonite with its head facing outward. The wings attached itself back onto the gargoyle but on the opposite side. It looked like a shield for the Megazord. Phun was a bat Zord, the size of the White Dragonite. The Red Dragonite's head went into a compartment as the bat set perfectly on top of the Megazord.

    Son and Dean noticed in the mirrors around them, Two, Phun, and Saifah were back in their human form. The platform in the middle was covering Two since he was without clothes. This always happens when he transforms into a werewolf. He needs to think of a better system. Anyway. everyone just smirked, especially Saifah.

    "Saifah?" Son asked, "You're with us now, right?"

    "All the way," Saifah said, giving Son the thumbs up.

    "And you are too, Phun, right?" Dean asked.

    Phun nodded his head. All of a sudden, their gold coins started to glow again and in the middle where the controls were, were three swords. They didn't look like the ones Dean and Son had but they were swords and had a carving of their Guardian form on it; Werewolf, Vampire, and Gargoyle.

    "What should we name this Megazord?" Dean asked.

    "How about the Dragonite GuardianZord?" Son suggested.

    Everyone liked it and they started controlling the GuardianZord. They moved toward TopHat Shadow and punched him. TopHat moved back a bit and struck the GuardianZord with his cane. The blow caused sparks to come out of the GuardianZord and this time the three Guardians felt the pain as well.

    "What's going on?" Saifah asked, "I feel as though I just been hit."

    "Even though you are here in the cockpit," Two said, "We are still part of this GuardianZord so whenever it gets hit, we get hit."

    "You mean we could die?" Saifah asked.

    "I won't let that happen," Son said, getting the GuardianZord back on its feet, "No one is going to die except for TopHat Shadow."

    The GuardianZord marched right up to TopHat Shadow and took his cane from him. The GuardianZord snapped it in half. Dean, Two, Phun, and Saifah just watched as Son was so determine. They were impressed. Just then the tail of the wolf went into the GuardianZord's hand. Son was ready to put away this monster for good. Son pulled out his sword and everyone else followed through. The swords started to glow as did the wolf's tail which was a sword. It burned with fire and the GuardianZord's eyes started glowing. The GuardianZord twirled the sword around causing a huge massive ring of fire and struck at the ring of fire sending it to TopHat Shadow. Sparks and smoke started to fly out of TopHat Shadow. He twirled around and then dropped to the ground in a huge explosion. Just like before a shadow left him and was laughing.

    Son, Dean, Two, Phun, and Saifah did it! They defeated TopHat Shadow. Or so they thought. Out of the smoke, TopHat appeared but returned to his normal self. Everyone was surprised to see TopHat alive and still giant. He took one long glance at the GuardianZord, smirked and then disappeared. They couldn't believe that he wasn't destroyed. They looked around and Pin was standing on the ground looking up at the GuardianZord.

    Two, Phun, and Saifah returned to their normal state. Son and Dean morphed back into their normal selves as well and Son was wearing his red coat and took it off giving it to Two to cover up. Saifah was still smirking. Two grabbed the coat, giving Saifah an evil look and wrapped the coat around himself.

    "We really need to work on you taking off your clothes first before transforming," Son said smiling.

    "Never mind that right now," Dean said, "We need to go and help Pharm, Wish, and Cake," Dean said.

    "We're coming too?" Two asked.

    "Yes," Son said, "You guys are part of our team now."

    All of them teleported to the Inbetween. When the arrived, they noticed that the crystals were all destroyed, even the big one in the middle. Wires were all over the place and the emergency lights were on. It looked like a tornado came through. Son and Dean then noticed Pharm knelt down crying. Dean rushed over to him and comforted him.

    "What happened here?" Saifah asked, "And where are we?"

    "We are in the Inbetween," Wish said, coming up to Saifah, "It is, I mean was a safe place where monsters couldn't attack us."

    "Guys, look!" Cake exclaimed, off in a different room.

    Everyone ran over and saw Tyla laying on the ground. She had rapidly aged. Pharm knelt down to start to cry.

    "What happened?" Son asked, "I thought you said that Tyla wouldn't age as long as she stayed in the Inbetween."

    "Who is she?" Phun asked.

    "She was Book's sister," Pharm said, still with tears in his eyes.

    "Who's Book?" Saifah asked.

    "Pharm is the reincarnate of Book," Dean said, "and I'm the reincarnate of Book's lover, Knock."

    "I think I need to sit down for a bit," Saifah said, getting a little bit dizzy. Everyone thought he was being dramatic but Saifah was feeling dizzy and dropped to the ground. Son and Wish rushed over to see what was wrong. Tyla spoke out, slowly.

    "He's dying," Tyla said.

    "What do you mean, he's dying?" Pharm questioned, seeing and hearing this.

    "He's a Guardian but only has the power of the Pink Dragonite in him," Tyla weakly said.

    "And what happened to you?" Dean asked, "Why have you aged so much?"

    "Pin wasn't Pin," Tyla said.

    "We know that now," Son said, looking at Pin, "This is the real Pin."

    "Be careful," Tyla said, "Drake's tricked you before. He could trick you again."

    "Never mind that," Dean said, "What happened to you?"

    "Keeper Knight is what got me," Tyla said.

    "Who's Keeper Knight?" Pharm asked.

    "I don't know," Tyla said, "My visions aren't working anymore. When you guys left, Pin had a massive shadow around him and he turned into this creature mixed of a knight and horse. He called himself Keeper Knight and grabbed me. The life force from me, drained out. He then tore up this place and told me that the Enchantress is not pleased and has excelled in her plans."

    "Why would he tell you?" Wish asked.

    "I don't know," Tyla said, coughing now, "but you mustn't worry about me. Worry about your friend over there. Either he has to give up his powers of being a Guardian to some one else or he'll die."

    "What about you and this place?" Dean asked.

    "Don't worry about me," Tyla said, "I will be gone soon and soon this place will be no more. You'll have to figure things out on your own, without my help."

    "No," Pharm said, crying, "We can't abandon you."

    "Don't cry Pharm," Tyla said, putting her hand on his face, "I will always be in your heart."

    And with that she took her last breath and died. Pharm started to cry even more. Even Dean and the rest of them shed a tear.

    "What are we going to do now?" Son asked, looking at Saifah laying unconscious on the ground and looking at a lifeless Tyla.

    "I don't know," Dean said.

    Suddenly the walls started crumbling. They all knew that they had to leave because the Inbetween was collapsing. It was only steady and there because of Tyla but now that Tyla is dead, the Inbetween was very unstable.

    "We need to get out of here," Dean said.

    Son, Two, and Phun helped lift Saifah up who was still unconscious while Dean grabbed a hold of Tyla and had Pharm crying, holding on to his shoulder. As for Wish and Cake, they were right next to Pharm, comforting him. Pin just stayed by Son. This was a huge disaster with Tyla dead and Saifah unconscious. Plus there was one of the Shadow Mafia monsters loose. Son thought Intouch was really in pain to cause all this. They all teleported out of the Inbetween. As they teleported out in a discreet area they saw a creature that Tyla described. He had a hold on Noh.

    "Noh!" Phun exclaimed, "Let my boyfriend go, you monster."

    "Ha," the creature laughed, "I'm not monster. I'm Keeper Knight!"

    "What does that suppose to me?" Phun asked, "You're still one of the Shadow Mafia's lackeys."

    "Lackeys?!" Keeper Knight exclaimed, confused, "You think I take orders from that snot nose brat Intouch. My orders come right from the Enchantress herself. She is very displeased with her three Guardians she has chosen and wants you Phun to give up your life or Noh dies."

    Keeper Knight started to laugh as everyone was in disbelief.

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    RV Favicon Power Rangers Mystic Magic

    "So what's it going to be Phun?" Keeper Knight asked, holding tightly on Noh's neck, "Your life or his?"

    Before Phun could speak, the five rangers stood up and went in front of Phun.

    "Neither," Son said, raising his hands and all five of them followed suit.

    "Dragonites, hear our call! Give us the power we need!" Son, Dean, Pharm, Wish, and Cake shouted.

    "White Mystic Magic!" Cake shouted, bringing her hand down to her heart and a white glow formed around her.

    "Yellow Mystic Magic!" Pharm called out, bringing his hand down to his heart and a yellow glow formed around him.

    "Green Mystic Magic!" Wish yelled, bringing his hand down to his heart and a green glow formed around him.

    "Blue Mystic Magic!" Dean shouted, bringing his hand down to his heart and a blue glow formed around him.

    "Red Mystic Magic!" Son called out, bringing his hand down to his heart and a red glow formed around him.

    Their five elements mixed together and disappeared. When it had, all five of them were in their ranger suits. Phun couldn't believe that they would risk their lives for him and Noh after what he did with his guardian powers but he figured since they are on the same team now, they all help each other.

    The five rangers all surrounded Keeper Knight quickly. Dean did a sweep of Keeper Knight's feet, making him lose his balance for a little and releasing Noh from his grib. Phun quickly went in to get him away from Keeper Knight. Keeper Knight wasn't too happy about it and was going to go after Phun and Noh but the rangers blocked his way.

    "To get to our friends, you have to go through us," Dean said, which surprised everyone because he was usually the one who don't make remarks like that.

    "I'll destroy all of you," Keeper Knight grawled.

    Son took out his sword and put his gem into it. He pulled the lever a few times and fire started coming out of the sword. He lashed it out at Keeper Knight. Keeper Knight went flying and fell on the ground hard. He got up and produced a huge ball of shadows. He released it on Son. It hit Son with a force that made him fall right next to Pin and a dead Tyla. Pin was knelt down looking after the corpse so seeing Son on the grown, he crawled over to see if he was alright. This made him angry and he wished he could do something. He had a look of he wanted to help but what could he do.

    "Here," a voice called out.

    Pin turned and saw Saifah had regained consciousness and holding his gold coin with the gem in the middle.

    "You want to help?" Saifah asked, "Then you become a Guardian."

    "Me?" Pin asked.

    While this was going on Son got back into the battle with the others. They were struggling to fight with Keeper Knight. He was a lot stronger than the other two monsters they had fought. Dean put his crystal into his sword and pulled down the lever a few times. A tidal wave came crashing into Keeper Knight. Keeper Knight, some how blocked it and pushed it back onto Dean. Pharm didn't want Dean to get hit so he pushed Dean out of the way and got hit by the massive power of the tidal wave. Dean saw his boyfriend flying and landed next to Tyla. Dean looked to see if Pharm was alright and apparently he was. Pharm, however, glanced over at Tyla and noticed something odd.

    "Isn't my former self's sister suppose to be turned to a skeleton right now?" Pharm asked.

    "What do you mean?" Wish asked, slashing Keeper Knight with his sword.

    "Well if Tyla steps out in the real word, her body will catch up with her age and since she is 150 years old, woudln't her body be a skeleton by now?" Pharm asked.

    Just then Tyla's eyes opened up and they were dark as night. She quickly grabbed a hold of Pharm's neck and raised him up as she got herself up with her feet. A dark shadow came among her and when the shadow had disappeared, Tyla wasn't standing there anymore but it looked like another Keeper Knight.

    "There are two of them?!" Two exclaimed. He was with Pin, Phun, and Saifah and wanted to keep them safe.

    "Take it now!" Saifah said, holding the gold coin up to Pin, "Help save Son and the others."

    Dean ran to the other Keeper Knight to save his boyfriend but the other Keeper Knight raised his hands and a dark energy came out and shot at Dean, causing him to fly into Cake, Wish, and Son. Pin saw all this and knew he had to protect Son and the others. Pin grabbed the gold coin and two bright lights started to glow on Saifah and Pin. Pin started to glow gold. Saifah started to glow pink. No one knew what was going on. Everyone, even the two Keeper Knights had to cover their eyes. The one holding Pharm let go and Pharm made his escape back to Dean but still it was too bright. Just then the glowing stopped and in front of everyone was a pink ranger. He had the same suit as everyone, except there were black stripes going down the side of his arms. He had a sword similar to those of the other rangers.

    "I'm a pink ranger!?" Saifah exclaimed, confused.

    They looked over at Pin who wasn't Pin anymore but a creature. They all thought he would be a gargoyle but Pin was not a gargoyle; he was a griffin.

    Everyone looked confused. Even the two Keeper Knights looked confused.

    "This is awesome!" Pin exclaimed. He flew up in the sky and came crashing down at one of the Keeper Knights, causing him to fall. Two saw this and wanted to join in the fight since Saifah and Pin didn't need anymore protection anymore. Phun was protecting Noh so he neatly put Son's jacket on the ground. He soon transformed into the werewolf and went after the other Keeper Knight.

    "I know we need to talk," Phun said, looking at Hoh, "and I'm sorry for not telling you any of this and sorry for causing people to have almost heart attacks but I need to help them fight these two strong monsters.

    "I understand," Noh said, "and yes we are definitely talking. Now go help your friends."

