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    RangerVisionís 10th Anniversary Celebration!

    RangerVisionís 10th Anniversary Celebration!

    The year was 2010. Toy Story 3, Inception, and the first half of the last Harry Potter movie dominated the Box Office. One Direction launched their career on The X-Factor. Power Rangers suffered through a re-versioning of MMPR only to be saved from complete cancellation by its original founder Haim Saban.

    Then in November of that year, much like Haim Saban purchased and revitalized the show we all love, so too did Kurama purchase and revitalize a message board we all called home. On November 23rd, 2010 the archive of the former RangerTalk was convertedÖ and RangerVision was born.

    Over the last 10 years there have been ups and downs for our board, but also friends, fun, FanFictions, RPGís, Contests, and of course plenty of Discussion of all things surrounding the Power Rangers and Tokusatsu.

    We invite you to join us now to celebrate 10 Years of RangerVision and to be a part of the bright future we see ahead! Hereís whatís coming:

    RANGERVISION UPGRADE TO VBULLETIN 5 Ė Thatís right, we are FINALLY upgrading and re-launching RV on VBulletin 5! This has been a long time coming and should solve all of the recent ongoing registration and posting issues as well as clear up a lot of cluttered plugins and features from years past that we donít use anymore. Donít worry though, your accounts, threads, posts, and PMís will ALL be transferred over and be exactly as you left them.

    10TH ANNIVERSARY LIVESTREAM Ė On Saturday, November 21st, 2020 at 8pm EST RangerVision will be hosting a Livestream to celebrate 10 Years of our board. Kurama and GoldPhoenixRanger will host and a variety of RV staff, members, and friends from across RangerNation will be joining us. Not only will we reminisce but GPR and some of the staff and guests will be participating in a live streamed session of the hit board game, Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid! We will also officially re-launch RV with its new VB5 functionality during the stream! We will post a link to the stream on the board and on all social media accounts once we have it set up.

    10TH ANNIVERSARY VIDEO Ė Weíre also hoping to compile a short video compilation of membersí thoughts and memories of RV. If you would like to participate, please feel free to make a short 30 to 60 second either audio or video clip discussing your memories of RangerVision (and RangerTalk or other predecessors if you want). Please send all clips to no later than Friday, November 20th.

    RANGERVISIONíS FUTURE Ė If the Anniversary Livestream is a success then we will consider hosting a weekly gaming session of Heroes of the Grid or other Power Rangers themed games including the forthcoming Deck builder and 5E Tabletop RPG as well as Battle for the Grid and a variety of other video games. Our hope is that this could become a niche feature of RV and bring in some new members to the board to discuss the games.

    So, will you help us celebrate this momentous occasion? If you have any questions, pop over and ask on or shoot us a message on Facebook (RangerVision), Twitter (@RangerVision), or E-mail (

    For the last 10 years, now, and alwaysÖ itís not just our Vision, itís your Vision. RangerVision!

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    Will you be able to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of this forum in 2030?

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