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    Post Power Rangers Dino Brave

    Power Rangers Dino Brave
    A GoseiYellow Production

    15 years ago, an attack waged on Earth where a group of dark swordsmen led by the Undertaker. The main cause is because the Undertaker tried to steal a magical tome called the Book of Wonders, where it contained, myths, history, stories, living/mythical creatures, science and other wondrous topics that made the world as it is. He wanted to use the Books' power and it ended up getting torn apart and shattered into book-like trinkets called the Book Souls where they disappeared without a trace in the first war in the Phantasia World before it fell into darkness. This forced the Undertaker to create counterfeit Book Souls called the Demon Book Souls where it manifests demonic energy and use them to create a new reality by eliminating all life on Earth.

    Some of the fragments of the Book of Wonders contained the spirits of prehistoric dinosaurs and five of them landed in the hands of a group of swordsmen and women, allowing them to transform into a group of heroes called the Dino Brave. Using the power of five of the dinosaurs merged with five elemental powers, these sword-mastered warriors put their lives on the front lines to protect the people from becoming the victims of the Undertaker. During the battle, five children were caught in the middle of the fight and they were saved by the Dino Brave, causing them to use their power to seal away the Undertaker and his cohorts as a sacrifice, and they left the children their Brave Soul Books which they kept until they reached their young adult years.

    Now, the seal has been broken and Undertaker has risen, hellbent on recreating the world. The five holders of the Brave Soul Books witnessed the attack and their memories come back to them, thus their Brave Soul Books transforming into key-like trinkets, granting them five morphers to transform them into a new lineup of the Dino Brave.

    Under the guidance of three other swordsmen, these new heroes make a vow to reclaim the ending of the adventurous story as the Power Rangers Dino Brave!

    /Dino Brave Red Ranger: (male)
    /Dino Brave Black Ranger: (male)
    /Dino Brave Blue Ranger: (female)
    Orion Mitchell/Dino Brave Yellow Ranger: GoseiYellow
    /Dino Brave Pink Ranger: (female)

    Kamen Riders:
    Keigoro Shishido
    /Kamen Rider Blades: GoseiYellow
    /Kamen Rider Saber: (male)
    /Kamen Rider Espada: (male or female)

    Ryuzo Sarutobi-- The Rangers main university instructor
    Crystal Kerrigan-- Owner of Crystal's and friend of the Rangers
    James Mitchell-- Orion's father and owner of Jimmy's Comic Palace
    Evangelina-- Founder of the Sword's Order and mentor of Keigoro and the Riders

    The Undertaker: GoseiYellow
    Ostron (Demon Form)
    Dirah (Demon Form)
    Rongrok (Demon Form)
    Korath (Demon Form)
    Kamen Rider Calibur

    Brave Morpher: Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, and Pink's Morphers
    Brave Edgesword: Standard Sidearm for the Dino Brave Rangers
    Bravesteel Morpher: Power-up Morpher for the Dino Brave Rangers
    Brave Souls: Key-like trinkets that unlock suits, weapons, armor, and attacks
    Seiken Swordiver: Main transformation device for Blades, Saber, and Espada
    Book Souls: Book-like trinkets used by the Dino Brave Rangers and Kamen Riders


    Red: Tyranno Bravezord (Fire)
    Black: Stega Bravezord (Earth)
    Blue: Tricera Bravezord (Water)
    Yellow: Saber Bravezord (Lightning)
    Pink: Ankylo Bravezord (Wind)

    Ranger/Rider Roll Calls:
    Red: "The Blazing Knight, Dino Brave Red!"
    Black: "The Vigorous Knight! Dino Brave Black!"
    Blue: "The Brilliant Knight! Dino Brave Blue!"
    Yellow: "The Charging Knight! Dino Brave Yellow!"
    Pink: "The Noble Knight! Dino Brave Pink!"
    All: "The five swords piercing through the horizons! Power Rangers Dino Brave!"

    Blades: "The Wise Hero! Kamen Rider Blades!"
    Saber: "The Fiery Hero! Kamen Rider Saber!"
    Espada: "The Righteous Hero! Kamen Rider Espada!"
    All: "The three swords piercing with honor. We are Kamen Rider!"

    Bio Application:
    Name: (Full Name)
    Age: (20-26 years old)
    Appearance: (No Anime please)
    Ranger/Rider Designation:
    Dino Element:
    Personality: (1 paragraph at least)
    History: (2-3 paragraphs)
    Side Notes: (Optional)
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