    Phun was surprised at how understanding and calm Noh was, but I guess when you are about to die, your life is put into perspective. Noh saw Phun's eyes turn red and soon he turned into the vampire creature. Saifah was still looking at himself being the pink ranger. He was surprised and confused that Pin didn't turn into a gargoyle but he knew he had to join the fight. Soon it was where the six rangers were fighting one of the Keeper Knights and the three Guardians were fighting the other one. It was strange because both Keeper Knights had different moves and different ways of attacking. One really liked to use his spear while the other one used more of the dark shadow magic.

    Son jumped to the air and kicked the Keeper Knight that the rangers were fighting. The Keeper Knight just put one knee of the ground and got back up. It was as though the kick was effective but not effective enough. Dean and Pharm combined their swords' energy and created a tidal wave with a shocking after effect. This caused much hard to the Keeper Knight. The other Keeper Knight who just got punched by Two, went over to see if the other one was alright.

    "Where's Tyla?" Pharm, finally asked.

    "Tyla is still in the Inbetween," one of the Keeper Knights said, laughing, looking at Son, "but I wouldn't have Son go looking for her. Son might not like what he sees."

    "What do you mean by that?" Son asked, looking confused.

    "I think playtime is done for now," one of the Keeper Knights said, laughing, ignoring Son.

    A cloud of dark smoke covered both of the Keeper Knights and they vanished. Everyone, especially Son, were very confused. Two, Phun, and Pin turned back into their human selves. Two grabbed Son's jacket again and said he'll need to borrow this and told everyone he had an evening class. Pin and Phun did as well and asked if it was alright for them to go to class. The six rangers said it was okay but Son went up to Pin first.

    "Are you okay?" Son asked Pin.

    "Yeah," Pin said smiling, "Thank you for saving me."

    "It wasn't just me, but everyone," Son said.

    "Um...Son," Pin stuttered, "I was wondering if you would like to, maybe, go to the movies with me over the weekend. That's if we aren't fighting monsters or anything. This is really cool that I am a Guardian and it's strange that I know that word. It's like the memory of Saifah becoming a Guardian has gone into my mind as well."

    "Did you just ask me out on a date?" Son asked, smiling.

    "Um...yeah I did," Pin said, scratching his head.

    "I would love to," Son said, "Good luck in your class. I'll call you later."

    "Okay see ya," Pin said, embarrassingly smiling.

    Two, Pin, Pun, and Noh all left. The new formed six ranger team were wondering what the heck the Keeper Knights were talking about. They were wondering why they were stronger than the last two monsters that they fought and how they don't take orders from Intouch. They were wondering if the Keeper Knights were Guardians as well. They saw the the Keeper Knights looked similar to the dark monsters of Bag Shadow and Saber Shadow. They had so many questions on their mind or where in the Inbetween is Tyla and also who this Enchantress was. The only two people who knew about her was Pharm and Dean.


    "We got you now, you multicolored witches," one of the town folk said, having the guys wearing suits of blue and yellow. They were chained up and they couldn't escape. There was a mob full of people chanting for them to be burned.

    No one understood technology yet, because it was way beyond their time, but the Morphin Grid was around. One of the ranger's sisters, the yellow one, was standing among the crowd.

    Beau Savitree Suttichanond as Tyla (younger self)

    She knew that her brother was a Power Ranger but couldn't say anything about it because then she would be burned at the stake as well. Her brother, Book, told her not to say anything because she had a special gift. She could foretold and see glimpse of the future. She had always been seeing a young man who would help save the world but it was always cloudy. She also had a vision of two young men holding hands. It didn't look like her brother Book and his boyfriend Knock. Knock was the blue ranger that was being chained as well. It was bad enough that they had these powers but it was another thing for them to be boyfriends.

    Before they received these powers they were boyfriends. They knew that if anyone found out, they would be either thrown in jail or be executed. The only one who knows is the sister because she foresaw this and she kept quiet. Right now they had to worry about the angry mob coming for them.

    {opening - pay attention to just the song and not the suits or anything like that}

    Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana as Son
    Red Dragonite Ranger

    Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert as Dean (Incarnate Knock)
    Blue Dragonite Ranger
    March Chutavuth Pattarakhumphol as Knock

    Plan Rathavit Kijworalak as Wish
    Green Dragonite Ranger

    Fluke Natouch Siripongthon as Pharm (Incarnate Book)
    Yellow Dragonite Ranger
    Toey Sittiwat Imerbpathom as Book

    Coates Samantha Melanie as Cake
    White Dragonite Ranger

    Jimmy Karn Kritsanaphanre as Saifah
    Pink Dragonite Ranger

    Tarika Thidathit as Tyla
    Beau Savitree Suttichanond as Tyla (younger self)

    Mean Phiravich Attachitsataporn as Two

    White Nawat Phumphothingam as Phun

    Perth Tanapon Sukhumpantanasan as Pin

    Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote as Intouch/Drake

    Captain Chonlathorn Kornyingyong as Noh

    James Prapatthorn Chakkhuchan as Shin

    Prim Primrose Chindavanich as Aim

    Chapter Six:

    The angry mob was heading for the guys in the suits. If only they had their weapons they could break free. Just as one of the men that looked like he was head of the town was ready to throw the torch on them, a shadowy creature appeared. She had long black hair and a crescent moon. She had tattoos of symbols all over her body. It was the Enchantress!

    Everyone was afraid and shouted out 'witch craft' and pointed to the two in suits. The Enchantress raised her hand and the man holding the flame burst out in blames himself. She started to terrorist the village folk where everyone forgot about the two chained up and ran for their lives. She raised her hands and brought forth both Hit Men and Trolls. Everyone was scared and cried 'demons.' She laughed as she walked people running in fear. A dark force came out of everyone running for their lives and entering her. The more they were scared, the more dark energy she gained.

    Tyla, Book's sister, wasn't afraid at all and went over to her brother and her brother's boyfriend. She found their weapons and with one of the swords cut the chains that tied them together. She handed one sword to her brother and the other to his partner. One woman noticed this and was about to scream that Tyla's a witch too, but the Enchantress raised her hands and instantly, the woman burst into flames. Everyone else was running for their lives.

    "Enchantress!" the blue ranger shouted, pointing his sword at her, "You've gone too far in terrorizing this village. It's time that you pay the price."

    "Oh really?" the Enchantress asked, smiling, looking at him, "There are only two of you. How would you be able to stop me. I have gathered enough fear to be unstoppable."

    "We'll see about that!" the blue ranger said, holding his sword up and placing the crystal into the sword. He encouraged the yellow ranger to do the same. The yellow ranger then put his crystal into his sword. They both started to pull up and down on the lever until the blue ranger had a blue glow coming out of his sword. The yellow ranger kept on pulling up and down on his lever until there was a yellow glow. The blue ranger then pulled out three more crystals; red, green, and white. He threw them in the air and they started to produce a glow to them. The blue and yellow ranger put their swords together and when the other three crystals touched them, it produced a massive five pointed star.

    "It's all over for you, Enchantress!" the two of them shouted out, pushing the star toward her.

    "We'll see about that!" the Enchantress shouted, pushing forth a dark energy toward the two of them.

    The blue and yellow ranger didn't hold back though. They kept on pushing forth with the star that they produced. It was back and forth for a little while but the power of the Enchantress wasn't strong enough and the star went right through her. She screamed in horror. Sparks and smoke started flying out of her. She screamed in pain. She fell to the ground and a huge explosion occurred. Both the blue and yellow ranger were excited but didn't noticed a dark shadow going up to the sky with a faint laugh in the wind.

    "We did it!" they said, hugging each other.

    The townspeople came out from hiding but they were still scared of the two of them. The yellow and blue ranger felt uneasy and knowing how to teleport, they teleported away.


    Son and the other five rangers were back in the Inbetween. The room that they were in with the crystals were completely caved in but there were other parts of the Inbetween that hadn't been explored yet. As they were walking they noticed more crystals up against the walls. They were shined brightly as if they were the ones to lit up the Inbetween. The colors were six continuous colors; red, blue, green, yellow, white, and pink. They understood the first five colors of crystals, but were confused as to the sixth one which was pink. Did the Inbetween know that the sixth ranger was going to be pink. When Dean and Pharm were Book and Knock, there were only five crystals.

    All of them kept walking, amazed at the six colors repeating themselves and lighting their way. The lights seem to go forever. Finally there was a room at the end of what seemed to be an endless hallway. They saw the room filled with lights. They walked into the room and in the middle was a huge crystal just like the one in the other room, but surrounding it were six crystals; red, blue, green, yellow, white, and pink.

    "Don't be afraid," a familiar voice called out, "Come in."

    It was Tyla! All the rangers ran in and was looking for here but they couldn't find her at all. They looked everyone. Soon more lights came on and the room they were in looked similar to the room that were previous in from before, but the room was bigger. They looked and noticed a weird mirror (For readers, it looked like the huge mirror that was in Drake's castle). They noticed that Tyla was in the mirror.

    "Don't be afraid," she said again, "I was sent to the Mirrorverse."

    "What's that?" Pharm asked, concerned.

    "It is another universe which is the complete opposite of yours," Tyla said, "I am safe for the most part. I'm in this universe but also in another dimension. It's hard to explain but these Keeper Knights have more power than even the Guardians. It must mean that the Enchantress is getting stronger. There is also another thing I need to tell you, Son..."

    "Well hello Son," a voice called out from behind Tyla. He was in the shadows so it was hard to see who it was, but it sounded just like Son. When he stepped out of the shadows. Everyone looked and was puzzled. It was Son! But his hair was parted differently and he had an evil smirk about him.

    "Who are you?" Son asked, looking surprised.

    "I'm you," his reflection said, laughing, "but I'm not really you. In this world, I like to be called Tutor."

    Just then Tyla's eyes started to roll back in her head for a second. Everyone was concerned; even Tutor was. When she got out of the trance, she just mumbled one word.


    "Are you okay?" Pharm asked, Tyla.

    "I'm good," Tyla said, turning to Tutor, "I just got a vision of a strong love between Tutor and a guy named Fighter."

    "Strong love my ass," Tutor said, laughing.

    "Don't hurt her!" Pharm shouted, thinking that Tutor was going to do something.

    "Don't worry," Tutor said, smirking an evil grin, "I can't touch her. She may be in the Mirrorverse, but she's in another dimension in the Mirrorverse."

    "My head is starting to hurt," Saifah said, getting confused with all this Mirrorverse and different dimension stuff.

    "Oh you must be the new ranger?" Tutor said, smiling, "Let's see what you got!"

    Tutor raised his hand up in the air. Everyone was amazed when his hand started to glow red.

    "Dragonites, here my call! Give me the power I need!" Tutor shouted, bringing his hand down to his heart, "Red Mystic Magic!"

    A red glow came upon Tutor and fire started to cover him. Everyone couldn't believe it. He was turning into the Red Dragonite Ranger. The fire had disappeared and standing in their midst was what looked like the Red Dragonite Ranger.

    "I want to have some fun!" Tutor said, jumping out of the mirror.


    Two managed to get to his dorm room without being too noticed by anyone, especially teachers and the police. He couldn't help it. When he transforms into the werewolf and if he's wearing clothes, they get torn to shreds. He closed the door to his dorm room and turned around. There sitting on his bed was his dorm room mate. The man just started cracking up.

    "Shut up Shin!" Two scolded.

    "I'm sorry dude," Shin said, "but every time I see you all your clothes are gone. Like what happens to your clothes bro?"

    "I don't know if I should tell you," Two said.

    "Why?" Shin said, "We are friends. Whatever you tell me, it stays here."

    "Honest?" Two said, "You aren't going to tell your girlfriend, right?"

    "What does my girlfriend have anything to do with it?" Shin asked, getting a little defensive.

    "I just don't like her," Two said.

    "Why?" Shin asked, "You jealous or something?"

    "No, no, no," Two said, "I just don't trust her. I get a strong and weird vibe when I'm around her."

    "Hey!" Shin snapped, "She's my girlfriend..."

    "I know, I know," Two interrupted, knowing it would esculate, "Just be careful around her."

    "Okay," Shin said, "So what is this thing you are afraid to tell me?"

    "I'm a werewolf," Two said, holding up the gold coin with the gem in the middle.

    "You're a Guardian?" Shin asked, looking more surprised then Two's face, right now.

    "How do you know about Guardians?" Two asked.


    Pin along with Phun and Noh were walking in the general direction. Pin couldn't believe he was actually a Guardian and could fight along the side of Son. He also couldn't believe that over the weekend, he was going on a date with Son. Pin had always been going on dates with other men when he turned 14. They were nice dates and one became his boyfriend for 6 months but this was different. He felt a strong connection to Son and knew that Son felt it too. They kind of flirted a little when Son would tutor him but it wasn't anything big or seductive. He didn't really pay any attention to Phun and Noh who were having a serious boyfriend discussion in back of him.

