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    After the monster exploded Cole stood there in shock and awe for a second before exclaiming "That was freaking amazing!! I can't believe it I'm a Power Ranger! Cole said pumping his fist in the air and jumping around before hugging Christine "You were amazing boss!" He said still laughing little did he know the real fight was just beginning

    A smile enveloped Christine's face as the monster was destroyed. All of a sudden she heard Cole yelling next to her and she smiled at how excited he was. When he hugged her and said that she was amazing she blushed bright red. She was glad that no one could see her face. "Everybody was amazing," she said.

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    We did it!

    Rodrigo Bustamante

    The battle seemed to be over. It took the combine blast power of the 5 Power Rangers to bring the monster down, and for a second Rodrigo could feel that despite the odds, they would still be victorious.

    Fate, however had other plans...


    Now now S1K-70R, Temper Temper, these kind of situations were still...calculated. They may think they defeated my creation, but they are wrong. Oh so very wrong.

    With one press of a button they will see true terror!

    OP-RTR then started to input codes in the system mainframe. With a rumble that was felt in the space station, two rail laser blasters began to emerge, and in a few seconds later, beams of light blasted into the earth. Their destination?..


    Dashing back from where the wreckage of the monster was, a beam of light began to descend until it reached its destination. The impact forced the Rangers to stagger and fall, and for a while blinding them.

    Systems recalibrating. Visibility established.

    We need an update on what was that. Cassie, if you can hear me please...



    No sooner than his words were finished, and the light began to clear, the Rangers could see what happened. There it was, the monster that was defeated with the RPM Enforcer was once again standing before them. And this time, it was high as a skyscraper.

    With a hollering scream, that shattered windows around it, the monster began to move.

    Uhm...Cassie, if you can see this, we have a problem. a HUGE problem...

    It was then that in Engine Ops that Cassie made a warming realization. With the 5 Engines online and operational, new schematics and battle plans began to upload into the system, as if a dormant evolution was now fully awakened.

    The Engine forms of Speed Falcon, Lion Hauler and RV Bear began to de-materialize and were making their way towards where the Rangers were. Rodrigo could see his Engine appear and held out his hand to catch it. It was then that the new schematics began appearing in his display

    With the awakening of the new Engines new weapons and arsenals have now been unlocked. Call out to your partners deep within your soul. They now hold the key to defend the city against its newest threat.

    It is unbelievable, they never cease to amaze me. All right everyone, time to put this monstrosity down for good.


    placing his Soul Cell inside Lion Hauler, the Engine alongside his friends began to grow in size. They were now towering over them and ready for action.

    With one high jump, the Blue Ranger was now inside his Zord, and ready for action

    AMAZING! This is truly something out of this world. Let's put these Zords to the test.

    *Credits to RavenDCloud for the Amazing Sig*

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