    They all came to a stone table and chair where two young men where playing chess. The two men were young and attractive. If they didn't have a shirt and tie on, the school's uniform, you wouldn't believe they were college students.

    Kaprao Pongkorn Wongkrittiyarat as Park (left)
    Kaownah Kittipat Kaewcharoen as Lhong (right)

    "I take your knight, using my knight, Park," the one guy said, moving his piece and taking his knight.

    "That is checkmate, Lhong," Park said, looking at Llong and then both of them looking at Pin.

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    Power Rangers Mystic Magic

    Somewhere in a dark realm of shadows, Intouch was sitting on a throne. He saw through a mirror, which was next to his throne how Son and Pin are planning a date together. A look of jealous was in his eyes and he couldn't help but scream. TopHat came walking in, bowing down in front of him. Soon Madame Akuno arrived and she curtsies. The creature who made Bag Shadow and TopHat grow walked in and he bowed as well.

    "You have failed me TopHat," Intouch said, looking directly at him, "For this you will be punished."

    TopHat didn't know what to say. He tried his best but the rangers and Guardians were no match for him.

    "Let me try again, your majesty," TopHat said, lowering himself down to the ground even more, "I will defeat the rangers."

    "I'm not talking about that," Intouch said, "I'm talking about how you purposely went after Son when I didn't want a single hair to be harmed on him."

    "But sir..." TopHat started to say, but couldn't finish.

    Intouch held on to his ruby he was wearing and transformed into Drake. He took his sword and with one swoop, he slashed at TopHat. TopHat started to spark and smoke started to come out of him. He dropped to the ground and exploded. Madame Akuno and the other creature didn't get effected by the blast.

    "Why can't I make decent minions?" Drake asked.

    "Your majesty," the creature that made the monsters grow, "You make wonderful minions. We are the ones who fail you."

    "Thank you General Seicho," Drake said, turning back to Intouch, "You have never failed me at all. You have always been by myself."

    1 Year Ago:

    Intouch went back into his dorm room. He started crying on his bed, alone in the dark. A couple minutes went by and the door opened. It was his roommate. He saw Intouch cry and ran over to console him.

    Title Kirati Puangmalee as Guide

    "What happened?" he said, holding on to Intouch.

    "I thought you were gone for the night, Guide," Intouch said, sobbing.

    "My plans fell through, and luckily they did," Guide said, "What happened?"

    "I got rejected," Intouch said, still sobbing. His heart really got broken.

    "Shhh," Guide hushed, softy, holding and rocking him, "It's going to be okay. You'll find the right guy. You are a good person and you'll find him. He'll be there to console you. He'll do anything for you."

    He then whispered to himself, "I will do anything for you."

    Intouch was too busy crying to hear what Guide last said. He was thankful though to have a roommate and friend like Guide. Guide had been a good friend to the start. He was there every time Intouch got rejected by someone. Even in high school, when they first met, no one would date him. Everyone called him "too gay" and it hurt Intouch. Guide was there by his side comforting him and fighting off the bullies. It is amazing that Intouch never realized that he has one guy who loves him, and that's Guide.

    Intouch was calming down and Guide kept holding him. Just then the window opened and a shadowy creature came through. Both Intouch and Guide were scared but no one could say a word. Guide held on to Intouch a little tighter and moved forward to protect him. The shadowy creature took shape of a woman. She had tribal markings all over her body and a crescent moon on her forhead.

    "Do not be afraid," she said, "I am the Enchantress and I'm here to grant you guys powers beyond your wildest imagination."

    "Powers?" Guide asked, "What kind of powers?"

    "Powers to rule the world," she said, smiling, "I can make you kings!"

    "I would love to be king," Intouch said, speaking up, "And then I can get respect."

    "How about you?" the Enchantress asked Guide, "Would you like to be king too?"

    "Well if Intouch wants to be king," Guide said, "then I just want to serve him and be like the guy who protects him."

    "Very well," she said, raising her hands.

    Two balls of shadows came out of her hands. She flung them at Intouch and Guide. The shadows covered both boys and with Intouch, the shadows were a bit darker. When the shadows had faded, both boys were wearing rubies around their necks. They felt a power within them. Intouch transformed into a creature which wore white pants and were white, black, and gray. In the middle of his stomach there was an eye. He felt really powerful. Guide looked more like a soldier creature than anything.

    "I'll be know as the Godfather Drake," Intouch said, "and you could be General Seicho."

    "Whatever you want, your majesty," Guide bowed.

    "Now with your new powers," the Enchantress started, "I want you to bring fear in the hearts of many. This will gain me the power I need and then you, Intouch, and I will be king and queen of this world. For obvious reasons, it will just be for formality. You can choose a king for yourself."

    "What about you?" Guide as General Seicho asked.

    "Me?" the Enchantress laughed, "I don't need anyone. I have been by myself for thousands of years. I just want to bring peace to the world. The world nowadays need order and it needs a king and queen to govern it."

    "We won't let you down," Drake said, as Intouch said.

    "I know you won't," the Enchantress said, laughing.

    She disappeared the way she came in. Both Guide and Intouch went back to their normal selves. Intouch held onto the crystal with his hand, looking at it.

    "I know from this I will be able to win Son's heart," Intouch said, fixated on Son's heart and not even paying attention to the guy sitting next to him, who actually loves him.

    "Whatever you wish, your majesty," Guide said, rubbing Intouch's back.

    {opening - pay attention to just the song and not the suits or anything like that}

    Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana as Son/Tutor
    Red Dragonite Ranger

    Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert as Dean (Incarnate Knock)
    Blue Dragonite Ranger
    March Chutavuth Pattarakhumphol as Knock

    Plan Rathavit Kijworalak as Wish
    Green Dragonite Ranger

    Fluke Natouch Siripongthon as Pharm (Incarnate Book)
    Yellow Dragonite Ranger
    Toey Sittiwat Imerbpathom as Book

    Coates Samantha Melanie as Cake
    White Dragonite Ranger

    Jimmy Karn Kritsanaphanre as Saifah
    Pink Dragonite Ranger

    Tarika Thidathit as Tyla
    Beau Savitree Suttichanond as Tyla (younger self)

    Mean Phiravich Attachitsataporn as Two

    White Nawat Phumphothingam as Phun

    Perth Tanapon Sukhumpantanasan as Pin

    Cooheart (Earth) Katsamonnat Namwirote as Intouch/Drake

    Title Kirati Puangmalee as Guide/General Seicho

    Captain Chonlathorn Kornyingyong as Noh

    James Prapatthorn Chakkhuchan as Shin

    Prim Primrose Chindavanich as Aim

    Kaprao Pongkorn Wongkrittiyarat as Park

    Kaownah Kittipat Kaewcharoen as Lhong

    *Next time, I'm just going to group some of these together since there are going to be a few more supportive characters.

    Chapter Seven:

    "First we need to build an army," Intouch said, standing up.

    "Well we do have powers of the shadow, so why don't we make a shadow army," Guide suggested.

    "Yeah, that's coool!" Intouch said, liking the idea.

    Intouch raised his hands and out of the ground shadows appeared. He moved his hands around, molding and shaping the shadows until he made creatures with fedoras on and wearing trench coats."

    "They look like hit men of the mafia," Guide said, looking at them all in their small dorm room.

    "That's it!" Intouch exclaimed, "We will call them Hit Men and this will be known as the Shadow Mafia!"

    "I like it," Guide said, laughing.


    Pin noticed that Park and Lhong were staring at him.

    "Um," Pin said, feeling uncomfortable with the way the two are staring at him, "Can I help you?"

    "No," Park said, smirking, looking back at Llong, "Do you need help from this guy, honey?"

    "Not at all," Lhong said, smiling back at Park.

    "Right," Pin said, "Okay, have fun."

    "Oh we will," Park said, looking at Pin just walking by.

    When Pin was walking, two people came by and the young man walking toward him, bumped him.

    "Hey!" Pin said, looking at the young man, "Watch it!"

    "You watch it!" the young man shouted, and then turning around and heading toward Park and Lhong, holding hands with the girl that was with him.

    Yacht Surat Permpoonsavat as Pond (left)
    Cherreen Nachjaree Horvejkul as ChaAim (right)

    "How's it going, Pond?" Park asked, giving him a handshake.

    "I'm okay, but what is his problem?" Pond asked, pointing at Pin, who was ignoring them and walking to his class.

    "Never mind him baby," the woman said, wrapping her arms around Pond.

    "You're right, ChaAim," Pond said, looking into her eyes, "I love you."

    "Both of you, go get a room," Lhong said, smirking.

    "I could say the same for you guys too," Pond said.

    "Come on guys," ChaAim said, "We have work to do."

    All four of them left but ran into two more friends. One looked very petite and the other one looked a bit more muscular. Both still looked very attractive.

    Bas Suradej Pinnirat as Wayo (Yo) [left]
    Copter Panuwat Kerdthongtavee as Kit (KitKat) [right]

    "Hey Yo and Kit!" Pond called, "Where have you been?"

    "We had to take care of business," Kit said.

    Yo was short for Wayo. He was the best out of all of them playing chess. The six of them; Park, Lhong, Pong, ChaAim, Wayo, and Kit were the best chess players in the whole nation. They won all the tournaments and have gain a lot of money and success in a short time. It seemed as though their success was overnight as they never won any chess competition. All six of them left together. Wayo and Kit had been dating and together for a few months. Pond and ChaAim had been boyfriend and girlfriend for the longest time. Park and Lhong had been dating as long as Wayo and Kit; for about a couple months and all couples were madly in love with each other. They were considered rude to all their peers but for their significant others, it was as if their rudeness just melted away and they would do anything for their partners.


    In the Inbetween, Tutor launched out and was about to strike at Son. Son responded by covering himself. All of a sudden, Tutor stopped and started laughing.

    "Do you think I would ever hurt my own reflection?" Tutor asked, putting his sword down, "I may be a bit evil but I'm not stupid. Whatever happens to you, happens to me. And whatever happens to me, happens to you."

    Son became a bit relieved.

    "But doesn't mean I can't have fun with your friends," Tutor said, going after Wish, but Wish quickly called forth his sword and blocked his attack, "Very good sweetheart."

    "Don't ever call me sweetheart," Wish said, slashing at Tutor's arm, causing it to bleed. Just then Son felt pain and his arm was bleeding.

    "I told you," Tutor said, smirking, looking at Son, "Whatever happens to me, happens to Son."

    "Sorry," Wish said, feeling remorse but still keeping his guard up for Tutor to attack.

    "Enough!" a voice called out from a hallway that was attached to the room where they all were. Fire appeared and in walked a red colored dragon. It looked human size.

    "Who are you?" Dean asked, keeping his guard up.

    "My name is Fiery Heart," he said, "I am one of the six Dragonite Knights."

    Everyone was amazed, even Tutor.

    "Guys," Tyla said, "I would like to introduce Fiery Heart. He is one to help create the Inbetween."

    "Did you know about this?" Wish asked Dean and Pharm, looking at them.

    "No," Pharm said, "Tyla's the one who called us to the Inbetween when we were reborn again and found each other. The other room was here when we arrived. We had no clue about seeing an actual Dragonite."

    "How did you and Dean meet?" Son asked, ignoring the fact that there was a dragon present among them.

    "You can discuss that later," Fiery Heart said, "I'm here due to an increase power in the Enchantress."

    All of them, even Tutor was intrigued.

    "The Enchantress has called forth her eight Keeper Guardians," Fiery Dragon started, "They are very powerful."

    "Yeah, we know," Wish said, "We encountered two of the Keeper Knights."

    "And there are more," Fiery Heart said, "There are two Keeper Bishops and two Keeper Rooks."

    "Wait a minute," Dean said, with a light bulb going off in his head.

    "What is it Dean?" Cake asked.

    "Knights, Bishops, Rooks are all pieces that go on a chess board," Dean said, "Does that mean there is a Keeper King and Keeper Queen?"

    "I think you already know who the Keeper King is," Tyla said, through the mirror.

    "Intouch," Son said.

    "But who is the queen?" Pharm asked.

    "Maybe it's the Enchantress," Cake suggested.

    Just then Tyla's eyes went in the back of her head and she started having another vision. When she came out of it, her hands started to glow and the mirror started to glow. With her being in the Mirrorverse and in another dimension she was able to produce her visions within the mirror. For a few seconds there was Tutor standing in the midst. A young man with black hair came up to stand in front of him.

    Zee Pruk Panich as Fighter

    Tutor took one look at him and started to get a little red. Son saw that he was getting red and started to smile. Tutor saw Son was smiling and he slapped Son, feeling the pain himself, but it was worth it. Then it got dark in the mirror and there stood a shadowy figure. The shadowy figure was hard to make out but the eyes glowed yellow.

    "I believe he's the queen," Tyla said, "I can't get a clear picture of who he is, but he's always there to protect Intouch."

    "But it's a dude," Tutor said.

    "Yes," Dean said, "but that don't mean anything."King and queen might not mean king and queen per say..."

    "I think they got it," Fiery Heart said, rolling his eyes, "These Keeper Guardians are more powerful than you can imagine. They have been given power to send people, just like Tyla into another parallel universe. I had put it in their heads to send Tyla to the Mirrorverse due to Tutour over here."

    "Me?" Tutor asked, pointing to himself, "Why me?"

    "You are unique," Fiery Heart said, "You would think the Mirrorverse would have their own reflection but they don't. When you look in a mirror it only looks like your reflection but it's not. With Son and Tutor it's not the case. They are the exact same person; just Tutor might be more mischievous."

    "Do you know why that is so?" Dean asked.

    "I don't know," Fiery Heart said, "just like I'm puzzled with you and Pharm and how you got reincarnated and found each other. You two and Son and Tutor are a mystery."

    "What about me?" Cake asked, "Am I a mystery?"

    "Um," Fiery Heart stuttered, but sarcastically remarked, "Yeah you're a mystery all right."

    "How do we defeat these Keeper Guardians?" Wish asked.

    "You guys will need more power and more magic," Fiery Heart said, "There are five more Dragonite Knights just like me, but they are trapped in their respected colored jewels, like the ones here. In order to gain an extra boost of magic, strength, and power. Right now all I can give is Son an extra boost of power, but Tutor would have to give up his Dragonite Crystal and power."

    Everyone looked at Tutor.


    "What do you mean, you know about Guardians?" Two questioned Shin.

    "I know about Guardians because I am one," Shin said.

    "You're a Guardian?" Two asked, not believing him at all.

    "Fine," Shin said, pulling out his gold coin with a gem in the middle. Two noticed that his is a gold coin with a gem in the middle, just like his.

    "Hey," Two said, pointing, "Yours is the same as mine. Wouldn't it just be a ruby?"

    "It was," Shin said, "but I stopped chasing after people and putting fear in their hearts. Now I want to help them. It doesn't help that I am being chased by the Keeper Guardians and the Enchantress."

    "Keeper Guardians?" Two asked.

    "Yes," Shin said, "but first let me show you want I can become."

    Shin held out his gold coin and it started glowing. Instantly, he turned into what appeared to be the Grim Reaper.

    "What the...?" Two asked, looking at him with a fright.

    "Calm down," Shin said, now in a dark, scary voice, "If you get scared, that will give more power to the Enchantress."

    "Yeah, you are right," Two said, calming down, "but she wasn't joking around when she said to bring fear in the hearts of people, "So does your girlfriend now about this?"

    "No," Shin said, "I don't know how to explain to her that her boyfriend is the Grim Reaper."

    "So do you see dead people?" Two asked.

    "As a matter of a fact," Shin said, "There is a dead person right behind you."

    Two jumped, turning arond and seeing no one.

    "Don't scare me like that!" Two said, "Like you said it will make the Enchantress more powerful."

    "Sorry," Shin said, "but I'm not lying. I'm attracted to dead people I guess. I'm a homing beacon for them. I guess that is one of the many curses that come with being a Guardian."

    "Curses?" Two asked.

    "Yeah," Shin said, "with all this power, there are curses involved. Just like how all your clothes rip when you transform so either you have to buy more clothes or strip down naked before transforming. Also with Phun..."

    "You know about Phun?" Two asked.

    "Yes," Shin said, "His curse is that he can't eat or drink anything except blood because he's a vampire. He's undead. I know this because everytime I see him, his soul is always lingering by him, out of his body but can't move on. At least with you, you don't transform on the full moon. You can do that anytime you want. So each of the Guardians have a curse attached to them. We were just foolish enough to agree with the Enchantress in giving us power."

    Two and Shin stared each other for a second.

    "Here," Shin continued, walking up to Two back in his human form, "Let me show you what you can do to avoid tearing up all your clothes."

    Shin went through his closet and pulled out some jogging pants that were very stretchy and handed them to Two.


    "Your majesty," General Seicho said, kneeling down in front of Drake, "Tell me your plan."

    "Well, this Saturday Pin and Son are going on a date and I'm going to make sure that their date is ruined," Drake said, turning toward three young men that are chained up.

    Tommy Sittichok Pueakpoolpol (left)
    Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat (center)
    Gulf Kanawut Traipipattanapong (right)

    The three men looked like they were being tortured with electricity. General Seicho looked and saw that the three were not doing so well and felt a little concerned for them.

    "What are you planning to do?" he asked Drake.

    "Right now, I'm brainwashing them," Drake said, "They will work for me and only me. I'm going to tend to make Son's life a living hell and that means by getting rid of Pin. If I can't have Son, no one can."

    General Seicho just watched as Drake started to laugh and the three young men were getting tortured. He was starting to have a conscience. He only became powerful like Intouch to be closer to him, but this was going too far. He had to put a stop to it, but he didn't want to end up destroyed like TopHat. Even if TopHat was created by the shadows, Intouch could still kill him. He wished Intouch would see how much he loved him and stopped all this. He just wanted to be with Intouch.

    *And that's all with the characters for this story. There is more story, just letting you know that I will not be adding anymore characters to this. Maybe special guests but nothing for the main title. Thanks for reading.*

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    RV Favicon Power Rangers Mystic Magic

    "So what will it be, Tutor?" Son asked, "Will you help us?"

    Tutor was hesitant but he cave and handed his Dragonite crystal over to Son. Fiery Heart started to glow red and burst into flames. This scared Wish and Cake for a second but the fire started to head over to Tutor and wrapped itself around him. Tutor could feel the warmth of the fire but it wasn't hurting him at all. Son could feel the fire as well and it was so inviting. The fire totally covered Tutor until he became the fire as well. The fire started wrapping itself around Son. The fire wrapped around Son's right arm and started to glowing. When the glowing had faded away, there was a device on Son's wrist.

    (It looks like this but instead of a lion, there is a dragon's head)

    "This is the Dragonite X-Blade Morpher," Fiery Heart said, "It will give you double the power."

    "Also you'll have me to help," a voice from the morpher called out and it was Tutor. Everyone thought it was so weird to hear his voice.

    He suddenly appeared next to Son, making the Dragonite X-Blade Morpher disappear.

    "How do I bring it back?" Son asked, looking at his wrist.

    "When you are in danger raise your hand like you would to morph but call for the Dragonite X-Blade Morpher," Fiery Heart said, "Wherever Tutor is, he'll be consumed with fire and come to your wrist through the morpher."

    "Awesome," Son said, "this will definitely help between these Keeper Guardians."

    "Just a precaution," Fiery Heart warned, "Only use this power in dire emergencies. Remember Son is from the Mirrorverse and even though he is willing to help, he still is a bit of a 'bad boy' and it could rub off on you."

    "He has nothing to worry about," Tutor said, wrapping his arm around Son, with a devilish grin.

    "Are you okay?" Pharm asked, turning toward Tyla

    "I will be fine," Tyla said, smiling at Pharm.

    "We will find a way for you to get out of the Mirrorverse," Pharm said, determine. He remembered how Book and his sister had a strong relationship with each other and how Tyla kept him and Knock's relationship a secret.


    "Book, where's your parents?" Knock asked, as both Book and Knock were working together on Book's family's farm.

    "They had to visit my uncle since my aunt is very ill," Book said, "and they want to comfort him."

    "They are traveling far aren't they?" Knock asked.

    "Yes, they are," Book said.

    "So you are by yourself for a while?" Knock asked, coming closer to Book.

    "Knock!" Book exclaimed, "Behave."

    "Book," Knock said, touching his face, "It's been awhile since we had an opportunity to you know."

    "Yes," Book said, "but my sister is still in town and what if she or someone saw you right now. We would be in serious trouble."

    "I think people are more worried about the Enchantress then two guys loving each other, right now," Knock said.

    "Let me finish my chores and then I'm all yours," Book said.

    "I'll help you," Knock said, helping him with the hay.

    Later when all the chores were done, both Knock and Book found a quiet and discreet place where no one ever comes. Knock gently gave Book a kiss. Book touched Knock's face. Just then, they heard a noise and quickly got away from each other.

    "Were you two kissing?" Tyla asked, coming by.

    "Sister," Book said, "what are you doing here?"

    "I saw you two heading this way and wondered what was out here," Tyla said, "but are you together?"

    "You can't tell anyone," Book pleaded.

    "Trust me," Tyla said, "I wouldn't tell a soul. I knew you two were meant for each other in my vision, but I wasn't too sure. But wouldn't it be safer for you two to be in the house?"

    "Thank you sister," Book said, smiling.

    "I'll make sure I won't disturb you guys," Tyla said, smiling and laughing a little.

    Both boys ran into the house. Book turned back and smiled at Tyla as a thank you for everything. They went into the house where they only had one room where all four of them slept, but since Book's parents weren't going to be there for days and his sister said she'll not disturb them, they had the whole room to themselves. They embraced each other with a kiss which ended them making love on Book's bed.

    Present - Saturday:

    It was Saturday and Son was in his apartment getting ready for his date with Pin. Tutor was back in the Mirrorverse but because now Son had seen him, Tutor could follow him through all the mirrors and any reflected area. At first, Son thought it cool to be able to talk to him reflection but it got annoying since Tutor wasn't at all like Son and filling his head with dirty thoughts of what to do with Pin. Son finished getting ready and went out to go pick up Pin.

    When he arrived at the dorms, Pin was there waiting for him and was very nervous just like he was. Pin had brought a rose with him and gave it to Son. This made Son very shy and he blushed.

    "You look very handsome, Pin," Son said, blushing.

    "Aww, thanks," Pin said, blushing too, "You look good too."

    "So you ready?" Son asked, opening the car door for Pin.

    "Y...yeah," Pin nervously said, getting into the car.

    It was very awkward in the car driving to the movies due to them liking each other and knowing that they liked each other. Pin was more nervous than Son since Son had boyfriends in the past. Son was still a bit nervous since he really liked Pin and he couldn't get what Tyla saw out of his head that him and Pin are destined to be together. He then couldn't get over what Tyla said about Tutor and a guy named Zee. He took a glance in the reflection of the rearview mirror and saw Tutor staring at him, smiling at him.

    At the movie theater they grabbed a seat together. They had bought popcorn and Son was holding on to it. He eats his popcorn one at a time. Pin glanced at Son and the popcorn, wanting some. Son saw this and handed the popcorn to Pin. Pin started to eat some. Son went to grab some popcorn and bumped hands with Pin. Both of them stared at each other for a second.

    "Your hands are like ice," Pin said.

    "They shouldn't be," Son whispered, "I do have the element of fire in me."

    "Here," Pin said, putting down his popcorn, "Let me warm them for you."

    He took his hand and held on to Son's hand. Son thought it was so romantic. Both of them held hands throughout the whole movie. Both Pin and Son hand huge smiles on their faces.

    When the movie was over, their was a huge crowd and Son accidentally bumped shoulders with a young man. Something inside of him started to shiever as he turned and saw the young man Tyla was talking about for Tutor. He was a very handsome man. There was a mirror nearby and Tutor was able to see the young man too. He felt his heart beating faster and faster and didn't know what the feeling was. Before anyone could say anything, a burst of fire came out of no where. Everyone started screaming and running out the exit. When the coast was clear, Son raised his hand and put out the flames. When the flames had disappeared, their was clapping from the corner. Everyone turned and saw a creature clapping and smirking.

    It didn't look like any of the other creatures they had faced. Normally the creatures are shadowy and dark. This one looked colorful and very powerful.

    "Who are you?" Son asked.

    "My name is Shadow Keeper Phoenix," he said.

    "A Keeper Guardian," Pin mentioned, turning toward Son.

    "Guardian?" Shadow Keeper Phoenix questioned, "I am no Guardian. I was created by his majesty, Drake."

    Shadow Keeper Phoenix took out his sword and started running toward Pin and Son like a mad man.

    {opening - pay attention to just the song and not the suits or anything like that}

    Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana as Son/Tutor
    Red Dragonite Ranger

    Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert as Dean (Incarnate Knock) [left]
    March Chutavuth Pattarakhumphol as Knock [right]
    Blue Dragonite Ranger

    Plan Rathavit Kijworalak as Wish
    Green Dragonite Ranger

    Fluke Natouch Siripongthon as Pharm (Incarnate Book) [left]
    Toey Sittiwat Imerbpathom as Book [right]
    Yellow Dragonite Ranger

    Coates Samantha Melanie as Cake
    White Dragonite Ranger

    Jimmy Karn Kritsanaphanre as Saifah
    Pink Dragonite Ranger

    Tarika Thidathit as Tyla
    Beau Savitree Suttichanond as Tyla (younger self)

    Mean Phiravich Attachitsataporn as Two

    White Nawat Phumphothingam as Phun

    Perth Tanapon Sukhumpantanasan as Pin

    Earth (Cooheart) Katsamonnat Namwirote as Intouch/Drake

    Title Kirati Puangmalee as Guide/General Seicho

    Captain Chonlathorn Kornyingyong as Noh

    James Prapatthorn Chakkhuchan as Shin

    Prim Primrose Chindavanich as Aim

    Kaprao Pongkorn Wongkrittiyarat as Park (left)
    Kaownah Kittipat Kaewcharoen as Lhong (right)

    Yacht Surat Permpoonsavat as Pond (left)
    Cherreen Nachjaree Horvejkul as ChaAim (right)

    Bas Suradej Pinnirat as Wayo (Yo) [left]
    Copter Panuwat Kerdthongtavee as Kit (KitKat) [right]

    Zee Pruk Panich as Fighter

    Tommy Sittichok Pueakpoolpol as Zon (left)
    Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat as Tharn (center)
    Gulf Kanawut Traipipattanapong as Type (right)

    Chapter Eight:

    Shadow Keeper Phoenix went running toward Pin and Son. Pin quickly took out his coin and transformed into a griffin and gave Son some time to transform. Son, as usual raised his hand to the sky and he transformed. Both ran toward Phoenix and started attacking him, or at least trying to. Shadow Keeper Phoenix was tough. With his sword he slashed Pin, causing him to fall to the ground. Son went over to see if he was alright, but Shadow Keeper Phoenix didn't let up. With his sword he slashed at Son sending him flying to the mirror.

    "Use the Dragonite X-Blade stupid!" Tutor shouted at Son.

    "Alright, alright," Son said, standing up, "Just don't call me stupid!"

    He raised his hand again.

    "Dragonite X-Blade Morpher!" Son shouted.

    The fire consumed Tutor and in a flash the morher was around Son and Tutor was no longer Son's reflection.

    "How do I transform?" Son asked.

    "Spin the Dragon Wheel on the morpher," Tutor said through the morpher.

    Son did just that and spun the Dragon Wheel which was on the device. A bright light started to appear and huge flames started to cover Son. Shadow Keeper Phoenix had to cover his eyes because it was so bright. When the flames had died down, Son's suit he was in looked metallic with spikes coming out of the shoulders. The helmet stood out more due to a 3D effect where around the visor it rose. He had a red cape in the back as well and his sword was gold colored around the base with a red stripe on the blade. Pin, who got up from the fall thought it was really cool.

    Shadow Keeper Phoenix ran up to Son and struck him with his sword but it had no effect on him. Phoenix kept striking at Son but nothing happened. Son then struck back using his sword. This sent Shadow Keeper Phoenix flying to the wall of the movie theater. Yes, they were still inside the movie theater fighting. Pin flew up and pounced on Shadow Keeper Phoenix. With the blow from Son, Pin was able to hurt him and he fell again. Son put his crystal into his sword and pulled down the lever a few times. Instead of just flames, the sword let out a hurricane of flames hitting at Shadow Keeper Phoenix. The flames were too much even for Shadow Keeper Phoenix and he started screaming in pain. Son and Pin heard the scream and it didn't sound like any monster screaming but a human screaming. Soon, there was a huge explosion that caused some of the theater to be ripped apart.

    Son raised his hands and had calmed the flames that were around. When the flames died they could only see ashes remain. Pin's eyes started glowing and gasped when he looked at the ashes.

    "That's a human!" Pin exclaimed, "The ashes are the remain of a human. We killed a human!"

    "Are you sure?" Son asked, morphing back to his normal suit.

    "Yes!" Pin said, "My eyes are spotting human flash from the ashes."

    Both of the started freaking out, but a glowing started to occur from the ashes. Flames started rising up and when the flames had died Shadow Keeper Phoenix stood among them. He started to laugh.

    "I'm a phoenix remember," he said, "A phoenix dies and then comes back to life reborn, only this time every time I come back, I become stronger."

    "You have got to be kidding me," Pin said, rolling his eyes.

    The owner of the theater came in and saw that half of the wall was taken down and was about to say something when he saw Shadow Keeper Phoenix looking at him. He started screaming and something that Son and Pin never seen; a black cloud of energy came from the man and went to the sky. The man turned and looked at Pin who was still a griffin and started screaming in terror and started running. More black clouds started to fly out of the man as he ran for his life.

    "Shadow Keeper Phoenix is a Guardian!" both Son and Pin stated at the same time.

    Shadow Keeper Phoenix was about to say something when two dark shadows appeared and two monsters were standing outside. They both looked the same.

    "Oh great, the Keeper Bishops are here," Phoenix sarcastically said, "I'm out of here."

    Flames rose around him and he disappeared. Just as he left, the other rangers appeared. They noticed the two standing outside. First, they saw the damage of the theater.

    "I guess your date got ruined," Wish said, stating the obvious.

    "Yeah," Son said, "what took you guys so long?"

    "Um," Dean said, feeling a bit shy, "Pharm and I, we were in the middle of our date."

    Pharm's face looked red.

    "I was at Two's," Wish said, getting a little red himself.

    Son just smiled but his smile went away with the Keeper Bishops speaking.

    "You guys are pathetic," the one Keeper Bishop said.

    "Yeah," the other one said, sounding more female like, "I don't know why the Keeper Knights couldn't finish you off?"

    Both of them put their weapons together to create a dark energy and they hit at the theater causing the building to start falling down. The rangers and Pin got out of the building before the ceiling collapse. Son, got angry because first off, Shadow Keeper Phoenix ruined his date with Pin, and now these two have just destroyed his favorite movie theater. He raised his hands and called forth the Dragonite X-Blade Morpher. He spun the Dragon Wheel and his armor suit came on him. Everyone was impressed. He was first to charge at the Keeper Bishops. With his sword flamed up, he struck at the two. Both of them fell to the ground. One of the Keeper Bishops got up and went over to the other one.

    "How can you strike at a lady?" he said, helping his partner up.

    "Lady?" Son asked, sneering, "You call that a lady?"

    The male Keeper Bishop got angry and charged at Son. Both of them started fighting with each other. The other Keeper Bishop got up and started going after Pin and the other rangers. Dean and Pharm struck first, but the Keeper Bishop counterattacked striking both of them to the ground. Wish and Cake didn't like that and stuck at the Keeper Bishop, but she blocked their attack and was about to strike at them when Saifah blocked her attack. Saifah raised his hands and used his powers to stop her for moving.

    "You guys need to strike now," Saifah said, "I don't know how long I can hold her."

    The other four rangers put their gem into their swords and pulled the lever up and down. Their elements came whirling out of their swords and they struck her at the same time. Sparks and smoke flew out of the Keeper Bishop as she fell to the ground.

    "No!" the other Keeper Bishop shouted, striking at Son and running over to his partner's aid. She seriously looked hurt. They both vanished in the shadows.

    The rangers morphed back to their normal state and Pin was back to normal too. The rangers were confused as to how that blast that they did on one of the Keeper Bishops worked since Fiery Heart told them that they would have to get more power in order to defeat the Keeper Guardians. Son and Pin told them of the Shadow Keeper Phoenix they ran into. They were all very concerned about this and was about to go back to their normal lives since there was nothing more they could do. Dean did see that their was still fire set in the theater building and both Dean and Son used their powers to calm the fire and distinguish it. Pharm and Dean went back to their "date". Wish went back to seeing Two. Son was wondering what that's all about. As for Cake and Saifah they went back to the dorm. As for Pin and Son, they decided to finish their date and go eat somewhere.


    Saifah and Cake headed back to the their dorm rooms. They noticed Pond and ChaAim sitting down playing chess. Pond took his bishop piece and took out ChaAim's piece. Saifah noticed that ChaAim had her arm in a skint. Her faced was a bit bruised. She pretty much looked like she gone through hell. Both Pond and ChaAim stopped their game, and noticed that Saifah was staring at ChaAim.

    "Who are you looking at?" Pond asked, "ChaAim is my girlfriend. Get your own."

    "Um.." Saifah stuttered, "I don't care for your girlfriend."

    "What are you saying?" Pond asked, standing up, "My girlfriend's not good enough, huh?"

    Pond was getting very angry and getting into Saifah's face.

    "No," Saifah said, "I'm just not interested in woman."

    "So you into guys?" Park asked, coming out of no where holding hands with Lhong. Park and Lhong were in jeans and wore each a button down shirt, revealing some of the buttons were unbuttoned. All Saifah could do was gulp.

    "Dream on," Park said, kissing his boyfriend's hand in a sexual way, looking at Saifah, knowing exactly what he was thinking.

    Weyo and Kit was with them. Park instructed them all to follow him. Weyo stayed behind and had a puzzle look on his face looking at Saifah. Kit came up to him and called his name several times looking at both Saifah and Weyo. Weyo finally looked at Kit, taking his hand and walking off with the other guys. Saifah just shook his head and noticed Cake was already gone.

    Cake was heading back to her dorm room where she ran into Shin. She was getting all red in the face. She really liked him but knew it was wrong to since he already had a girlfriend, but the way he smiled made her heart melt. She was about to say hi to him when Aim came. She saw the looks that she was giving her boyfriend.

    "Honey," Aim said, "I'll be right there for a date. Why don't you start the car?"

    Shin smiled and went out the dorm building. As soon as Shin left, a smile which was on Aim's face disappeared and she went up to Cake's face.

    "If I ever see you talking or looking at my man," Aim started, "I will bitch slap you to the next county. Shin is my man. Not yours! You are so ugly, you can't even get a man."

    She left Cake dumbfounded and went to meet with Shin. Two came out of his dorm room, along with Wish. They heard what just went on because Aim was so loud. Both boys were half dressed.

    "Are you okay?" Wish asked.

    "Yes," Cake said, "I'll be fine."

    "That bitch is wrong," Two said, "You aren't ugly, but beautiful."

    "Aww that's so sweet, Two," Cake said blushing, "Now, you guys don't worry about me. You guys go back to what you were doing."

    Both Two and Wish felt embarrassed and didn't say a word. They just went back into the room. Cake went back into her apartment. As for Shin and Aim, they were outside. Shin opened the door for Aim to get into his car. Aim shut the door and Shin wanted to know what was going on. Aim's eyes started to glow and a crescent moon appeared on her forehead. Before Shin could say anything his eyes started to glow and it seemed like he was hypnotized by her.

    "My plan is working at full force," she said smiling.
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    RV Favicon Power Rangers Mystic Magic

    "You have failed me for the last time," the Enchantress said, with a blank stared Shin next to her. She was glancing at Intouch. Guide and Shadow Keeper Phoenix. "Intouch I gave you the power you need to strike fear in everyone's hearts and for you to get rid of the Power Rangers."

    "I'm trying Enchantress," Intouch pleaded.

    "I shall punish you for not trying harder," the Enchantress said, bringing forth dark shadows.

    "Please Enchantress don't punish In," Guide said, "punish me instead."

    "What?" Intouch looked at him, confused, thinking why would he want to be punished since it was his fault. This wasn't the first time the Enchantress had want to punish In and Guide taking the beating for it. He remembered the first time, Intouch had a fall out with the Guardian Keepers and the Enchantress got angry and was going to strike at Intouch when Guide said for her to strike her instead. The Enchantress didn't hold back and struck at Guide's back, causing him to have a huge cut, which healed after a while since he was a Guardian, but it left a scar.

    "So, you are going to take the blow for Intouch?" the Enchantress asked, "You are so pathetic."

    The Enchantress summoned a ball of shadows and flung it at Guide. The blast knocked Guide to the ground. The blast hit the front of his chest and took the wind out of him. Intouch ran over to Guide and knelt down to see if he was alright.

    "Why do you keep taking the blows for me?" Intouch asked, helping Guide up.

    "I...I..." Guide started to say but the Enchantress cut him off.

    "He loves you, stupid!" the Enchantress said, rolling her eyes, "but you don't love him."

    She laughed and disappeared, along with Shin.

    "You love me?" Intouch asked, looking at his friend who is struggling to get up. Intouch could see his shirt was torn and their was a massive cut on his chest.

    Guide didn't say a word but just looked like he was about to cry and left Intouch just standing their looking at him walk in the distance. Shadow Keeper Phoenix was looking at him, along with two other creatures.

    "What are you staring at?!" Intouch shouted, "Go out and destroy those stupid Power Rangers!"

    Shadow Keeper Phoenix and the other two bowed and disappeared in a cloud of black smoke. Madame Akuno was in the distance. She looked like she was pondering something. Madame Akuno was created by Intouch just like TopHat. She was starting to get a mind of her own like TopHat did at the end where he disobeyed Intouch and got destroyed. She just kept her distance pondering things.


    Son and Pin went to a restaurant due to their date at the movies was ruined. They went to a nice Thai restaurant that was near an airport. There was a sign that read "The Space Force wants you!" (EASTER EGG). They sat down in the restaurant and started to order their food. When their food arrived they had just taken the first bite and started to hear screams coming from outside. They immediately paid money for the food that they didn't eat and ran outside to see what the commotion was all around. They saw Shadow Keeper Phoenix there terrorizing everyone but he had two friends to help him. Both Son and Pin saw two creatures before them.

    "Who are you?" Son asked.

    "I am Shadow Keeper Gremlin," the creature in green said, "and this is my partner Shadow Keeper Gnome."

    Just then the other five rangers teleported in along with the other Guardians; Two and Phum. The six rangers stepped forward. The five of them that teleported in was wearing their uniform. Saifah had a pink jacket on with the black shirt and black pants. Everyone thought he looked very handsome wearing pink. The rangers then raised their hands to the sky.

    "Dragonites! Here our call!" Son, Dean, Wish, Pharm, Cake, and Saifah shouted, "Give us the power we need!"

    They lowered their hands close to their hearts and they started to glow.

    "Pink Mystic Magic!" Saifah shouted, engulf in a pink glow full of cosmic energy.

    "White Mystic Magic!" Cake called forth, with a glow of white ice surrounding her.

    "Yellow Mystic Magic!" Pharm yelled. A yellow glow surrounded him full of lighting.

    "Green Mystic Magic!" Wish shouted, with a green glow surrounding him and leafs blowing around him.

    "Blue Mystic Magic!" Dean called forth, with a blue glow surrounding him and tidal waves of water splashing around him.

    "Red Mystic Magic!" Son yelled. A red glow surrounded him and engulfed him with flames.

    When the elements that surrounded them died down, there stood the six Dragonite Rangers ready for battle.

    As for the Guardians, Two had sweatpants on given to him by Shin which stretch. He unbuttoned his shirt and transformed into the a werewolf. Phun's eyes started glowing red and he transformed into a vampire creature. Pin closed his eyes to concentrate and turned into a griffin. All of them were ready to fight. The Shadow Keepers called forth Hit Men to assist them. Pin, Phun, and Two said that they will take care of the Hit Men so the six rangers could take care of the three Shadow Keepers. Dean and Pharm went for Shadow Keeper Gremlin but every time they tried to strike at him, he would move too fast out of the way and hit them when they least expect it. He was tough. Wish and Cake went after Shadow Keeper Gnome. Cake jumped on the top of Wish's shoulders and flung herself at the monster, kicking him. The monster fell to the ground, but quickly got back up. He then drilled himself a hole and went underground. Cake and Wish didn't know where the creature went to but the creature surprised them by attacking them underneath them, sending them flying. Son and Saifah both went after Shadow Keeper Phoenix who was a bit more stronger than the last time that Son fought him. Phoenix used his sword and struck at both Son and Saifah sending them flying. Son got up and new he had to call on the Dragonite X-Cross Morpher and use it.

    It appeared on his arm and he used it to give him more armor. Phoenix used his sword again at Son but this time, Son didn't even have a scratch on him. Son put his red jewel into his sword and pulled and pushed on the lever up and down. Flames burst out of the sword and he fired it at Phoenix. Instead of the fire hurting him, the fire was absorbed by him.

    "What?!" Son asked, in amazement, "Last time it hurt him real bad."

    Shadow Keeper Phoenix just laughed and with the fire that he absorbed, he unleashed it right back at Son, sending him to fly into a nearby tree. Saifah ran after Phoenix and used his psychic ability to push him with his mind. This worked, and Phoenix went flying into Gremlin who was ready to strike at Pharm. Pharm used his opportunity to put his jewel in his sword. He pushed and pulled on his lever until massive volts of electricity were surging out of his sword. He hit is sword at Gremlin. Sparks and electricity started to shoot out of Gremlin. He fell to the ground in an explosion.

    "That was easy," Pharm said, but as the smoke and dust cleared, there laid a young man face planted on the ground. Pharm went over to see what was going on, but Gnome quickly rushed over and head butted Pharm making him fall to the ground.

    Shadow Keeper Gnome went back into human form and everyone noticed that it was a tall young man. He had an earring in one year. He knelt down and a tear rolled down his eye. It fell on his ruby that he was wearing and the ruby smashed into pieces and there in its place was a gold coin.

    "Type," he called out in tears, "Type!"

    He turned over the young man and embraced him in his arms.

    The rangers and the others stopped to see what was taking place. They couldn't believe what was going on. Saifah saw that even if under a spell, that you can't touch love. Even Shadow Keeper Phoenix stopped and saw the one man holding the other in his arms. He turned back into human form. Saifah noticed a handsome young man, standing, looking at the two young men. A tear rolled down the guy who was Shadow Keeper Phoenix's eye. It fell on his ruby he was wearing and the ruby shattered and turned into a gold coin with a gem inside of it. He went over to the young man and knelt down.

    "I may have got out of the spell," he said, "but I do remember everything and a phoenix can be immortal, but also a phoenix can bring people back to live if they just got injured."

    The young man touched Type's arm and a glow started to happen. The glow went through Type's whole body and when the glowing had faded away, Type's eyes opened.

    "Tharn?" Type asked, looking confused, and embracing his lover with a hug. Happy tears fell from everyone. Son was just about to say something when dark shadows rose and Drake and General Seicho was standing there along with Madame Akuno and the Hit Men. Also, with them were Trolls. Drake wasn't holding out anything.

    "Damn it!" he shouted, "My spell had failed. Now you made me really mad."

    "Why are you mad?" Son mocked, "Your spell didn't last because at the end love always wins."

    "Aughhhhhhhhh!" Drake screamed causing the sky to turn dark. Smoke appeared around Drake and the smoke rose to the sky. Lightning, started to crash around the black smoke. Out of the huge cloud of smoke, a black fierce looking claw came out. Another black fierce claw came out as well. When the black smoke cleared, Drake was not standing in their presence, but a dark creature.

    "Drake?" Son asked, looking up at this huge creature.

    "Drake is no more," he bellowed in a voice which echos, "I am Darkness."

    "In," Guide said, turning back to his normal self, "you're scaring me."

    Dark clouds of smoke was transferring out of Guide. He was really scared. Everyone saw the fear but Saifah, having psychic powers could see something more. He could see inside Guide to his heart which he couldn't do before. He saw there was a lot of love in his heart for In but the love in his heart was turning to fear. Saifah, being the kind of guy, that he is, made a bold move and ran up to Guide.

    Guide was about to strike at Saifah but Saifah blocked him and looked directly in his eyes.

    "You love In, don't you?" Saifah asked, holding on to Guide.

    "What are you talking about?" Guide asked, trying to ignore the question.

    "Admit it!" Saifah said, "You love Intouch."

    "What are you doing?" the guy who was Phoenix asked.

    Saifah didn't pay any attention to him.

    "Admit you love him!" Saifah demanded, "I can see it in your heart. Yes, you are afraid of what he has become, but you still love him."

    Guide loosed up a bit and was just staring at Saifah as well.

    "Alright, fine!" Guide shouted, releasing his hold on Saifah, who had a hold on him.

    Guide turned and looked up at the monster that Intouch has become.

    "I LOVE YOU IN!" Guide shouted, "I have always loved you from the minute I saw you. I always wanted to take care of you. That is why I agreed to have you be king and so I could watch over you. This is going too far. I don't want to hurt anyone anymore. I just want to be with you forever."

    "You love me?" the creature asked, not sure on how to respond to that.

    Suddenly, a light shone on Guide's ruby he was wearing and it shattered into a million pieces leaving behind a gold coin with a jewel in the center of it. The gold coin started to glow and Saifah could see that Guide's heart was glowing as well. The coin beamed a beam of light up to the monster. Suddenly, everyone could see something glowing inside of the creature. Flames of gold fire struck out of the creature and landed on the Hit Men. All the Hit Men disappeared. Flames of gold went on the Trolls as well and the Trolls went back into the ground. No one could see if the gold flame hit Madame Akuno or not.

    Just then a cloud of smoke came and standing in front of them was Aim along with a zombie eye looking Shin. Everyone was confused at this and Aim's eyes started to blacken and she took shape of the Enchatress.

    "Love isn't going to win today," she belowed, "I have worked too hard for this to let it be ruined by love."

    She turned back into a cloud of darkness but the cloud of darkness got bigger and bigger. Everyone saw this and was scared. Guide and Saifah ran over to the others and Guide just hid behind them. The cloud of darkness covered the monster which was shedding a gold light out of it. She surrounded the monster and the gold light had faded away. The monster started to get a bit bigger and razor sharp claws came out of his hands and an aura of darkness covered him. His eyes were scary white and he led out a scream that was so terrifying, everyone had to cover their ears.

    "Feel the power of true darkness," the creature belowed, "I, the Enchantress, is now at my full strength. This is my true form. I just had to find a soul in pain to plant my power within them. Now his soul and body is lost forever!"

    "No!" Guide shouted, tears rolling down his eyes.

    "Don't worry," Son said, putting his arm on Guide, "We'll get In back."

    "Thank you," Gude said, sniffling, "I'm so sorry for putting you and everyone through this."

    "The main thing is that we forgive you," Son said, "and once In is back to normal, you and In can go on a date."

    Just then Son received a sharp pain on the back. It was Shin in his Guardian form. He had struck Son's back causing him to fall to the ground. Pin ran over and couldn't believe what was happening. The other Guardians, Two and Phun started fighting Shin, wondering what was going on. Two, was more concerned, since that was his roommate. He tried holding off Shin, but Shin, was more powerful then him and Shin broke his hold. He went over to Son, who was lying helpless on the ground. The Darkness aka The Enchantress just looked down, pleased.

    "Strike him dead!" he bellowed.

    Shin was just about to strike him again, when Cake ran in front of him with arms wide open.

    "STOP!" Cake shouted.

    Shin was about to strike but stopped mid way in the air.

    "What are you doing, Shin?" The Darkness asked, "Finish the job, and kill Son as well as Cake."

    It seemed as though Shin was struggling to move his weapon down at them. His gold coin with the jewel in the middle started to glow. The bright light shined bright and it was damaging The Darkness. He had to cover his eyes because the light was so bright. When the light had faded, a dark cloud left Shin and his eyes were back to normal again. The gold coin with the jewel in the middle shattered and in place was a ball of light. Everyone was amazed at his. The ball of light went into Shin and Shin's scary Guardian appearance changed. His robe disappeared and his black wings turned white. Light shined on him and he looked like an Anime angel the way he looked with his hair.

    He knelt down to Son and placed his hand on Son's heart. A gold glow fell on Son and Son's eyes started to open again and the cut that he received from Shin had disappeared.

    "I'm so sorry," Shin apologized to Son, then turning toward Cake, "You are the one who saved me. I heard your voice and reached for it. Thank you."

    "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" The Darkness screamed, "I will destroy you all myself!"

    He raised his hands and dark energy started to form and burst forth causing a huge explosion, sending everyone flying.

    {opening - pay attention to just the song and not the suits or anything like that}

    Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana as Son/Tutor
    Red Dragonite Ranger

    Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert as Dean (Incarnate Knock) [left]
    March Chutavuth Pattarakhumphol as Knock [right]
    Blue Dragonite Ranger

    Plan Rathavit Kijworalak as Wish
    Green Dragonite Ranger

    Fluke Natouch Siripongthon as Pharm (Incarnate Book) [left]
    Toey Sittiwat Imerbpathom as Book [right]
    Yellow Dragonite Ranger

    Coates Samantha Melanie as Cake
    White Dragonite Ranger

    Jimmy Karn Kritsanaphanre as Saifah
    Pink Dragonite Ranger

    Tarika Thidathit as Tyla
    Beau Savitree Suttichanond as Tyla (younger self)

    Mean Phiravich Attachitsataporn as Two

    White Nawat Phumphothingam as Phun

    Perth Tanapon Sukhumpantanasan as Pin

    Earth (Cooheart) Katsamonnat Namwirote as Intouch

    Title Kirati Puangmalee as Guide

    Captain Chonlathorn Kornyingyong as Noh

    James Prapatthorn Chakkhuchan as Shin

    Prim Primrose Chindavanich as Aim/The Enchantress/The Darkness

    Kaprao Pongkorn Wongkrittiyarat as Park (left)
    Kaownah Kittipat Kaewcharoen as Lhong (right)

    Yacht Surat Permpoonsavat as Pond (left)
    Cherreen Nachjaree Horvejkul as ChaAim (right)

    Bas Suradej Pinnirat as Wayo (Yo) [left]
    Copter Panuwat Kerdthongtavee as Kit (KitKat) [right]

    Zee Pruk Panich as Fighter

    Tommy Sittichok Pueakpoolpol as Zon (left)
    Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat as Tharn (center)
    Gulf Kanawut Traipipattanapong as Type (right)

    Chapter Nine:

    "We need to take care of this monster, before it covers the world in darkness," Son said.

    "Please bring In back," Guide begged, with tears in his eyes.

    "Don't worry," Dean said, putting his hand on Guide's shoulder, "We will bring In back."

    The six Dragonites raised their hands to the sky and their six Dragonite Zords appearred. Saifah's Zord was pink and it looked similar to the Red Dragonite Zord. They all went in and Saifah thought it was so cool that he could see everyone through mirrors but most importantly, he saw The Darkness clearly through a screen. He went charging in first and with his mouth bit at one of The Darkness's arms. He didn't let go and the Yellow Dragonite and Green Dragonite Zords pounced on The Darkness causing it to drop.

    "Hey!" Dean said, "I wonder if all six of us can combine!"

    Just like that, they placed their swords into the holders and sure enough they all started to glow.

    Instead of the Red Dragonite transforming into the body of the Megazord, the Pink Dragonite did, moving its hands into itself and the two arms moving together to create the chest. The legs moved upward and the Blue Dragonite moved itself around to create the legs and feet. The Blue and Pink Dragonte combined. While this was going on, The Darkness had got up and started to create another dark energy wave but out of the shadows, Two as a werewolf zord and Phun as a vampire bat zord fired lasers at The Darkness out of their mouth. This caused The Darkness to stop the energy blast and start fighting Two and Phun. The Green and Yellow Dragonite Zords connected as arms and hands with the Pink Dragonite Zords with his heads looking in opposite directions, just like before with their wings detaching. Now, this part was something a little different than when the Red Dragonite Zord was attached. The Pink Dragonite's head came off. The Red Dragonite started to open itself up. The front part of Zord came off. The head went on top of the Megazord and its back attached to the back of the Megazord. The Red Dragonite opened its mouth to reveal a face. No the White Dragonite instead of going down on top for a head, it rested on the Green Dragonite's arm. Everyone looked so amazed at the transformation but they have to realize that it's all magic. The Red Dragonite can move inwards as well as slip sort of in two. The new Megazord stood in front of The Darkness.

    "Psychic Dragonite Megazord, ready for battle!" everyone shouted in unison. Saifah blushed on how they were all thinking the put his power in front of the name.

    "I will destroy you all!" The Darkness belowed.

    The Darkness raised its hands and blasted the Psychic Dragonite Megazord with a blast of dark energy. The Psychic Dragonite Megazord fell to the ground with the blast. Everyone inside the Megazord could feel the blast and fell with it. The quickly got up and ran toward The Darkness. They found something new out with their new Megazord. The Green Dragonite arm raised up and the White Dragonite's mouth opened up blasting an icy cold blast at the Darkness. The Darkness got pushed back and fell to the ground. While The Darkness was on the ground, Phun and Two shot out more energy bolts from their mouth causing The Darkness to screech out in pain.

    "I wish I could do something to help," Guide said, looking at everyone, "since this is partially my fault."

    "We all wish we could help," Pin said.

    Just then both Guide's gold coin started to glow, as well as Pin's. Guide turned into a gargoyle and started to get larger. He then turned into a mechanical like creature. Pin started to grow and turn into a griffin like machine-like creature. Shin's area where his heart is started to glow and he turned into a glowing angel, more looking like a glowing butterfly. Guide, Pin, and Shin couldn't believe it; they were Zords. Tharn and Type wish they could help as well.

    "I wish I could do something, as well," the guy who was Phoenix said.

    "I wish we all could too Tommy," Type said, holding on to Tharn.

    Just then (you guessed it lol), their rubies they were wearing shattered and gold coins appeared with jewels in the center of them. They all felt a funny sensation going on. They all started to transform into the creatures; Phoenix, Gremlin, and Gnome and they started to grow. Instead of turning into Zords, they just grew. Now, you have the Psychic Dragonite Megazord and eight Guardians surrounding The Darkness. The Darkness let out another blast of dark energy but Tommy blocked it with his sword and flung it right back at The Darkness. He then jumped in the air and hit The Darkness with his flaming sword. He struck at The Darkness but didn't cause any pain. The Darkness punched Tommy sending him flying into the Psychic Dragonite Megazord.

    "Are you okay?" Saifah asked, from his cockpit to Tommy.

    "Yeah, I'm fine," Tommy said, helping the Megazord back up.

    "How are we going to defeat this creature and save In?" Guide asked.

    "I think we need to hit it with all of our powers at once!" Son said, holding up his hand and receiving the Dragonite X-Blade Morpher and transforming into the battle mode gear. All of a sudden the Megazord lite up and started glowing. "It's time to end this!"

    Everyone agreed and started to surround The Darkness.

    (cue music lol)

    The Psychic Dragonite Megazord's eyes started to glow along with its body. The arm which had the White Dragonite Megazord attached to it rose and pointed to The Darkness. A burst of energy started flow through the Zords, making its way to the White Dragonite Megazord. The mouth opened up and a rainbow of colors shot out of its mouth.

    Phoenix (Tommy) at the same time, flung his sword at The Darkness, sending forth a flames at The Darkness. Gnome (Type) started to cause the earth to quake right at The Darkness. Gremlin (Tharn) used his speed and ran circles around The Darkness, hitting it with his weapon. Phun and Two sent powerful blasts toward The Darkness. Pin found out his wings were weapons and caused a powerful wind storm toward The Darkness. Shin sent forth a burst of energy toward The Darkness. Guide shot lasers out of his eyes at The Darkness.

    It was a massive amount of energy that hit The Darkness at once. There were screams coming from its mouth. Sparks and smoke started to come from the creature. They could see The Enchantress losing her hold onto In as they looked like they were splitting apart.

    "No!" she screamed, "This can't be happening? Master I have failed you."

    The Darkness fell to the ground and a massive explosion occurred knocking everyon back. The rangers flew out of their Zords and unto the ground. The morphed back into their regular selves. As for the eight Guardians, they turned back into their human selves and noticed that the gold coins started to shatter. Shin, felt the glow come out of his body and disappear as well. They were not Guardians anymore. Guide got up and saw that In was laying on the ground next to a burnt and dead Enchantress. He held In in his arms and started crying. A small glowing tear drop fell onto In. Just then In opened his eyes. This made Guide cry even more.

    "I love you too," was In's first words looking at Guide.

    They were hugging each other and crying. Everyone was gathering around them.

    "Son, everyone," In said, sobbing, "I'm so sorry for putting you through all this. I know we may never be friends and I don't blame you guys for not forgiving me."

    "Listen," Son said, kneeling down to In, "I forgive you. You were just hurt and let The Enchantress manipulate you. I can't say for everyone else but for me we can start out being acquaintances."

    "I'm willing to give you a second chance," Tommy said.

    "Yeah same here," Tharn said, "even though you did try to break my relationship with Type."

    "Yeah," Type said, nodding.

    "Thank you guys," Intouch said, smiling, "I won't let you down."

    "So what are we going to do with this dead, burnt, Enchantress?" Wish questioned, looking at her, "I can't believe we actually defeated her."

    Just as Son was going to suggest something, a weird dark mist arouse from the ground. Balloons started to rise from the ground. Cake went over to touch one of the balloons and got a bit electrocuted from the balloon. She was okay, it was just a static shock but still.

    "Are you okay?" Shin asked coming over.

    More balloons started to come out of the grown.

    "What the hell is going on?" Dean asked.

    Pharm was getting a little scared and started holding on to Dean.

    Just then out of the mist, a woman wearing a clownish jester outfit came prancing, singing "La la la la."

    She was holding a big red balloon.

    "Oh man, I hate clowns!" Pharm said, holding tightly onto Dean.

    She turned to everyone and grinned a weird and scary smile at them. She placed the balloon down on top of the burnt and dead Enchantress.r

    "The Master gives you one last chance, okay?"

    She started prancing away, singing "La la la la." Everyone was wondering what was going on. Just then the out of the mist came two more clowns.

    (I know I said I'm not adding more people but I need too)
    *SIDE NOTE* If you had read my very first fan fiction, Power Rangers Lightning Orb, almost ten years ago you'll recognized these bad guys

    Robert Roland as Ghastly (left)
    Dominic Sandoval as Harvest (right)

    Music started to play and they started dancing, puzzling everyone.

    (watch the video and then when the dance is over, go back to reading, thanks)

    As soon as they popped the red balloon, they disappeared and black smoke started to go all around The Enchantress. The black smoke rose to the sky and when it disappeared, there stood The Enchantress. She was in her woman form with the crescent moon on her forhead. Her eyes, however, were pitch black. Everyone just looked up and rolled their eyes.

    "We have to defeat her again?" Wish complained.

    "Yeah, but this time, we don't have the Guardians to help us," Dean said, looking up at her.
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    RV Favicon Power Rangers Mystic Magic

    **Thank you for reading this so far. I'm writing to you as an apology for my editing skills. I love to write but proofreading is not my strong suit so I apologize for any mistakes I have made in my writing, but thank you for reading it.**

    Everyone saw The Enchantress toppling over everything. Her eyes were as black as night. She was staring directly at Intouch and Guide who were holding each other tightly. She had an evil look on her face. Throughout her skin, she had black veins showing all over her body, especially her face. Her hair was all knotted up and she had claws for nails.

    "You did this to me!" she screamed, "but The Master has given me another chance, so I will destroy you all, starting with you In. Guide, say good bye to your precious In."

    Her hand came swooping down like a vulture coming down to get at its prey. The six rangers immediately transformed and shielded In and took the blow themselves. Sparks and smoke came out of the rangers as they flew back.

    "Stay out of my way," the Enchantress shouted, "I'll get to you guys next."

    She raised her large hand again with her claws and again made an attempt at getting at Intouch. Guide was not letting him go so if In went, he was going with him. She was just about to swoop down again, when her hand stopped. Saifah was using his psychic power and trying to keep her from hurting In, as well as Guide.

    "In, Guide," Saifah called, "Get out of the way!"

    Both In and Guide ran out of the way as he was losing his hold on The Enchantress's hand and her hand came crashing down on the ground. Because of the full force, her hand was stuck. The rangers thought it would be a good time to get back into their Dragonite Zords, which was still there. They immediately transformed back into the Psychic Dragonite Megazord. The Enchantress got her hand unstuck and saw the Psychic Dragonite Megazord coming toward her. She raised her hand and a cloud of dark energy came out of her hand and toward the Megazord. The Megazord fell to the ground.

    "I wish we could help," In said, still holding on to Guide.

    The Psychic Dragonite Megazord got back up and all systems were operational. It was as if In's willingness to want to help fight brought them back online. The Enchantress shot out another dark ball of energy at the rangers' Megazord, but this time, the Megazord brought out the wings of one of the Dragonite Zords to create a shield. The Enchantress was taken back by this. Soon the Psychic Dragonite Megazord raised his arm and pointed the arm with the White Dragonite Zord at her. The eyes started glowing as well as the other Dragonite Zords as before and a blast of rainbow energy came out of the White Dragonite's mouth and shot out at The Enchantress. The blast was so strong that The Enchantress started to spark and smoke came out of her. She knew she had failed yet again.

    "Forgive me, Master," she apologized, falling to the ground in a huge explosion.

    Pin, Shin, Two, Intouch, Guide, and Phun, who were on the ground watching cheered for joy as they saw the huge explosion. When the explosion had died down, they saw Aim was lying on the ground, face down. Shin quickly went over to her to help her up.

    "Are you okay, Aim?" he asked.

    She looked at him, very strangly.

    "Who are you?" Aim asked, "And how do you know my name?"

    "You don't remember who I am?" Shin asked, feeling a little disappointed.

    "No!" Aim said, getting up, "Why should I remember you?"

    She then walked away like nothing ever happened. The rangers came out of their Zords to meet up with Shin and the others. They all thought that The Enchantress possessed her many years ago. Cake went over to Shin who was watching Aim walk off in the distance. She started to hold his hand which he took notice.

    "I'm so sorry," Cake said.

    "It's alright," Shin said, sighing, "She was just under a spell. I don't know why The Enchantress used me like that."

    "Well, we don't have to worry about The Enchantress anymore," Wish said.

    "Yeah," Pharm said, "but who the hell were those clowns?"

    "Honey," Dean said, turning toward Pharm, "You never told me you were afraid of clowns."

    "Yeah," Pharm said, "it's kind of embarrassing, "I was five years old and my mother hired a clown for my birthday. He ended up being hung over from drinking the night before and was harassing everyone. To this day, every time I see a clown, I freak out because it reminds me of how horrible that clown was."

    "And you happen to not tell me?" Dean asked, feeling a little hurt, "I took you to that circus a few months ago. And you never mentioned anything during the clown show."

    "I didn't say anything because I know how much those tickets were and I didn't want to make you mad," Pharm said.

    "Next time, tell me, okay," Dean said, putting his hand on Pharm's shoulder.

    "Okay," Pharm said, nodding his head, "I will."

    "Awww," a voice called out in the distance, "Are we interrupting a precious moment?"

    The rangers and everyone looked and saw two creatures standing side by side.

    "Who are you guys suppose to be?" Son asked, rolling his eyes from inside his helmet. He had enough with fighting monsters for one day.

    "We are the Keeper Rooks," the one of the left said.

    "Yeah," the one of the right agreed, with less confidence.

    "I thought since The Enchantress is gone, all the Guardians are no more," Two said.

    "Haha," the one on the left laughed, "As our Keeper Bishops and Keeper Knights have said. We worked for The Enchantress but never got our Guardian powers from her. We got our powers directly from Master."

    "So what do you want?" Saifah asked.

    "We want to bring fear to the hearts of many," the one on the left said, "and we want to destroy you for taking down The Enchantress."

    "Wait...what?" the one on the right asked.

    The one on the left started running toward the rangers while the other was just standing there, dumbfounded. The Knight Rook on the left went after Son, Dean, and Pharm, while Wish, Cake, and Saifah went after the one on the right. The one on the right looked a bit nervous and was only blocking attacks and running away. Saifah came from the front and struck at the Knight Rook.

    The one on the left who were fighting Son, Dean, and Pharm saw that Saifah just struck at him and he didn't fight back. He shouted some choice words, struck at Son, Dean, and Pharm and ran over to his partner.

    "How could you?" the guy shouted, "He wasn't fighting you at all and you have to do that?! Shadow Clowns, arise and teach these assholes a lesson!"

    Just then balloons started to appear and they started growing bigger and bigger. They soon popped and out came a bunch of humanoid looking clowns.

    "Oh great!" Pharm said, "More clowns!"

    The Shadow Clowns started attacking the rangers as Keeper Rook was checking out on his partner. His partner had a huge cut on its face. They decided it would be wise to retreat right now and will come back later. Also, the Keeper Rook who didn't get hurt wondered why his partner didn't strike back at the rangers. They had left and now the rangers were battling the Shadow Clowns. There were dozens of them all surrounding the rangers.

    {opening - pay attention to just the song and not the suits or anything like that}

    Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana as Son/Tutor
    Red Dragonite Ranger

    Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert as Dean (Incarnate Knock) [left]
    March Chutavuth Pattarakhumphol as Knock [right]
    Blue Dragonite Ranger

    Plan Rathavit Kijworalak as Wish
    Green Dragonite Ranger

    Fluke Natouch Siripongthon as Pharm (Incarnate Book) [left]
    Toey Sittiwat Imerbpathom as Book [right]
    Yellow Dragonite Ranger

    Coates Samantha Melanie as Cake
    White Dragonite Ranger

    Jimmy Karn Kritsanaphanre as Saifah
    Pink Dragonite Ranger

    Tarika Thidathit as Tyla
    Beau Savitree Suttichanond as Tyla (younger self)

    Perth Tanapon Sukhumpantanasan as Pin

    Mean Phiravich Attachitsataporn as Two

    James Prapatthorn Chakkhuchan as Shin

    Tommy Sittichok Pueakpoolpol as Zon

    White Nawat Phumphothingam as Phun (left)
    Captain Chonlathorn Kornyingyong as Noh (right)

    Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote as Intouch (left)
    Title Kirati Puangmalee as Guide (right)

    Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat as Tharn (left)
    Gulf Kanawut Traipipattanapong as Type (right)

    Zee Pruk Panich as Fighter (left)
    Prim Primrose Chindavanich as Aim (right)

    Kaprao Pongkorn Wongkrittiyarat as Park (left)
    Kaownah Kittipat Kaewcharoen as Lhong (right)

    Yacht Surat Permpoonsavat as Pond (left)
    Cherreen Nachjaree Horvejkul as ChaAim (right)

    Bas Suradej Pinnirat as Wayo (Yo) [left]
    Copter Panuwat Kerdthongtavee as Kit (KitKat) [right]

    Robert Roland as Ghastly (left)
    Dominic Sandoval as Harvest (right)

    Chapter Ten:

    The Shadow Clowns were all around the rangers. The rangers started fighting with the clowns and one by one the clown would evaporate into a dark cloud and disappear. After a while, the rangers were done fighting and morphed back into their normal selves. They felt a bit weird of what went on with the Keeper Rooks. They felt as though they knew the one who tried running away. It was on the tip of their tongue. It was almost time for classes for all of them and Phun wanted to see Noh before his class.

    All of them left with Intouch and Guide holding hands. Dean and Pharm were holding hands. Son and Pin were holding hands. Tharn and Type were holding hands as well. Two and Wish were walking side by side with each other and Cake and Shin were walking side by side. Saifah went up to Zon and introduced himself. Zon started to blush a bit as the two walked to class.

    Both Tommy and Saifah entered the college grounds when they saw Wayo was sitting by himself. He had a bandaid over his cheek. The same place that Saifah sliced at the Keeper Rook. Wayo saw Saifah and Zon and started to quickly grab his bag.

    "Saifah," Tommy said, pointing to Wayo's cheek, "Isn't that the same place you sliced at that Keeper Rook?"

    "Yeah, you are right," Saifah said, realizing it.

    They both ran up to Wayo with Saifah standing in front of him and Tommy standing in the back, so he wouldn't escape.

    "What do you want?" Wayo asked, hovering a little bit.

    "Why are you running off so fast like that?" Saifah asked.

    "I...I...I'm meeting my boyfriend, Kit and then we both have class together," Wayo said, nervously, "Why do you ask?"

    "What happened to your face?" Zon asked.

    "Um..." Wayo stuttered, "I have to go!"

    Wayo tried to escape but he couldn't. He felt as though he was getting bullied and he started to cry. Both Saifah and Zon didn't know what was going on but the crying was starting to cause a scene and they quickly changed their tactic from being forceful to kind.

    "Please don't cry," Saifah said, panicking because he doesn't like to see anyone cry, especially guys, "Um..don't cry. I'm sorry that I hit your face. I thought you were really a bad guy."

    Saifah and Zon both tried to calm him down. They didn't realize but off in the distance two clowns were spying on them.

    "Harvest," the one said, "What should we do. Master won't be please."

    "Well Ghastly," Harvest said, looking at him, "It appears that Little Wayo doesn't have what it takes to be a Guardian."

    "Leave him to me," a voice called out.

    Both Ghastly and Harvest turned and saw a creature behind them.

    "Oh it's you," Harvest said, "Marionette Shadow; we are counting on you."

    Saifah and Zon had calmed Wayo down and Saifah was about to say something when Marionette Shadow came. Everyone on campus started to scream and run away. Wayo looked up and noticed him first, out of the three of them.

    "You have been a bad boy Wayo," Marionette Shadow said, "You betrayed Master and now I'm going to destroy you."

    Marionette Shadow was about to raise his arms when out of no where came Keeper Rook who struck him.

    "What were you planning on doing to my Wayo?" Keeper Rook said.

    "Kit," Marionette Shadow said, pointing, "Look who he is talking to."

    Keeper Rook turned his head and saw that Saifah and Zon were there talking with Wayo. He immediately turned back to himself and everyone saw that it was Kit. Kit had a hurt look on his face.

    "Why are you talking to our enemies?" Kit asked, "You know Master gave us this power to bring terror to the world and to defeat the Power Rangers. Why do you betray someone who gave you power to defeat your enemies."

    "Because they aren't my enemies," Wayo said, "I don't really even know them. I took the powers so that I could get revenge on those in high school who bullied me, but now that I found you, I don't want to fight anymore."

    "Really?" Kit asked, heading over to Wayo. "I'm enough for you?"

    "Ever since I saw you in high school I've always felt you were enough for me," Wayo said, "When you asked me out for the first time, a few months ago, I was so happy that my crush asked me out. I only went along with this whole thing because you wanted to and I could scare all those who bullied me in high school but now that's over and I don't want this power anymore. I don't understand why we have to bring fear out of anyone. I'm scared just thinking about it. I stick around because I don't want you to hate me or dump me."

    "I will never hate you or dump you," Kit said, wrapping his arms around Wayo, "I don't want to force you in doing anything you don't want to."

    He turned to Marionette Shadow.

    "We don't want to work for Master any more," Kit said, "I have realized that Wayo is all I need."

    He turned to Saifah and Zon.

    "I'm so sorry for fighting with you guys," Kit said, "Please forgive me."

    Saifah was about to say something when interrupted by Marionette Shadow.

    "Aww how sweet," he mocked, "but I'm afraid it doesn't work like that. Instead of killing all of you now, I'll have you guys fight with each other."

    "We don't want to fight them anymore," Kit said.

    "Well my dear, you don't have a choice," Marionette Shadow said raising his hands.

    Both Saifah and Zon noticed that both Wayo and Kit looked like they were struggling. They formed back into Keeper Rooks and their eyes started to glow red. Saifah and Zon didn't know what was going on. Both the Keeper Rooks started going after Saifah and Zon. Saifah quickly transformed back into the Pink Dragonite Ranger and shielded Zon. He started fighting both of the Keepr Rooks.

    "What's got into you guys?" Saifah asked, "I thought you said you were done fighting."

    Zon looked over at Marionette Shadow and saw his hands were glowing and moving. He noticed that an energy was coming from the monster's hands and heading toward Kit and Wayo.

    "Saifah," Zon said, "I believe the monster is controlling them."

    "Controlling them?" Saifah said, glancing over at the monster and then back at the Keeper Rooks.

    The other rangers came running in and starting fighting the Keeper Rooks.

    "Stop!" Saifah said, "Don't hurt them!"

    The rangers were confused but did stop.

    "Why?" Son asked.

    "They are being controlled by that monster," Zon said, pointing.

    "So they were being controlled all this time?" Dean asked, blocking one of the Keeper Rooks from hitting him.

    "No," Zaifah said, "but they have decided not to fight but that monster insn't taking no for an answer."

    "Okay," Wish said, flying up in the air and landing by Marionette Shadow, "We'll just have to take this creep out."

    "Don't be so sure of yourself," Marionette Shadow said, using one hand and forcing Wish away and having him slam into a building.

    Just then ChaAim, Pond, Park, and Lhong showed up and wondered what was going on.

    "Aww your friends are here," Marionette Shadow, "This is what happens to your friends for wanting to stop help the Master."

    "What are you talking about?" Park asked.

    "Your friends wanted to stop fighting," Cake said, "but apparently he won't let them."

    "Wait a minute?" Pond asked, "They wanted to stop fighting? What for?"

    "Because Wayo only wants Kit," Saifah said, "Wayo told Kit he only went along with it to bring fear to his bullies in high school and didn't want to say no in fear of Kit hating and dumping him."

    "Kit would never dump Wayo," ChaAim said, "Kit has had a crush on him since they were in high school. It was just a few months ago that Kit finally got the balls to admit he was gay and in love with Wayo."

    "But why would they want to betray Master?" Lhong asked, "He's the one that gave us this power and the one that made us unstoppable at chess matches."

    "This Master guy seems evil," Son said, "and it appears that you aren't Knights, Bishops, and Rooks on a chess board but actually Pawns in his game he is playing. You have been brainwashed into thinking that you are on his level, but you are not. He used the Enchantress to bring darkness and chaos to the world and almost got Intouch killed. We almost got killed. You guys can change and help us defeat this Master. He is no good."

    "But we were outcast before we met him," Park said.

    "Well look at what he's doing to your friends," Dean said, "He's having them fight when they don't want to fight. He is controlling them. Do you want someone to control your free will like that?"

    "They are right," ChaAim said, looking to Pond, "I don't want someone to take away my free will."

    The four of them looked at each other and nodded their heads. They all turned into their Shadow Knights and Shadow Bishops. The four of them ran toward Marionette Shadow and struck him down. This caught off the connection of Wayo and Kit being controlled. Both Keeper Rooks turned back to their normal self; Wayo and Kit. Marionette Shadow wasn't pleased at all.

    "Traitors!" he shouted, "I will destroy you all."

    Darkness all of a sudden came and a shadow of darkness fell upon Marionette Shadow. This was something the rangers and everyone else didn't see before. Just then, Marionette Shadow started losing his skin. The Marionette dumbing that was on him fell off and shattered. They could hear a scary voice coming from the creatures mouth and saw red glowing eyes from the cloud of darkness. When the cloud of darkness had disappeared their stood a shadowy creature that was not like any monster they encountered.

    "No more playing around," the creature said, in a dark and twisted voice.

    "Marionette Sbadow?" Wayo asked, hiding behind Kit.

    The creature laughed in an evil tone.

    "Marionette Shadow was just a cover up," he laughed, "I am the Demon of Manipulation!"

    Everyone saw how scared Wayo was and a dark energy was coming out of him like the others that got scared. This time it was different. Wayo got so scared that the cloud of darkness came out of him and his hair turned white and he fell to the ground. Kit couldn't catch him and saw his beloved Wayo drop to the ground. He checked for a pulse but there was none. Wayo was dead.

    "One down, thirteen more to go!" he laughed.

    Kit started screaming in pain, crying while everyone else just watched. The darkness than went out of Wayo went toward the demon. He kept laughing.

    "What are we going to do?" Dean asked, looking at the rangers.

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